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Sudipto Das

Mobile: +971529415541

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Personal Statement

I am a professional who presents a polished image in manner, attitude at all times and successfully driving
a business forward. I worked as a Sales Manager for Automotive showroom for a year. Seeking a position
to utilize my skills and abilities in the organization that offer professional growth while being resourceful,
innovative and flexible which admires dedication and hard work in a team in the challenging environment.

Work History

Sales Manager at Srijaya Motors: January 2017- March 2018

This job enabled me to develop not only my marketing and sales skills but also my communication skills,
organisational skills and customer service skills since I was a part of the sales team. This has helped me
broaden my retail industry experience and also a valuable and transferable skill set in this fast-paced
sector. During this job I had to work independently as well as in a team which refined my skills as a team
player and magnified my passion for the. Utilizing excellent communication skills, I developed and
maintained successful working relationship with the customers as well as the staff. I am looking forward
for a position, where I can develop my current skill set. My responsibilities:

 Promotional activities.
 Monitoring performance.
 Writing reports.
 Selling products by establishing contact and developing relationships with customers.
 Maintaining relationships with clients by providing support, information, and guidance.
 Maintaining stock level and checking deliveries
Music Teacher: 2015- Present

I am a qualified and professional music teacher with a high level of experience and a zest for sharing my
passion for all things musical. I hold a strong belief that music can change lives for the better. I seek to
equip students with the performance, composition and theoretical skills that will see them excel no matter
which path they take in music. An engaged and determined teacher, I thrive teaching both one-on-one and
in group scenarios. I am a certified classical music teacher. I have a Masters degree in Vocals I teach
student and kids during my free time.
 Guitar Instructor for 2 years.
 Tabla Instructor for 3 years.
 Intermediate keyboarding and Harmonium skills.
 Guitar Indian and Western skills

My Skills

 Hard working
 Strong interpersonal and communication skills
 Ambitious, Enthusiastic, creative & dedicated to work
 Positive Thinker, team player & leadership skills
 Quick learner and positive attitude towards new challenges
 MICROSOFT Office Applications
 Logo designing
 Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
 Good Analytical skills and Logical Ability.
 Dedication towards work.
 Good Communication Skill.
 Basic Computer knowledge
 Automobile Knowledge
 Managing Skills
 IT skills
 Customer engagement

Sangeet Visharad, Tabla 2013- 70.6 % Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh

Vocal Classical, 3rd year 2017 -77.3% Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh

Guitar, 4 years 2013-2017 9th chord music school, B’lore

BCA 2014 – 2016 D.R. C.V. Raman University


Name : Sudipto Das

Father’ s Name : Bijon Kumar Das

Date of Birth : 09th July 1992

Sex : Male

Marital Status : single

Nationality : Indian

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Kannada and Bengali


 YouTube Videos
 Travelling
 Hiking
 Photography

I Sudipto Das, hereby declare that the above information furnished is true to the best of my knowledge and
I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

Place: UAE


(Sudipto das)