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advanced evolution
The DAF XF Evolution of XF technology

A modern external design, a refined With the introduction of the DAF 95XF,
DAF Trucks entered a new era.
interior, a lighter chassis for even Low operating costs, higher reliability and
the best conceivable driver comfort were
higher payloads, electronically the most important development targets.
And the basis of success. For the DAF
operated disc brakes, longer 95XF turned out to be a best-seller.
Popular with hauliers and drivers alike.
maintenance intervals and engines
Technology is in continuous development.
for even lower fuel consumption. The As are the requirements of the driver and
the operator. For this reason, DAF has
result: lower operating costs for the introduced its successor, the new XF.

haulier. Higher comfort for the driver. Even more comfortable and even more
economical than its predecessor. With
That's what we mean by 'the modern styling, showing the family
relationship with the CF and LF.
evolution of XF technology'. With an interior offering an even higher
level of comfort and unrivalled space.
With a lighter chassis design for higher
payloads. With a new driveline for top
performance at even lower fuel consump-
tion. And with numerous technological
innovations, ensuring even higher reliability
and even lower costs. Kilometre after
kilometre. The new XF.

Technology is in continuous development.

As are the requirements of the driver and the operator.
That's why DAF has introduced the new XF.

X F 95 2 3 X F 95
Power For profit

The exterior of the XF is modern, The powerful, 12.6 litre six-cylinder DAF On top of that, DAF’s advanced engine
engine with 24 valve technology, technology ensures that low consumption
rugged and elegant at the same time. turbocharging and charge-cooling. figures are combined with Euro3 standard
Available in various output versions, from exhaust gas emissions and low noise
With beautiful, clear headlamps. 280 kW (381 hp) to 390 kW (530 hp). levels.
Offering high torque over a wide engine That's pure profit for the environment.
Clean, strong lines. Exuding an image speed band for unmatched tractive
power and flexibility. The engine as a brake
of our time. That's pure comfort for the driver. In addition to the well-known standard
exhaust brake, DAF Trucks developed the
However, the greatest qualities of Thanks to the use of the newest mate- DAF Engine Brake (DEB), for the 12.6 litre
rials for cylinder block and head, the power plant. An extremely effective,
the XF are hidden behind its high- compression ratio has been increased. wear-free extra brake. When the DEB is
In combination with DAF's unique activated, the exhaust valves are opened
class appearance. Beneath the electronically controlled UPEC fuel just before the end of the compression
injection system and numerous other stroke, which avoids the pistons being
spacious cab. innovations, this gives top performance subjected to excessive forces. The result
while fuel consumption has reduced. is extra braking capacity, increasing with
Take the engines, for example. That's pure profit for the transport engine speed.
With the power for profit.

The greatest qualities of the XF are hidden behind its

high-class appearance. Beneath the spacious cab.

X F 95 4 5 X F 95
For decades DAF has paid great attention to integrated

driveline technology. To make every litre of diesel last
as many kilometres as possible.
Wide choice

A frugal engine is not necessarily a The DAF XF has as standard a 16-speed Economical rear axle
manually operated synchromesh The drive of the XF is through the
guarantee of low fuel consumption. gearbox. Thanks to Servoshift gear-shift DAF SR1347 rear axle. A hypoid axle
assistance, also included in the standard of high repute. Not only because of
Gearbox and rear axle are at least as specifications, the required gear-change its durability and reliability but also in
forces are extremely low and gear lever particular because of its low internal
important. Therefore, for decades travel is short. Changing into any gear is resistance. That means less loss of
done with the greatest ease. energy in the driveline, so more favour-
DAF has paid great attention to able fuel consumption. Furthermore, the
AS-Tronic wide choice in reduction ratios ensures
integrated driveline technology. For even higher comfort and efficiency, that the right driveline can be selected
the XF offers the option of the latest for any type of application. For top
To make every litre of diesel last as generation AS-Tronic transmission. performance and highest efficiency.
A state-of-the-art fully automatic gear-
many kilometres as possible. box. With the electronics selecting the Sturdy hub reduction
right gear in any situation, the AS-Tronic For heavy-duty work requiring extra
combines optimum ease of gear-chang- strength, the XF can also be specified
ing with even lower fuel consumption. with the sturdy DAF HR1354 hub
Moreover, the driver can fully concentrate reduction axle, giving high torque to the
on the road, which advances safety. wheels without unduly loading the
driveline. The perfect option for extremely
And if the driver wants to take the reins high train weights, required in heavy
himself, the AS-Tronic can also very haulage for instance.
easily be operated manually. Without
clutch, similar to a sequential gearbox in
a modern sports car.

AS-Tronic SR1347 rear axle

X F 95 6 7 X F 95
payload Strong chassis

Every kilogramme less means more The use of a new high-grade steel and and rear. And, at least as important, EBS
weight-saving construction are not the gives an optimum distribution of braking
payload. Kilometre after kilometre. only special characteristics of the chassis power between the prime mover and the
for the XF. The chassis is fully flat-topped trailer. In this way, optimum safety and
That's the reason why weight and many components are mounted on braking comfort go hand in hand with low
the inside of the chassis. costs per kilometre.
reduction was given such great As a result, the XF is easier to body and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and ASR
more room has become available for (drive slip control) functions have been
attention during the development of components such as extra fuel tanks or a integrated into the electronic system,
compressor for bulk transport. while a CAN interface is provided for
the XF. With its strong, yet Furthermore, there is of course a choice (semi-)trailers with EBS.
between electronically controlled air “Vehicle Stability Control” (VSC) is an
lightweight chassis, electronically suspension, parabolic springs, and optional feature. The purpose is to
conventional leaf springs for heavy-duty maintain vehicle stability even in difficult
operated disc brakes and numerous work. Suspension mountings are very situations and further reduce the chance
low maintenance. of rolling, jack-knifing and skidding. VSC
other weight-saving technology, the is available on two-axle tractors.
Electronically operated disc brakes
XF gives two hundred kilogrammes The XF features DAF’s unique disc Wide range
brakes. With flat discs, thermally The XF offers a comprehensive range of
more payload. Pure profit. insulated from the hub. This prevents axle configurations, from two-axle
the formation of cracks in the discs and tractors and rigids to three or four-axle
ensures a long service life. Moreover, vehicles, including an 8x4 model with
electronic brake system control gives the three rear axles for special applications,
same rate of wear for all pads at the front such as heavy haulage. Every application
has its own ideal XF.

Ventilated disk brakes on the front and rear axle. Bodybuilder friendly chassis.

The XF offers a comprehensive range of axle

configurations, from two-axle tractors and rigids
to three or four-axle vehicles.
X F 95 8 9 X F 95
is given room Room is given shape

The Super Space Cab version of The XF has a modern interior with a The steering wheel, with a high hinge
cockpit-style dashboard, which curves point, is adjustable for rake between 30°
the XF offers by far the most around the driver, so that all controls are and 45°, and its height adjustment range
within optimum reach. The instrument is 85 mm. To change the steering wheel
spacious cab in its class. With a panel bears a close resemblance to that setting, the driver only needs to push a
of a top-class passenger car. After dark, button on the steering column, after
wealth of living, working and storage it is pleasantly illuminated by LEDs. which a pneumatic system unlocks the
steering wheel adjustment system. When
space. Ample headroom and plenty Information display the steering wheel has been set to the
An LCD information display in the centre right position by stepless adjustment, it
of free space over the beds. The of the instrument panel reports to the is locked using the same button. The
driver on vital vehicle and engine functions, steering wheel has a diameter of 450 mm
vertical windscreen and the extra such as brake system pressure, oil and just the right thickness for optimum
pressure and oil level, boost pressure, hand comfort and feel.
long cab give the Space Cab fuel level, charging voltage, coolant
temperature, brake pad wear, and the Highest comfort for the driver
generous interior dimensions. operation of, for example, ABS, ASR, Central door locking with remote control,
EBS and DAF’s ECAS air suspension tinted and heat-resistant glass, power
The XF, a truck to live in. system. But it does so only at the driver's windows, remote control for the ECAS air
explicit request or if something is wrong. suspension system, red night lighting as
In this way, the driver is never bothered standard, interior lighting with extra map-
with information he does not immediately reading lamps in the front of the cab,
need. reading lamps in the sleeping compart-
ment, extra light switches and heater
Seating position switch in the sleeping compartment;
The air-sprung driver's seat has a fore these are only a few examples of what
and aft adjustment range of no less than the XF has to offer to make the driver's
200 mm and height can be adjusted over life relaxed. Add to this the under-bunk
125 mm. In combination with the amply roll-out fridge, the high-end stereo
adjustable steering column, this enables equipment with optimally positioned
drivers of any stature to find a pleasant loudspeakers or a microwave oven, and
seating position. the driver has all he could wish for.

Via the display, the on-board computer also provides information about trip duration,
average speed, the time of the next maintenance service and, if relevant, PTO hours.
The display has an alarm clock function as standard; the instrument panel includes an
ambient temperature indicator.

X F 95 10 11 X F 95
A bed just like at home bunk of the Space Cab also has a length
Naturally, in the development of the XF of 205 cm and it is 60 cm wide and
full attention was paid to aspects such as 8.5 cm thick. In the Super Space Cab
heating and ventilation, adequate cab the upper bunk mattress has a generous
insulation and to achieving a very low width of 70 cm, a length of 191 cm and a
noise level of only 66 dB(A) at 85 km/h. thickness of 7 cm.
DAF believes that top comfort is an
absolute necessity for a driver. A wealth of storage space
That also goes for resting and sleeping. A driver making a long trip takes a lot of
The bottom bunk, for instance, was given things with him on the road. Both the
a higher position, so that it can double as Space Cab and the Super Space Cab
a comfortable settee. The driver can sit have spacious lockers over the wind-
relaxed behind the pull-out dashboard screen. The central compartment is even
tabletop. large enough for a microwave oven,
And when it comes to sleeping, the XF which is available as an option.
offers generously sized one-piece Under the bottom bunk there is also
mattresses. With a fitted sheet and duvet, plenty of storage space, with, on the
sleeping comfort is just like at home. driver's side, an airtight compartment
The bottom bunk mattress is even 15 cm which is only accessible from the outside.
thick, 203 cm long and 81 cm wide in An ideal place for storing dirty and smelly
the centre part. The mattress in the upper things, such as gloves, tools, cleaning
agents and rags. Furthermore, the cab
of the XF has handy storage areas in all
conceivable places, up to the roof.
The Super Space Cab has a total storage
capacity of almost 1.1 cubic metres.

Extra comfort provided by options such as the wood-effect dashboard, the brushed metal finish dashboard,
leather steering wheel, hands-free telephone set, microwave oven and fridge. Apply to your dealer for the
DAF accessories brochure.

X F 95 12 13 X F 95
Business Support An organisation of professionals

Profitability, returns per kilometre, DAF dealers and their staff are given The DAF dealer is always the right place
regular training to keep them posted on for optimum advice and the best service.
that's what it is all about in road the latest technological developments. The best basis for the highest returns per
This ensures that the DAF dealer can keep kilometre.
transport. DAF Trucks therefore your DAF truck in optimum condition.
And the DAF dealer does more. He also Optimum use
offers more than just outstanding offers servicing for the trailers, the super- For optimum use of your vehicle, your
structure and components such as tail DAF dealer offers a comprehensive
trucks with long service intervals, lifts and cooling units. So for your total package of repair and maintenance
vehicle and for your total fleet, you can go contracts, which are perfectly geared to
low maintenance costs and high to a single address. One-stop-shopping your requirements. And, should you ever
for comfort, quality and efficiency. need it, roadside assistance is never far
reliability. Together with its more away thanks to our International Truck
The best advice Service (ITS). We even arrange payment,
than 1,000 dealers and service As a truck specialist par excellence, the so that the driver does not have to worry
DAF dealer also offers the best purchas- about having enough cash.
outlets in Europe, DAF Trucks offers ing advice. Advanced computer programs DAF is on standby for you 365 days a
enable exactly the right specifications to year, 24 hours a day. One telephone call
a total transport solution. be selected for your specific operating will do. The DAF ITS dealers have all the
conditions. Of course, the dealer also usual parts at hand, to ensure that a
offers tailor-made finance and leasing stranded truck can be back on the road
services. in a minimum of time.

DAF Trucks offers more than

just outstanding trucks with
long service intervals,
low maintenance costs and
high reliability.
X F 95 14 15 X F 95
XF leveringsprogramma

FA 4x2

FT 4x2

FTG 6x2

FTP 6x2

FAR 6x2 XE 280 C XE 315 C XE 355 C XE 390 C

ECE R 24-03 (ISO 1585) EURO IIl ECE R 24-03 (ISO 1585) EURO IIl ECE R 24-03 (ISO 1585) EURO IIl ECE R 24-03 (ISO 1585) EURO IIl
Nm 2200 Nm 2200 Nm 2300 Nm 2500




torque XF95 torque XF95 torque XF95 torque XF95

FTR 6x2
2000 2000 2100 2300

1800 1800 1900 2100

1600 1600 1700 1900

1400 1400 1500 1700

kW 360 kW 360 kW 380 kW 410

FAS 6x2
output output output output
480 hp 480 hp 550 hp
500 hp
340 460 340 460 360 390 530

440 440 510

320 320 340 460 370

420 420 490

300 300 320 350
400 400 470

FTS 6x2 280











240 240 260 290
320 320 390

220 300 220 300 240 270 370

FAN 6x2

280 280 350

200 200 220 300 250

260 260 330

180 180 200 230
g/kW.h 240 g/kW.h 240 g/kW.h 240 g/kW.h 240
specific fuel consumption
170 g/hp.h specific fuel consumption
170 g/hp.h 170 g/hp.h specific fuel consumption
170 g/hp.h
specific fuel consumption
220 220 220 220

200 150 200 150 200 150 200 150

FAT 6x4
180 180 180 180

8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 x 100 min-1 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 x 100 min-1 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 x 100 min-1 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 x 100 min-1

FTT 6x4 DAF engines, 12.6 litres 24 valve 4-stroke diesel, 6 cylinders vertically in line, turbocharged with charge cooling (intercooling) and
electronically controlled unit pump injection system (UPEC)

Performance XE 280 C XE 315 C XE 355 C XE 390 C

FAK 8x2 Output at rated speed 280 kW – 381 hp 315 kW – 428 hp 355 kW – 483 hp 390 kW – 530 hp
ECE R24-03/ISO 1585 at 1900 rpm at 1900 rpm at 1900 rpm at 1900 rpm

FAD 8x4 Max Torque

ECE R24-03/ISO 1585
1750 Nm
at 1000 - 1500 rpm
1950 Nm
at 1000 - 1500 rpm
2100 Nm
at 1050 - 1500 rpm
2350 Nm
at 1050 - 1500 rpm
gestuurde as
Specific fuel consumption 196 g/kWh 195 g/kWh 192 g/kWh 192 g/kWh

FTM 8x4 aangedreven as Best point at 1200 rpm at 1200 rpm at 1200 rpm at 1200 rpm


X F 95 16 17 X F 95
Space Space
DAF XF95 Space Cab DAF XF specifications Cab Cab

Cab exterior
Cab suspension -mechanical • •
Cab suspension -full air  

Steel bumper • •
sun visor  •
Headlights with lexan lens • •
Bumper painted in body colour • •
Auxiliary lights (spot/fog)  

rear view mirrors, wide angle mirror, kerb view mirror • •

blind spot mirror  

Cab interior
Electrical operated windows  

Tinted glass • •
Electrical operated sunroof • •
Electrical adjustable mirrors, heated  

Corner air deflectors  

Co-driver's door can be opened, via the dashboard, by the driver • •

Prepared for phone, radio  

driver info display (LCD with trip/ vehicle info) • •

Seats adjustable 200 mm in length, 125 mm in height • •
Driver's seat air suspended, co-driver fixed • •
450 mm diameter steering wheel, pneumatic adjustment • •
Servo shift assisted gearshift • •
Cruise control  
DAF XF95 Super Space Cab Tachograph electronically managed • •
Air conditioning  

Lower bed 2030 x 810 x 150 mm • •

Upper bunk 2050 x 600 x 85 mm • -
Upper bunk 1910 x 700 x 70 mm - •
40 litre locker by head of the bunk • •
left side:150 litre sealed box opening form outside (for tools) • •
right side: 150 litre box opening form inside and outside • •
storage under bunk 330 litre • •
control panel of interior lights by the bunk • •
immobiliser • •
central door lock • •

Options (ask your dealer for more information):

Wooden or metal look dashboard  

Night heater (Air/Water)  

Side skirts  

Aluminium wheels  

DAF engine brake  

AS-Tronic automated gearbox  

Leather steering wheel  

Alarm remote control  

Refrigerator (40 litre)  

Wide range of radio/CD/speakers  

Roof mounted spot lamps 2 or 4  -

Air horns 1 or 2 sets  

Fleet Management Standard (FMS)

As an optional extra, every DAF XF is fitted with a connection for reading out a
wide range of engine data, from an on-board computer with FMS standard. This
standardised connection grants access to information about speeds travelled, fuel
consumption, accelerator pedal position and engine speeds, as well as the use of
the cruise control, clutch and PTO readouts, via the FMS connection. Information
generated by this system offers the haulier the possibility of further optimising yields •: Standard : Option -: Not available
and vehicle deployment.

The availaibility and specification of the cabs may differ per country and can be changed by DAF without notice. For further information please
contact your DAF dealer

X F 95 18 19 X F 95
In the interest of continuing product
development, DAF Trucks reserves the
right to change specifications or
equipment at any time without notice.

For exact and recent information please

contact your local DAF dealer.

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