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The Truth of Growing Taller, Please from IP address

June 24 2004 at 6:58 PM

I have seen a lot of bs on these sites, these are

scams fellas. I was 5’3 and within the last month
have gained 1 and ½ inches. My goal is to reach
5’11. I have begun taking glucosamine sulfate and I
believe this is what is responsible. I am a 22 NYU
med student and this is not for money or any other
reason, I just want to spread the word to other short
guys and let u know there is hope. Let me explain
how. We have all been told that our growth plates
close at around 17 or 18, this is not true. The
epiphyseal plates, which is what they are called do
not close until 25. Even this is not permanent, the
plates weaken around the age of 50, this is called
osteoporosis. These plates are what cause long bone
growth in the bones of the leg. By taking
glucosamine, the cartilage cells in these plates are
stimulated causing additional growth after puberty.
Trust me guys this is all verifiable, I am not a
scammer, and do not represent any, I just know how
it feels to be called shorty, shrimpy, midget, and all
that other negative garbage. Trust me, you can grow
as long as those plates are even slightly open. Don’t
spend your money on the crap these scammers are
selling, stretching devices and manuals, GH
supplements or fucking shoes that are supposed to
make u grow. These people are taking advantage of
those of us who have to face the serious
disadvantage of shortness everyday. Most of us don’t
have GH deficiency, we are just the children of short
parents, but through proper nutrition and
supplementation we can grow beyond our genes.

Look at Asians, my girlfriend is Japanese and is 5’6,

her parents who were born in the 50’s are about my
height. The only difference is that she was raised
here on an American diet. It is not a coincidence that
most of us short guys come from areas where the
mortality rates were high. (I’m of Italian ancestry
myself) In those parts of the world, our ancestors did
not get enough nutrition and those kids who were
shorter and reached the end of their sexual
development earlier since they did not need as much
food were usually the ones that survived to reach
adulthood and have kids. Now what makes us short,
fellas? Sex hormones, (testosterone and estrogen).
The earlier you produce sex hormones, means the
earlier u can have kids, unfortunately this also means
that your growth plates aren’t open very long either,
since sex hormones cause the closure of the plates,
but as I said they’re not completely closed till around
25, so there is hope. So guys, believe me or not,
throw away your money on trash scams, or go with
what I’m saying, verifiable medical advice on how to
get taller. Be positive and stay healthy though,
diabetics should consult their physician before taking
glucosamine sulfate. See ya when I hit that 5’11
mark. Peace.