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Client Success Story

Asian Oil and Gas Giant Develops

Investment Strategy in Energy Storage

A national petroleum exploration and production company based in southeast
Asia decided to diversify its core business into unfamiliar territory: energy
storage. They needed to get up to speed on battery technology, understand the
market landscape, identify opportunity areas that make sense for their business,
and develop an investment strategy.

The client leveraged Lux’s deep technology expertise in conjunction with the
consulting business strategists to make the right decision at every step in their
process. First, we quickly prepared a roadmap of investment opportunities based
on existing Lux research, specifically battery technology applications and value
chain positioning. The roadmap also included high priority options and tailored
investment models. The Lux consulting team then worked with the client to
evaluate the most interesting opportunities, forecast their growth potential,
and map application market size. Finally, for the opportunities that sparked
77% of Lux the highest interest, Lux recommended investment models, conducted SWOT
analyses, and provided guidance on risk and mitigation strategies.
consulting projects
are with recurring
Based on the technology development research and expert insight on the
projected demand for various battery applications, the client had a clear
investment strategy that they were confident about. They also purchased an
intelligence subscription to monitor the landscape, and were left with a clear
action plan to maintain momentum with this new business venture.

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