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Target Market

The Bottom Fish Feeder is designed specifically for aquaculture farms. Its core purpose
is to reduce feed waste, which in turn helps tame the ammonia level of the waters, and also to
cut cost in the long run.

Fisheries production in the Philippines is a growing industry. In 2018, it was estimated at

4.35 million metric tons, 0.92 percent higher than 2017’s 4.31 million metric tons. There are
three areas in fisheries which contributed to this number- the commercial, municipal, and
aquaculture. However, only aquaculture developed, with a growth rate of 2.98 percent in 2018.

With the growing potential of fisheries, especially in aquaculture, the Bottom Fish
Feeder stands a huge potential in the Philippine market. There are two possible target markets-
the aquaculture subsector or the fish farms, and the feed manufacturers and distributors in the

The Direct Market: Fish Farms

As of 2019, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) aims to develop the
Philippine aquaculture by 60 percent with the goal scaling up fish production in the country. In
the first quarter of 2017, more than half or 51.15 percent of fisheries production in Western
Visayas can be attributed to aquaculture.

With this, Equatech’s prime target market would be the fish farms located in Western
Visayas, and the whole of Philippines. Fish farms are the end users of the bottom feeder so it is
essential to have direct relationship with them.

The bottom feeder will help in automating the processes of fish farming thus bridging
the sector to its targeted growth. Also, fish farms should be the direct market because the
product is made especially for them. They are the only or for better term, the primary users, of
this product, may it be through direct or indirect distribution.
The Indirect Market: Fish Food Manufacturers and Distributors

Fish food manufacturers and distributors can play a vital role in the distribution of the
bottom feeder. If partnered with them successfully, the reputation and popularity of the
bottom feeder could greatly increase.

Fish foods are a product that complement the bottom feeder since the function of the
bottom feeder is to disperse fish foods at the bottom of the water. One doesn’t work without
the other. If bottom feeders are partnered with company’s who make or distribute fish foods,
bundle promos or advertisements can be made.