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LET Reviewer Prof Education
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Uploaded by Bhong Libantino on Jun 16, 2013
PNU LET LET Reviewer Part LET Reviewer Professional
LET Reviewer Prof Education Full description
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1.  A guest speaker in one graduation rites told his audience: "Reminder, you are what you choose to
be." The guest speaker is more of a/an __________.

a.  Realist
b.  Pragmatist
c.  Idealist
Related titles d. 


2.  A teacher who equates authority with power does NOT __________.

a.  Shame
b.  develop self-respect in every pupil
c.  retaliate
d.  intimidate

3.  Based on Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience, which activity is farthest from the real thing?

PNU LET a. Reviewer

LET Read Part LET Reviewer Professional Let Review Cnu Social Studies Profed Let Review March 2012 LET
Professional… 2b.  Hear Social Studies Education… With Answers Reviewer Reviewer
c.  View images
d.  Attend exhibit

4.  Based on Piaget's theory, what should a teacher provide for children in the concrete operational

a.  Activities for hypothesis formulation.

b.  Learning activities that involve problems of classification and ordering.
c.  Games and other physical activities to develop motor skills.
d.  Stimulating environment with ample objects to play with.

5.  Study this group of tests which was administered with the following results, then answer the
Subject Mean SD Ronnels's Score
Math 56 10 43
Physics 41 9 31
English 80 16 109
In which subject(s) did Ronnel perform best in relation to the group's performance?

a.  Physics and Math

b.  English
c.  Physics
d.  Math

6.  Who among the following puts more emphasis on core requirements, longer school day, longer
academic year and more challenging textbooks?

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LET Reviewer

A. Perennialist 

B. Essentialist  

C. Progressivist 

D. Existentialist
7.  I drew learners into several content areas and encouraged them to solve a complex question for
inter-disciplinary teaching. Which strategy did I use? 

A. Problem-centered learning 

B. Unit method 

C. Reading-writing activity 

D. Thematic instruction 
8.  The concepts of trust vs. maturity, autonomy vs. self-doubt, and initiative vs. guilt are most closely
related with the works of __________. 

A. Erikson

B. Piaget 

C. Freud 

D. Jung
9.  I want to teach concepts, patterns and abstractions. Which method is most appropriate?

a. Indirect instruction

b. Discovery

c. Direct instruction

D. Problem solving
10.  Which behavioral term describes a lesson outcome in the highest level of Bloom's cognitive domain?

A. Create

B. Evaluate

C. Analyze

D. Design
11.  A sixth grade twelve-year old boy comes from a dysfunctional family and has been abused and
neglected. He has been to two orphanages and three different elementary schools. The student can
decode on the second grade level, but he can comprehend orally material at the fourth or fifth
grade level. The most probable cause/s of this student's reading problem is/are __________.

A. emotional factors

B. poor teaching

C. neurological factors

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LET Reviewer

D. immaturity
12.  Principal B tells her teachers that training in the humanities is most important. To which educational
philosophy does he adhere?

A. Existentialism

B. Perennialism

C. Progressivism

D. Essentialism

13.  Which is the first step in planning an achievement test?

A. Define the instructional objective.

B. Decide on the length of the test.

C. Select the type of test items to use.

D. Build a table of specification.

14.  In the Preamble of the Code of Ethics of Professional Teachers, which is NOT said of teachers?

A. LET passers  

B. Duly licensed professionals

C. Possess dignity and reputation

D. With high-moral values as well as technical and professional competence

15.  Teacher Q does not want Teacher B to be promoted and so writes an anonymous letter against
Teacher B accusing her of fabricated lies Teacher Q mails this anonymous letter to the Schools
Division Superintendent. What should Teacher Q do if she has to act professionally?  

A. Submit a signed justifiable criticism against Teacher B, if there is any. 

B. Go straight to the Schools Division Superintendent and gives criticism verbally.

C. Hire a group to distribute poison letters against Teacher B for information dissemination.

D. Instigate student activists to read poison letters over the microphone.

16.  As a teacher, what do you do when you engage yourself in major task analysis?

A. Test if learning reached higher level thinking skills.

B. Breakdown a complex task into sub-skills.

C. Determine the level of thinking involved.

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LET Reviewer

D. Revise lesson objectives.

17.  Which is a sound classroom management practice?

A. Avoid establishing routines

B. Establish routines for all daily needs and tasks.  

C. Apply rules and policies on a case to case basis.

D. Apply reactive approach to discipline.

18.  What does extreme authoritarianism in the home reinforce in learners?

A. Doing things on their own initiative

B. Ability to direct themselves.

C. Dependence on others for direction.

D. Creativity in work. You're Reading a Preview

19.  In a criterion-referenced testing, your
what documents
must you do to to download.
ensure that your test is fair?

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A. Make all of the questions true or false.

B. Ask each student to contribute one question.

C. Make twenty questions but ask the students to answer
answe r only ten of their choice.
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D. Use the objectives for the units as guide in your test construction.
full documents.
20.  Teacher M's pupils are quite weak Start Your 30 Day
academically andFREE
his Trial
lesson is already far behind his time table.
How should Teacher M proceed with his lesson?

A. Experientially

B. Inductively

C. Logically

D. Deductively

21.  Soc exhibits fear response to freely roaming dogs but does not show fear when a dog is on a leash or
confined to a pen. Which conditioning process is illustrated

A. Generalization

B. Extinction

C. Acquisition

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LET Reviewer

 D. Discrimination

22.  Teacher P wants to develop the skill of synthesizing in her pupils. Which one will she do?

A. Ask her students to formulate a generalization from the data shown in graphs.

B. Ask her students to answer questions beginning withWhat if ...

C. Tell her pupils to state data presented in graphs.

D. Directs her students to ask questions on the parts of the lesson not understood.

23.  Studies in the areas of neurosciences disclosed that the human brain has limitless capacity. What
does this imply?

A. Some pupils are admittedly not capable of learning.

B. Every pupil has his own native ability and his learning is limited to this nativeabilty.

C. Every child is a potential genius.

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D. Pupils can possibly reach a point where they have learned everything.
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24.  What should you do if a parent who is concerned about a grade his child received compared to
another student's grade, demands to see both students' grades?
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A. Refuse to show either record.
B. Show both records to him.
C. Refuse to show any record a Scribd
without member permission
expressing to read andfrom
full documents.
D. Show only his child's records.
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25.  Rights and duties are correlative. This means that __________.

A. rights and duties regulate the relationship of men in society

B. rights and duties arise from natural law

C. each right carries with it one or several corresponding duties

D. rights and duties ultimately come from God

26.  If you agree with Rizal on how you can contribute to our nation's redemption, which should you
work for?

A. Opening our doors to foreign influence

B. Upgrading the quality of the Filipino through education

C. Stabilizing the political situation

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LET Reviewer

D. Gaining economic recovery

27.  Teacher A is directed to pass an undeserving student with a death threat. Which advice will a
hedonist give?

A. Pass the student. Why suffer the threat?

B. Don't pass him. You surely will not like someone to give you a death threat in order to pass. 

C. Don't pass him. Live by your principle of justice. You will get reward, if not in this life, in the next!

D. Pass the student. That will be of use to the student, his parents and you.

28.  Are percentile ranks the same as percentage correct?

A. It cannot be determined unless scores are given.

B. It cannot be determined unless the number of examinees is given.

C. No

D. Yes

29.  Teacher W wants to review and check on the Reading
lesson of theaprevious
Preview day? Which one will be most
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A. Having students identify difficult homework problems.
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B. Having students correct each other's work.

C. Sampling the understanding of a few students. 

D. Explicitly reviewing the task-relevant information necessary for the day's lesson.
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30.  To elicit more student's response, Teacher G made
full documents.
use of covert responses. Which one did she NOT
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A. She had the students write their response privately.

B. She showed the correct answers on the overhead after the students have written their

C. She had the students write their responses

re sponses privately then called each of them.

D. She refrained from judging on the student's responses.

31.  Which is a form of direct instruction?

A. Discovery process

B. Problem solving

C. Programmed instruction 

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LET Reviewer

D. Inductive reasoning

32.  Which test has broad sampling of topics as strength?

A. Objective test

B. Short answer test

C. Essay test

D. Problem type

33.  Teacher B uses the direct instruction strategy. Which sequence of steps will she follow?

I. Independent practice
II. Feedback and correctiveness
III. Guided student practice
IV. Presenting and structuring
V. Reviewing the previous day's work


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D. I-V-II-III-IV Upload your documents to download.

34.  Teacher H and Teacher I are rivals for promotion. To gain the favor of the promotional staff, Teacher
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I offers her beach resort for free for members of the promotional staff before the ranking. As one of 
the contenders for promotion, is this becoming of her to do?
A. Yes. This will be professional growth for the promotional staff.
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B. No. This may exert undue influence ori the members of the promotional staff and so may fail
full documents.
to promote someone on the basis of merit. 
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C. Yes. The rare invitation will certainly be welcomed by an overworked promotional staff.

D. Yes. There's nothing wrong with sharing one's blessings.

35.  Which illustrates a developmental

devel opmental approach in guidance and counseling?

A. Spotting on students in need of guidance

B. Teaching students how to interact in a positive manner

C. Acting as a mediator

D. Making the decision for the confused student

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