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Monday, September 23' 2OLg

Barbers: Probe POGO links

to illegal drugs, ldundering
BY WENDELL VIGIUA "However, this requires a deep, only think of the financial gains "In shorg our authorities should
profound ard perhaps long and the governrneot may take in fiom determine the beneficial owners
THE chair of the House commit- tedious investigation," Barbers POGO fitms "as they need to also and wotkers of these POGO
tee on dangetous dtugs yesterday said. consider the secutity, social, immi- firms. Are they of good rePute
asked authotities to look into the Barbers cited investigative re- gratiorq labor and related problems and are not associated with Pet
possible linLs to the illegal &ugs pots and a srudy made by the *rat these firms may create to dre sons witl questionable reputation,
trade of Philippine Offshore Gam United Nations indicating that Filipinos, and the country as well, chatactet, honesty and integriq?"
ing Operatots (POGO$, saying "these groups (organized ciime in the near future." he said.
the gaming scheme could be used - syndicates) created tieir own on- He said Pagcot has to ensute And to prevent any possibility of
in moneyJaundeting by organized Lioe gaming fums and used them as that it is "not temiss in conduct- the Philippiles becoming a harcn
cdme syndicates. a moneyJaundering tool." ing due diligence before gtanting fol moneyJaundering activities
Sutigao del Norte Rep. Robert The drugs panel chair said this licenses to POGO applicants, Iike of forergn drugs syndicates and
Ace Batbers said a thotough is like what the Italian mafia and determining fust if they ate local other crime groups. Batbers said
scrutiny of the POGOs' opera- drug qmdicates from Macau and ot foregn based, and if they are of Congress should step in and enact
tions could possibly result to the Cambodia did in othet countries. good tepute, not associated wit}l and impose strict laws and rules
discovery of its linLs to the il- Barbers said the Philippine any petson who is nbt of good and tegulations on the local or ine
legal dtugs trade and otganized Amusement aod Gaming Cor- reputation, chatacter, honesty and
crime. poration @AGCOR) should not i*"go,y." See BARBERS l Page 83

remarned Pending
are not found in the business/
BARBERS National SecuritY Ad\'lsel Het-
company lrame registrY rn the ex-
moqenes EsPeton Jr' eatler
qaming and casino operat-i-ons . , Phili'pPines or abroad," Barbets
.r..s'sed conceto o.ter the presence
" "This eatlY,I call on our hnandar said. '.rf Chinese workers in POGO cen
intellisence and lav entorcement "Para silang (POGOs) ieePneY
tets which he said cor:ld wtderrnine
"of the PDEA' the NBI and bus oa kolorum oPeratots - Yung
,.roits national securitY.
mga bumibiyahe sa isang partikulat
the PNP to dig deePet into -the Even Defense Secretary Delhn
na-ruta Dero walang Pranldsa mula
oersonalitjes behind the gambLtng (fheY are like colorum T,orenzana had raised che alarm
." LTO
in,"rpris. of both the PoGOs or bus oPerators that PIY a bells ovei a Possible "shifi'.ot
POGO operations to "sPlmg as
and the casinos that were gianted
cer'tain route without an LTO tran-
perm.its or license to oPerate bY or 'ghost he took note of the locauorr ot
chise). These colorum
the Pagcor all over the countty' gaming hubs near maio! mrLrtaly
Batbers said.
POGOs oPerate in the PhiliPPines
but they are not tegrstered n our
Barbers also urged authoricies Some POGO centers ate located
.ounuv aS a busineSS entlry,. ne
to zeto in oo "colorum" POGOs at Araneta Centet in Cubao and
ol,o.uid cttY:
operating in the couotrY'.saYrng Eastwood, botl in Quezon
Pascor has stoPPed accePung
he has teceived rePorts that 40 and oear the AFP headquarters
aooliiations for POGO licens-
out of the 58 POGOs Iicensed and DND of6ce also in Quezoo
iiJ until the ,tarious issues raised
bv the Phi.liPPine Amusement and are Ciw; wbile others are at fie Resorts
(Pagcor) ab"ot t the gamiog scheme whlch rs
iaming CorPo.ation addressed.
Wotld Manila irr Pasay,
are onrigisteted local or torergn
cbu near the Villamot Airbase aod
PAGCOR chauman and Ar
corporations. headquarters of the Ph'iIiPPqe
may not be too accuiate but
Andrea Domingo last month in Cavne'
"i said. the ageocY has acctedited
5E Force; and at Island Cove
I am certain that most lt not au operators and 214 serflce Provld-
.shich is located near the na\'al base
of the 46 POGOs have no legal so fat. while three aPPhcaflons
in SangleY Poirt'
personalitY because their names "is

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