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Loss of teeth can happen to anyone. This can be caused by aging, health issues, an accident, and
many more. Whatever the reason is, we’re grateful that we live in an age where several options
for teeth replacement are already available, like dental implants in Wyandotte County for
example! Dental implants are the kind of teeth replacements loved by many because of how
natural they feel and look. The durability and permanence of dental implants are also some of
the top qualities sought after by many. And did you know that Jobe Dental is on the lead when it
comes to dental implants in Wyandotte County? So, if you’re thinking of getting dental implants
because you have missing teeth or simply because you want to improve your smile, you’re in the
right place. Learn about dental implants and the lessons that goes with its process here.


Getting dental implants in Wyandotte County requires several visits to the dentist because
there’s a process that has to be carefully executed one after another. This process involves two
surgeries and some healing time for the patient. It takes a little more time than the usual dental
procedures but once the process is completed, you’ll be glad that you waited!

How does it work? What happens when someone gets dental implants?

First, the dentist will perform an oral surgery while the patient is sedated. During the surgery,
the dentist will drill a small hole in the patient’s jawbone. The dentist will make sure all the
measurements are right, then he/she will screw the base of the dental implant to the bone. After
this, the dentist will put the gum back to its place, covering the base. Once the first surgery is
finished, the patient will have to wait until the base implant has fully healed.


Once the gum has completely healed, the dentist will now perform the next surgery to complete
the process. The dentist will place an abutment to the earlier implanted base. The abutment
serves as a connector between the base and the crown. The crown is the tooth-like part of the
dental implant usually made of porcelain or ceramic material. After the abutment/connector has
been placed to the base, the crown will be attached to the abutment with a screw and dental
cement making sure everything is stable and in place. Once the crown is placed to the abutment,
you’re now SMILE-ready!

Dental implants can go a very long way. This is why you have to make sure you have them only
at Jobe Dentals, the leading experts when it comes to dental implants in Wyandotte County!
Visit us today!