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The findings of the study will redound to the benefit of every students, our society, and the

youth. The research expounds the relationship between the eating habits and knowledge on

nutritional requirements of Grade 11 Cookery Studentsn in LCUP.

For the students, they will benefit in knowing the relationship between their eating habits

and their knowledge on nutritional requirements respectively.

As for parents, the study will help them to be informed about the eating habits of their

children and the factors that affect them. The study also educate them about the relationship of

having knowledge about nutritional needs and eating habits.

For the researcher, the study will help them to uncover the problem.

For the other researchers, the study can be their additional reference in making a

research related to eating habits and knowledge regarding the nutritional needs of students.


The main focus of the study is to assess the significant relationship of the eating abits and

knowledge on the nutritional needs of the grade 11 Cookery students.

The selected respondents for the study are the grade 11 students from the technical vocational

track of Cookery in La Consolacion University Philippines. The distribution of the validated

questionnaires will be done inside the campus. The researchers will limit the study only with the

three consecutive sections of grade 11 students of Cookery. Each section has 30-35 respondents

2018, La Consolacion University Philippines Senior High School 1

that equals to a total of 101 respondents overall. The study is conducted at La Consolacion

University Philippines for two months on the second semester of the academic year 2018-2019.

Convenience sampling is used in this study. The respondents will answer the questionnaires

regarding to this study. The questionnaire only includes checklists and rated responses and

exclude open-ended questions.


In conducting a research about “An Analysis on the Eating Habits and Knowledge n the

Nutritional Requirements of Grade 11 Cookery Students in LCUP”, the researchers presumed

that most of the respondents will cooperate and answer the given questions willingly and also

assumed that there is a significant relationship between the two variables.


Habits - activities that start as repeated actions and then become a part of a person's life. Other

habits can be unhealthy or destructive, especially if they rise to the level of being an addiction

(smoking, using drugs), or a compulsion (i.e., hair-pulling).

Nutrition - the process of taking in food and using it for growth, metabolism, and repair. Nutritional

stages are ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, assimilation, and excretion.

2018, La Consolacion University Philippines Senior High School 2




This chapter expounds the methodology that will be used in this study to gather necessary data and

information and will provide a detailed explanation on how the study was conducted. In more

specific details, the researchers delimit the research method, research approach and design,

instruments for gathering data and information, selection of sample size from a population, data

gathering procedures and the statistical treatment used in the data analysis.


This chapter includes all the important information used to gather data from the respondents. The

study will utilize the quantitative method of research to determine the relationship between the

eating habits and knowledge on nutritional requirements of students in school. The researchers

will use the quantitative approach, cross-sectional and a descriptive design for the conduction of

the study. This study includes all the essential considerations such as the conceptual framework,

determination of the respondents of the study and validation of tools and procedures to be used for

data gathering.

In this study, survey questionnaire will be employed in collecting data from the sample. The survey

research will be conducted to collect data from a portion of a population, called the sample size

(Nworgu, 1991). Distribution of survey questionnaires to the target sample size is a very crucial

part in the research process as the rationale for using survey questionnaires as the research

instrument to enable the researchers to collect and analyze information from the respondents in a

statistical manner.

2018, La Consolacion University Philippines Senior High School 3

This study aims to gather data about the relationship between the eating habits and nutritional

knowledge from a specific proportion of the target population of the Grade 11 Cookery students

presently enrolled in La Consolacion University Philippines. Furthermore, the researchers also aim

to find precise analysis of the information from the data received from the respondents of the study.


Adam (2019) described population in a study as a well-defined collection of individuals or objects

known to have similar characteristics which are of the interest of the researchers’ study. Based on

the definition, population can be expounded as the main target of the researchers in their study to

which the portion of the accessible population is selected with the use of nonprobability sampling

technique. Hence, for this study, the population from which the samples were derived comes from

the Grade 11 Cookery students of La Consolacion University Philippines comprising of 136

students. Using the Slovin’s formula, the sample size was computed to be 101 Grade 11 students.

On the other hand, convenience sampling technique is formulated in this study due to accessibility

and voluntary participation of the participants. In this study, the researchers apply the

nonprobability sampling technique wherein convenience sampling method is used for the selection

of potential respondents. Convenience sampling refers to which the researchers select the

respondents based on the accessibility and proximity until the researchers reach the desired number

of participants. This means the researchers select the participants according to their accessibility

and convenience. Likewise, this strategy enables the researchers to gather accurate data for

answering the research questions.

2018, La Consolacion University Philippines Senior High School 4


The researchers use Descriptive Research Survey Design in this study that used survey

questionnaires in order to gather data and information from the respondents of the study.

The survey instrument was developed after an in-depth review of the literature with the use of

Liker Type Scale to gather specific data from the participants. The survey tool that will be used in

this study was methodically reviewed and approved by the licensed research teachers to obtain


In addition, the demographics aided in acquiring information about the specific cluster. The

statements used for the research questions were directed to the Grade 11 students to obtain factual

information about the eating habits and awareness of nutritional needs for health.

On the other hand, the survey included five demographic and 13 Liker-Type survey statements.

Statements 1-7 addressed the Research Question 1 using the frequency scale of never (1), rarely

(2), every day (3) and more than once a day (4). On the other hand, statements 8-13 addressed the

Research Question 2 using the agreement scale of strongly disagree (1), disagree (2), agree (3),

strongly agree (4). One (1) questionnaire will serve as a primary data for this study. The researchers

prepared 13 questions to survey it to the Grade 11 Cookery students of La Consolacion University

Philippines. This will be used to collect data and information to determine the relationship between

the eating habits of Grade 11 Cookery Students and their corresponding knowledge regarding the

nutritional requirements.

2018, La Consolacion University Philippines Senior High School 5

An Analysis on the Eating Habits and Awareness of Nutritional Needs of the Grade 11 Students
in La Consolacion University Philippines

Name: Strand:
Age: Gender:
Weight: Height:
Direction: Kindly refer to the legend below to answer the following statements asked.
1. I keep myself hydrated by drinking water.
2. I consume fresh fruits.
3. I eat processed foods (such as chips, canned goods, frozen foods)
4. I eat vegetables.
5. I tend to consume junk foods when I am in difficulty.
6. I tend to consume junk foods when I am in a good mood.
7. I use internet in finding the right and healthy foods to eat.


1. Fast food contains unhealthy additives.
2. It is not healthy to eat junk foods.
3. Eating processed foods is unhealthy.
4. Fresh fruits are healthier that meat products.
5. The use of internet helps to find the healthy foods to eat.
6. Exercise is more important than the type of food eaten.

Figure 1. Research Questionnaire

2018, La Consolacion University Philippines Senior High School 6


Surveying the participants will be conducted after the approval of the research department in La

Consolacion University Philippines. The researchers apply two methods of data collection

techniques in order to gather relevant information from the respondents to answer the objectives

of the research. To draw maximum participation and cooperation from the Grade 11 selected

Senior High School Students, the researchers prepare a letter permission addressed to the Senior

High School department head and to the selected professors to grant the researchers the Senior

High School department master list. Also, once the researchers are permitted to conduct the study

during the Second Semester of the school year 2018 - 2019. Once approved, the researchers will

distribute the questionnaires to the respondents, the researchers will immediately gather data from

the respondents from La Consolacion University Philippines. The consent of the La Consolacion

University Philippines (LCUP) senior high principal will be attained before surveying Grade 11

students currently enrolled in the university in order to have a legal and academic conduction of

the study. Data and information will be collected by means of validating questions.

After the validation of the research topic, the researchers based the construction of questions to the

topic. The questionnaire includes thirteen (13) questions which are all using rated response. The

questionnaire will serve as the primary basis for the entire study. Moreover, the researchers will

make sure that the respondents of the study who will provide factual data and information will be

surveyed during their free time. Participants will voluntarily answer survey questions before or

after their meals at school dining facility. A table will be set up with survey questionnaires and

informed consent letters. The name of the participants will be written on the survey document

according to their own option to write their name or not. However, the researchers will assure the

2018, La Consolacion University Philippines Senior High School 7

confidentiality of the respondents who will participate in the collection of raw data. Each

participative students will be given freedom to explain regarding the informed consent letter and

will be requested to sign the sheet before answering the survey questionnaire.

There are 101 respondents in total and all of the participants will be assured that they are confident

and honest with their answers. The collection of data will be processed on the 18th day of February,

2019 until the 20th day of February, 2019.


Rasmuson Library described library research as the secondary data with a step-by-step process of

collecting information from secondary resources in order to write an academic paper. Likewise, it

means gathering data from library materials such as text books, research papers, journals and so

on. In addition, library research does not only refers to finding relevant data from paper materials,

but also from the internet as well. Secondary data is used in literature review in the second chapter

of this research in finding related academic papers regarding eating habits as well as knowledge in

nutritional requirements.


The data will be gathered, analyzed and computed through the use of counting each of the survey

answers. Bivariate correlational analysis will be used in assessing the relationship between the

eating habits and the knowledge on the nutritional information of Grade 11 Cookery students. The

statistical treatment such as percentage distribution, measures of central tendency which includes

the determination of the mean, median and mode, as well as the dispersion which includes standard

deviation and ranges will be used in translating, describing and analyzing the gathered raw data

2018, La Consolacion University Philippines Senior High School 8

from the participants into information for the analysis of the results to provide factual findings for

the objectives of the study. In addition, the results will be organized in a tabular form.

The whole research team (Faustino M, De Guzman C) will be engaged in the development and

review of data analysis. De Guzman has extensive experience in conducting and analysing

quantitative research. The lead researcher (Faustino) will code the dataset independently and

iteratively to develop a set of specific information.


This chapter is originally prepared by Faustino M and De Guzman C.

2018, La Consolacion University Philippines Senior High School 9