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Greater Hyo Jeong and Peace

Presentation for the Chinese People's Federation

for World Peace
Saturday, September 7, 2019, New York, NY
Frank Kaufmann

History both Good and Bad
Human history is filled with remarkable

Yet we make no progress to solve and prevent

Violence 2
Hyo Jeong – Filial Heart

Philosophers and Religious and Spiritual leaders

and traditions are deeply aware, and have long
taught the virtues that lead to peace and harmony

Of these Hyo Jeong, or Filial Heart is preeminent

Virtue, War and Conflict

We have known of the great virtues for 1000’s of

years. Even from before the time of 孔夫子

Yet have we resolved war, violence and conflict?

Are we fated merely to spend eternity extolling

the same virtues, without progress?

Two Problems with the Analysis of War and

1.Only the other is every the problem and source

of conflict, and malefescance

1. All conflict stems from greed and avarice, the

desire to have more

Two Corrections with the Analysis of War and
1.Proper analyis of any conflict must start with
the premise that I, or my family, or my
ethnicity, or culture, or nation can be evil actor
and the cause of the problem

1. There are two different causes for war: Wars

to have more, and wars to be right

Wars to be Right

War and conflict which is far more permanent,

enduring, constant, and ubiquitous. This is the
war to control which ideas are accepted and
implemented in the creation of culture.

Which Idea

1.Human beings come from a beneficent origin

that seeks for people, freedom, peace,
happiness, and love.
2.Human beings are unwilling victims that exist
in a milieu of meaningless, rootless,
whimsical clash of forces.

Life and Behavior from Each Idea
1.Idea 1 leads to gratitude and Hyo Jeong
2.Idea 2 leads to resentment, anger and violent

Wars of greed, conquest, and expansion come and go,

start and stop, are won and lost

Wars over the human condition are permanent,

constant, and without cease
Hyo Jeong – A Solution?

Hyo Jeong can create peace and harmony in the


Can Hyo Jeong create a peaceful world?

If so, what is missing? Why hasn’t Hyo Jeong

led to peace yet, after 1000s of years?
Hyo Jeong, The Smaller Serves the Larger
Hyo Jeong is the secret to harmony
Filial heart creates a Heavenly family

The family as a social unit, entity must adopt

Hyo Jeong behavior in its wider society

Sacrifice my desires, preferences, self interest

for the sake of and welfare for the larger unit,
larger society 11
Hyo Jeong and Peace, the Next Stet

The Chinese People’s Federation will become

champions of a new world, if it has the courage
to instill the ideal of Hyo Jeong beyond
parochial ties