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Reflexive Writing

We are team of 7 members in college and my team is Formal group which is form for
Completion of Task which are assigned by our Professors. I personally feel that team work
plays a vital role in completion of Tasks and we can get easily and perfectly complete the
task because each member explains his/her ideas and I can get more thoughts to complete
the task, doesn’t matter how tough the task is. When we work in team toughest work is to get
work done from all members of team because some members in team only give thoughts but
don’t do any work or sometimes situation happens that one team member in a group doesn’t
do any work but after that he will get credit among other team members. I remember a task
when we are assigned a task in Marketing management, in that we had to make SWOT
analysis of a company and also we have to analyze the growth drivers of the Company. For
the single person task was difficult but not impossible and each team member has to do lots
of work for collect information and for analyzing about the company. This was the 1 st Task
in the team and when we do this task I came to know more about my team members. 3
members of my team are very hardworking and 2 are good with thoughts and 1 is good with
creativity of doing task and made the assignment more attractive. That was the first
experience in my life and I learnt from that working in team is very enjoyable experience
and even I learnt that every individual has certain good qualities and some bad qualities and
even I learnt that every individual can do anything if they have been given responsibility. Me
and my team members plays and enjoys a lot when we don’t have any work to do but we
work seriously when we have certain task to do and we complete the task on or before time.
My team has diversity but still all are very much co-operative with each other. I and one of
my team member divide the work to our team members. Problem of how to complete the
task never occurs because when we get any task or any assignment we sit together and
discuss the road map to complete that task and everyone in team listen to each other’s
opinion, view, understand thought process and then conclude to the final path on which we
as a team will walk to achieve the goal. In my team all Task-Oriented Roles gets fulfilled, 2
members are Initiators and 3 members are Information Seekers, all are Opinion givers and 2
are Energizers. Wellbeing a team member I will accept the fact that in team we take time to
get at the conclusion in respect to the individual getting to the conclusion. If I apply
punctuated equilibrium model in our team i found that my group is not a temporary group
which is form only to complete the task, we complete the task step by step by meeting the
small deadlines within the process. All the members are in favour of completing the task
before the deadline which will make their tension level low. I believe building an effective
team is in hand of leader of the group. Leader is one who develops good communication
system in the group and provides help to the team members in completing their respective
task along with that provide clear goals to its team mates. In same time it is expected from
the team members to mutual trust among the members and leader. If we talks about the
perception of the people in the team I found that one my team member will has a positive
attitude towards any problem.
He/She is ready for any type of work which he is assigned and ready to take any
responsibility. Most of my team members give their best to competitor from other team
members. When I compare my team from other team I found my team to be more satisfied,
well-coordinated and relax. I heard lots of problem leader is not working; back bitching,
delay work but i didn’t find any of this problem in my team. When it comes to motivation i
find that my member are self-motivated, they never put block in any team work. They
themselves ask for the work distribution, worry for the deadline and provide solution to
complete the task on time. When one of us is not present due to reasonable reason in the
team presentation we all divide share of that person work among ourselves which I think
give that member a sense of belief in his team. Moreover, every expense that is made to
complete the team project will be equally distributed is norm of the group. To enhance the
cooperation among the team members I distribute the task among the members in such a
way that they have to talk among themselves to complete their individual task. Since 1
month of working in a team I realized that for smooth working of team everything in the
group should be organized, like assignments, task distribution. To make follow anything to
the member, first of all leader has to start follow that. If we look from another prospective
why members are working so enthusiastically, we can say they have the fear of getting less
marks in the subject and thereby in trimester. The fear of getting less mark may be the reason
for their hard work. Sometimes I have to manipulate the facts to get their best on the task,
like I have to keep them caution that plagiarism check will identify their task if copied. In
overall I believe in my team, I am happy in working with them.