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Monday, September 23, 2019

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F384 ffE irt g$Z$, "They were constructed uBder
$'hat $'as basicaily the country's first
ta preserve public school building program." he
Gabaidon. a member of the 1907
Gafoaldon-type Philippine Assembly authored a iaw
seeking t 1-milion approprialion "for
the corrstruction of school houses of
school huildings strong materials in barrios with guar'
anteed daily attendance of not less
than 60 pupils."
By CHARISSA M. LUCI-ATIENZA "Our Gabaldon school houses are
valuable cultural assels that hold piec-
..:;-+i ebu Rep. Eduardo Guilas es of our historl,," Guilas said.
:: ; disclosed yesterday that the He ciled that President Rodrigo
i.: . Department of Education Duterte signed into law Republic Act
',,:.n." ' (DepEd) will be spending 11194 in January this year for the con-
F3B4 million next year to preserve servation and restoration of Gabaldon
around 1,800 Gabaldon-tlpe and other school burldrngs.
heritage school buildings nationwide. ' Yhere is a need lo safeguard the
The House Committee on Appro heritage school structures to remind
priations member cited that of the future generations of Filipinos of the
1,800 Gabaldon school blocks, over 140 grandeur and aesthetic splendor of
heritage pubiic sehool buildings ar'e the architectural designs of the past,'
found in Cebu. he said.
"The amount is on top of the.2.06 Republic Act 1i194 mandates the
billion already earmarked this year foil DepEd to implement a program for
the conservation and restoration of the identification and consen'ation
Gatraldon and other historical school of all Gabaldon and other heritage
houses," Gullas, an educator, said in a school buildings nationwide in coordi
statement. natior'l with the Nalioital Commissiott
Gabaldon school buildings reler to for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). the
school buildings designed bv Ameri National Historical Commission of the
can Architect \4lilliam Parsons and Philippines (NHCP) and the National
funded through Act No. 1801 authored Museum (NM).
by Nueva Ecija Assemblyman Isauro All Gabaldon schooi houses are
Gabaldon during the American Pe considered as "built heritage" that
riod. ._ l form part of the gountry's "cultural
Gullas said man) oi lhe remaining property" under the Natiolial Cultural
Gabaidon school structures are nqrv., : Heritage Act of 2009, the la$' states.
$ cll o\ cr a ccnlur\ old.
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