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Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas : IV (Empat) Hari/tgl
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I. Choose the correctly answer by crossing (X) A, B, C, or D!

1. Teacher : Good morning everybody. d. I am Budi

Students : . . ., sir! Text for number 12-15
a. Good bye c. Good morning Hi, my name is Rino . I am ten years
b. Good evening d.Good luck old. My mother is Mrs. Fanny. She is
2. A: How are you today?. . . a nurse. My father is Mr. Hadi. He is a
B: . . . fine. policeman.
12. What is the boy’s name?. . .
a. I am b. We c. You d. They
a. Rino b. Roni c. Joko d. Hadi
3. Mrs. Jane : Hello. I am Mrs. Jane. What’s
13. Who is his father?. . .
your name?
a. Mr. Fadli c. Mrs. Fanny
Andra : . . . is Andra.
b. Mr. Hadid. Mrs. Hanny
a. Your name b. She’sname
14. What is his mother?. . .
b. My name d. They name
a. A doctor c. A nurse
4. Anggi : . . . do you live?
b. A teacher d. A policewoman
Yongki : I live at Orchid street no 10 15. What is Mr. Hadi?. . .
a. When b. Where c. Why d. Who a. A teacher c. A policeman
5. Sampaijumpalagi. In English is. . . b. A doctor d. A nurse
a. See you 16. Mirna : How do you do?
b. Nice too meet you Santy :...
c. Good bye a. I am fine c. How do you do
d. Good morning b. I am ten years old d. Thanks
Read the dialogue to answer no 6-10 17. We can see this in the. . .
Vannes : Hello, good morning, my name is a. Morning c. Evening
Vannes. What is your name? b. Afternoon d. Night
Alexa : Morning, I’m Alexa. Where are you 18. Metty : . . . Melan.
Melan : Hi Metty.
a. Hello c. Good bye
Vannes : I’m from Bandung, and you? b. Thank you d. See you
Alexa : I’m from Tangerang. Nice to meet you. 19. It is 17.00. We meet our
Vannes : Nice to meet you too. I have to go, English teacher. We say. . .
good bye. a. Good morning c. Good
Alexa : Bye . evening
6. Who are they in the dialogue?. . . b. Good afternoon d. Good
a. Vannes c. Vannes and Alex night
b. Alexa d. Vannes and Alexa 20. We can see Rooster when it is. . .
7. Good morning in bahasa means?. . . a. Morning c.Night
a. Selamatpagi c. Selamat sore b. Afternoon d. Evening
b. Selamatsiang d. Selamatmalam 21. Cika :. . .
8. Where does vannes from?. . . Raka : I live at Mawar Street no. 16.
a. Bandung c. Tangerang a. How are you? c. Where are
b. Jakarta d. Surabaya you?
9. Where does Alexa from?. . . b. Who are you? d. Where do
a. Bandung c. Tangerang you live?
b. Jakarta d. Surabaya 22. Teacher : Who are you today?
10. Who is say “nice to meet you too”?. . . Students : . . .
a. Vannes b. Vannessa a. I am fine c. I am ten years old
b. Alexa d. Alex b. Thank you d. Good afternoon

23. It is a traditional dance from...

11. Who is she?. . . a. Bali c. Papua
a. He is Rino b. Sumatera d. Java
b. They are students 24. It is a traditional dance from. . .
c. She is Rina a. Aceh c. Bali
b. West Sumatera d. Java ... ...
25. Elsha :...
... ...
Robert : he is Raka
a. What is he? c. Who is he? ... ...
b. Who is she? d. What is she
26. What is he doing?. . . 2. Rearrange these sentences below into good
a. He is walking c. He is sitting
b. He is cooking d. He is paragraph!
reading a. Hello Ari, Good morning
27. Good afternoon in bahasa. . . b. I am fine thanks, How about you ?
a. Selamat siang c. Selamat malam c. I am fine too. Thank you. Are you going
b. Selamat sore d. Selamat tinggal home ?
28. What number is it? d. Hello Jane, Good morning. How are you ?
a. Two five c. Twenty e. Yes, See you tomorrow Ari.
b. Twenty five d. twenty fifth f. See you Jane.
29. Sinta : . . . dolls are there? ....
Amir : There is one doll. 3. A : How many chairs does Mila have?
a. How c. How do B : She has _____ _____
b. How many d. How is A : How many tomatoes does Adihave?
Read the dialogue to answer number 30-34
Shopkeeper : Can I help you? B : He _____ _____ tomatoes.
Andi : Of course, I need 4. Make pictures of:
some apples. a. Thirteen oranges
Shopkeeper : Which apple do you
b. Sixteen mangoes
Andi : The red apples.
How much is 5. Write their words!
it? a. Ei – ji – en – i – es = . . .
Shopkeeper : A kilo of red apples is Rp. b. Es – pi – ai – en – ei – si –
30.000,00. How many kilos do eij = . . .
you need?
Andi : Two kilograms please.
Shopkeeper : That is Rp. 60.000,00
30. Who are there in the dialogue?
a. Andi c. Andi and Shopkeeper
b. Shopkeeper d. Andi’s father
31. What does the fruit Andi buy?
a. Apples c. Strawberries
b. Oranges d. Grapes
32. How much is the red apple?
a. Rp. 30.000 c. Rp. 50.000
b. Rp. 40.000 d. Rp. 60.000
33. How many kilos does Andi buy?
a. One KG c. Three KG
b. Two KG d. Four KG
34. How much does Andi pay?
a. Rp. 60.000 c. Rp. 80.000
b. Rp. 70.000 d. Rp. 90.000
35. A : How many ducks does Mia have?
B : She has _____ ducks
a. Two c. Three
b. Six d. Four

II. Answer the questions correctly!

1. Write the things that you see only in the
night and morning! (sebutkan benda yang
kamu lihat malam dan pagi