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Speech Rubric


Main points are Main points are clear Main points are Main points are No clear points
interesting, well and relevant to the unclear, poorly ineffective; transitions established; no
developed, and speaker’s purpose; developed, or lacking are absent and/or little organizational
relevant to the subject is appropriate in relevance; since of progression. structure.
ORGANIZATION speaker’s purpose; for the audience; transitions are
smooth transitions transitions are used awkward—flow of
effectively connect satisfactorily. information
main points and interrupted.
enhance audience
Statements are well Statements are Refers to source Little use of credible No supporting
supported with supported with material some of the source material; verbal evidence.
accurate facts and accurate facts and time; credibility of citations are missing.
SUPPORT examples; outstanding examples; sufficient sources is
use of credible use of credible sources questionable, but
sources; speaker cites that are cited verbally verbal citations are
sources verbally before evidence. attempted.
before evidence.
Vocal variety, Vocal delivery shows Vocal delivery fails to Vocal delivery is Vocal delivery is
including volume, sincere attempt at enhance the speech; ineffective: too fast, inaudible or otherwise
rate, and pitch, vocal variety to speech is not always too slow, monotone; difficult to discern.
VOCAL DELIVERY enhance the overall enhance speech; audible or easy to vocal pauses disrupt Vocal pauses and
delivery of the speech; speaker occasionally discern; vocal pauses presentation. Vocal fillers detract from the
speaker avoids vocal uses vocal pauses and and fillers begin to pauses and fillers are message and are a
pauses. “Filler” words fillers. detract from the very distracting and detriment to
are not a problem. message. detract from the credibility.
Speaker is poised and Poise and posture are Speaker attempts to When required, No poise; movement
confident in front of evident; movement use good posture, but speaker has few and gestures are not
the audience; across the platform unintentional gestures and /or fails used.
PHYSICAL movement (if and gestures are movement (pacing, to move across the
DELIVERY intentional) is across satisfactory. nervous ticks) detract platform.
the platform and from the performance.
gestures enhance the
Meets time Speaks within 30 Speaks less than half
TIME requirements. seconds of the time of the required time
REQUIREMENTS requirement. limit.


Final Grade: