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Made of RNA & protein, also assembles


Blueprints of the cell

Allows materials in and out of the nucleus,

also protects the nucleus

1. How are the cell wall and cell membrane similar? Different?

2. What are the characteristics of cellulose?

3. How does cellulose help with the function of the cell?

4. Identify the functions of the ribosome and the golgi body?

5. Describe the characteristics of the endoplasmic reticulum.

6. How are the functions of the endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi bodies, and ribosome related?

7. What is a tissue?

8. What is an organ?

9. Would a tissue or organ have more specialized cells?

10.Where is the genetic material in a bacterial cell? Where would it be found in a plant of animal
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After filling in each organelle (or cell part) name, save this paper to study.


Gel-like substance that fills the cell

Rigid structure that surrounds plant cells – gives shape

and support

Thin structure that surrounds a cell – Gate Keeper

Makes proteins

Packages (proteins and other materials) and sends

them around cell

Tubes that let things travel around the cell

Control center of the cell

Stores food, water and waste

Breaks down nutrients and old cell parts

Contains chlorophyll – makes food using sunlight &

makes the cell green

Gives the cell energy (Powerhouse)