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Archangel Zadkiel Opening your spirit to unconditional love

Monday, August 5, 2019

A Message from Archangel Zadkiel--Through Suzanne Lie

A Message from
Archangel Zadkiel

Through Suzanne Lie

Opening your Spirit to Unconditional Love

Blessings, I am Archangel Zadkiel,

I come to you today through your Third Eye and High Heart to remind you all that your
Third Eye and High Heart can identify and see through EVERY third dimensional “false
flag” and “projected illusion.”

As the Dark Ones become increasingly desperate, they will stop at nothing to maintain
the Power Over Others that they have gained through the fear that they have created
through the power of fearful illusions that they have created.

However, what the Dark Ones cannot realize is that many of those who were once
within the clutches of their fearful illusions have expanded their consciousness enough
to be able to differentiate between an illusion from actual reality.

I, Zadkiel, will NOW share how your expanded consciousness allows you to
differentiate between that which is a holographic projection and that which is third or
fourth and/or fifth-dimensional reality that has been created by the unified, collective
consciousness of the members of each of the frequencies of reality.

First I will remind you there are actually two versions of Earth. One is the 3D Matrix to
which the “Power Over Others” groups are limited, and the other version of Earth is
the actual planetary body of Gaia, which can only be perceived by those who live by
the laws of “Power Within One's SELF.”

The power within one's SELF is a higher fourth and fifth-dimensional concept that those
who live via “power over others” think of as a foolish idea. “How could we control those
who have found their power within?” asks the Power Over Others group.

The answer to that question is that they cannot control those who have found their
innate power within. It is for that reason that the “lost ones/ the Illuminati” have created
many holographic projections that appear to be totally real to the vision of those still
limited to their third-dimensional perceptions.

Those who have maintained and/or remembered their fourth-dimensional

consciousness will be able to “remember dreams in which the dark is trying to dominate
the light.” They may also gain information during their meditative experiences that
remind that, even though the third/fourth-dimensional versions of “life on Earth” are still
running, there is another reality flickering at the edge of their awareness. Within this
“other” reality, Earth is transmuting into Her fifth-dimensional expression.

Those who are still bound to the 3D Matrix, which has served as a frequency net to
limit Gaia’s planetary consciousness to the third/fourth dimensions, are incapable of
even conceiving that any reality can resonate to the fifth dimension in which space/time
is obsolete and all life resonates to the consciousness of HERE and NOW.

Fortunately, more and more humans are expanding their consciousness, and hence
their perceptual field, to encompass the ability to differentiate the difference between
a holographic projection and an actual, living reality in which the elements of Earth,
Air, Fire, and Water have merged to create life-forms that can accept the Light of Spirit.

The main difference between true reality and a holographic reality is Spirit. A hologram
is much like a puppet. A puppet appears to be real, but if you observe that puppet
through your Third Eye and/or High Heart, you will know that that “puppet” has
NO spirit.

In the same manner, a holographic projection has no spirit. Much like a puppet, a
holographic projection has a “puppet master” that tells the puppet what to say or do. In
the same manner, the Dark Ones are guided by their invisible “puppet master” that
tells them what to do and when to do it.

One of the things that the Dark Ones have done has been to create holographic
projections that intermingle with the third-dimensional physical reality. Some
components of the disaster of 9-11 are an example of this type of intermingling.

The lost ones or some may call them the dark ones, can not differentiate between a
holographic projection and an actual reality because they have denied themselves the
integration of their own spirit.

Hence, they have no idea that there are humans who can use their innate spiritual
powers to differentiate between a holographic and a true, reality. Since these lost ones
have no spirit within themselves, they cannot perceive spirit in other beings, or even in
other realities.

On the other hand, our volunteers to Earth, meaning those of you who volunteered to
leave your higher dimensional Starship or Homeworld in order to take a physical earth
vessel on third, fourth dimensional Earth, can easily perceive the frequency of people
and situations by observing the percentage of spirit that flows into and through each
person, place or thing.

I, Zadkiel, invite you to use your ever-expanding memory to recall a time when you
perceived an airplane flying when it was filled with humans. Remember “spirit” in this
case does not mean “spiritual.” The “spirit” that I AM speaking of here is the “life force
of spirit” that was every human’s first breath when you were born.
Many of you, our grounded ones, have been able to maintain that feeling of spiritual
guidance throughout your life. Now, use your imagination, which is fifth-dimensional
thought, to perceive the “false flag” incidents that have been occurring within your last
few decades.

Many of you have wondered why you have doubted that these events were “real.”
However, you dared not talk to too many people about your doubts for fear they would
think you are “weird.”

However, it is the fact that you are weird, strange, bizarre, and/or peculiar, that allows
you to differentiate between real situations that are filled with the spirit of the humans
who experienced them and “false flag” holographic projection situations” that are
devoid of any “feeling of spirit.”

The dark ones, who created these fearful holographic projections, have lost their
own spirit because of lives of “power over others” and “service to self.” Therefore, they
cannot differentiate between a holographic projection and a true reality that has been
given life via the “first breath of spirit.”

I, Archangel Zadkiel, have been chosen to inform you that the Lost Ones are planning
to create more holographic projections with the intention of creating more fear. The
Lost Ones, also known as the Illuminati, are very concerned because they are losing
control over the very 3D Matrix, the third dimension frequency net, that they created.

They created a 3D Matrix, which serves as a frequency net to assist them to project
their fearful illusions into the third and lower fourth dimensions of humanity’s Earth
reality. Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, more and more humans are “logging out” of
the 3D Matrix and expanding their consciousness to embrace the fifth dimensional
“Spirit” of Gaia.

“How are we logging out?” I hear you ask. The answer is that YOU, the ascending
humans, are consciously, or unconsciously, choosing to merge your consciousness
with Gaia to better share your spiritual essence with Mother Earth.

You can best share your human spirit with Gaia by sending Her Unconditional Love.
Gaia will and does embrace your human spirit and thankfully uses the power of
your spirit to heal Her extremely, wounded planet.

Because of your commitment to share your ever-expanding Spirit with Gaia’s

elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, you are logging out of the 3D Matrix and
sharing your spiritual life force with the physical body of Gaia’s Earth.

Because of your great contribution, not only is Gaia able to heal many of the wounds
that humanity has inflicted onto Her planetary body, but She is also growing strong
enough to eject the 3D Matrix from Her planetary body.

Then, just as a dry leaf cannot survive the flame of a fire; the 3D Matrix cannot survive
the frequency of Gaia’s expanding spirit. Therefore, the 3D Matrix is being released
from Gaia’s Earth and being moved to a lower-dimensional location to house those
who still resonate to the frequency of the third dimension.

The Lost Ones are beginning to realize that if they wish to have a format on which they
can attach their wilting life force, they will need to “lift-off” with the 3D Matrix. The Matrix
is lifting off from the body of Gaia and being transported to encircle another, lower
frequency, planet, moon, or asteroid.
This information may seem very unusual to many of you, but more and more of Gaia’s
human inhabitants are realizing that something is very different. The animals, birds,
insects, fish and other members of Gaia’s Earth, are well aware of the great change
that is occurring.

Communicating via separate words being strung together to create a communication

does not encumber these non-human members of Earth. Instead, the non-human
beings on Earth never conceived themselves as being “separate” from Earth.
Therefore, their animal “spirit” is in constant communication with Gaia’s planetary spirit.

Fortunately, more and more humans are “returning to the land” and living from what
they grow on the land. This expanding trend is occurring because the 3D Operating
System, which was largely created and ruled by the Laggards, Dark Ones and/or
Illuminati who had made their own homeworld uninhabitable and came to Earth long

For eons, these lost ones ruled Gaia’s Earth, but NOW the Spirit of the Higher Light is
flowing into Gaia’s planet. This Higher Light is awakening humanity to the extent that
more and more humans are remembering their true, Multidimensional SELF.

As humans remember that their essence is NOT limited to their third-dimensional earth
vessel, they regain the inner-power of their Spirit that had become lost to them during
their many incarnations of “looking UP” to communicate with Spirit.

Like you, our dear volunteers to take an earth vessel within this NOW, remember to
“look IN” to communicate with Spirit, you will discover your innate Wisdom, Power, and

Your innate Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love will
guide you to easily differentiate between the illusions of the 3D Matrix and the Truth
that is stored within the Core of Gaia. As you remember to look IN, rather than UP for
your personal, higher guidance, you will also remember to look into the Core of the
planet to communicate with Gaia.

The Dark Ones created “religions” in which “GOD” was far away UP in the sky. People
had to “go to a church” and talk to a trained human in order to communicate with this
separate God that was far away. Then, humanity began to believe that GOD was UP
above them, rather than deep with IN them.

Therefore, they served a superior God rather work with the ONE Spiritual Force that
was the Core of ALL life. When God was far away in Heaven, humans could “get away
with power-over-others.” In fact, most of the leaders were based on power-over-

Since people believed that “God” was far above them and had power over them,” they
accepted that they were weak and needed a “bigger person” to guide them. However,
it is the NOW for humanity to remember that their connection to the higher dimensions
and spiritual guidance is not UP.

It is NOW for humans to remember that ALL life is ONE. Therefore, humanity is ONE
with GOD and ONE with EARTH. Consequently, to communicate with Spirit and/or to
communicate with Earth, you will go with IN your SELF.
I, Zadkiel, am the Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Ascension. This ascension guides
you beyond the illusions of the physical reality. The Seventh Ray is the Violet Ray of
Transmutation. The difference between transmutation and change is that “change” can
occur within the same frequency of reality as that which you are changing from.

On the other hand, transmutation is not just change. Transmutation is the ‘stepping up
in frequency” of any person, place, situation or thing. One can change from one
third/fourth-dimensional house, job, desire, and/or communication, to another third-
dimensional situation and remain within the same time/space format.

However, when one transmutes a situation, place, or their self, they can remain in the
same situation, but they will experience it from a higher frequency of perception.

Just as you have a better “lay of the land” from a mountain top than from a deep valley,
you have a better perception of all the possible realities that YOU can create when
your consciousness resonates with the fifth dimension and beyond, then when your
consciousness is limited to the third dimension.

The “state of your consciousness” determines the frequency of your spirit to which you
can attend, and the frequency of your spirit determines the frequency of reality to which
you attend. Then, the reality that you perceive is the frequency of reality that you will

Please remember that we are your Angelic and Galactic friends, family and guides,
who resonate beyond your third-dimensional time and space. Therefore, we
are always available within the NOW of our ONE to assist you.

All you need “do” to call us is to open your spirit to our unconditional love,
Blessings from Archangel Zadkiel