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Below Basic (1) Basic (2) Proficient (3) Advanced (4) Points Grade
Does not complete key for Completes key for cellular Accurately completes key for Accurately completes key for 12 48 / 48
cellular structures showing a structures with 3 or more errors cellular structures cellular structures
lack of effort or understanding with 1 or 2 errors with 0 errors 11 44 / 48

10 40 / 48
Model does not show all Model has all organelles from Model has all organelles from Model has all organelles from
9 36 / 48
organelles or there are 5 or picture represented in the correct picture represented in the picture in the correct size and
more errors size and numbers with 3-4 or more correct size and numbers with numbers; added extra structures
8 32 / 48
errors 1-2 errors for PLANT cell or ANIMAL
7 28 / 48
Model shows a lack of effort Model shows a average attention to Model shows attention to detail Model shows attention to detail
6 24 / 48
and demonstrates work quickly detail and shows an average effort and shows a good effort with and demonstrates excellent
done with poor appearance not as neatly done work neatly done effort, and creativity
5 20 / 48

4 16 / 48

Material Guidelines
 To hold your cell use boxes; plastic bags; clear plastic containers, Styrofoam balls (NO GLASS).
 Dry foods such as seeds, beans, nuts, pasta (NO SUGARS/FOODS THAT SPOIL).
 Small items such as beads, pipe cleaners, straw, buttons, batteries, thread, ribbons, shoestrings, yarn, elastic.
 Materials such as sponges, clay, fabric, cardboard, newspaper.
 (NO LIQUIDS OR GELS that can make a leaky mess).
 Use your creativity and imagination. HAVE FUN!

Cellular Structure KEY (You may create your own key to attach to your cell model)
Cellular Structure Material in Model Definition of Cellular Function
Cell Membrane (1)

Nucleus (1)
and DNA (several strands)

Endoplasmic Reticulum (1)

Ribosomes (On ER and throughout cell- 20or more)

Golgi Complex (1)

Mitochondria (5)

Lysosomes (10)

Cell Wall (1)
Centrioles (2)
Chloroplasts (5)
Microfilaments (5)
Large Vacuole (1)
Microtubules (5)