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Avoid reenacted budget, Congress urged

By ALEXIS ROMERO the proposed 2020 budget on break, I will ask the vice the first three months, slower iudiciarv and indeoend.enl budget in the proposed P4.1-
last Sept. 17 to ensure that the chairs to finish their hearing than the 6.5 percent growth 'constit'tlonalbodies] triilionGeneralAppropria-
Ma)lacafrang ye sterd ay spending bill wouldbe passed and to submit their r€ports so recorded in the same period "As envisioned by the Presi- tions Act for 2020
urged Congress to pass and signed into law this year. we can incolporate them in the last year and the revised 6.3 dent, the 2020 national.budget BUd$et CUIS
next ):'e ar's proposed P4.1- The certification exempts committee reports. So we're percent growth in the fourth seeks to move the nation tor-
trillion budget on time to the budget from the rule that on tra&'for the passage of the quarter of the same year. ward towards its aspired-for - Sen' Risa Hontiveros said
prevent a reenacted spend- a bill can only be passed on budget," he said. The reenacted bu dge t destination: a more'peaceful she would- pu-sh lor the res-
of billions of pesos
ing prog{am that coul'd final reading three days after Angara said the Presidenfs caused underspending of ;J;;;;;"i* --' toration
slashed from the proposed
slow economic growth and its approval on second reading. certification of the budget bill about Pl billion per day, which R;;';e;;il.-'--rr- tlePartrnent
The House of Representa- as uigelnt will be helpful in the in tum stifled eqonomic activ- In a related development, 2020bud-8etof the
hamper the delivery of gov- (DOH) to boost ef-
tives vowed to pass today on passage of the 2020 proposed ity, officials said. Department of In'forma- of Healtl.r
ernment services. ' While Duterte wants the the ii;-";;-e;;;;"-i;;;;; forts asains't the densue and
Presidential spokesnan Sal- third .and final reading the natio4aJ. budgei.
vador Panelo said the govern- F4.1-trillion national budget Under the ConstitutiorL the timely pissage of the budget, i;A;;i;*t-iDraf '.f t h;;;i measles ourbreaks and ensure
ment's constitutional mandate for 2020 after President Duterte govemm6nt has to operate on Panelo said the President would i"ia" . iJt'"f fi.Z Uttfio" the effective implementation
to serve the Filipino people certified the budget bill as a reenacted budget if Congress not allow illegal items like pork ; ;;; t;;;;; l"Jg"l ?"1.'r *" universal Health Care
rnust prevail over "pa tisan urgent. fails to pass a new bill. barrel in the spending bill. purposej of the Dute;te ad- act'
considerations" and "con- "Since GAB is 100 percent The reenacted budget shall In 201"3, the Supreme Court ininistration,s establishment "l urge my colleagubs in
'stant differences or varying NEP (National Expenditure remain in force until Con- ruled that congressional allo- of {ree internet WiFi hotsDots the Senate to suPPort a lar8er
jnterpretations on the budget."
PIan), the President certified gress approves a 4rew GAB. cations known as pork barrgl tft".r""t.". ' budgetary allocation to health
Such differences should not it as urgent. So, we can ap- Presidential Legiskitive Liaison are unconsdtutional because it
,,The amount is on foo o1 services. Every peso added to
hamper gover4ment opera- prove budget on third and Office chief Adelino Sitov has violated the separation of pow- thepl-2 biliion earmarked'this and programs
health services
tions, he added. final reading," said Albay said Duterte had certifieci next ers by allowing lawmakers ,""" t" U"ifJ"aJlti".r"i may literally spell the difference
"In certifyipg to urgency Rep. Joey Salceda, chairman year's budget as urgent becawe to wield non-oyersight, post- 'ooints where Filioinos"1."...between liJe and dealh for our
of the budget bill, (President of the House ways and mears the administration has "leamed enactment authority in vital constituents"' Hontiveros said
ireely connecl to tlr""
Duterte) wants to convey to committee- lessons from last year." dreas of budget executions. via iheir mobile devices,' With the Senate committee
the members of Congress The Senate is on track in The government operated "The President will de- Makati CitvReD. Luis Carnoos on finance now scrutinizing
j..;;i;-- -----'-- the DoH budset fql l:,*'
the importance of passing hearing the,budget of various on a reenacted budget in the cide's pork or not.
the General Appropriations departrnents and govemment first quarter as the passage of He will veto it if it's against The DICT reported to Con- year, Hontiveros said that the
Bill (GAB) on time to avoid a agencies for the 2020 proposed this year's P3.757-killion bud- the Constitution," he said. rh; th" il;;6u. il- Departmeni ofand Budget and
repeat of a reenacted budget national budget, Sen. Sonny get was stalled by a deadlock House Majority Leader Martin ".;
italled since AprYl "plssword- ManaSement the ?oH
Angara said yesterday. over last-minute insertions in Romualdez assured the tax- free WiFi hotioots)' in 2..3?0 should explain why the DOH
that wreaked havoc on the eco-
nomic program of this admin- "We are on tradg I think the the spending bi1l. payers that the 2020 budget .li; t"ri.". is ser to receive only P160.15
istration, affected the timely House is going to approve it Economic' managers have will be passed and will reflect ".;;;i;;'.iiiz
;;;;';ti';;;"*.;; i;";;;; bjrrion or nve percent lower
delivery ofbasic services to the within this week or next week.' blamed the delayed enactment 4ot orLly the President's vision, Aii;;"il;id"r-""a'.i,i". than tJ!s_ year's allocation of
11169.45 bllllon who cannot
people and, ultimately, slowed Will take a week to send it to of the 2019 budget for the slow- but also the people's will. nationwide. servlces of wno
our growth during the first us," said Angara, chairman er than expected economic The measure contains the He said the fresh fund-
quarter of this yea1," of the Senate committee on growth in the first quarter government's proposed bud- i"g ?".-til" r*" I;t";i li,4!1 desewerree legel aesistance'
Panelo said in a statement. finance. The Philippines' bconomic get for next year - from the cJnnectivity in Public nlaces -;{ift ,!:l-1g"li1lkF-:
Duterte certified as urgent "And then before we go growth slowed to 5.Q percent in executive, legislative to the nfi;ii; i;'d;;t h ;i';:Diai cille suerte Felipe'lessDiaz