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Bishop to gov’t: ‘Listen Bishops applaud SC

ruling against same-

to cry’ of farmers
sex marriage
CATHOLIC bishops have welcomed
a high court ruling against a
controversial petition seeking to
By Roy Lagarde legalize same-sex marriage.
The bishops maintained that such
marriages should be between men and
A CATHOLIC bishop women, and same-sex relationships
from the country’s cannot be blessed.
rice granary called “With its decision, our justices
on the government decided and affirmed what is
just, natural and ethical nature of
to “listen to the cry”
marriage,” Bishop Ruperto Santos of
of farmers suffering Balanga said.
income loss from a “The dismissal of same sex
recent deluge of rice marriages strengthens the sanctity
imports. and stability of marriage,” he said.
The Supreme Court on Sept. 3 thumbed
Bishop Sofronio Bancud
down a “premature” petition to allow
of Cabanatuan said concrete
same-sex marriage in the Philippines.
measures are needed to
The SC said that the petition violated
address the woes of the
the principle of court hierarchy,
farmers who are struggling
and that it failed “to raise an actual,
to compete with imported
justiciable controversy”.
The high tribunal also pointed out
“My appeal to the
that same-sex marriage is a matter
government, to those who
better left first to Congress.
really care and pro-farmers;
Bishop Arturo Bastes of Sorsogon
they should listen to the cry
described the plea as “immoral”, as
of these farmers,” he said
he applauded the SC for defending the
over Radio Veritas.
“true nature of marriage”.
The bishop urged the
Bishop Broderick Pabillo, the auxiliary
concerned agencies to
of Manila, also called the court decision
examine the current state
a “good development”.
of the country’s 2.4 million
“The fight against same sex
rice farmers due to the low
marriage will be in the legislature. I
35-percent tariff under the
hope the lawmakers will give weight
rice tariffication law. Some members of the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines and their mission partners hold candles during a protest against the spate to strengthening families rather
Farmers are crying for help of unexplained killings in the country and the “continuing persecution of church leaders and others who speak the truth” outside the Baclaran Church in than weakening them,” he said.
Parañaque City on September 4. PHOTO FROM JPIC-BACLARAN CHURCH
Farmers / A5 (CBCPNews)

Priest, nun face kidnapping charges Duterte declares ‘First Mass Day’
A JESUIT priest sued for sedition
holiday in Southern Leyte
is now facing new charges, together
with three other individuals
including a nun.
Police filed kidnapping and
serious illegal detention charges
against Fr. Albert Alejo, a certain
Canossian Sister Ling, former
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, and
lawyer Jude Sabio.
Authorities said the case was
based on the complaint of a
certain Guillermina Barrido alias
Guillermina Arcillas from Davao
del Norte.
Barrido claimed she was detained
for 14 days in two convents in
2016 and was being forced to sign
a “ready-made” affidavit linking
President Duterte to narcotics and
a death squad. the complainant under detention high profile personalities, including Papal Nuncio Archbishop Gabriele Caccia leads the 498th anniversary of the first Mass in Limasawa
The charges were filed by the Island on March 31, 2019. PHOTO FROM THE DIOCESE OF MAASIN
for 14 days in order to force her to Vice President Leni Robredo, some
police’s Criminal Investigation do something against her will,” the bishops and priests. PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has Limasawa.
and Detection Group unit before complaint read. The complaint was also lodged made the first Mass held in the In 1971, on the 450th anniversary
the Department of Justice on Kidnapping and serious illegal by the CIDG over a supposed Philippines almost 500 years ago a of the first Mass, no other Cardinal
Aug. 15. detention are non-bailable offenses. conspiracy to spread videos of fixed celebration in Southern Leyte. Julio Rosales himself led the
“It is clear from the foregoing that In July, Fr. Alejo was also among the hooded whistleblower “Bikoy” Malacañang published a new law celebration, along with some other
herein respondents feloniously, those implicated in the sedition and linking Duterte and his family to this week in which Duterte declared bishops and priests.
maliciously, and intentionally put other criminal charges filed against illegal drugs. (CBCPNews) March 31 of every year as a special Now under the leadership of
holiday in the province to mark the Bishop Precioso Cantillas, the
Cardinal Tagle urges faithful to act on environment first Mass in Limasawa Island.
The law said Duterte wanted the
yearly activity has become one of
the well-celebrated gatherings in
CARDINAL Luis Antonio celebration to be called “First Mass the diocese.
Tagle of Manila invited Day” in honor of the first religious On March 31 this year, Archbishop
the faithful to “renew our ceremony of the Catholic faith in Gabriele Caccia, the Apostolic
commitment” as keepers the country. Nuncio to the Philippines, also
of creation as he led the “March 31 of every year is hereby went to Limasawa for the 498th
opening of the month-long declared a special working holiday anniversary celebration of the first
“Season of Creation”. in the whole Province of Southern Mass.
Speaking during Mass at Leyte, in commemoration of the The event included a reenactment
the Quezon City Memorial first mass held in Limawasa Island, of the arrival of Portuguese explorer
Circle on Sunday, Sept. 1, Province of Southern Leyte, to be Ferdinand Magellan and his men
he stressed that greed and known as the ‘First Mass Day,’” the on the island almost 500 years ago.
other “wrongdoing” are law read. Father Pedro de Valderrama
the core of environmental “Upon proclamation of the was said to be the only priest in
issues. People from various schools, parishes, religious communities, and civil organizations join the Walk for Creation at President, March 31 of every year Magellan’s crew, who was tasked
“We have forgotten how the start of the observance of the month-long Season of Creation at the Quezon City Memorial Circle on Sept. 1. shall be a special nonworking to celebrate Mass on the shores of
to take care of our trees, holiday in the whole Province of Limasawa.
animals, waters and land. we will not change our being respectful, loving, concrete and sustainable Southern Leyte,” it added. The island at the tip of Southern
We have become greedy, relationship with one compassionate and actions that will address The new law was approved by the Leyte with a population of about
and disrespected our another and with the selfless,” he said. the challenges of the chief executive on Aug. 22 but was 6,000 in six villages is home to a
common home,” Tagle ecosystem surrounding Among the highlights current “ecological crisis”. only made public a week later. lone but growing Catholic parish.
said in his homily. us”. of the gathering was Bishop Pablo Virgilio Marking the historic event had Archbishop Caccia, in his homily,
“And so today we appeal “Thus, It is vital that we the “Walk for Creation” David of Kalookan, Vice been a yearly occasion in the province said that the birth of Christianity in
to everyone: let us renew change the way we live,” attended by thousands President of the Catholic ever since the establishment of the the country inspired Filipinos “to
our pledge to respect one Cardinal Tagle pointed of people from different Bishops’ Conference of the Maasin diocese in 1968. share, to announce to people this
another and the web of out. schools, parishes, religious Philippines, and Bishop The first bishop of Maasin diocese, Good News”.
life,” he said. “And it is not yet too late. communities, and Honesto Ongtioco of Vicente Ataviado, would cross to the Since its erection, the Maasin
The cardinal stressed We have this opportunity environmental groups. Cubao also attended the island every March 31 to celebrate diocese now has at least 43 parishes,
that there would be every day to celebrate the They also expressed event. Mass in commemoration of the first four chaplaincies, mission stations,
nothing to celebrate “if Season of Creation by commitment to do Environment / A5 Easter Sunday Mass held in 1521 in and quasi-parish. (CBCPNews)
A2 WORLD NEWS September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 CBCP Monitor

Vatican Briefing China’s one-child policy will leave

Pope Francis condemns euthanasia as utilitarianism,
not freedom
lasting damage, expert warns
Euthanasia is a way of treating the human person
as an object; while it may appear to give freedom, it is
really a rejection of hope, Pope Francis told an oncology
association Sept. 2. “The practice of euthanasia, which
has already been legalized in several countries, only
apparently aims to encourage personal freedom,” he
said Sept. 2. “In reality,” he continued, “it is based on
a utilitarian view of the person, who becomes useless
or can be equated to a cost, if from the medical point of
view, he has no hope of improvement or can no longer
avoid pain.” (Hannah Brockhaus/CNA)

Vatican pharmacy employs robot to improve service,

manage stock
The 145-year-old Vatican pharmacy has a new hire:
a state-of-the-art robot working behind the scenes
to manage the stockroom, retrieve medications and
deliver the drugs quickly to the sales floor. The Vatican,
which claims to have the busiest pharmacy in the world,
recently adopted the new automated system by the
Germany-based BD Rowa firm. The pharmacy’s director,
St. John of God Brother Binish Thomas Mulackal, said
the automated technology will revolutionize the way
they serve some 2,000 customers who come through
the doors each day. (Carol Glatz/CNS)

Vigano named vice chancellor of Pontifical Academy

of Sciences
Pope Francis has named Msgr. Dario Edoardo Vigano,
former head of Vatican communications, to a new position
of vice chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences BEIJING, China— Although “The typical family in China “It was a horrifying the largest population of
and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Dario China announced it now has four grandparents, experience,” Mosher said, any nation, its fertility
Vigano, 57, has been serving as an advisor to the Vatican was ending its one-child two parents, and one child. speaking to host Catherine rate remains below the
communications department since March 2018, when he policy in 2015, the effects Maybe two, now. But you Hadro, “for me, and of replacement level. Mosher
stepped down as prefect of what was then the Secretariat for of the communist regime’s can see the family, which has course even more drastic and said after decades of trying to
Communications. According to the Aug. 31 communique, controversial measure will be been so important in Chinese horrifying for the women.” curtail its population, China
as vice chancellor, a role which previously did not exist, felt for generations to come, culture and history, has now Mosher praised One might now start seeking to
Vigano has been given “specific competence” over the an expert has warned. been devastated by the one- Child Nation as “a good inflate it.
communications sector of the sciences and social sciences Amid renewed calls for child policy.” documentary,” but expressed “The state is now pressuring
pontifical academies. (Hannah Brockhaus/CNA) population control in the face Mosher said the policy frustration that he feels as people to have a minimum of
of environmental concerns, a prevented 400 million births. if some members of the two children so you can see
Italian Cardinal Achille Silvestrini dead at 95 new documentary, One Child “That’s 400 million media have responded the trajectory,” Mosher said.
Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, former prefect of the Nation, has refocused wider of the most productive, to the documentary as if “We’ve gone from forcing
Congregation for Eastern Churches and a longtime attention on the one-child enterprising, hardworking hearing about China’s brutal people to stop at one child
Vatican diplomat, died at the age of 95. In a message policy, which capped the people the planet has ever population practices for the to encouraging them to
of condolence to the family of the cardinal, who died number of children for most seen,” he said. They’ve killed first time. have two and now saying,
Aug. 29 in Rome, Pope Francis noted that his decades couples in China from the off half of two generations.” “The policy started in ‘you’ve got to have two.’ Party
at the Vatican included service to seven popes. He late 1970s. One Child Nation explores 1980,” Mosher said. “It ended members have been told they
will be remembered for “a life spent in adhering to his In an interview Thursday some of the ramifications a couple years ago but there’s must have two, they must
vocation as a priest attentive to the needs of others, a on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly, of China’s one-child policy, still abuses in China. Where lead by example.”
skillful and adaptable diplomat and a pastor faithful Steven Mosher, President including human trafficking were they, for the last forty Mosher added that he is
to the Gospel and to the church,” Pope Francis said. of the Population Research and the abandonment of years in reporting on this?” concerned that China’s
(Junno Arocho Esteves/CNS) Institute, warned that infants, particularly female China announced it would demographic recession might
“generations will see their infants. The policy was relax the policy in 2015, lead it to take more drastic
Pope: Proclaim God’s love through care for needy family tree with all the often brutally enforced permitting most couples to measures to increase its
While listening to and obeying God’s word brings branches shorn away.” by sterilization or forced have two children, but experts population, such as forced
healing and comfort to those in need, it also can attract “The second generation of abortion, a practice Mosher say many of the same human pregnancies, in much the same
disdain and even hatred from others, Pope Francis said. only children have no cousins, said he witnessed during a rights abuses continue. way it acted to prevent families
Christians are called to proclaim the love of God through no aunts, no uncles,” he added. visit to China in 1980. Although China has from having children. (CNA)
their care for the sick and the needy, like St. Peter and
the other disciples who went to various cities bringing
spiritual and physical healing to many, the pope said
during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square
Nigerian priest killed as car set ablaze
JALINGO, Nigeria— A Catholic priest the crisis in the area to a roundtable
Aug. 28. While Peter’s healing of the sick also “aroused
was killed in Nigeria this week when the discussion,” the bishop added.
the hatred of the Sadducees,” the pope said, his response
car he was driving was set ablaze. Shiban Tikari, chairman of Taraba
to them to “obey God instead of men” is the “key to
Fr. David Tanko was traveling within State Council, told local media that a Tiv
Christian life.” (Junno Arocho Esteves/CNS)
the Jalingo diocese of Nigeria, near the militia carried out the attack.
Lofty titles do not guarantee entrance to heaven, pope says country’s border with Cameroon, when Hammawa encouraged a peaceful
A life marked by humility, faith and love determines he was attacked Aug. 29. The priest was response to Tanko’s killing.
whether Christians enter heaven, not who they know, traveling to a “peace meeting” of local “Our basic concern now is to give him
Pope Francis said. Before praying the Angelus prayer clergymen to discuss a conflict between a befitting burial,” the bishop said.
with pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square Aug. 25, the the local Tiv and Jukun ethic groups. “We don’t want any group to go on
pope said that the Lord will recognize those worthy of “We received the news of his death reprisal. Going on reprisal will only
experiencing eternal joy if they have lived “a life of faith with shock. This is sad. The diocese is worsen the situation.”
that translates into deeds” and not whether they have mourning,” Bishop Charles Hammawa The bishop announced a Vigil Mass
attended conferences or rubbed shoulders with church of Jalingo told local media. for the priest on Monday, Sept. 2 and
leaders. “The Lord does not recognize us by our titles,” “We have been preaching peace and burial the following day at the diocesan
he said. “’Look, Lord, I belonged to this association; making efforts to bring both parties in cemetery in Jalingo. (CNA)
I was a friend of that bishop, of that cardinal, of that
priest.’ No, titles do not count; they do not count,” he
said. (Junno Arocho Esteves/CNS)
First Chinese bishop consecrated after Vatican-China deal
VATICAN— A new bishop John Liu Shigong. Yao studied at the national International Religion wrote
Hypocrisy of ‘spiritual tourism’ destroys the church, pope says was consecrated Monday Yao was consecrated seminary in Beijing. From in its 2018 report that last year
Christians who focus more on being superficially in Inner Mongolia, China, in the Jining Cathedral 1994 to 1998 he was in the China “advanced its so-called
close to the church rather than care for their fellow becoming the first bishop on the morning of Aug. United States completing ‘sinicization’ of religion, a far-
brothers and sisters are like tourists who wander to be consecrated in the 26, with more than 120 a specialization in liturgy. reaching strategy to control,
around aimlessly, Pope Francis said. People “who are country after a deal on bishop priests concelebrating, a He also spe nt a pe riod govern, and manipulate all
always passing by but never enter the church” in a appointments was made with consecrator-bishop, and doing biblical studies in aspects of faith into a socialist
fully communal way of sharing and caring engage in the Vatican last year. three co-consecrators, Asia Jerusalem. mold infused with ‘Chinese
a sort of “spiritual tourism that makes them believe “I can confirm that H.E. News reports. The bishop previously characteristics.’” Christians,
they are Christians but instead are only tourists of Mgr. Antonio Yao Shun, who Beijing and Vatican taught at the national Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists,
catacombs,” the pope said Aug. 21 during his weekly has been consecrated Bishop officials signed a provisional seminary. From 1998 to 2004 and Falun Gong practitioners
general audience. “A life based only on profiting and of Jining/Wulanchabu, Inner agreement on bishop he served as secretary of the have all been affected.
taking advantage of situations to the detriment of Mongolia (China), received appointments Sept. 22, liturgical commission of the Restrictions put in place in
others inevitably causes inner death,” he said. “And the Papal Mandate, as was 2018. The Vatican-China Council of Chinese Bishops February 2018 made it illegal
how many people say they are close to the church, also stated by the Ordaining deal was intended to unify and the Patriotic Association. for anyone under age 18 to
friends of priests and bishops yet only seek their own Bishop during the ceremony the underground Church and He has been vice director of enter a church building.
interests. These are the hypocrisies that destroy the yesterday, 26th August 2019,” the Chinese Catholic Patriotic the same commission since Reports of the destruction
church.” (Junno Arocho Esteves/CNS) said Matteo Bruni, director of Association. 2004. or desecration of Catholic
the Holy See Press Office, in While the terms of the Yao’s chosen episcopal churches and shrines have
Vatican investigates abuse allegation against Chilean a statement responding to agreement have been kept motto is “Misericordes sicut come from across China,
president’s uncle media questions. confidential, it reportedly pater,” which means “Be including the provinces of
The apostolic nunciature in Chile announced “The Episcopal Ordination allows the Chinese Catholic merciful as the Father is.” Hebei, Henan, Guizhou,
that the Vatican has opened an investigation into of H.E. Mgr. Antonio Yao is Patriotic Association to Since 1957, the Church in Shaanxi, and Shandong.
allegations of sexual abuse against retired Archbishop the first to take place in the choose a slate of nominees for China had been split between Muslims, too, have come
Bernardino Pinera Carvallo of La Serena, who is the framework of the Provisional bishop. The deal has drawn the “underground” Church, under pressure from the
uncle of Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. In a Agreement between the Holy significant criticism. in full communion with Chinese government. It is
statement released Aug. 20, the nunciature said the See and the People’s Republic Contrary to usual Vatican Rome, and the state-run believed that as many as 1
preliminary investigation will determine the credibility of China signed in Beijing practice, Yao’s nomination Chinese Patriotic Catholic million Uyghurs, a Muslim
of an accusation of abuse allegedly committed “more on 22nd September 2018,” to the episcopacy was not Association (CPCA) for which ethnoreligious group in
than 50 years ago” by Archbishop Pinera who, at 103, he said. published in the daily the Chinese government China’s far west, are being
is the oldest living bishop in the world. “We are in Bishop Antonio Yao Shun, bulletin of the Holy See appointed bishops. detained in re-education
contact with the person who filed the complaint, and, 54, will head the Diocese press office, and it is The agreement between camps where they are
at the same time, we are acting in accordance with of Jining in Ulanqab, Inner unknown whether Pope the Holy See and the People’s reportedly subjected to
the principle of the presumption of innocence,” the Mongolia. The diocese has Francis appointed Yao prior Republic is meant to end the forced labor, torture, and
nunciature said. (Junno Arocho Esteves/CNS) been without a bishop since to or after the signing of the split between the two. political indoctrination.
the June 2017 death of Bishop Vatican-China deal. The U.S. Commission on (CNA)
CBCP Monitor September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 NEWS FEATURES A3

New cardinals: Pope’s choices Leyte priest paints, sells

art to build church
stress dialogue, care for poor

Fr. Kim Margallo, pastor of the St. Josemaria Escriva mission station church in the
central Philippine city of Tacloban, stands at the site where he is building a church. UCAN

TACLOBAN City— He recruited two local artists,

placed his brush gently on Ernesto Kardante and Kim
the table after making some Clinton Gonzales, who
finishing touches to his latest painted the walls and ceiling
“masterpiece,” an oil painting of the adoration chapel,
of Jesus in agony. the first to be built on the
The priest has been painting property, which now serves
and selling his artwork in as a “catechetical chapel.”
order to build a church. “Anyone can come here to
“It’s a tall order,” said reflect and relax,” said Father
Father Kim Margallo, pastor Margallo.
of the St. Josemaria Escriva He said entering the chapel is
mission station church in the a “journey of faith” because one
city of Tacloban. “I have to is greeted by artwork depicting
use my creativity to achieve various scenes from the Bible.
what we need to achieve.” Images based on the
To finish the mission story of Adam and Eve, the
church building, the 35-year- crucifixion of Jesus, images
Pope Francis prays as he arrives for a consistory to create new cardinals in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in this June 28, 2017, file photo. The pope announced Sept. 1
that he will create 13 new cardinals at an Oct. 5 consistory. PAUL HARING/CNS old priest needs to raise at of the “militant, suffering
least US$3.8 million. “The and triumphant church,” and
VATICAN— After the to vote in a conclave to elect Among the over-80 undersecretaries for migrants costly part is the detail, which even of heaven can be found
consistory to create new a pope. A cardinal who has cardinals is Lithuanian and refugees in the Dicastery is about 60 percent of the inside the chapel.
cardinals in early October, turned 80 before the papacy Archbishop Sigitas for Promoting Integral total amount,” he said. There are also images of
Pope Francis will have chosen is vacant participates in pre- Tamkevicius, who, a year Human Development. The station church will saints who they can look up
more than half of the men conclave meetings to discuss ago, joined Pope Francis on Cardinal-designate Czerny, feature a columbary, which to and “whose lives they can
who will enter the Sistine the needs of the church but a prayerful tour of the former who was born in 1949 in will serve as a “dignified admire,” said the priest.
Chapel to elect his successor. does not process into the KGB headquarters in Vilnius. what was Czechoslovakia and and cost-effective Catholic Father Margallo also wants
And despite what critics Sistine Chapel and does not The archbishop had been who migrated with his family alternative to casket burial.” to attract young people into
of Pope Francis filled social cast ballots for a new pope. imprisoned from 1983 to Canada when he was 2, The church is being built on going to church through the
media with Sept. 1 about him Barring any deaths or to 1988 for “anti-Soviet worked in a variety of social a one-hectare plot donated by paintings. “With our simple
setting up the college to elect resignations, once the new propaganda.” As a Jesuit justice ministries in Canada, the landowner. pictures, we invite the youth,”
a successor just like him, cardinals receive their red priest, in 1972 he began Central America and Africa “This will become a he said. “We evangelize to the
it should be remembered hats in early October, the publishing the Chronicle before coming to the Vatican. landmark, a shrine,” said millennials ... They are more
that then-Archbishop Jorge College of Cardinals will of the Catholic Church in According to canon law, Father Margallo, who plans on visuals.”
Mario Bergoglio was created have 128 members eligible to Lithuania, an underground he will need to be ordained to ask for a “first class relic” He said early Christians
a cardinal by St. John Paul. vote in a conclave. Within 10 newsletter documenting a bishop before receiving his of the church’s patron saint. did not know how to read.
And he was elected pope in days of the consistory, four communist repression of red hat Oct. 5, although he The immediate concern of “They were taught through
2013 in a conclave where cardinals will celebrate their the church. Despite repeated could request a dispensation. the priest, however, is money paintings. Now, we are
42 percent of the cardinal 80th birthdays, leaving 124 questioning by the KGB, He did not respond Sept. 1 to to build his church. “We have bringing this early form of
electors were created electors. he managed to publish and a question about his possible to find ways of raising the evangelization back,” said
cardinals by St. John Paul Of those 124, Pope Francis distribute the chronicle for ordination. cash,” he said. Father Margallo.
and the remaining 58 percent will have made 66 of them more than 10 years and, Pope Francis’ choices That’s why he turned to art. The priest said he knows
of the voters were named by cardinals, which is 53 percent of once he was arrested, others continue to pay little attention “Donors can give a it will be a long journey to
Pope Benedict. the electors. The other electors continued his work. to the large archdioceses particular amount, then we finish his church, but he
Personal opinions about will include 16 cardinals created One of the new cardinal traditionally led by cardinals, give them a token,” said the said he would persevere. His
the needs of the church at any by St. John Paul II and 42 made electors will be Guatemalan such as Milan and Venice. priest. The token of course is assignment at the mission
given moment and about who cardinals by now-retired Pope Bishop Alvaro Ramazzini But he will give a red hat to his artwork. station lasts only for three
would be the best person to Benedict XVI. Imeri of Huehuetenango, a Archbishop Matteo Zuppi “Sometimes we also years. “I gave myself a
lead obviously are at play in While a majority in the human rights defender whose of Bologna, Italy, where all auction off the paintings,” he timeline. Hopefully, I can
a conclave. But the cardinals next conclave will have Pope support for environmental but one of the archbishops told Art buyers build the church,” he said.
also invoke the inspiration of Francis to thank for their red activists has earned him in the last 400 years had and dealers can also have “Regardless of whether I can
the Holy Spirit and make a hats and new responsibilities, death threats. been a cardinal. The only “pre-order” oil paintings. finish it or not within three
very solemn oath in casting to be elected pope a candidate Two Roman Curia officials exception was Archbishop Father Margallo said the years, I have to finish with the
their ballots: “I call as my must receive two-thirds of tapped to become cardinals Enrico Manfredini, who led painting project only started basic structure,” he said. With
witness Christ the Lord, who the votes. hold positions that would the archdiocese for only eight in July. the help of his art, of course.
will be my judge, that my Announcing the new have been considered months in 1983 before he To help him, he has (Ronald Reyes/UCAN)
vote is given to the one who cardinals, Pope Francis automatic red-hat posts died at the age of 61.
before God I think should be said they illustrate “the before Pope Francis came on In selecting cardinals,
elected.” missionary vocation of the the scene: Spanish Bishop Pope Francis has made Retired pope responds to criticism
After arriving late for church that continues to Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot, it a point to increase the
the midday recitation of proclaim the merciful love of 67, president of the Pontifical geographical profile of of his reflection on abuse crisis
the Angelus prayer Sept. 1 God to all men and women of Council for Interreligious the College of Cardinals.
because he was stuck in an the earth.” Dialogue; and Portuguese The conclave that elected FREIBURG, Germany—
elevator for 25 minutes, Pope A commitment to the poor, Archbishop Jose Tolentino him included participants Responding to criticism of
Francis announced he would to caring for migrants and Medonca, 53, Vatican from 48 nations; the 128 notes he published about the
create 13 new cardinals Oct. 5. refugees and to engaging in archivist and librarian. electors in the expanded roots of the clerical sexual
Ten of the prelates he chose dialogue with all people are The surprising Curia college will include prelates abuse crisis, retired Pope
are under the age of 80 and, characteristics many in the pick was Jesuit Father from 68 countries. (Cindy Benedict XVI said the fact that
therefore, would be eligible group of 13 share. Michael Czerny, one of two Wooden/CNS) the critiques barely mentioned
God proved his point.
Elevator malfunction leaves pope stuck before Angelus “As far as I can see, in most
reactions to my contribution,
God does not appear at all,”
VATICAN— Pope Francis begged the generosity. “Jesus always shows us the others on our own initiative, but rather which is “exactly what I wanted In this 2014 file photo, retired Pope
pardon of the crowd gathered in St. way of humility,” he said, “we must learn let others be the ones to give it to us.” to emphasize” as the central Benedict XVI arrives for the beatification
Peter’s Square Sunday, explaining that the way of humility!” Francis noted that in the second Mass of Blessed Paul VI celebrated by
problem, he wrote in a brief Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square at the
he was late because he had gotten stuck He explained that in the day’s Gospel, parable, Jesus addresses the host and note to Herder Korrespondenz, Vatican. PAUL HARING/CNS
in a Vatican elevator and had to wait for Jesus attends a banquet at the home of tells him or her to invite those who according to KNA, the German
help from the fire department. one of the leading Pharisees, and he sees cannot repay, such as the poor, the Catholic news agency. the cultural and sexual
“First of all, I have to apologize for the people choosing the places of honor for crippled, the lame, the blind. In April, the retired pope revolution of the ‘60s,
delay, but there was an accident: I was themselves. “Here too, Jesus goes completely sent a compilation of what especially when many cases
locked in the elevator for 25 minutes!” So, Jesus shares two parables about against the current, manifesting as he described as “some notes” of priests sexually abusing
the pope said Sept. 1, after arriving seven people vying for the best place, which always the logic of God the Father,” he on the crisis to Klerusblatt, a children occurred before that
minutes late for the noon Angelus and “is a rather widespread attitude, even said. German-language Catholic time even if the public found
reflection. in our day,” he said. According to Pope Francis, the key to monthly journal for clergy in out only recently.
He explained that “there was a drop “And not only when we are invited interpreting Jesus’ lesson is this: “that Bavaria. In the new note, Pope
in voltage and the elevator stopped. to a lunch: usually, we look for the first those who behave in this way will have Seeing the crisis as rooted Benedict said the “the general
Thank God the fire department came—I place to affirm a presumed superiority divine reward, [which is] much superior in the “egregious event” of the deficit in the reception of my
thank them so much!—and after 25 over others,” he continued. “In reality to human repayment.” cultural and sexual revolution text” was a lack of willingness
minutes of work they managed to make this race to the first places hurts the Doing something for someone only in the Western world in the to engage with his contention
it go. A round of applause for the fire community, both civil and ecclesial, because you will receive something in 1960s and a collapse of belief that abuse is related to a lack
department!” because it ruins fraternity.” return is not Christian, he said. In fact, in the existence and authority of faith and strong morals.
Pope Francis is usually very punctual The first parable Jesus tells addresses the it turns relationships into commercial of absolute truth and God, the He used as an example a
for the regular Sunday appointment, for guest who is inclined to take the best place. transactions. retired pope said the primary critique in the July issue of
which he reads a short reflection and Jesus warns against doing so, because “a “Jesus invites us to selfless generosity, task at hand is to reassert the Herder Korrespondenz by the
then prays a traditional Marian prayer, more distinguished guest” may arrive, to open the way to a much greater joy, joyful truth of God’s existence historian Birgit Aschmann.
either the Angelus or the Regina Coeli, leading to an embarrassing moment when the joy of being participants in the very and of the church as holding “In the four pages of the article
from a window inside the apostolic having to move to the last place. love of God that awaits us, all of us, in the true deposit of faith. by Mrs. Aschmann, the word
palace overlooking St. Peter’s Square. “Jesus teaches us to have the opposite the heavenly banquet,” he said. Most of the criticism, God, which I made the central
In his reflection Sept. 1, Pope Francis attitude,” the pope said. “We must not “Humble generosity is Christian.” though, focused on Pope point of the question, does not
spoke about humility and humility in seek the attention and consideration of (Hannah Brockhaus/CNA) Benedict seeming to blame appear,” he wrote. (CNS)
A4 OPINION September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 CBCP Monitor


Season of creation
ONE of the most welcome observances of the new millennium
is the annual celebration of the World Day of Prayer for
Creation. Inching laboriously to gain global traction, this was
started in 1989 by Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios I for the
Orthodox Church. It took almost 12 years before it caught
the attention of major Christian European churches in 2001.
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines is globally
singled out for coming up with a stronger push in its pastoral
statement released in 2003 titled, “Celebrating Creation Day
and Creation Time.”
But this was widely popularized when Pope Francis
institutionalized the celebration of prayer for the care of
creation in September 2015—four months after release of
the encyclical letter Laudato Si’. He wrote: “I wish to inform
you that I have decided to institute in the Catholic Church
the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation” which,
beginning this year, is to be celebrated on 1 September, as
has been the custom of the Orthodox Church for some time”.


The Season of Creation (also known as Creation Time) is an
ecumenical celebration that for many Christian Churches, but
especially the Catholic Church, is celebrated from September 1
to October 4, which is the date of the feast St Francis of Assisi,
the patron saint of those who promote ecology.
The concern for the environment, or of the lack of it, is one
of the greatest challenges of this generation. While a good
number of multinational corporations, and even countries,
continue to play deaf ear to ecological responsibility, more
and more people are seriously crusading to save and care Concern for the Amazon Panaghoy
“for our common home”. There are already a good number
of governments that have committed to take drastic measure Bp. Broderick Pabillo
to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions and to limit the
average increase in global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius
with respect to pre-industrial levels, in accordance with the
Paris Agreement goals.
Most of the Dioceses in the Philippines, if not all, have IN one youth forum in Adamson Guyana. reclaim more lands from the forest for
dutifully celebrated this year’s Season of Creation which, University five days ago, the young The fires currently ingulfing the region agribusiness and ranchers. Bolsonaro’s
commendably enough, was spearheaded by the youth groups. students were asked, “What social is very alarming. As of August 14, the right-wing government has cut in half
issue concerns you most at the present number of fires rose to 32,728—60% of the budget of the Prev-Fire, a system
When we suffer injustice moment?” One raided up his hand and more than the average for the past three for preventing and fighting forest fires.
said: “The burning of the Amazon.” I years. Drought, a common factor in this Moreover, the presidential attacks on
admire the student. His answer shows destruction, does not explain the fires on the government agencies that monitor
WE have to expect to suffer some form of injustice here in
our earthly life. That is part of our human condition. It is that he is in touch with global issues. His this occasion, as the current dry season and combat deforestation “encouraged”
unavoidable. Sooner or later, it will surely come. It can be big concern for the on-going wild fires in is less severe than in previous years. the sectors that destroy forests illegally.
or small, but clear injustice just the same. It can even come the Amazon reflects the alarm of many Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil The international press has widely
not from those whom we consider our enemies, but from those people all over the world. since January of this year, is under fire condemned the government’s anti-
who are supposed to be our friends. The Amazon is one of the greatest because of these fires. “Bolsonaro Out!” is environmentalist attitudes, making
We just have to be properly prepared for it. And the secret reserves of biodiversity on earth as it has the cry heard in the streets of Barcelona, Brazil the new climate change villain.
is, as usual, to follow the example of Christ who suffered 30 to 50% of the world’s flora and fauna, London, Paris and other European cities The Church is also very much
the worst injustice ever. If we are driven by the same love and 20% of the unfrozen fresh water and in Brazilian cities as well. Brazil’s concerned about these fires. The Latin
Christ has for all of us, no form of injustice can actually get of the whole planet. Moreover, over a Amazon jungle covers 3.3 million square American Bishops in their statement on
the better of us. third of the planet’s primary forests are kilometers, accounting for around 60% August 22, 2019 stressed the seriousness
Yes, the injustice will remain injustice. It may not be concentrated there, so that its capacity of the entire rainforest. Bolsonaro and of this tragedy, which is not only of local
properly resolved humanly speaking. With the way we are, we to capture carbon and to breathe out his Environment Minister Ricardo Salles nor regional impact, but of planetary
should not expect that we can resolve all cases of injustice. Just oxygen in the planet is significant. have denigrated the environmental proportions. The international
look at what and how human justice was handed on Christ. Rightly then is it called the “lungs” of the movement and dismantled the system community is also speaking about this.
But still, if we have the charity of Christ, that injustice will earth. Its extent is enormous, covering of environmental protection, reviving It considers the uncontrolled fires as an
work out for our own good and the good of everybody else. over seven and a half million kilometers. the appetite of landholders, especially “international crisis” and it was talked
The important thing to keep in mind is to always be on the It encompasses nine countries: Brazil, cattle ranchers, for clearing land. about at the August 24-26 summit
side of charity that covers all the human needs for justice. And Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Many of these fires are the result of of the Group of Seven (G7) advanced
this means that we always identify ourselves with Christ, with Peru, Surinam, Venezuela, and French clearing the land for deforestation to Panaghoy / A5
his will and his ways. It’s only in him that the perfect justice
can be achieved, a justice that goes beyond our best ideas of
how justice ought to be. The charity-inspired justice Christ Highly successful what?
showed in his own trial may look inhuman and may even be
regarded as a perversion according to our human standards,
And That’s The Truth
but that is the justice that is perfect. It is one that does not Teresa R. Tunay, OCDS
get stuck in the immediate and short-run requirements of
justice, but goes all the way to the ultimate meaning of justice.
It is for this reason that we need to develop the proper
attitudes and virtues that would facilitate in our living out TO say that President tired.” him achieve his dream. Build is the “bangka”—nobody wins
the justice Christ himself lived. It’s is a justice that is willing Duterte’s recent trip to China He promised to raise the Build Build—at all cost? against the bangka.
to suffer, to bear the burden of the others, to obey the will of to meet up with President Xi issue of the Hague ruling More deals for our Who am I to say what I’m
God for the salvation of man. is “highly successful” is not this time—and to his credit development? Examine saying when I had at most
It is a justice that requires us to be tough and magnanimous. lying through the teeth. The he did, but did he or his them carefully and you’ll only 12 units of Economics
While it is true that we have to be sensitive and delicate, especially Palace Spokesperson was smart advisers even think or see that whether loans or in college? Zero units in
in our conscience, we should neither forget that it is also true that telling the truth, but only plan far enough to anticipate business partnerships they Political Science or Foreign
we have to learn how to be thick-skinned, how to be indifferent the truth of Malacañang’s the opponent’s next move? bear the same characteristics Service, too. Do I know
and to ignore certain things, and just move on, in spite of the perception, and therefore the It seems he went armed drawn up to favor Beijing and because I read? No Sir—I
cuts and bruises we may suffer along the way. All of these we claim of “success” only reveals with a good intention but the powerful rich. If they are don’t “know”, and I only read
should be willing to do if only to follow the example of Christ! a delusion. Malacañang encouraged only by an loans they could compromise signs. Just signs, and I’m
Remember Christ telling us how better it would be just to thinks it succeeded, but—the illusion—the illusion that our patrimony. If they are “just sayin’”.
be one-eyed or with one hand than to have both eyes and success belongs to Beijing, Xi is his friend, and a friend business partnerships, the Does anyone really believe,
hands if one part of the pair becomes an occasion of sin for not the Philippines. listens and cares about you as Pinoy or Chinoy partners at this point, that Xi is willing
us. We have to learn to suffer, always trusting in the end in I believe Duterte knows much as you care about him. besides Beijing may benefit— to dialogue with anybody?
the ever-powerful, merciful and wise will of God. that truth deep within but has And that illusion is fed by but it’s the rest of us ordinary Read the signs. From the start
Somehow when we suffer injustice, we are given the no power to either accept or another illusion: that Build brown-skinned flat-nosed of this hullabaloo Xi has—on
opportunity to become like Christ as we should be. Let’s do
reject it. That’s why he came Build Build is the yardstick of Pinoy consumer who’ll be the strength of dashes made
our best not to miss that opportunity. We have to be careful
home unsmiling, looking the Duterte administration’s making them richer. on a crummy map—violated
with our emotions and instincts that will lead us to have a
knee-jerk reaction only, unable to see the whole picture. crestfallen—but of course, success, and that he could In any case here, any deal is the Philippines’ sovereignty.
That is why, we have to make it a habit to identify ourselves the Palace will say he’s “just count on his friend to help a gamble. In a casino, Beijing And That’s The Truth / A7
more and more with Christ through regular reading and
meditating on the gospel, developing the virtues, having
recourse to the sacraments that make us Christ-like more
‘A cross without a cross’ Candidly Speaking
through their own power rather than on our own dispositions,
although the latter also are important.
Fr. Roy Cimagala
In other words, we have to conquer ourselves and our own
will and ways so that Christ can come into us, so that we can
be more and more like Christ.
AN intriguing statement, indeed! It’s of the saints, which is not meant to Thus, St. Paul, for example, also spoke

part of the spiritual consideration be compared, much less belittle, the a lot in this spiritual language. Samples
CBCP that Opus Dei founder, St. Josemaria language of the sciences, technologies, of this can be when he said: “We are
Escriva, made on the fourth sorrowful arts, etc. It is its own species. hard pressed on every side, but not
mystery of the holy rosary. The pertinent It is a language that cannot help but crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;
point goes as follows: get into paradoxes and other figures of persecuted, but not abandoned; struck
PROTAGONIST OF TRUTH, PROMOTER OF PEACE “But don’t drag the Cross…Carry it speech if only for us to get some idea of down, but not destroyed. We always
squarely on your shoulder, because your what the heart is going through. It cannot carry around in our body the death of
Pedro Quitorio Cross, if you carry it so, will not be just be taken solely in the literal sense. It Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also
Editor-in-Chief any Cross: it will be…the Holy Cross. can use words with the view of stirring be revealed in our body.” (2 Cor 4,8-10)
Don’t bear your Cross with resignation: the memory and the imagination, and In another instance, he also said: “That
Nirva’ana E. Delacruz Ron Ramos, Sky Ortigas resignation is not a generous word. Love sparking spiritual considerations. is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in my
Associate Editor Design Artists the Cross. When you really love it, your It has a spiritual significance that weaknesses, in insults, in hardships,
Cross will be…a Cross, without a Cross. beggars description. It can only be in persecutions, in difficulties. For
Roy Lagarde Mercedita Juanite And surely you, like Him, will find Mary appreciated by those who are spiritually when I am weak, then I am strong.”
News Editor Circulation Manager
on the way.” inclined also, just like what St. Paul said: (2 Cor 12,10) He took advantage of his
Christine Paguirigan Marcelita Dominguez We need to familiarize ourselves with “We have not received the spirit of the weaknesses and other negative things as
Managing Editor Comptroller spiritual and ascetical language. It has world, but the Spirit who is from God, the reason to get closer to Christ and to
peculiarities that sometimes can appear that we may understand what God attract more graces from God.
The CBCP Monitor is published fortnightly by the
CBCP - Media Office with editorial and business offices
going against normal logic and common has freely given us. And this is what Of course, Christ himself, despite
at 3rd Floor, CBCP Compound, 470 General Luna sense. It’s the language of the heart that we speak, not in words taught us by his efforts to adapt his language to the
Street, Intramuros, Manila. Email Address: cbcpmonitor@ tries to capture the mysterious ways of human wisdom, but in words taught by common mentalities of the people,, Business: (632) 404 - 1612.
ISSN 1908-2940. the spiritual and the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in could not help but speak in the spiritual
supernatural world. It is the language spiritual words.” (1 Cor 2,12-13) Candidly Speaking / A5
CBCP Monitor September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 OPINION A5

Suffering faith
By the Roadside Active Faith
Joe Tale
Fr. Eutiquio ‘Euly’ Belizar, Jr. SThD

“God does not want our

blood, but our faith”—St.
thought she was already on
a pre-departure mode in her
forgotten? I already made
my confession to you not
who spent her life serving
God and his Church not merit Patron of statesmen and
Cyprian of Carthage life’s journey. I was in the too long ago?” I understood the gift of a miracle?” her
middle of what I thought then that she wanted me to daughter asked one of the politicians
“For we walk by faith, not a worthy preoccupation, administer the Anointing Legionaries who confided her
by sight,” (2 Cor 5:7) namely, looking into parish of the Sick to her. I called tearful remark to me. “And
ONE of the gaps in our troubled world today is the lack of
finances, when the secretary her husband, her daughter what did you say to her?” I
role models, those who embody the ideals of what we would
SOMETIMES a priest’s alerted me about her rather and fellow Legionaries to asked the Legionary.
like to be, or what we could become as individuals and as a
own faith journey goes uncertain condition and her join us in Fe’s corner of the She answered, “I told her
nation. Perhaps, this gap is most felt in the field of government
through twists and turns, family’s request that I come house where she lay calmly that we must keep praying
and politics.
not necessarily always in his before anything irreversible making herself ready for because nobody knows
Many may not know that our Catholic faith has provided
own life. happens to her. At first, I any eventuality, including, I what God’s plan is for their
us with one such role model—St. Thomas More, he whose
I began to notice Fe (not thought of asking the family could only assume, eternity. mother. But I added that we
famous line is: “I am the King’s good servant, but God’s first.”
her real name) because of if I could come the next day. I saw her consciously must also learn to ultimately
Pope John Paul II declared St. Thomas More the Patron of
three things. One, she only But I thought better of it and straightening herself and submit ourselves to whatever
Statesmen and Politicians in the year 2000.
received Communion on the instead decided to leave and clasping her hands together that plan may be.” I could
In his apostolic letter issued motu proprio making such
tongue and while kneeling heed their request. in a gesture of prayer. I made not have said it better. While
proclamation, Pope John Paul II writes that the life and
down. Two, she once told me Fe’s house lies at the edge the sign of the cross and led up to this writing, Fe still
martyrdom of St. Thomas More speaks of “the inalienable
(before going to a confession) of the same path that leads the prayers. Towards the holds on to her earthly life,
dignity of the human conscience” which is “the most intimate
that she was deaf but could to the barangay’s Catholic end of the sacramental rite it perhaps through the prayers
center and sanctuary of a person, in which he or she is alone
understand some of what I chapel. Her husband and a struck me how peaceful and of other believers, her family
with God whose voice echoes within them.”
say if she was close enough to daughter who was nursing calm Fe was; she seemed hopefully grows in faith.
I wonder how many in government and politics right can
be able to read my lips. Three, a baby herself met me even eager to meet her Maker My own faith journey
truthfully say that they follow their conscience in the exercise
she was gravely ill—I was told and two Legionaries who any time. sometimes seems tossed
of their roles and responsibilities.
she had an advanced form of accompanied me at the door. The same thing was not true about in a stormy sea of
JP II continues: “Whenever men or women heed the call of
cancer in the uterus—but still At once I requested to see to her family, naturally. Her doubt and some cloud of
truth, their conscience guides their actions reliably towards
could manage to do church her. Her husband took me daughter complained, with a unknowing, especially when
good…St Thomas More, because of the witness he bore …
cleanup and cultivate the through a narrow but well-lit tinge of hurt in her voice, that I encounter the likes of Fe
to the primacy of truth over power … is venerated as an
flowering plants around the living room to a bed where her mother is no longer able to and their suffering faith. But
imperishable example of moral integrity.”
barangay chapel. I genuinely a very emaciated Fe lay, a take in even liquid food. When I find myself again in a safe
In these times of proliferation of fake news, there is a
felt sorry for her. But, to my thin old blanket covering I asked about her doctor’s harbor whenever the faith of
greater call for people to search for and follow the truth. And
surprise, she did not show any her body. I asked everyone instructions, in so many words, her fellow Legionaries comes
because of the role of both social and mainstream media, this
form of self-pity; if at all, she to give us some privacy so I I was made to understand that out like a beacon of light
appeal for conscience and truth is also addressed to those
felt sorry for not being able to could hear her confessions. Fe’s fate was already considered announcing the shore.
who manage and direct the communication programs of their
do church cleanup and care Everybody in the house beyond any human effort; the After all, the Master
client politicians.
for the flowers around the started to leave us. The house family was simply asked to himself reminds us: “Truly I
It is comforting to note that now St. John Paul II’s
church the way she used to. being small, I realized my give their mother the best care tell you, if you have faith the
declaration of St Thomas More as Patron of Statesmen and
It was a Friday of August call for some privacy meant possible. It was clear to me that size of a mustard seed, you
Politicians was not a move of the Catholic Church alone. “Such
when they called me to see all persons had to go outside. the family understood this to can say to this mountain,
declaration was made also upon the petition of several Heads
her and give her the last I made some signs asking mean all they could do was wait ‘Move from here to there”,
of State and Government and numerous political figures.
sacraments. By this I took Fe if she needed to go to for a miracle or prepare for Fe’s and it will move. Nothing
Those supporting the petition include people from different
it to mean her family and confession. She turned to me inevitable tryst with Sr. Death. will be impossible for you”
political, cultural and religious allegiances.” These show that
fellow Lagionaries of Mary and said, “Father, have you “Why would my mother (Mt 17:19).
St Thomas More “is acknowledged … particularly among those
with responsibility for the destinies of peoples … as a source
Walk for Creation of inspiration for a political system which has as its supreme
Duc in Altum goal the service of the human person.”
In Couples for Christ (CFC), we have St. Thomas More and
Atty. Aurora A. Santiago Associates as our sociopolitical renewal ministry. St. Thomas
More is also the patron saint of the Ateneo Law School. The
fraternity I belong to in this law school, the Fraternal Order of
Utopia, has its name based on the written work of St. Thomas
IN 2003 the Catholic Bishop Conference home so let us take care of it.” The Sanchez gave her to his bodyguards More, “Utopia,” which describes an ideal society.
of the Philippines (CBCP) called for the CBCP-NASSA (National Secretariat for who gang-raped her and killed her There are a few other organizations named after him. Yet,
celebration of Creation Day and Creation Social Action, Justice and Peace) said afterwards, despite her plea for life. it seems our combined efforts are not yet enough, as we still
time. The bishops recommended that that the event is “The Web of Life, to Allan Gomez was tortured before killing do not readily see nor widely feel the impact of his values and
the liturgies celebrate “the beauty and remind us that we are part of a single, him. Sanchez was found guilty with 7 principles in our society today. It is my hope that through
pain of our world, our connectedness wondrously complex web of life that term of reclusion perpetua (life sentence this and following posts, and the intensified efforts of many
to the natural world and the ongoing reflects the magnificence of the Creator.” composed of 40 years per term). similarly minded people and groups, St. Thomas More’s life
struggle for social justice”. In 2015, Pope The controversy came out with the and example will be more widely known, and more importantly,
Francis, established September 1st as *** passage of RA No. 10592 which provides emulated and lived out. I thank an esteemed brother in CFC
the World Day of Prayer for the Care There was furor in social media and that “offenders or accused who have and colleague in the legal profession, Arnel Santos, for the
of Creation”. This year, it is celebrated demonstration of outrage from different undergone preventive imprisonment materials he provided on our common patron saint.
from September 1 to October 4. sectors when release papers of convicted shall be credited in the service of their
As of press time, the Walk for murderer and rapist former Calauan, sentence consisting of deprivation Farmers / A1
Creation is scheduled at 4:00 o’clock Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez of liberty, with the full time during
in the morning of September 01 at was reportedly signed by Bureau of which they have undergone preventive as prices of palay or unmilled rice dropped to as low as P7 per
Plaza Aurora at Quezon Memorial Corrections (BuCor) chief Nicanor imprisonment if the detention prisoner kilo with the implementation of the new law.
Circle, Quezon City. His Eminence Faeldon. The document allegedly stated agrees voluntarily in writing after being Some of them, particularly those from Northern Luzon, are
Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle will be that Sanchez “was found to have served informed of the effects thereof and with already considering to leave their rice fields or sell their land
the Mass Presider with concelebrants 40 years upon retroactive application of the assistance of counsel to abide by if the buying price of palay will continue to plunge.
Bishop Pablo Virgilio “Ambo” David RA No. 10592 or the Good Conduct Time the same disciplinary rules imposed “It’s very low, and it’s almost like giving away their harvest,”
of the Diocese of Kalookan and Bishop Allowance (GCTA) and was certified to upon convicted prisoners.” However, Bishop Bancud lamented.
Broderick Pabillo, Auxiliary Bishop of have no other legal cause to be further the said law excluded from its coverage In July, the average farm-gate price of palay was still at
the Archdiocese of Manila. detained.” The release of Sanchez was the recidivists, habitual delinquents, P17.76 a kilo.
According to Cardinal Tagle, it is the scheduled on August 20 and his family escapees and persons charged with President Rodrigo Duterte on Feb. 14 approved the law
day when we should thank the Lord was already waiting for him on that day heinous crimes. With that, Sanchez is that allowed the liberalization of the rice industry to make
for the gift of nature and also learn to outside the Penitentiary. disqualified from the coverage of this the staple food more affordable to Filipinos.
take care of others. Bishop Ambo also It will be remembered that Sanchez law. The economic research group Ibon Foundation had warned
appealed to the faithful to join the event was charged with 7 counts of rape and It is a good thing that the impending that the law will only made things worse for the farmers.
and show their care because “we only murder of Eileen Sarmenta and murder release of Sanchez came out in the open The agriculture department has offered a P15,000 loan
have one world we live in. As what Pope of Allan Gomez, both students at U.P. and public opinion set the tempo for assistance to help the affected rice farmers, with zero-interest
Francis said, the Earth is our common Los Baňos. After raping Sarmenta, Duc in Altum / A6
and is payable up to eight years.
But the prelate said the measure is not enough to support
farmers, one of the poorest sectors.
Soul selfie “How can they pay the loan, especially the small farmers?”
Whatever Bishop Bancud said.

Fr. Francis Ongkingco Candidly Speaking / A4

language that was full of paradoxes and parables.

That is why he would often conclude his mysterious
JAMIE held two identical expensive. Jamie took one there was only one cross left: wrapper to pack her treasured
preaching with the words, “He who has ears to hear, let him
wooden crucifixes, one on of the expensive crosses and and the cheaper version of crucifix for her friend.
hear.” (cfr. Mt 11,15; Mt 13,9, Rev 2,29) Only those who are
each palm of her hands. She wrapped it in silk wrapper as what she had given to Pam. [CLICK!] Jamie smiled.
spiritual and with faith can get the meaning of what Christ
looked at one, then at the a gift to her best friend Pam. Now here she was: give The sound silently but clearly
was saying.
other. Undecided, she swayed Pam, who had been Pam that extra cross or give registered in her heart and
Thus, Christ would say, “The last shall be first, and the first
her head trying to figure out dreaming of making a her what she had bought for she knew God had just taken
last,” (Mt 20,16) and that he who loses his life will find it. (cfr.
which crucifix to choose. pilgrimage to the Holy Land, herself? a selfie with her in her soul.
Mt 10,39; Mt 16,25; Mk 8,35; Lk 9,24)
Her mind clearly discerned was so excited to receive the “It’s her fault after all!
In the case of St. Josemaria Escriva’s “a cross without a
which was the better one: the cross. She treasured it and She should have been more ***
cross,” what he means is that as long as we love the cross in all
one in her right hand. She gave it a special place in her careful about where she left I was quite touched by
its forms the way Christ embraced his cross, it will be a cross
firmly gripped the cross on desk and made sure to always it!” The thought crossed Jamie’s story. It is a rather
that, while inflicting some pain, will actually purify and redeem
her right. carry it with her. Jamie’s mind. common experience that
us from our state of sinfulness. It would be Christ, more than
“I can’t give this up!” she One day, Jamie received a “How can I give her everyone has. It is not the
us, who would carry that cross.
exclaimed. text from Pam: what’s mine? Giving her this usual dilemma of making a
And so whenever we suffer in one way or another, let’s never
Jamie just came back [HU! HU! HU! Lost the cheaper one wouldn’t really black or white choice, that is,
forget to unite our suffering with Christ to make that suffering
from a pilgrimage to the crucifix you gave! So sorry… matter, sides it also came between something good and
bearable, meaningful, purifying and redeeming.
Holy Land. She had bought Looked everywhere but it from the Holy Land.” This bad, between virtue or vice. It
a number of souvenirs and seems 2b nowhere!] other thread popped out of is more like having to choose
Panaghoy / A4
religious objects. She made Jamie couldn’t help feeling her thoughts. the better of two goods:
sure to pass the religious bad for Pam’s lost. She “But she’s my friend! How when one is invited by God economies in Biarritz, in southern France. Unfortunately,
items on the sacred places wondered what could make could I even think this way,” to exercise more generosity, Brazil has turned down the 20M USD the G7 pledged as
she had visited to give them her friend feel better. She she rectified. patience, understanding and foreign aid to fight the fires. Politics, and personal pride of
more spiritual weight. thought why not give her Finally, Jamie tightly sacrifice, etc. world leaders, are taking over instead of the care of the earth!
She liked the design of one another one, after all she still clasped the better cross and Jamie’s choice can be called In this world, we are all related to each other. Disasters in
particular crucifix and bought had a few more to spare. said, “I will give this one to a ‘selfie of the soul’ because one part affects the whole world. Irresponsible behavior of
a two dozen of the cheaper When she opened the box her!” At that, she returned there is no one to take a leaders in one country affects all. Rightly then did that young
ones and ten specially hand- of her Holy Land souvenirs, the cheaper cross in the box snapshot of one’s conscience, man say that he was concerned about the forest fires in the
carved ones which were more she gasped when she saw that and began looking for gift Whisper from the Desert / A7 Amazon. Each one of us should indeed be concerned.
A6 LOCAL NEWS September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 CBCP Monitor

Bishop: Wasting food is a ‘serious sin’ Marian Youth Congress draws

thousands in Naga City
A CATHOLIC bishop has
joined his voice to the THE Marian Youth Congress
campaign against food waste, in Naga City has attracted
calling it “morally wrong and more than 8,000 delegates
a serious sin”. from all over the Bicol region
Bishop Pablo Virgilio on Aug. 27 to 28.
David of Kalookan said that The annual gathering was
wasting food is unacceptable, timed as the Caceres archdiocese
especially in a poor country prepares for the feast of Our
like the Philippines. Lady of Peñafrancia next month.
“It’s absurd to even think The event reflected on the
about the amount of food that theme “I am the servant of
goes to waste in a country the Lord; may it be done to
where so many people go me according to your word”, be happy before Jesus, we
hungry,” he said. anchored from this year’s World should be at peace before
According to data provided Youth Day (WYD) and National Jesus, we should not be afraid
by the UN’s Food and Youth Day (NYD) celebrations. before Jesus,” Tirona said.
Agriculture Organization, The gathering was opened The whole-day event
roughly one-third of food with a Mass officiated by featured Marian catechesis and
produced is lost or wasted Archbishop Rolando Tria animations and was highlighted
globally, which amounts to Tirona of Caceres at the city’s with a procession from the
about 1.3 billion tons per JMR Coliseum. coliseum to the Minor Basilica
year. In his homily, the of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia.
In the Philippines, the archbishop called on the The Caceres archdiocese
Food and Nutrition Research young people to draw will also be hosting the NYD in
Institute reported that a to promote solidarity with profit organizations. donated,” he also said. inspiration from Mary as the 2021, which is also the 500th
Filipino household wastes people in need. “It is easy to address the In several occasions, Pope “model” of service. year of Christianity in the
43 grams of rice daily, as His words came after typical concern of people in Francis had also denounced “As servants, we should Philippines. (CBCPNews)
well as 8 grams of other food a lawmaker filed the food business about being the “nasty habit” of food
items, such as fish, meat and proposed “Zero Hunger held liable in case the food waste, saying that throwing Duc in Altum / A5
vegetables. Act” before the House of that they donate gets spoiled away food means throwing justice to prevail. However, Justice Secretary Menardo
The World Hunger Report Representatives. in transit or due to improper people away. it was not what happened Guevarra ordered BuCor to
2018 also showed that about Among the provisions of the handling,” David added. “It is scandalous today not in other controversial cases. suspend the processing of
13.3 million Filipinos are measure include mobilizing “That’s precisely where to notice how precious food is It is reported by Philippine GCTA beneficiaries after his
considered food-insecure. food establishments to the charitable organizations as a good, and how so much Daily Inquirer on August premature announcement
For this reason, the donate surplus food to come in, to assume good ends up so badly,” he 29, 2019 at Inquirer.Net of the impending release of
prelate is supporting efforts chosen charities and non- responsibility for what is said. (CBCPNews) that a total of 1,914 convicts Sanchez was met with public
of heinous crimes were anger.
Church issues prayer against dengue, leptospirosis among the 22,049 prisoners
who were released from
With all these controversies,
MANILA’S Roman Catholic Church protection of everyone from these and more than 208,000 from January 1 to jail after their GCTAs were the Philippine National Police
has issued a special prayer for the other illness”. August 10. recomputed. They were (PNP) should also conduct an
healing of those suffering from The prayer is to be recited kneeling Hospitals, particularly in Manila, convicted of murder and impartial investigation on
dengue and leptospirosis as the after the post-communion prayer at are also bracing for a surge of patients rape, robbery with violence, the “suspicious” killing of
death toll from the diseases reached all Masses in the archdiocese starting because of disease-carrying floods. violation of Dangerous Drugs Ruperto Traya Jr., a Bureau
over 900. Sunday, Sept. 1. Based on the latest data, the agency Act, parricide, kidnapping of Corrections (Bucor) chief
The “oratio imperata” was released The health department has earlier has recorded about 981 leptospirosis with illegal detention and administrative officer III,
on Friday because of the “alarming” declared a “national dengue epidemic” cases all over the country, with 113 destructive arson. We call whose death was being linked
number of those afflicted by the diseases after the mosquito-borne disease had deaths. on the government agencies to the cancelled release of
in the country. claimed more than 800 lives so far this The figure, however, is lower than the to conduct an investigation Sanchez. Traya’s division
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is year. 2,618 cases of leptospirosis with 256 on the veracity of this report was in charge of collating
requesting the faithful “to pray for the The agency reported that dengue deaths reported in the same period in because the provision of R.A. and processing all paperwork
healing of those who are sick and for the cases in the country have also reached 2018. (CBCPNews) 10592 is very clear, those regarding the re-computation
convicted of heinous crimes of the credits of convicts’
are disqualified from this good conduct time allowance
Families play key role in encouraging vocations, says CBCP head law. The BuCor should not be under the retroactive R.A.
the only one to consider who 10592. The investigation will
PARENTS play a pivotal role in the would be qualified under this not only give justice to the
discovery and promotion of religious law. There is a big temptation victim, but will also identify
vocations, the head of the Catholic for corruption in the lowering the real motive behind his
Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines of detention period and murder.
said. granting release to convicted
Speaking at a diaconate ordination persons. Department of
Sept. 2, Archbishop Romulo Valles of
Davao said that family is the first school of Environment / A1
discipleship or the “seedbed of vocations”.
“God’s calling is easier to hear when Since 1989 the Orthodox for worship, and to open
it is made or heard in the context of a Christians have marked ourselves to listen to His
family that has faith,” Archbishop Valles Sept. 1 as a day of prayer for voice, heard in the cry of the
said in his homily. creation, a tradition adopted earth and the cry of the poor,”
While promoting vocations in parishes by Pope Francis in 2015. Fr. Leydon said.
or schools are helpful, he stressed that He urged the faithful to see For his part, Fr. Edwin
nothing beats the role of families as the September as a season to raise Gariguez, Executive Secretary
“basic venue” to encourage vocations. awareness about environment of Caritas Philippines said
“Faith in the community is also very protection, until Oct. 4, the , “we cannot be business as
important. It makes easier for people feast of St. Francis of Assisi, usual”.
especially today to appreciate the patron of the environment. “The church, as much as
whispering of the holy spirit,” he said. According to Fr. John the government and all other
In a ceremony at the San Pedro Leydon, chairperson of the sectors are challenged to take
Cathedral, Archbishop Valles ordained Global Catholic Climate climate emergency seriously,
Archbishop Romulo Valles leads a Mass in which he ordained three new deacons at the San Pedro Cathedral in
3 new deacons for the archdiocese. Davao City Sept. 2. PHOTO FROM THE ARCHDIOCESE OF DAVAO Movement – Pilipinas, “the and treat it with urgency,” Fr.
With friends and family at the planet is in crisis”. Gariguez said.
cathedral, he welcomed Michael Ondras, of service to be a deacon but this is just Also present during the ordination He said that the Church is “We cannot just be
Jr., Ruperto Jamili III, and Alfredo transitory to become a priest later,” the were Archbishop Emeritus Fernando coming to “a deeper awareness bystanders anymore. If we
Bustamente, Jr., who have completed archbishop added. Capalla of Davao, Bishop Abel Apigo of of who we are supposed to be want to be called sons and
theological formation. “We will accompany the journey Mati, and dozens other priests. in this situation”. daughters of God, then, by
As deacons, he told them that they of our people to the kingdom fo God. In recent weeks, Archbishop Valles “We are being called to all means, we have to start
are called to be servants and “a kind of That is the signpost of the Church, the had also ordained three men to worship God as our Creator. caring for one another, and for
serving that requires us to be the last”. ministry of the servants of the Church,” the priesthood for the archdiocese. The Season of Creation is our common home,” he said.
“That is the orientation of the kind he also said. (CBCPNews) a special time we set aside (CBCPNews)

Cubao diocese officially opens sainthood cause of ‘Servant of God’ Darwin Ramos
THE sainthood cause of a former the beatific vision together with are needed for sainthood—one each
street child was formally opened God and the saints”. for beatification and canonization.
Wednesday, nearly seven years “So this is the primary task. Ramos spent his childhood in the
after his death. The body will try to prove if the slums of Pasay, where he scavenged
The cause of Darwin Ramos servant of God has the reputation the streets with his younger sister.
was set in motion by the Diocese for goodness to be declared as He was later diagnosed with
of Cubao, the ecclesiastical such,” said Fr. Danilo Flores, the Duchenne muscular dystrophy,
jurisdiction where he died at age promoter of justice. a genetic illness characterized by
17 on Sept. 23, 2012. “We also have to prove if he can muscle weakness.
Bishop Honest Ongtioco made be a model especially for the youth In 2006, he was rescued by
the official announcement during in the Philippines,” he said. the Tulay ng Kabataan, a non-
Mass Aug. 28 at the Cubao French Dominican priest Fr. governmental organization that has
Cathedral. Thomas de Gabore, the cause’s been helping street children, where
“He was known to be a simple postulator, met Ramos in the last he discovered the Catholic faith.
and holy man,” Ongtioco said. few weeks of his life and described Over the years, Ramos’ physical
“This whole process is not just him as “a simple teenager”. condition worsened but despite it,
about his life but also about us. We “But in his heart, his spiritual life he reportedly uplifted the spirit of
are all called by God to holiness,” was very impressive. He was deeply other kids and his caretakers with
he said. devoted to Jesus Christ despite the way he lived his illness.
During the ceremony, the bishop suffering,” he said. French Dominican Fr. Thomas de Gabore shows the petition to introduce the Cause for Beatification of Fr. De Gabore also said that not
announced the creation of an The Vatican in March gave the THE SERVANT OF GOD, DARWIN RAMOS, DURING A CEREMONY AT THE CUBAO CATHEDRAL AUG. 28. ROY LAGARDE a day passed that the boy did not
investigative body to verify whether diocese the green light to start the take time out to entrust himself to
Ramos has indeed practiced diocesan process. from the local inquiry will be sent to bestows the title “venerable.” The Jesus.
“heroically” the Christian virtues. The process includes compiling the Vatican Congregation for Saints’ next steps would be beatification “That is why I believe in my
The task of the body is to use and gathering documentary and Causes, which reviews the gathered and canonization. heart that he is already in heaven.
all the juridical and canonical testimonial evidence about his life information. In general, two miracles But I have to prove it at the
means to prove that candidate for and holiness. If he is found to have led a heroic determined to have occurred tribunal and the Church,” he said.
beatification “is already enjoying Once completed, the documentation life of Christian virtues, the church through the candidate’s intercession (CBCPNews)
CBCP Monitor September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 DIOCESAN NEWS A7

Bishop backs proposed Mass commemorates victims

‘no homework’ policy
A CHURCH official is all
for the proposals to ban
to do things together in the
name of holiness, such as
of Davao night market bombing
homework for kindergarten sharing stories, playing, A MEMORIAL Mass has been
to high school students as celebrating occasions, and held in Davao City on Sunday,
part of the reforms in the attending church, among Sept. 1 to mark the third year
country’s educational system. others,” added Mallari. of the night market bombing
Bishop Roberto Mallari, Separate measures that left 15 people dead.
chairman of the Episcopal proposing a no-homework Led by Archbishop Romulo
Commission on Catechesis policy were filed in Congress Valles, the service included
and Catholic Education, said by Deputy Speaker Evelina prayers for the families of the
that students deserve quality Escudero and Quezon City fatalities and those hurt in
time with their families. Rep. Alfred Vargas. the attack.
“Schools should design Escudero’s bill promotes Massgoers also offered
academic and non-academic a no-homework policy for flowers for the victims at the
program schedules in a way kinder to grade 12 pupils and “Tree of Life” memorial marker
that will not affect family limit school activities to the built at the ground zero of the
time, and that includes no campus while Vargas’ version Sept. 2, 2016 bombing.
assignments on weekends,” wants to ban homework Speaking during the Mass,
Mallari said. during weekends. Archbishop Valles said that
The prelate stressed Bishop Mallari added that besides remembering the
the need to also balance schools must realize that pain, the event was about
a student’s academic and developing a student is not showing the victims that they
family life for his or her just limited to spending “are not forgotten”.
development to become more extensive time in academics “We share your memory,
holistic. and related activities. painful as it is, we share your
Academic life is necessary “Learning is not purely burden and pain,” he said.
to propel success and a good academic. Value formation The prelate, who is also Archbishop Romulo Valles leads the commemoration of the third anniversary of the night market bombing in Davao City Sept. 1.
future for young people. is a central point. And the president of the Catholic PHOTO FROM DAVAO CITY GOVERNMENT

But there are certain limits value formation happens Bishops’ Conference of the
that school dynamics needs significantly at home as Philippines, also noted the unity,” he said. counter evil. “That tragedy produced in
to understand and widely the students learn and “goodness that swelled” after And in the fight against “This is cliche… but the us a common humanity, a
consider,” he said. realize to be more giving, the “evil” incident. “misguided” people, the only thing we can do is to common identity in us all as
“Family life is sacred as collaborative, and live a life “In a sense, there was that archbishop added that counter that evil with goodness Davaoeños and that is what
it creates opportunities for with Jesus and Mary,” he tragic event but right away we cultivating good and growing and love for each other,” we are celebrating today,” he
children and their parents said. (CBCPNews) stood up with goodness and in love are the best ways to Archbishop Valles added. also said. (CBCPNews)

Bishop to young people: Put

freedom to good use
Gov’t restores 3 historical churches
in Dumaguete diocese
THREE historic churches restored
through a government grant amounting
to more than P70 million were officially
turned over by the National Historical
Commission of the Philippines (NHCP)
to the Diocese of Dumaguete recently.
Msgr. Julius Heruela, chairman of the
Diocese of Dumaguete’s Commission
on Church Cultural Heritage said the
restored churches gave them a “sense
of our history because the church was
restored closely to the original and
sense of our faith because it helps us
remember our elders on their worship
on this very church and the beauty and
antiquity of the Church helps feel the
Members of Singles for Christ gather for the SFC Metro MANILA REGIONAL CONFERENCE IN presence of the sacred.”
ORTIGAS The churches restored were the St.
Isidore the Farmer Parish Church in
MEETING about 2,600 gather every year in a per-area Lazi, the St. Nicholas of Tolentino Parish
members of Singles for grouping for a conference full Church in Dauin, and the St. Isidore the
Christ, a Catholic bishop of various activities such Farmer Parish Church in Zamboanguita.
called on young people to as talks, workshops, and The restoration started in 2018
make careful use of their competitions. and received a combined government
freedom. The prelate pointed out funding through the NHCP of almost
Speaking during Mass at the that if people want to enter P70 million. P40 million was allotted
SFC Metro Manila Regional God’s kingdom, they must for the Lazi church, P20 million for the
Conference in Antipolo City take up their own cross and Dauin church and P10 million for the
Aug. 25, Bishop Francisco follow Him. Zamboanguita church.
De Leon said that freedom “Let us once again begin Dumaguete Bishop Julito Cortes was
means always choosing the the exercise of self-denial, present for the ceremonial turnover.
good. discipline, and charity,” De He also led the re-dedication of the The restored historical churches of the Diocese of Dumaguete. PHOTO COURTESY OF MSGR. JULIUS HERUELA
Reflecting on Sunday’s Leon added. churches and celebrated the Holy Mass.
Gospel, he reminded the “The Lord is calling us to go Msgr. Heruela said the restoration Vatican II that is why they took away in Siquijor province.
crowd that man and woman back to our origin, to what is of the historic churches is a delicate the retablo.” The official unveiling of the historical
are created in the image and true, good and beautiful,” he process since the project needs to be He also said such an aversion for the markers in the Dauin and Zamboanguita
likeness of God. also said. faithful to the original design of the Catholic retablo and an over-emphasis on churches were also held. The Lazi
However, he said that Established in 1993, SFC is structure. the simplicity or bareness of the sanctuary Church already has a historical marker
sin always has a way of one of the family ministries of “There are lots of researches to be could be attributed to being influenced by installed.
“distorting the original Couples for Christ (CFC) to done in restoring a church… to keep the protestant or modernist art. The NHCP will add the three churches
beauty that hinders us from cater to the pastoral needs of materials used or closer to the original “I could say also they were influenced to its National Registry of Historic Sites
entering God’s kingdom”. single men and women from but it should provide the needs of our by protestanism. How I wish to keep the and Structures.
“We are originally 21 to 40 years of age. worshippers,” he said. original retablo more Catholic. When we The National Museum of the
beautiful, human nature is To date, SFC has about Asked about some priests and liturgists look (at) heaven there is the presence of Philippines hailed as a National Cultural
good,” De Leon said in his 65,000 members all over the who would want to take away the ancient the saints and martyrs,” he added. Treasure the St. Isidore the Famer
homily. “But this disuse of world covering the different retablos (a retable or reredos above an NHCP deputy executive director Church in Lazi, which is noted for its
freedom of what is originally continents including Europe, altar, whether a large altarpiece painting Carminda Arevalo headed a six-member grand convent. It is also a nominee to the
good and beautiful is now North and South America, or an elaborate wooden structure with team from the commission for the UNESCO World Heritage list of Baroque
ugly.” Asia, Middle East, Africa and sculptures), Msgr. Heruela said, “there official turnover of the churches on Churches of the Philippines. (Rommel
SFC members from Metro Oceania. (Sky Ortigas/ was a wrong interpretation of the August 26, in the municipality of Lazi Lopez/CBCPNews)
Manila and other regions CBCPNews)
And That’s The Truth / A4
Whisper from the Desert / A5
Xi ignored an international Philippine Sea issue alone. weakening we shouldn’t be His will.
except the person himself the constant practice of the body’s decision, trampled The Dragon knows its mere spectators entrusting our Solutions that come from
who is alone with God. Our examination of conscience. upon other nations’ rights, size and strength, and so he future too much in the hands human expertise without
Lord is simply waiting if he This powerful and fruitful broke his promises not to advises House Lizard: If you of our leaders. Remember the guidance of prayer will
will choose the better part ascetical norm invites us militarize his reclaimed want to soar, just ride along. and take to heart “Ne’er shall remain ambiguous—even the
out of love for Him and our to enter within our hearts. islands. (Fun Tagalog translation: invaders conquer our sacred godless would be better at
neighbors. There, we converse with God, How can you dialogue with “Dragon ako, ikaw butiki ka, shores… Sa manlulupig, di ka that. But we who are called by
Our Lord Himself invited with the help of His grace, to someone like that? He’s kung gusto mong lumipad pasisiil…” from our national His name—it will do us good
the rich young man to follow consider certain decisions. unstoppable. Megalomania nang matayog, sumakay ka anthem? The anthem means to remember what we often
him. There was no coercion It is in this examination, a knows no reason. And when na lang, kapit ka sa batok ko nothing if it is just sung—for sing in church: “If my people,
whatsoever. He left the loving dialogue with Jesus, Xi told Digong that the matter ha, gaya ni Daenerys.”) love of country we have to who are called by my name,
young fellow to decide for that the soul is able to discern of the Hague ruling should I may not be in love with feel it, think it, act it, breathe will humble themselves
himself whether to sell his better our Lord’s promptings never be raised again in his Digong but I can empathize it, pray it. and pray and seek my face
possessions and follow Him. to be more grateful, detached, future visits, he virtually with him. On that trip, he But take heart. Despite and turn from their wicked
A similar idea is expressed penitent and apostolic. It is slapped our president with failed, not just once but twice. our leaders’ half-truths, we ways, then I will hear from
in another parable of Jesus here, as we learn to refined that old map! He spat not First, to get Xi to dialogue on can still do something to rise heaven, and I will forgive
where a king invited guests our response, where we just on Digong’s face, but also the ruling; second, to stop the above the situation. We can their sin and will heal their
to his banquet and how those surrender to God that which on the face of the Filipino! signing of more deals. I fear pray, not only the prayer land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14).
invited took it lightly and perhaps, we were thinking of What’s sad is, the Palace that this August trip may be we read in church for three Too esoteric for comfort? If
never went. reserving for ourselves: our downplays that aspect of the the second to the last nail on minutes and forget forever, we cannot believe in God’s
Our spiritual selfie moment comfort, leisure, plans and visit. It says the relationship our sovereignty’s coffin. It’s but solitary prayer in stillness promise conveyed by these
need not take place only possessions, etc. between China and the only Digong’s failure, not the and silence that seeks the words, then we should stop
on extraordinary cases. It Perhaps, like Jamie we too Philippines is time honored Filipino people’s. face of God and disposes us calling ourselves Christians.
can be easily snapped with will here that [CLICK!] and not defined by the West When our president is to surrender, in humility, to And that’s the truth.
A8 PEOPLE, FACTS, AND PLACES September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 CBCP Monitor

Iloilo priest ordained bishop for Cebu

archdiocese in emotional ceremony
IN a ceremony filled with tears efficiently but not really done by a
and applause, a 50-year-old priest bishop. Maybe done by a functionary
was ordained a bishop at the Jaro but not really a minister,” he said.
Metropolitan Cathedral on Aug. 27. The moment turned emotional for
Bishop Midyphil “Dodong” Billones and some people around
Billones said Tuesday was an when the cardinal wished that
overwhelming, emotional day, but his family was present during his
he looks forward to his new role ordination.
with the Church. “But I believe they are here. And
“I really have nothing much to the family of God is here… bound
offer after all the many years but to you not by blood, by love,” Tagle
everything comes from God,” he said.
said. The bishop was born on July 4,
Archbishop Jose Lazo of Jaro, 1969, in Pan-ay, Capiz, the first of
together with Archbishop Jose two children of Andres and Mila.
Palma of Cebu and Archbishop “They have all gone ahead of me
Emeritus Angel Lagdameo of Jaro but today they are present in this
ordained Billones to the episcopacy. bigger family,” Billones said as he
In July, Pope Francis appointed shed tears.
Billones as auxiliary bishop of Cebu. An auxiliary assists the bishop —
It’s been 15 years that a bishop in this case, Archbishop Palma — in
from the Jaro archdiocese has been carrying out his duties.
appointed. Billones said it was Palma, who
Around 2,000 people packed was then a priest of Jaro, that
the cathedral for the celebration, helped him “go forward” and pursue
including Cardinal Luis Antonio the priesthood.
Tagle of Manila, Papal Nuncio “I look forward to continue
Gabriele Caccia, and 20 other being guided by him and hopefully
bishops. become his extension in loving the
More than a hundred priests people entrusted to him by Christ,”
Bishop Midyphil Billones has been ordained as Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Cebu at the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral in Iloilo City Aug. 27. PHOTO
from the archdioceses of Jaro he said. FROM THE ARCHDIOCESE OF JARO
and Cebu also graced the The prelate also went emotional
celebration, including some when he addressed the seminarians the real meaning of priesthood is Pontifical Gregorian University. for Theological Concerns at the
political leaders. at St. Joseph Regional Seminary in fatherhood,” Billones added. After returning from his studies Federation of Asian Bishops
In his homily, Cardinal Tagle Jaro where he served as rector Billones was ordained a priest on in Rome, he was appointed Vice- Conferences (FABC).
reminded the new bishop that since 2013 until he was appointed Oct. 2, 1995. Rector and Human Formation The bishop was also among the
“the episcopal office, at heart, is a bishop. From 2004 to 2011, he underwent Director at St. Joseph Seminary, drafters of the new Ratio Nationalis
network of relationships”. “How can I forget to thank God study leave in Rome where he later becoming its rector. for seminary formation. (With
“Without those relationships, for my dear seminarians, my sons… obtained his Licentiate in Sacred Billones also served as one reports from Jane Sampiano/
the ministry aspects might be done they who have taught me that Theology and his Doctorate at the of the theologians in the Office CBCPNews)

Augustinians back in New Novaliches bishop pays tribute to predecessor

Ilocos after 120 years BISHOP Roberto Gaa
thanked his predecessor
Antonio Tobias and called his
Today, the area is the
location of a huge church that
contribution to the diocese has been under construction
“very great” during his since 2016 and touted to
installation as the new head be the symbol of the rapid
of Novaliches on Aug. 24. growth of the diocese, which
Bishop Tobias retired last now has nearly two million
June 6 although he continued Catholics.
to oversee the diocese as “I think we have lifted
apostolic administrator until ourselves up from being
Gaa formally assumed his a mission area, totally
post. dependent on the Archdiocese
In his message at the of Manila and now standing
ceremony at the Good Shepherd on our own feet,” he added.
Cathedral, Bishop Gaa paid Gaa, 56, was ordained
tribute to Tobias for his “ardor The Most Rev. Roberto Gaa was installed as the third bishop of the Roman Catholic priest in September 2000
service for God’s people”. Diocese of Novaliches on Saturday, Aug. 24. ROY LAGARDE for the Manila archdiocese.
“He’s been a great vessel of On June 6, Pope Francis
Bishop Renato Mayugba leads the inauguration of the Augustinian Mission in Pallas the spirit to bring life, vitality, growing diocese. Pangarap Village. appointed him as bishop of
Valley, Vintar, Ilocos Norte Aug. 28. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO and firmness in faith, to bring Bishop Gaa was installed “And even then we have land Novaliches.
resolute for God’s people,” he by Cardinal Luis Antonio problems and the people at that The bishop has asked the
AFTER 120 years of absence Josué, a Doctoral Student said, drawing applause from Tagle of Manila, in which time were being driven out. faithful for prayers as he
in the Ilocandia, the Order of in History at the Pontifical the crowd. Novaliches is one of its Now, even the church is being starts his new ministry.
Saint Augustine (OSA) has Gregorian University in “These are very big shoes suffragan dioceses. driven out,” Bishop Gaa said. “Continue to pray and
returned to Ilocos, among Rome. to fill but I trust in the Lord, The canonical installation Back then, Novaliches was guide us so that everything
their important mission “They built our churches who has guided the diocese,” took place two days after his also considered a “mission we do will be according to the
territories during the Spanish and parish houses, they did Bishop Gaa said, as he asked episcopal ordination at the area” because it needed many will of God,” he said.
regime. the urban planning of the Tobias for guidance in the Manila Cathedral on Aug. 22. catechists, “just too much Also present during the
The Filipino Augustinian old towns, they constructed great task ahead of him. The bishop is not new to that maybe even the diocese ceremony were Archbishop
Friars from the Province of the old municipal halls and More than 1,500 people the diocese. In 2001, when could not afford,” he said. Gabriele Caccia, the Apostolic
Santo Niño de Cebú were schools, they directed the turn out for the ceremony Novaliches was still under Within the diocese is also Nuncio to the Philippines,
welcomed in Ilocos Norte building of roads and bridges to welcome the third bishop the Manila archdiocese, Gaa the slum district of Payatas and eight other bishops.
during a Mass on Aug. 28, that connected the towns, of the 16-year old and fast- was assigned at a parish in where the prelate also had an (CBCPNews)
Memorial of St. Augustine, they introduced weaving
presided over by Bishop
Renato Mayugba of Laoag.
The bishop entrusted to
of cotton and directed the
digging of irrigation canals,”
the student-priest said.
Mindoro’s major seminary celebrates 50 years
them a new mission station in The Ilocanos gave a warm THE boat-type seminary building of St.
the valley of Pallas in Vintar welcome to the Augustinians Augustine Major Seminary (SASMA)
Town. Four Friars will form as they return to their old has sailed to a new milestone this week
a local community as they mission territory. However, as it celebrated its golden jubilee in
do the pastoral care of the this time, it is a different Tagaytay City.
faithful in the valley. taste of Augustinians that The three-day celebration, from Aug.
The Augustinian Friars they encountered: Filipino 26 to 28, was highlighted with Masses,
from the older “Provincia del Augustinians. the unveiling of Golden SASMA Emblem,
Santísimo Nombre de Jesús,” “May their mission in talks, and an alumni homecoming.
now based in Valladolid, Ilocos serve as an apology to Fr. Andy Peter Lubi, rector of SASMA,
Spain were responsible for the the wounds and clashes that said among their 600 notable alumni
evangelization of the Ilocos. were provoked more than a are Fr. Florentino Concepcion, former
In 1572, the Spanish Fray century ago, which even led Pampanga governor Among Eddie
Alonso de Alvarado, OSA to the separation of some Panlilio, and Fr. Gabayno Oybad.
St. Augustine Major Seminary (SASMA)
joined Juan de Salcedo Filipinos from the Roman Fr. Concepcion founded eight institutions
in discovering the north. Catholic Church with the in the towns of Bulacan and in Tondo, priest, Fr. Oybad, now serving as the and Reynaldo Evangelista of Imus,
That became the ripple that foundation of the ‘Iglesia Manila catering to the needs of abandoned diocesan social action center director. Roberto Mallari of San Jose, and Bishop
started the proclamation of Filipina Independiente’ led elderly and disadvantaged children and “What the priest eats at SASMA is the Narciso Abellana of Romblon were also
the Gospel in the Ilocandia by Ilocanos Isabelo de los youth including drug victims, sexually same as the rest of the community. It’s in attendance.
which had gone far and wide Reyes and Padre Gregorio abused and children with special needs. simple living that I appreciate most,” When the first batch of seminarians of
up to the present. Aglipay. May the healing He also established 3 schools for says alumnus Doi Fuerzas of Bohol. St. Augustine Minor Seminary (SASMI)
The Augustinians are power of the Gospel bind the children of poor families, in cooperation According to Fr. Lubi, accountability, in Calapan came to the Divine Word
credited to be the founders of unresolved wounds of the with the Chalice Canada and Angelo and service are other core values in the Seminary in Tagaytay City in 1968 for
the old Ilocos towns including past,” Josué said. King Foundation. seminary. their Philosophy course, they lived with
the construction of now Meanwhile, Augustinian Panlilio, meanwhile, was the director The celebration was graced by Cardinal the SVD (Societas Verbi) novices.
world-renowned churches of Fr. Joseph Farrel, the Vice of Social Action Center of Pampanga Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, Papal The following year, Msgr. William
Paoay and Santa María. One Prior General of the Order which worked with communities Nuncio Archbishop Gabriel Caccia, Duschak, SVD, then Apostolic Vicar of
of the churches they built is who is based in Rome, has displaced by lahar following the 1991 SASMA alumni Bishop Oscar Solis, Calapan, decided to establish SASMA, with
already a Basilica, the church extended, in the name of eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. He was the first Filipino appointed to the US Fr. Ewald Dinter, SVD, as the first rector.
in Badoc. the Prior General, best suspended from the priesthood when episcopacy and now serving the Diocese “SASMA has been home to more
“Practically, everything wishes and prayers to the he ran for public office. of Salt Lake City, and Archbishop John than 600 alumni diocesan priests from
that you see in a town were missionaries in Pallas Valley He was also named “Filipino of the Du of Palo. different dioceses, religious priests from
their contribution to the as they start their missionary Year” for 2007 by a major news daily. Bishops Buenaventura Famadico of different congregations and laypersons
human development of our endeavor. (Buena Luz/ In 2008, the Mindoreños witnessed San Pablo, David William Antonio of from all over the Philippines”, Fr. Lubi
ancestors,” says Fr. Ericson CBCPNews) the ordination of the first Mangyan Ilagan, Crispin Varquez of Borongan, said. (Madonna Virola/CBCPNews)
CBCP Monitor September 2 - 15, 2019 Vol. 23 No. 18 PASTORAL CONCERNS B1

Pope Francis invites the faithful to pray, reflect and act to protect an endangered environment in a message released to mark the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. VATICAN MEDIA

Message of His Holiness Pope Francis

for The World Day of Prayer for
the Care of Creation
1 September 2019
“AND God saw that it was good” we are: creatures made in the image Creator. Saint Bonaventure, that economy. Let us also learn to listen involving responsible sacrifices
(Gen 1:25). God’s gaze, at the of God (cf. Gen 1:27) and called to eloquent witness to Franciscan to indigenous peoples, whose age- today for the sake of sure prospects
beginning of the Bible, rests lovingly dwell as brothers and sisters in a wisdom, said that creation is the first old wisdom can teach us how to for life tomorrow. Let us not give in
on his creation. From habitable land common home. We were created “book” that God opens before our live in a better relationship with the to the perverse logic of quick profit,
to life-giving waters, from fruit- not to be tyrants, but to be at the eyes, so that, marveling at its order, environment. but look instead to our common
bearing trees to animals that share heart of a network of life made up its variety and its beauty, we can This too is a season for future!
our common home, everything is of millions of species lovingly joined come to love and praise its Creator undertaking prophetic actions. In this regard, the forthcoming
dear in the eyes of God, who offers together for us by our Creator. Now (cf. Breviloquium, II, 5, 11). In this Many young people all over the United Nations Climate Action
creation to men and women as a is the time to rediscover our vocation book, every creature becomes for us world are making their voices Summit is of particular importance.
precious gift to be preserved. as children of God, brothers and “a word of God” (cf. Commentarius heard and calling for courageous There, governments will have
Tragically, the human response sisters, and stewards of creation. in Librum Ecclesiastes, I, 2). In the decisions. They feel let down by the responsibility of showing
to this gift has been marked by sin, Now is the time to repent, to be silence of prayer, we can hear the too many unfulfilled promises, the political will to take drastic
selfishness and a greedy desire to converted and to return to our roots. symphony of creation calling us to by commitments made and then measures to achieve as quickly as
possess and exploit. Egoism and We are beloved creatures of God, abandon our self-centredness in ignored for selfish interests or out possible zero net greenhouse gas
self-interest have turned creation, a who in his goodness calls us to love order to feel embraced by the tender of expediency. The young remind us emissions and to limit the average
place of encounter and sharing, into life and live it in communion with love of the Father and to share with that the earth is not a possession to increase in global temperature to
an arena of competition and conflict. the rest of creation. joy the gifts we have received. We can be squandered, but an inheritance 1.5 degrees Celsius with respect to
In this way, the environment itself For this reason, I strongly even say that creation, as a network to be handed down. They remind pre-industrial levels, in accordance
is endangered: something good in encourage the faithful to pray in of life, a place of encounter with the us that hope for tomorrow is not a with the Paris Agreement goals.
God’s eyes has become something these days that, as the result of a Lord and one another, is “God’s noble sentiment, but a task calling Next month, in October, the Amazon
to be exploited in human hands. timely ecumenical initiative, are own ‘social network’” (Audience for for concrete actions here and now. region, whose integrity is gravely
Deterioration has increased in being celebrated as a Season of the Guides and Scouts of Europe, 3 We owe them real answers, not threatened, will be the subject of
recent decades: constant pollution, Creation. This season of increased August 2019). Nature inspires us to empty words, actions not illusions. a Special Assembly of the Synod
the continued use of fossil fuels, prayer and effort on behalf of our raise a song of cosmic praise to the Our prayers and appeals are of Bishops. Let us take up these
intensive agricultural exploitation common home begins today, 1 Creator in the words of Scripture: directed first at raising the awareness opportunities to respond to the cry
and deforestation are causing global September, the World Day of Prayer “Bless the Lord, all things that grow of political and civil leaders. I think of the poor and of our earth!
temperatures to rise above safe for the Care of Creation, and ends on the earth, sing praise to him and in particular of those governments Each Christian man and woman,
levels. The increase in the intensity on 4 October, the feast of Saint highly exalt him forever” (Dan 3:76 that will meet in coming months every member of the human family,
and frequency of extreme weather Francis of Assisi. It is an opportunity Vg). to renew commitments decisive can act as a thin yet unique and
phenomena and the desertification to draw closer to our brothers and It is also a season to reflect on for directing the planet towards indispensable thread in weaving
of the soil are causing immense sisters of the various Christian our lifestyles, and how our daily life, not death. The words that a  network of life that embraces
hardship for the most vulnerable confessions. I think in particular decisions about food, consumption, Moses proclaimed to the people everyone. May we feel challenged
among us. Melting of glaciers, of the Orthodox faithful, who have transportation, use of water, energy as a kind of spiritual testament to assume, with prayer and
scarcity of water, neglect of water celebrated this Day for thirty years. and many other material goods, can at the threshold of the Promised commitment, our responsibility for
basins and the considerable In this ecological crisis affecting often be thoughtless and harmful. Land come to mind: “Therefore the care of creation. May God, “the
presence of plastic and microplastics everyone, we should also feel close Too many of us act like tyrants with choose life, that you and your lover of life” (Wis 11:26), grant us the
in the oceans are equally troubling, to all other men and women of good regard to creation. Let us make an descendants may live” (Dt 3:19). courage to do good without waiting
and testify to the urgent need for will, called to promote stewardship effort to change and to adopt more We can apply those prophetic words for someone else to begin, or until
interventions that can no longer of the network of life of which we simple and respectful lifestyles! to ourselves and to the situation of it is too late.
be postponed. We have caused a are part. Now is the time to abandon our our earth. Let us choose life! Let us
climate emergency that gravely This is the season for letting our dependence on fossil fuels and say “no” to consumerist greed and
threatens nature and life itself, prayer be inspired anew by closeness move, quickly and decisively, to the illusion of omnipotence, for From the Vatican, 1 September 2019
including our own. to nature, which spontaneously towards forms of clean energy these are the ways of death. Let us
In effect, we have forgotten who leads us to give thanks to God the and a sustainable and circular inaugurate farsighted processes FRANCIS
B2 FEATURE September 2 - 15, 2019 Vol. 23 No. 18 CBCP Monitor

The Judicial Office in the Church

The Instruction of the Case
(Part III)
By Fr. Jaime B. Achacoso, J.C.D.

IN Part II of this article, we saw to generate certainty. The Law

the stepwise consolidation of provides the following as sources of
the processal relation as follows: semi-full proof:
(1) The petition establishes the -Judicial confession in public
relation judge-petitioner. (2) The matter (c.1536, §2).
citation establishes the relation -Extra-judicial confession
judge-respondent. (3) The joinder (c.1537).
of the issues or liticontestatio -Private documents (c.1542).
establishes the object of the -Witnesses in general (c.1573).
litigation. Once the situation of -Experts (c.1579).
the litiscontestatio has been -Judicial presumptions (c.1586).
produced, the judge shall “furnish
the parties suitable time to present c. The Collection of Proofs
and complete proofs” (c.1516). is regulated in detail by the CIC.
What follows next is the probatory Among other details, the following
stage of the trial. are noteworthy:
1) Timing: Except for a serious
1. The Probatory Stage (cc.1526- cause, the judge is not to proceed to
1586) gather proofs before the joinder of
The probatory stage (also called the issues (litiscontestatio) (c.1529).
instruction of the case) is the 2) Declaration by the parts:
processal stage during which the The judge can interrogate the parts
parts adduce (propose) evidence in whatever moment of the trial
(data) to prove the alleged facts. (c.1530), observing cc.1532-1534.
These include those related to The part legitimately interrogated
any exceptions, counter-claims, or must answer truthfully (c.1531, Pope Francis meets Jan. 29, 2019, with members of the Roman Rota. CNS/VATICAN MEDIA
incidental questions introduced §1). It is up to the judge to evaluate
by the parties. Proof is the what conclusion can be drawn from just speculative knowledge. The good, in order to avoid very serious following effects:
demonstration of a doubtful and the silence of a part who refuses to following are rendered incapable to dangers, the judge can decree that 1) No further evidence: The
controversial fact by the litigants answer (c.1531, §2). Unless a serious witness by the law itself: a given act is not to be shown to principal effect of the conclusion in
before the judge, through evidence cause counsels otherwise, he may 1) Minors less than 14 years anyone, with due concern, however, causa is the non-admission of any
and arguments recognized by the administer an oath to the parts to tell old, and mental retardates that the right of defense always further evidence, except for special
law. the truth; such oath is compulsory (although the judge may hear them) remains intact.” reasons enumerated in c.1600,
a. Kinds of proof: for matters affecting public good. (c.1550, §1). 3) Additional proofs: In order §§1-2.
1) Declaration by the parts: 3) Judicial Confession: A 2) The parts themselves, their to complete the proofs, the parties 2) Exclusion of third party: A
regulated in cc.1530-1538. written or oral assertion against representatives and advocates, may propose additional proofs to secondary effect is that a third party
2) Documentary proof: oneself made by any party regarding and the judge (c.1550, §2, 1°). the judge; when these have been may no longer intervene in the case
regulated in cc.1539-1546. the matter under trial, made 3) A priest regarding what he has collected, there is an occasion for (c.1596, §2).
3) Declaration by witnesses: before a competent judge, whether known through Confession (c.1550, repeating the decree (of publication)
regulated in cc.1547-1573. spontaneously or upon interrogation §2, 2°). if the judge thinks it necessary 2. The Discussion Stage
4) Declaration by experts: by the judge. It can constitute full (c.1598, §2). (cc.1601-1606)
regulated in cc.1574-1581. proof. e. Experts. An expert is a specialist g. Conclusion of the Case. After the period for the publication
4) Documentary Proof. “In who is learned, experienced, and When everything pertinent to the of the acts, followed by the decree
b. Evaluation of the Proof. every type of trial, proof by means of skilled in his or her science or production of proofs has been closing the case, the third stage of the
The judge has to make do with both public and private documents profession, and whose scientific completed, it is time for the process begins: The Discussion
the probatory means to reach a is admitted” (c.1539). The requisites report is required either to prove conclusion of the case (c.1599, §1). Stage. It is unfortunate that the
certainty based on probability are: some fact or to diagnose the true The conclusion in causa is Code does not start a new Title with
(beyond reasonable doubt). This a) Original or authentic copy nature of something (cf. c.1574). the closing of the evidentiary or c.1601, in order to highlight this
certainty is something juridical, (c.1544). An expert can be summoned by the probatory stage of the trial (not of fact; instead, the last two acts of the
a formal evaluation which makes b) Integral: It is up to the judge judge to supply further explanations the case or instance, which does not probatory stage have been lumped
the uncertain (but alleged) fact to admit and evaluate documents which may seem necessary (c.1578, take place until the pronouncement together with the discussion stage
equivalent to reality. The judge “shown to have been erased, §3). of the sentence). under Title VI: Publication of
makes the distinction between: corrected, interpolated, or affected The conclusion takes place the Acts, Conclusion of the
1) Full proof: That which is by another such defect” (c.1543). f. Publication of the Acts whenever any of the following is Case and Discussion of the
sufficient in itself to generate c) Deposited with the chancery 1) General Principle: “After verified (c.1599, §2): Case (cc.1598-1606). It seems the
certainty. The Law itself provides of the tribunal, so that they may be the proofs have been collected, the 1) Instance of the parts: The limited number of canons involved
the following as sources of full proof: examined by the opposing party judge by decree must, under pain of parties declare that they have influenced the codifiers to create this
-Judicial confession in a private (c.1544). nullity, permit the parties and their nothing more to add. title which straddles the second and
matter (c.1541). advocates to inspect at the tribunal 2) Lapse of probatory stage third stages of the process.
-Public documents (c.1541). d. Witnesses. The word wit/ness chancery the acts which are not yet deadline: The time set by the judge
-Witnesses under certain is a compound word (like gover/ known to them” (c.1598, §1). for proposing proofs has expired. a. General Notion and
conditions (c.1573). ness or high/ness) which means 2) Exception: The second part of 3) Judicial declaration: The Principles
-Legal presumptions (c.1585). a person having wit or knowledge c.1598, §1 states an exception to the judge declares that the case is This stage gives the parts a last
2) Semi-full proof: That which that comes from one or more of general principle above: “However, sufficiently instructed. chance to discuss their respective
needs concurrence of other proofs the five senses (or wits)—i.e., not in cases concerned with the public The conclusion in causa has the Judicial / B7

Dedication Rites for a Church

(Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy and sacramental theology and director of the Sacerdos Institute at the Regina Apostolorum university,
answers the following query:)
Q: Our bishop passed away a couple of canons are attributed by name to the if the metropolitan church itself is administrator is bound by the has passed.
years ago. The see is now vacant. We diocesan bishop are understood to vacant or both the metropolitan and obligations and possesses the power The Ceremonial of Bishops, No.
only have the college of consultors, belong only to a diocesan bishop and the suffragan churches are vacant, it of a diocesan bishop, excluding 867, says the following regarding
appointed by the bishop before his to the others made equivalent to him devolves upon the suffragan bishop those matters which are excepted the dedication of churches:
death. Recently the senior one of in can. 381, §2, excluding the vicar senior in promotion. by their nature or by the law itself. “Since the bishop has been
the college of consultors blessed or general and episcopal vicar except “Can. 422 An auxiliary bishop “§2. When he has accepted election, entrusted with the care of
dedicated a church. My question by special mandate. […] or, if there is none, the college of the diocesan administrator obtains the particular Church, it is his
is, can he can use the formulas of “Can. 368 Particular churches, in consultors is to inform the Apostolic power and no other confirmation is responsibility to dedicate to God
dedication of the church, usually which and from which the one and See of the death of a bishop as soon required, without prejudice to the new churches built in his diocese. If
used by a bishop? Is it a blessing only Catholic Church exists, are first as possible. The one elected as obligation mentioned in can. 833, n. 4. he cannot himself preside at the rite,
or a dedication in this case? Is the of all dioceses, to which, unless it diocesan administrator is to do the “Can. 428 §1. When a see is vacant, he should entrust this function to
effectiveness of the rite different if is otherwise evident, are likened a same concerning his own election. nothing is to be altered. another bishop, especially to one who
done by a bishop? — D.Z., Beijing territorial prelature and territorial “Can. 423 §1. One diocesan “§2. Those who temporarily care is his associate and assistant in the
abbacy, an apostolic vicariate, and administrator is to be designated; for the governance of the diocese pastoral care of the community for
A: This is perhaps more a question an apostolic prefecture, and an any contrary custom is reprobated. are forbidden to do anything which which the church has been built, or,
of canon law than liturgy, but I will apostolic administration erected in Otherwise, the election is invalid. […] can be prejudicial in some way to in altogether special circumstances,
attempt to respond as best I can. a stable manner. […] “Can. 425 §1. Only a priest who the diocese or episcopal rights. to a presbyter, to whom he shall give
First of all, we can see what canon “Can. 416 An episcopal see is has completed thirty-five years They, and consequently all others, a special mandate.”
law says about who has authority in vacant upon the death of a diocesan of age and has not already been are specifically prohibited, whether In the light of the above, and
a diocese and what happens when bishop, resignation accepted by the elected, appointed, or presented personally or through another, especially considering that the
the diocese is vacant. Roman Pontiff, transfer, or privation for the same vacant see can be from removing or destroying any vacancy has persisted for over a
“Can. 134 §1. In addition to made known to the bishop. […] designated validly to the function documents of the diocesan curia or year and it is unclear when the
the Roman Pontiff, by the title of “Can. 419 When a see is vacant and of diocesan administrator. from changing anything in them. current situation will change, the
ordinary are understood in the until the designation of a diocesan “§2. A priest who is outstanding “Can. 429 A diocesan diocesan administrator would have
law diocesan bishops and others administrator, the governance of a in doctrine and prudence is to be administrator is obliged to reside the authority and jurisdiction to
who, even if only temporarily, are diocese devolves upon the auxiliary elected as diocesan administrator. in the diocese and to apply Mass for celebrate the rite of dedication of a
placed over some particular church bishop or, if there are several, upon Ҥ3. If the conditions previously the people according to the norm of new church.
or a community equivalent to it the one who is senior in promotion. mentioned in §1 have been can. 388.” In celebrating the rite he would
according to the norm of can. 368 If there is no auxiliary bishop, neglected, the metropolitan or, Although our reader has not omit those ritual elements which
as well as those who possess general however, it devolves upon the college if the metropolitan church itself specified the matter, I think that, are tied to the episcopacy such as
ordinary executive power in them, of consultors unless the Holy See has is vacant, the suffragan bishop given that the vacancy has lasted the use of miter and pastoral staff.
namely, vicars general and episcopal provided otherwise. […] senior in promotion, after he has over two years, we can presume that In this, the diocesan administrator
vicars; likewise, for their own “Can. 421 §1. The college of ascertained the truth of the matter, the priest he calls the senior member differs from other priests who are
members, major superiors of clerical consultors must elect a diocesan is to designate an administrator of the College of Consultors is, in equivalent in law to bishops in a
religious institutes of pontifical right administrator, namely the one who in his place. The acts of the one fact, the diocesan administrator stable manner such as a territorial
and of clerical societies of apostolic is to govern the diocese temporarily, who was elected contrary to the and has thus most of the powers of abbot or an apostolic prefect. These
life of pontifical right who at least within eight days from receiving prescripts of §1, however, are null the bishop except in some special are often granted the right to use
possess ordinary executive power. notice of the vacancy of an episcopal by the law itself. matters — for example, those that some episcopal insignia in the
“§2. By the title of local ordinary see and without prejudice to the “Can. 426 When a see is vacant, require episcopal character such as exercise of their office.
are understood all those mentioned prescript of can. 502, §3. the person who is to govern the the conferral of the sacrament of Apart from these external
in §1 except the superiors of “§2. If a diocesan administrator diocese before the designation of a orders. There are also some other elements, however, the dedication of
religious institutes and of societies has not been elected legitimately diocesan administrator possesses juridical acts that he may never carry the church would be perfectly valid
of apostolic life. within the prescribed time for the power which the law grants to a out, others only with the consent and no supplementary rites would
Ҥ3. Within the context of executive whatever cause, his designation vicar-general. of the college of consultors, and be required when a new bishop
power, those things which in the devolves upon the metropolitan, and “Can. 427 §1. A diocesan others only after a year of vacancy eventually arrives.
CBCP Monitor September 2 - 15, 2019 Vol. 23 No. 18 FEATURE B3

‘Toilets just like home’ or toilets of the third kind?

By Bishop Pablo Virgilio David

SHOULD we or should we not

require the construction of “toilets
of a third kind” in public places
and private establishments in order
to avoid discrimination? As an
ordinary citizen of this country,
may I humbly add a little thought to
the free exchange of ideas over the
burning issue of the day?
Why is it necessary to retain
restricted toilets for women and for
female PWDs? Let’s admit it, women
have greater need for closeted toilets
than men do. In fact most men
can make do with just the urinals.
(NB. Most people would rather do
their “major” toilet activities in the
comfort of home toilets, which, by
the way, are not segregated! )
So, why not be partial to women’s
needs? Notice how often women
have to queue for their turn because
the closeted toilets for women are
never really adequate. Research has
shown why UTI is more common
among women than among men
in the Philippines; they often have
to wait in line much longer in the
women’s room. Ironically, in the
traditional “Men Only” toilets, the
closets are often underutilized. I
have always felt sorry for the long
line of women spilling outside the
women’s toilet waiting for their
turn (such as in airports and malls)
while the men go through the ritual A government worker places an “All Gender” sign in a restroom of the Quezon City Hall compound. PHOTO FROM QCPAISD
of relieving their bladders a lot
more quickly. Why? Because in between them. In short, he is women’s as in the men’s rooms is attendants don’t seem to mind In a nutshell: let’s keep the two
addition to the closeted sections, conscious of the guy standing next not fair at all, considering that we cleaning the men’s toilets even while toilets: one, RESTRICTED (i.e.
you’d often find a huge row of urinals to him and feels awkward about his have, in addition to the closets—a men are using them. But the women for women only), and the other,
in the men’s room. Sometimes I private parts being seen by him. For long row of standing urinals! will certainly mind a male toilet UNRESTRICTED (i.e., just like
honestly feel like persuading some most men in normal circumstances, INVASION? attendant mopping the floor while home), meaning free for all God’s
courageous women in the queue to the urinals with proper dividers Actually, women are more they are using the closets. children!
invade the closeted toilets inside are really quite enough. We have particular about men entering the The solution? Keep the women’s Let me repeat—our real issue is
the men’s room, especially when very minimal toilet needs. We women’s toilets than men are about rooms restricted only to women and NOT EQUALITY BUT EQUITY.
I see that most of them are vacant don’t need to put on or remove a women entering the traditional female PWDs. And please, add more Our differences from each other go
anyway. sanitary napkin. We don’t need to men’s toilets. Proof? Watch how closeted units inside. Since even with differences of needs, including
NO NEED FOR RESTRICTED wipe ourselves after peeing. We the women shriek when a man these restricted toilets are often not toilets. At the end of the day, what
TOILETS FOR MEN don’t even have to pull down our strays into the women’s toilet. I’ve enough for women’s needs, allow the matters most is that we learn to treat
There are only two reasons why a underwear to pee! Isn’t that a huge never seen men shrieking because overflow of women into the other each other with respect. Let it be
man would opt for the closet even advantage? a woman who could not hold her side, which can be simply called: JUST LIKE HOME: following basic
if some urinals are available: one, Honestly I think what women need bladder dares to enter one of the “JLH—just like home” toilets. These rules of charity and sensitivity to the
he needs to do a major transaction; is not equality but equity. Installing closets available in the men’s room. “omnibus” toilets will be open to all: next user. Do we need to legislate
or, two, the urinals have no dividers an equal number of closets in the In malls, the female toilet men, women, children, PWDs, etc. that?

The will to live By Bishop Pablo Virgilio David

IN 1 Kings 19:4-8, we hear about the prophet grant our prayers? Sometimes we do not even depression leads to suicide, I usually prefer referred to as “angels” are not always
Elijah’s struggle with depression. We are told know what we are asking for.) God answers to say, “No, he did not kill himself; it was understood as supernatural beings. The
that when Elijah heard that all the prophets Elijah’s prayer by giving him, not what he depression that killed him.” Hebrew term Mal’ak literally means a
of Israel had been eliminated upon the order asks for, but what he needs—a companion on How else are we to understand the high “messenger”. Elijah himself, as a prophet,
of the murderous Queen Jezebel, he went into the journey. incidence of substance use disorder in our was God’s messenger. But in a situation in
hiding. Conscious that he was now all alone A few weeks ago, the happy news about country? The theory that it is drugs that which the prophet himself has lost his will to
and was bound to suffer the same fate anytime the passing of the Mental Health Bill into cause addiction has long been debunked live, God sends another “messenger” to assist
soon, he lost his will to go on living. And so he a Law was hardly even noticed by many by psychologists. They are the symptom, him. Look what the angel does in the story: he
embarked on a suicidal journey into the desert. Filipinos. Filipino psychiatrists tell us that the not the problem. People who struggle with accompanies him, wakes him up every now
general awareness of Filipinos about mental depression will desperately seek ways of and then, gives him food, and prods him to
“Elijah went a day’s journey into the health remains very low. Only a very small coping, and not all are able to find positive carry on with his journey.
desert, until he came to a broom tree and percentage of Filipinos would think of seeking ways of coping. Those who are unable I wish to see the day when signs printed
sat beneath it. He prayed for death saying: professional help when they go through an to help themselves or seek professional on tarp will be posted in all the parishes of
‘This is enough, O LORD! Take my life, for episode of depression. Most of them would help can end up killing themselves slowly our diocese saying, “Nadi-depress ka ba?
I am no better than my fathers.’ rather suffer alone or quietly than bear the through substance abuse. A person who, for Nawawalan ka ba ng ganang mabuhay?
He lay down and fell asleep under the brunt of being labeled by the uninformed as whatever reason, has lost the will to live, Naghahanap ka ba ng mahihingahan ng iyong
broom tree, “abnormal” or outright “crazy.” will tend to treat his life like trash. I wonder pinagdadaanan sa buhay? Magtext lamang at
but then an angel touched him and ordered Even those who have lost a family member if that’s the reason addicts are sometimes makipag-appointment sa ‘Kaagapay MInistry
him to get up and eat. to suicide would rather keep quiet about called “junkies”. The term is bad enough; Office’ ng ating parokya. Mag-request ng
Elijah looked and there at his head was a the tragic incident. I have encountered the present government has invented an isang volunteer na makikinig at aantabay
hearth cake instances among Catholic families in similar even worse label for them—zombies. No less sa inyo.” Thanks, in a way, to the drug war,
and a jug of water. After he ate and drank, circumstances who have not even bothered than the president has repeatedly referred to we have been forced by circumstances to
he lay down again, to request for a funeral Mass or a blessing addicts as “non-humans”, as “walking dead”. mobilize volunteers for this new ministry of
but the angel of the LORD came back a for their family member. Almost always, I cannot think of a more heartless approach non-professional counseling which we have
second time, they presuppose that the mortal remains of to the disease than the present government’s called “Kaagapay”. Thanks also to the help of
touched him, and ordered,’ people who have committed suicide cannot brutal drug war. If they think their “Shape up professional psychologists and psychiatrists,
Get up and eat, else the journey will be too be allowed to enter Church premises or or be killed” approach can solve the problem our Kaagapay volunteers continue to undergo
long for you!’ receive a proper blessing because they have of addiction, they are terribly wrong. The serious training programs for this new
He got up, ate, and drank; then strengthened “committed a mortal sin.” They are usually threat will only force them to hide, rather ministry of pastoral accompaniment of people
by that food, surprised when I explain to them that yes, a than seek help. The stress can only further with substance use disorder towards recovery,
he walked forty days and forty nights to the person indeed commits a mortal sin if he takes aggravate, not solve, addiction. One does not through our SALUBONG Community-Based
mountain of God, Horeb.” his life, presuming that he is in a right state of even have to be a mental health practitioner Drug Rehabilitation Program. I am confident
mind. Thank God for modern psychology, we to be able to say so; it is plain common sense. that long after the drug war has ended,
Elijah prayed for death; God sent him an have come to understand the complexity of the Who, for heaven’s sake, will persuade those our “angels” in the Kaagapay Ministry will
angel instead—in order to wake him up, feed human psyche a little better. The insight that in authority to go for a more civilized, a more continue to be of great service in our parishes.
him, and prod him to carry on with his journey depression is a disease makes it easier for us to humane, and more realistic approach to the
to the mountain of the Lord. (Doesn’t this comprehend that sometimes, the sufferer can problem of substance abuse? (Note: Sourced from a Facebook post of
make it obvious why God does not always become a hazard to himself. When a person’s In the Old Testament, the characters Bishop Pablo David dated August 12, 2018)
B4 FEATURE September 2 - 15, 2019 Vol. 23 No. 18 CBCP Monitor

Stewardship is humble discipleship

(Homily delivered by Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle during Mass to conclude the Stewardship Summit held at
the Paco Catholic School on August 31, 2019.)
MY dear brothers and sisters, Hi!
Buhay pa ho ba? (crowd answers)
Buhay na buhay pa! Naku, salamat
sa Diyos and we thank God for
sustaining us this whole day and
from the energy that I feel from
you parang you want to stay until
tomorrow parang hindi naman.
And we really thank God for this
day. You have learned a lot already.
Magaganda yung mga sharing
so, siguro when you go home,
spend some time in silence. Yung
tumahimik, magdasal, ano kaya ang
sasabihin pa ng Panginoon sa atin?
After all, all of these things is really
a formation in discipleship.
We are here not just for increasing
collection or managing resources even
if they are in themselves very good
and very much needed sa lipunan at
sa simbahan. Pero sa atin ito ay isang
napakahalagang bahagi ng isang pang
habang buhay na paglalakbay, ang
pagsunod kay Hesus.
A discipleship that leads to
mission. The disciple, that student
of Christ, the one who encounters
Christ. Only Jesus, only Jesus could
teach us how to be a good custodian.
A good steward especially of other
people. And tomorrow po, sabagay
Sunday ano na to, tomorrow, we
start the Season of Creation. Magkita
kita tayo alas singko ng umaga. Ay,
walang sumagot. Ipagdarasal ko na
lang kayo doon sa Quezon Memorial
Circle. Walk for Creation.
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila presides over a Mass for the Stewardship Summit at the Paco Catholic School on August 31, 2019. PHOTO COURTESY OF ERIC PAUL GUANLAO/RCAM-AOC
Ako po ay natutuwa kasi po when
I was bishop in Imus, I started gifts, you appreciate more those who who have the seats of honor all the to accept that. So, ipanalangin natin Kung magpa-fund-raising ba ako
the Season of Creation. And some are humble. time. But in your mindset you’re yung humility na yun. And part of halimbawa, ministry to the people
people were asking, “Ano ba yan So, kahit bigya ka ng bigay ng gifts thinking of the lowly ones. being humble custodians is to take with disabilities para dun sa mga
naging orthodox ka na ba? Naging kala mo maraming magmamahal So, pati sa kainan, ano ho ang care of the humble ones of the world nagsa-sign language, ewan ko
protestant ka na ba? Sabi ko hindi, sa’yo. Mamahalin ka kung ikaw sinasabi ng humility dito sa ating the way Jesus wants us. You want kung ilan ang makukuha ko dyan.
it was even provided by CBCP. Pero ay mapagpakumbaba. And the stewardship? Malaki po. Kasi to be humble then take care of the Pero kung para sa ano ho, meron
parang, nung paglipat ko po dito, humble person sabi dito, knows his po ang steward, siguro lumabas little ones. pa nga ano eh, o sige magbibigay
sinimulan din natin yung Season of or her strength and also his or her naman kanina, ang steward is not Pasintabi po ho kasi napapansin kami sabing ganun, “Ipapangalan
Creation. Lo and behold, it’s now limitations. an owner. An owner or those who ko pati sa resources in the spirit of ba sa amin yung buong building
nationwide, it’s now nationwide. So, humility is really truth. Yung pretend to be owners, they become ano, kapag magpa-fundraising ka, na mag-co-contribute kami?” “Ah,
Ngayon it’s my turn to ask them, pagtanggap ng katotohanan kung proud. Akin ito. But to maintain para sa, o, sige ipapaayos natin yung ganun ho ba?” Anong tawag dun,
“Ano naging orthodox na rin kayo? sino ako. At sabi dito, the greater the spirit of custodianship, ako altar, yung retablo, makakakuha custodian?
Naging protestant na ba kayo? you are, humble yourself the more. ay hindi nagmamay-ari, ako ay ka niyan, may iba nga lalapit pa. Tama na. Tama na. Maano ho
And the Season of Creation is Ang isang tatak ng kadakilaan ay ang tagapangasiwa, at tagapag-alaga “Huwag nyo na ho ipagsasabi pero tayo doon ho, kaya maganda ang
really an expanded, an expanded pagiging mababang loob. para sa nagmamay-ari, that requires ako na ho sasagot nun” ganyan. paalaala ng ating Pagbasa ngayon
school of stewardship. Ano yan Maraming mga ganon, alam natin humility. False pride destroys Mag-ano ka, o tayo po, mag-re-raise ano ho. And let us, let us allow these
eh, sama sama yan eh, human yun eh. Maski naman sa ordinaryong stewardship. tayo ng fund para sa catechetical readings to continue reverberating
ecology, environmental ecology buhay and in the Gospel, Jesus saw Even in creation, kapag tayo ay program, naku pahirapan yan, in our minds and our hearts as we
of the resources, all of that, all of in the meal, in a meal setting how nagpanggap na tayo ang may-ari ng pahirapan. Halimbawa yung continue reflecting on the many
that under the heading of “you are the guests were parang vying for the kalyeng yan, ng lupang yan, ng ilog Sanlakbay, yung ating drug rehab things that had surfaced and had
stewards”. seat of honor. And that occasion, the na yan, then, dahil ako ang may- program para sa parishes, naku po been shared today and with the
Medyo i-konekta ko lang ho, kaya parable, yung seat of honor, kaya ari, kung ano ang gusto kong gawin ho, ano yan, (crowd laughs)alam common orientation of stewardship
pa ba ninyo? Konekta ko lang sa mga sinabi ni Hesus kapag inimbitahan gagawin ko. But a custodian is not niyo na ang ibig kong sabihin. Siguro in your parish, in your locality, in
readings. ka, huwag mo naming i-pressume like that. A steward is a disciple. He kailangan nating pag-isipan yung your concrete situation. Hanapin
The first point po, the readings are na ikaw ang guest of honor. Sa or she tries to discern, what is the sinasabi ng Gospel. ninyo. Ano ang panawagan ni Hesus
about humility, very clearly about kuwento ni Hesus, umupo kaagad mind of the true owner and I will Bakit kapag seat of honor sa inyo diyan sa inyong lugar?
humility. No description, I mean yung tao sa seat of honor kasi nasa take care of what the owner has nagkakandarapa pero kapag yung Papaano iyan isasabuhay?
no definition of humility. Ang hirap isip niya, “Wow ako sigurado ang entrusted to me according to the for the least, the ganun, parang Marami pa sanang ikukuwento
i-define ang humility. Kaya pag guest of honor. Para sa akin ang owner’s desire. So, stewardship is matamlay. Palagay ko mababago kaya lang bukas na doon naman sa
tayo kung minsan gusto natin clear upuan na iyan”. Sino nagsabi nun? humble discipleship. na yan. Napapansin ko yan eh, Season of Creation. Pero magkasama
definitions. Ang mga mahahalagang Wala naman eh, Ikaw! That’ means Kayo po ako maingat na maingat basta may mga fund-raising kapag po talaga yan eh, magkasama. Ang
bahagi ng buhay hindi nade-define. you’re expecting other people to din po ako eh. Halimabawa, minsan tungkol sa, eto nga eh, ipapa-aircon pag-aalaga sa mundo, pag-aalaga
You just describe that is why Jesus treat you that way and nakakahiya kapag kausap yung mga, halimbawa natin ang ating simbahan, naku, ano sa kapwa and all of that rooted in
does not define. Jesus tells parables, kung hindi pala sa iyo. So, you wait, magsisismula ako ng homilya, may yan, nakakayanan yan, nakakayanan our identity - I am not an owner,
stories and you get the point. you wait. nagsabi sa akin niyan eh nung yung monthly bills. Ok, stewardship, I am a steward. And so, a steward
In the First Reading from the And then part of that humility is parish priest ako, “Father bakit mo ok yan. Pero tanong ko, kamusta follows an owner. I am a disciple.
Book of Sirach, ito maganda ho, di you do not respect only and invite kami tinatawag, my parishioners, naman ang monthly collection And I execute what my master wants
ba, yung giver of gifts, kapag may only those who always occupy seats pag-aari nyo ba kami?” Oo nga for the support of public school me to do.
nagbibigay sa inyo ng regalo, our of honor because you would get naman hindi nga pala. Si Hesus students? Meron ba? Baka nga wala Simbahan ho kayo bukas kala nyo
response is we love that person, something in return. Give honor ang shepherd, kami ang custodians. eh. Pang aircon meron kaya it’s not exempted na kayo ha kasi Season
we appreciate that person. We like to the poor, the beggars, those And the good news is, the good just about managing money, it is of Creation bukas para naman
that person. Pero sabi ng Book of who cannot repay you. Give them shepherd is risen and will not die about discipleship. maano natin yung isang aspeto pa
Sirach, mas minamahal ng iba ang the honor. Show them that you are again. He will not retire. Kami If I don’t follow Jesus, I might put ng stewardship.
mapagkumbaba. Kung mahal mo honoring them. magreretire eh, pero the good my priorities in things that may be Let us pause and allow the Lord to
yung nagbibigay sayo, mas mahal So, even in giving honor you choose shepherd will not so, he must good but not the priority of Jesus speak again in our hearts.
mo yung hindi mayabang. While the humble and in your humble remain the owner and lahat tayo ay who is the true owner and I am a
you appreciate people who give you mindset, you associate not with those custodians. But it requires humility caretaker. (Sourced from:

The signs of the times and the need for

compassion, conversion and change
Official Statement of MSC Philippines Province On the Killings throughout the land
WE, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart – of the Times: members of the New People’s Army or its In the name of the God who calls us to
Philippine Province, meeting in a Provincial Above all, the almost daily killings sympathizers, again invariably in the name Conversion, we plea: Give the poor who are
Conference, are convinced of Pope Francis’ happening throughout the land that victimize of the War against Drugs and Terrorism and into drugs a chance to reform themselves just
advice to view reality from the “periphery” the poor and church people. In Negros Counterinsurgency. In the urban areas of as you are given the chance for conversion
and not from the center in the light of the Island, four Catholic Bishops have issued Manila and in the peripheral nooks of Luzon, to mercy and justice! Put an end to this
Gospel (EG, 51). We are inspired by our an Obligatory Prayer to stop the killings and Visayas and Mindanao, the killings are done impunity to kill which is really in your
Founder, Jules Chevalier, when he said: massacres of the poor done in the name of either by men in uniform or by assassins political will power to stop!
“From the love of his heart comes the infinite the War against Terrorism and Communist riding in tandem. As we plea for Compassion and Conversion,
mercy that Jesus shows towards sinners and Insurgency. In Cebu, the Catholic Archbishop We MSC declare that we take the side of we also ask that we engage one another in a
that tender compassion for those who suffer” has urged the faithful to recite the “Oratio the poor seriously. The Signs of the Times fruitful and honest Conversation on what is
(Chevalier, Le Sacre-Coeur, 214). We are Imperata” to stop the killings done in we cite above plea for Compassion and best for our people and our common home
heartened by this call of Jesus: “Come to me, the name of the War Against Drugs. In Conversion and Conversation for Change and even in the midst of war. For God’s love and
all you who labor and are heavily burdened the Lumad ancestral lands in Mindanao Transformation. justice which we share are more powerful
and I will refresh you. Take my yoke upon you and Northern Luzon, indigenous people, In the name of the God of Compassion, than the greed and self-interest that divide us.
and learn from me for I am meek and humble human rights advocates and defenders we urge the killers and the brains behind
of heart; and you will find rest for your souls. and the clergy and the lay especially of the them: Stop the killings of the poor! Stop the
For my yoke is easy and my burden light Protestant Church and the Iglesia Filipina attacks against human rights advocates and Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
(Matt 11:28-30)”. And thus, we are deeply Independiente are killed, after their Bishops, defenders! Stop persecuting the pastorally- Philippine Province
moved by the following reality as one Sign Priests and Lay Leaders were demonized as engaged Church people, both clergy and lay! August 2019 Provincial Conference
CBCP Monitor September 2 - 15, 2019 Vol. 23 No. 18 STATEMENTS B5

Angelus Address of His Holiness Pope Francis at

St. Peter’s Square on September 1, 2019
(Before the Angelus) humility, not feigned humility, that responsibility in face of the Earth’s
which in Piedmont is called mugna cry.
DEAR Brothers and Sisters, good quacia, no, not that, <but> true I greet you all, from Italy and
morning! humility. from various parts of the world. In
First of all I apologize for the In the second parable, Jesus turns particular, I greet the Ukrainian
delay, but there was an incident: to the host and, referring to the way pilgrims—  Slava Jisusu Khristu!—
I was stuck in the elevator for 25 of choosing the guests for the feast, that have come from several
minutes! There was a voltage drop He says to him: “When you give a countries, on the occasion of the
and the elevator stopped. Thank God feast, invite the poor, the maimed, Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian
the firemen came—I thank them so the lame, the blind, and you will Greek-Catholic Church, which will
much!—and, after 25 minutes of be blessed, because they cannot take place in Rome in the coming
work, they succeeded in making it repay you” (vv. 13-14). Here, too, days. I greet the Sisters and young
go—an applause for the firemen! Jesus goes completely against the people in formation of the San
 This Sunday’s Gospel current, manifesting, as always, Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo
(Cf. Luke 14:1.7-14) shows us Jesus the logic of God the Father. And Institute. Thank you!  Thank you for
going to dine in the house of a He also adds the key to interpret your witness! Thank you for what
ruler of the Pharisees. Jesus looks His address. And what is the key? you do and for what you teach; go on,
and observes how the guests run— A promise: if you do so, “you will be go on! The cyclists of Cunardo and
hasten to take the first places. It’s rewarded at the resurrection of the the faithful of Cerro di Bottanuco;
a rather widespread attitude, also just (v. 14). This means that one who the Catholic Action group of Lecce
in our days, and not only when behaves this way will have the divine and the young people of San Matteo
one is invited to a lunch: generally, reward, much greater than the della Decima, Gallo Ferrarese and
the first place is sought to affirm a human repayment: I will do you this Capriate San Gervasio.
presumed superiority over others. favour, expecting that you will do Next Wednesday, God willing, I
In reality, this seeking of the first me another. No, this isn’t Christian. will leave for an Apostolic Journey
places hurts the community, be it Humble generosity is Christian. In to Africa, to visit the populations
civil or ecclesial, because it destroys fact, the human repayment usually of Mozambique, Madagascar and
fraternity. We all know these people: falsifies relationships, renders them Mauritius. I ask you to accompany
climbers, who always climb to go “commercial,” introducing personal me with prayer, so that this pastoral
up, up… They harm fraternity, they interest in a relationship that should visit will bear the desired fruits.
damage fraternity. In face of that be generous and free. Instead, Jesus Next October 5, I will hold a
scene, Jesus tells two brief parables. invites to selfless generosity, to open Consistory for the appointment of
The first parable is addressed to the way toward a much greater joy, ten new Cardinals. Their provenance
one who is invited to a banquet, and the joy of being sharers in the very expresses the missionary vocation
He exhorts him not to put himself love of God, who awaits us, all of us, of the Church, which continues to
in the first place, “lest—He says—a in the heavenly banquet. proclaim the merciful love of God
Pope Francis leads the Angelus from the window of his studio overlooking St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican
more eminent man than you be May the Virgin Mary, “humble to all men on earth. Here are the Sept. 1, 2019. VATICAN MEDIA
invited, and he who invited you both and higher than a creature” (Dante, names of the new Cardinals:
will come, and say to you, ‘Give place Paradise, XXXIII, 2) help us to Monsignor Miguel Angel Ayuso
to this man!’’ —a disgrace!  “Then recognize ourselves as we are, Guixot, President of the Pontifical Monsignor Alvaro Leonel Monsignor Michael Louis
you will begin with shame to take namely, small, and to rejoice in Council for Inter-Religious Ramazzini Imeri, Bishop of Fitzgerald, Archbishop Emeritus
the lowest place” (vv. 8-9). Instead, giving without a return. Dialogue; Huehuetenango; of Nepte;
Jesus teaches to have the opposite Monsignor Jose Tolentino Monsignor Mattep Zuppi, Monsignor Sigitas Tamkevicius,
attitude: “When you are invited, (After the Angelus) Calaca de Mendonca, Archivist Archbishop of Bologna; Archbishop Emeritus of Kaunas;
go and sit in the lowest place, so and Librarian if the Holy Roman Monsignor Cristobal Lopez Monsignor Eugenio Dal Corso,
that when your host comes he may TODAY, September 1, is the Church; Romero, Archbishop of Rabat; Bishop Emeritus of Benguela.
say to you, ‘Friend, go up higher!’” World Day of Prayer for the Care of Monsignor Ignatius Suharyo Father Michael Czerny, S.J.,
(v. 10). Therefore, we must not Creation. It’s an ecumenical prayer, Hardjoatmodjo, Archbishop of Under-Secretary of the Migrants Let us pray for the new Cardinals
seek of our initiative the attention which encourages awareness and Jakarta; Section of the Dicastery for so that, confirming their adherence
and consideration of others but, if commitment to protect our common Monsignor Juan de la Caridad the Service of Integral Human to Christ, they may help me in my
anything, let others give it to you. home, with a more sustainable Garcia Rodriguez, Archbishop of Development. ministry as Bishop of Rome for the
Jesus always shows us the way of personal and family life. From San Cristobal de la Habana; Together with them, I will join to the benefit of all the holy people of God.
humility—we must learn the way of today on,—until October 4, feast Monsignor Fridolin Ambongo members of the College of Cardinals And I wish you all a happy
humility!— as it is the most genuine, of Saint Francis of Assisi,—is a Besungu, Archbishop of Kinshasa; two Archbishops and one Bishop, who Sunday. Please, don’t forget to
which also makes it possible to favourable time to praise God for Monsignor Jean-Claude Hollerich, have distinguished themselves for pray for me. Enjoy your lunch and
have genuine relationships. True all His creatures and for assuming Archbishop of Luxemburg; their service to the Church: goodbye!

‘Along the Road to Emmaus and Back to Jerusalem’

AMRSP 2019 Biennial Convention Statement
WE, the 205 superiors and delegates listened to without judgment. continue to escalate. Killings have with our wisdom, bringing forth the Philippine society.
of the AMRSP Convention of 2019, “Standing still and looking sad” become the norm. Conflict has from our store things both new and a. Fight against forced
have gathered here in Iloilo City to (Lk 24:17b), they are afflicted disrupted the formation of the old (CV 16). displacement and human
reflect on the theme of “Consecrated by what is happening around, young especially the lumads, as trafficking.
Persons Accompanying the Filipino they find themselves in a world their indigenous schools have been Confessio b. Support Talitha Kum and
Youth in mission: Beloved, Gifted, threatened by climate change, ordered closed by the government. Sad to say, we have been remiss other initiatives to stop human
Empowered.” injustices, corruption and violation Political prisoners have risen in of this duty. We bow our heads trafficking.
of human rights. number as peace talks have bogged in shame and beat our breasts c. Support campaigns to end
Along the Road to Emmaus down. for the transgressions, abuses, in contractualization and other unjust
Climate Change particular sexual abuses committed labor practices.
Resource Persons Pope Francis called the situation Accompaniment by consecrated persons. We humbly
At the convention, we listened of the environment a climate Like Jesus who walked with his ask for forgiveness and mercy and 5. To promote peace and
intently to the talks of Bishop emergency that threatens the very two disciples going to Emmaus, do justice to the victims. peace building efforts
Leopoldo Jaucian, SVD, DD, Chair survival of the human race. We listening to them, interpreting the a. Support Bangsamoro
of Episcopal Commission on Youth heard the cry of the earth as it Word of God, staying with them and To the World Autonomous Region in Muslim
on the theme of the convention; groans from the heavy burden sharing a meal, we, major religious Action Points Mindanao (BARMM).
Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, SJ, imposed by consumerism and superiors and our members in the Therefore, believing that we are b. Act as convenors for dialogue
DD, of Archdiocese of Cagayan de materialism. Present and future congregations, will accompany the sent to evangelize the world, we and mediators for peace processes.
Oro on “The National Situation generations will live in a world of present youth and let them realize commit ourselves to the following:
from the Mindanao Perspective;” death and destruction if we do not that God has been with them, 6. To promote good
Ms. Leslie Ann Rosal of Ateneo de take radical steps to stem the tide lovingly gazing at them, in this 1. To renew our ministry governance.
Manila, Theology Department, on of climate change. broken world. with the youth. a. Organize and support initiatives
“#Millennials: Understanding the a. Pastoral conversion: to walk to push for greater transparency
Filipino Youth Towards Church Injustices “Stay with us, because it is with the young, to acknowledge and accountability of government
Transformation and Mission;” We listened to the cry of the almost evening…” (Lk. 24:29b) their situation, and to recognize agencies and offices.
Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, poor wallowing in abject poverty Like the two disciples, the youth and listen to where they are.
Diocese of Pasig, on “P/Reaching both in the urban and rural areas. invite us to stay with them. As b. Accompaniment of the youth: 7. To promote human rights
to the Post-Millennials in the Worldwide, the richest families servant-leaders, we bend low to to facilitate transformative and and human dignity.
Philippine Contemporary Culture;” control more than half of earthly serve them who are the least, the holistic formation of the youth, a. Denounce red-tagging of
Sean Patrick Lovett, the Vatican goods. Inequality, exclusion and last, the lost and the lonely. to ensure a safe and caring individuals, organizations and
Chief Correspondent and Vice inequitable distribution of resources As shepherds of the flock, we environment. communities, and actively support
President of the Center for Research have impoverished and forcibly use our power and authority with c. Continuing synodal process: to victims of the government’s
and Education in Communication displaced so many, killing the dignity and humility, at the service foster inclusive participation of the harassments and intimidations.
on “Impacting Young People’s dreams of our youth for a humane of hope and healing, of mercy and youth in discerning and responding b. Submit report to the UN Office
Lives Through Communication, life. Laborers are in a continuing compassion - OF JOY AND OF to present challenges. of High Commissioner on Human
the Greatest Thrill;” and Fr. John diaspora, searching for greener LOVE. Rights
Era, CM, on “The Clergy Sex Abuse pastures abroad only to fall victim 2. To set up an inter-
Scandal: The Challenges and to human trafficking. Back home, Back to Jerusalem congregational office In the face of these realities,
Opportunities Accompanying the they work under unjust conditions, Like the two disciples, the youth and provide personnel to daunting challenges and these
Youth in the World Today.” plagued by contractualization. hopefully go back empowered saf eguar d in g min or s an d commitments, we, consecrated
as we affirm their inherent role vulnerable adults. women and men, go forth with
The Filipino Youth Corruption in continuing God’s mission to the youth with hearts burning
We also listened to the reports Billions of pesos are lost every “proclaim the gospel until the ends 3. To undergo ecological with renewed hope and joy,
of our mission partners which can year to graft and corruption. The of the earth (Mk 16:15). They are conversion to stem the tide of proclaiming, ‘the Lord has risen
help us deal with the youth, and public coffers have become the ready for action, empowered by the climate change. indeed!’, preaching repentance for
engaged in the Faith Conversation milking cow of those in power, Holy Spirit to do wonderful things a. Transitioning from fossil fuel the forgiveness of sins in his name.
with Fr. Mark Lester Senina, the further entrenching a system of in the Church and in the world. to clean energy (Lk. 24:34,47).
Diocesan Youth Director of Jaro, patronage and privilege. Good b. Total ban of single-use plastics
and his staff, and lastly, dialogued governance and accountability is Christus Vivit c. Advocate for the rights of
with the youths themselves, face- a goal we have yet to achieve even His Holiness Pope Francis, in this nature. For the Participants to the AMRSP
to-face in their schools. as pockets of hope bloom in some Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Joint Biennial Convention
As a result, we came to know more areas. Christus Vivit, reminds us adults, 4. To educate our students
about them, their characteristic that “… Jesus has no use for adults and parishioners that the Fr. Cielito R. Almazan, OFM
traits, their confusions, their Violation of Human Rights who look down on the young or present social conditions Sr. Marilyn A. Java, RC
anxieties, their loneliness, their Peace remains elusive in our lord it over them” (CV 14). He also affecting them are rooted in AMRSP Co-Chairpersons
disbeliefs and their need to be beloved land as violence and conflict calls us to accompany the young the unjust social structures in Iloilo City, July 17, 2019
B6 REFLECTIONS September 2 - 15, 2019 Vol. 23 No. 18 CBCP Monitor

The church as a community of We are precious to God

mercy and compassion
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, (Luke 15:1-32)
September 15, 2019
By Fr. Sal Putzu, SDB
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, (Luke 15:1-32)
September 15, 2019 WE manifest the value we attach to suffering, and death of God’s Son.
By Msgr. Lope C. Robredillo, SThD what we own by the care with which The reaction of the shepherd and
we use it or the way we keep it, and the woman when they lose what they
especially by the pain we experience hold so dear is one of ANXIOUS
when we lose it. That is why Jesus CONCERN and ACTIVE SEARCH
used the parables of the lost sheep in view of finding that one lost item.
and of the lost coin to impress on his The meaning of all this is that God’s
audience how dear each individual LOVE for sinners does not
human being is to God. just wait patiently for them to
We are precious to Him come back. Instead, it goes in
because He has created us in search of them, as if nothing
His image and likeness, and else mattered.
has destined us to share His The case of Paul’s conversion in
life for ever. And the proof of today’s Second Reading is a practical
how dear we are to God is in what example not only of God’s immense
He does when we run the risk of patience with sinners (see v. 16),
getting lost. but also of how mercifully and
When this happens, He does not generously He deals with them. (See
sit back and conclude, in a detached v. 14.) Each of us could tell the same
manner, that such has been our story, for all of us have experienced
choice and that He respects it. Nor God’s merciful love not just once,
does He find consolation for our but numberless times.
loss in thinking that, after all, He Today’s parables also tell us that
still has so many other people who when God manages to rescue a
HOW DO WE understand ourselves of a Church member who is far many episodes, I got the impression remain close to Him . . . . We are sinner (symbolized by the finding of
as a Christian community? It is from perfect. In the 2nd Reading, that if the show tells us anything, it not just precious to Him. We are the lost sheep/coin), He REJOICES
strange that people usually are which is an excerpt from his letter tells us that many people have no UNIQUELY PRECIOUS to Him and CELEBRATES with His
proud of their communities of faith to Timothy, he said, “I was once a tolerance for the slightest human and He loves each of us as if “friends and neighbors.” Love
on account of their achievements—a blasphemer, a persecutor, a man mistake. That we think we are he/she were the only one who rejoices and celebrates and invites
good retreat house, an elegant filled with arrogance” (1 Tim 1:13); always right, and that we value exists. Both parables in today’s others to be part of it! It is the pure
chapel, and a flourishing cooperative. he claimed to be the worst sinner (1 money more than forgiveness in Gospel passage speak of ONE getting rejoicing that replaces the past
We say that it is strange because the Tim 1:15). In today’s Gospel, Luke human relationships and healing of lost, be it a sheep or a coin. sorrow and overflows on all those
picture of a Christian community prefaces the three parables with broken bonds—this seems to be the That is why, when we make a who shared the pain of the loss. It
that appears in the New Testament these words: “The tax collectors and bottom line of the show. Indeed, wrong choice, God does not get is just right that all the friends of
is not one that is concerned with sinners were all gathering around how often it seems that we have resigned to the idea that we should God should rejoice. They are part
its achievements, but one that is to hear him, at which the Pharisees little tolerance for the spiritually suffer the consequences for it. He of His “family.” We should feel part
concerned about its very life, and and the scribes murmured, ‘This or morally lost! We have very would not get resigned to this loss of the family!
the quality of that life. man welcomes sinners and eats with few nice things said about them. even if we were the only ones to So the two parables do
In his letter to the Colossians, for them’” (Luke 15:1-2). It is possible But today’s readings have one be lost. This is the reason for not just tell us how precious every
instance, St Paul wrote: “I want you that Luke’s community demanded message: If God showed mercy and the Incarnation. This is the human being is to God, but also
to know how hard I am struggling for the exclusion of sinners, or at least compassion to the people of Israel reason for all that Christ did how much we should share in His
you and for the Laodiceans and the some stringent requirements from despite her idolatry, if he forgave and endured in order to find appreciation and love for each
many others who have never seen them. Anyhow, the parables clearly Paul despite his claim to being the the “lost sheep” and bring human person, participate in His
me in the flesh. I wish their hearts indicate that there were sinners in worst sinner, so Jesus calls us now them home to the safety of concern over those who are in
to be strengthened and themselves the community. to show mercy and compassion to the Father’s house. There is no danger of getting lost, and be one
to be closely united in love, enriched But precisely because the quality the lost, and rejoice in their return greater sign of how precious each with Him in rejoicing over the
with the full assurance by their of its life is important, the Christian to the fold. At the heart of every of us is to God than the incarnation, finding of the lost brothers or sisters.

Learning to be resourceful
knowledge of the mystery of God, community should be a community member of the Christian community
namely, Christ” (Col 2:1-2). In these not only of love, but also of mercy should be mercy, compassion for the
words, Paul virtually described and forgiveness. The community wayward members, and joy in their
the identity of the Church: it is a
community united in love, enriched
by the knowledge of Christ. Of
cannot deal with sinners by isolating
them, or excluding them from the
fellowship of God’s people. One
We cannot be indifferent even
to a single sinner. We cannot
in the things that matter
course, this implies that there is no does not preserve the sanctity of the be assuaged by the thought that 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, (Luke 16:1-13)
such a Christian as an individual community by punishing sinners; we can exclude them, since there September 22 2019
one; to be a Christian is to belong that would in the end reduce the are still many members who are
By Fr. Sal Putzu, SDB
to a community. And what unites it community into thin air. On the faithful and good. The life of each
is not so much law and authority as contrary, it is the combination of one, sinful though he may be, is
love and knowledge in Christ. It is love and mercy that makes the important. We can never give up a
this love relationship that identifies community whole. Even though lost member. After all, the Church
the Church. If it is asked how are he claimed to be the worst sinner, is not a community of self-righteous
we, the Church, to be recognized as Paul confessed that God has treated people. If it is a community known
Christian, it is not by the badge we him mercifully (1 Tim 1:13b). As for by the love that prevails among its
wear, the idiom we use, but by the Israel’s idolatry, God allowed himself members and by their knowledge of
love we profess in the community. to be persuaded. He relented in the the Lord, then it must love and have
As John puts it, “this is know all will punishment he had threatened to compassion for everyone, including
know you for my disciples: your love inflict his people (Exod 32:14). In the lost. According to Paul, our
for one another” (John 13:35). the parables of the Gospel today— vocation is to be an example to
Obviously, though, the individuals the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the those who would later have faith
who form the community are far from lost son—the same point is being in Christ, and gain everlasting life
perfect. They are people who are all driven home: the Christian God is (1 Tim 1:16b). And we cannot be
too human. There are always failures a God of mercy and compassion. that kind of community if we are
in love within the community. These parables were taught to quick to condemn sinners, and
It would be presumptuous of its explain why Jesus accepted the separate ourselves from them.
members to profess that they are set tax collectors and sinners into his On the contrary, that would even
apart from the rest of humanity in company: God does not seek the make hypocrites out of us. Which
virtue of their perfection. In the Old destruction of sinners, but their is why, every time we celebrate the
Testament, God constituted Israel a acceptance to the community of the Eucharist, we pray: “Lord, look not
chosen people; but as the 1st Reading rule of God; all he wants is to save on our sins, but on the faith of your
notes, after Yahweh solemnly made the lost, and celebrate their finding Church.” More positively, we say
a covenant with them, displaying in joy. in the Roman Canon (Eucharistic
his mighty power at Sinai as he gave This message is not without Prayer I, 1970 text): “Though we
them the Ten Words, the Israelites relevance. The last time I went to are sinners, we trust in your mercy IT seems an established fact that saints of active life and missionaries
committed apostasy by creating the US, I was struck by a regular TV and love. Do not consider what many of those who concentrate only have always been in the forefront in
for themselves a molten calf (Exod show, “People’s Court,” where cases we truly deserve, but grant us your on earthly values (those we call the the building up of the Kingdom not
37:7-8). Paul himself is an example were resolved in a jiffy. Having seen forgiveness.” “unbelievers”) are cleverer and more only in the hearts of the individuals,
enterprising than those who profess but also in their own society. Their

If Christians were only more enterprising to believe in God and in the afterlife.
Perhaps this is a pattern as old as
mankind, and one wonders why
enterprise, ingenuity, dedication
and perseverance have been
monumental, amazing, and often

about discipleship things should be so . . . .

The only plausible
explanation is that many of the
Unfortunately, saints and
missionaries have always
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, (Luke 16:1-13) so-called “children of light” (the been far too few. They have been
September 22 2019 believers) have failed to appreciate the pinch of leaven which is expected
the relationship existing between to raise the whole dough. But when
By Msgr. Lope C. Robredillo, SThD this world and the world to come; we consider that every Christian
between what they do and the believer is expected to be
IN THE LATTER part of lives, living isolated existence human outlook and attitudes. “coming” of the Kingdom. They “leaven,” “salt of the earth,”
his Communist Manifesto, Karl untouched by what is happening In the 2nd Reading (1 Tim 2:1- have failed to understand that and “light of the world,” we
Marx says that philosophers around them.  This, however, is 8), St Paul speaks of leading the Kingdom of God is in the have to admit that the great majority
have hitherto explained the far removed from the teaching “undisturbed and tranquil making already now, and that of them (of us!) have failed to live up
world; the point, however, of the Church.  As Vatican II, lives in perfect piety and all Christian believers are the to the demands of such a duty.
is to change it.  The maxim in Gaudium et spes, notes, the dignity” (v 2) which, in his laborers sent by God to work Eternal life and its superior value
might well be paraphrased and Christian community is truly own cultural context and time, in it and make it grow as fast as was often brought in to justify
applied to being Christian.  To and intimately linked with the could be achieved by peaceful possible and as best as they can. or compensate for the lack of
be Christian, it is not enough world and its history.  And relationship with the Emperor It is most unfortunate that many appreciation and commitment to
to explain the world in terms the 1971 Synod of Bishops, and those in authority (vv 1-2); Christians, for centuries, have social justice and the creation of
of Christian faith; it is more in  Justice in the World, even but in our own context, we can viewed their lives on earth only as a more human and fair society.
important to use that faith says that participation in the lead really peaceful lives if we a sort of “waiting room” in which God’s help and providence were
in changing the world.  It is transformation of the world is are able to acquire outlook and all that they did was intended to all too easily called in to make up
appalling to note that many a constitutive dimension of the values that are not foreign to be for the salvation of “their soul,” for one’s lack of vision, foresight,
people see what is wrong Church’s mission. Christian ones.  At present, the as well as for the salvation of the enterprise, determination . . . . God
with our world today, but In changing the world, the world is still far removed from souls of others. The dimension of was expected to straighten
even as Christians, they do Christian knows of course that authentic tranquility because commitment to the promotion up too many crooked lines; to
not do anything to contribute it must begin with the change of many people still think that of temporal and human values complete too many unfinished
to the transformation of the attitude of people who maintain happiness and undisturbed as part of the earthly stage of projects . . . . And yet those
world so that it may conform the world.  After all, economic, life can be secured by making God’s Kingdom was mostly Christians professed to believe that
to the Christian vision.  They cultural and political structures a god out of money.   But far neglected. There have been God has given men intelligence,
are satisfied with their own are simply consequences of Christians / B7 exceptions, of course. Numerous Learning / B7
CBCP Monitor September 2 - 15, 2019 Vol. 23 No. 18 SOCIAL CONCERNS B7

How we can save the planet and ourselves

By Fr. Shay Cullen

THE ongoing burning of the reduce global warming, see photos

rainforests in Brazil under the newly on and www.
elected president Jair Bolsonaro Once in the
is an indication of the destructive early 1950s, when I was growing up,
power of a dictatorial leader. He is we had an organic vegetable garden.
allowing thousands of hectares of I ate the beans and peas raw. They
rainforest to be cut down and burnt. were delicious. That was before the
Toxic fumes engulf many Brazilian destructive onslaught of chemical
towns. He is changing the forest into farming in the 1960s where there
grazing lands for beef production. was widespread, indiscriminate,
It is disastrous, it adds to global spraying of pesticides in the United
warming as the rainforest absorbs States and in Europe. They were
huge amount of CO2. Billions of fossil-based synthetic fertilizers
cattle raised for beef emit millions and they poison and damage the
of tons of methane gas annually that planet. Farmers were persuaded to
contribute to global warming. It is use them.
a policy whereby the rich get richer Chemical farming changed
and the indigenous people lose their everything in agriculture and the
ancestral forestlands. food production industry. The
In the Philippines, more than publication of the challenging
90% of the original rainforest cover environmental science book “Silent
has been destroyed. Illegal logging Spring” by Rachel Carson in 1962
companies find ways to circumvent challenged the chemical industry
the ban of logging and continue and caused an uproar, thus, the
to eat away at the environment environmental protection movement
destroying species and plants. was born. Today, environmentalists
Activist defending the remaining and conservationists are fighting to
forests have been killed. A Global preserve the planet’s ecosystems
Witness report released on July and reminding us that all life on
29, 2019 ranked the Philippines as earth and our lives depend on
the worst violator of the rights of preserving the balance of nature
environmental and land defenders in a healthy environment where
in 2018. the oceans, forests, plants, crops,
One of most influential Philippine insects, animals and all wild life
environmentalists was Gina Lopez, a can live and thrive in harmony in a Smoke from the fires raging in the Amazon forest is visible on NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System Worldview application Aug. 21.
good of friend of mine, who passed sustainable way. Leaders of the Latin American bishops’ council urged international action Aug. 22 to save the rainforest as massive fires continued to burn. NASA
away recently at 65. She was from a The latest UN report, the first
leading family and became the most in 15 years, predicts that up to a is useless as a medicine. Director of the Wyss Campaign the environment. The Rome
active and dedicated secretary of million plants and animals and The South African government for Nature, said in a statement Statement in 1972 on the “Limits
the Department of Environment fish are in danger of extinction in won permission to open the rhino during the ongoing conference in to Growth” foresaw the present
and Natural Resources (DENR) the next twenty or thirty years. It is population to trophy hunting. It is “a Geneva that there is still time to disaster of unlimited economic
and closed 29 mines for destroying happening by allowing deforestation kill them to save them” policy. It is halt the mass extinction. They are and population growth on a
the environment .She was known and spewing plastic into the oceans all wrong. The Northern white rhino working with National Geographic planet with finite resources. The
as a person of great integrity. and rivers. If the killing of the is now extinct, and if this policy to preserve 30% of the planet by warming of the planet is also
She served for 8 months but won magnificent elephants for their ivory continues then the Southern black 2030 called the “Global Deal for causing the extinction of species.
the ire of the pro-mining group continues at the present pace, they will be extinct too. It is ignorance, Nature”. The development banks have
members of the Commission will be practically extinct in fifty quackery, and greed that cause mass Another 100 groups of scientists funded coal-fired power plants,
on Appointment composed of years time. extinction. Only about 5,000 black and environmentalists working polluting industries and especially
Senators and Congressmen and Twenty thousand elephants are rhinos exist today, almost 2,000 of together have a plan to preserve half the plastic-based industries. A
her appointment was not confirmed. being killed every year, that is 55 a them in South Africa. At the turn of the planet by 2050. It means that faster switch to renewal sources
She continued supporting many day. This is shocking and avoidable. of the century there were many they will campaign and lobby for for electricity is the answer.
NGO environmental causes and Some countries in Africa have strong thousands across the continent. an end to the plundering of natural Electing people to government
received a UN award for her work protection measures, others do not. The UN report says one million resources, massive extraction of with a strong commitment to the
in child protection. Some Asians want the elephant species are at risk of extinction minerals and deforestation. It is environment is the only hope to
At the Preda Foundation, tusks carved into ivory ornaments and humans are causing it. We widespread in the Philippines and change damaging policies and to
conservation work goes on. We and they pay high prices. Although have to change our life-style, stop is destroying the ancestral lands save the planet together with the
are planting 3000 more mango the trade in ivory is now banned, eating beef, eat more fish and be of the indigenous people. They will many actions and projects of the
trees with the Aeta indigenous China may circumvent it. Some more vegetarians. The fish too promote massive planting of trees public. It is the healthy, chemical-
upland farmers of Zambales. This very ignorant and deluded people are endangered poisoned by the and the banning of plastics as much free environment that will provide
is to give them more livelihood, with weak procreation ability think millions of tons of plastic dumped as they can. us humans with a sustainable
prevent landslides and soil erosion, rhino horn has medicinal properties in the oceans. Despite this gloomy The irresistible urge for capitalists planet and provide healthy organic
protect hundreds of species and to aid their drooping and flagging picture, there is hope to preserve the to have endless economic growth food free of deadly pesticides and
off-set carbon emissions to help sexual prowess. They are wrong, it planet and wildlife. Brian O’Donnell, and development is destroying chemicals.

Judicial / B2 Christians / B6

positions, especially taking into especially after having read the acts, from bringing us peaceful benefiting mainly the wealthy; heart, we know that these two
consideration that the overall view to round off his case. lives, such an outlook brings voiceless growth, without concerns of our lives—for
of the case does not really come until If the parties neglect to prepare about the opposite.   As Paul extension of democracy God and for Mammon—are
the publication of the acts. a defense brief within the time observes in the same letter, or empowerment; rootless so opposed to each other that
Even if the pertinent canons speak available to them, or if they entrust “those who want to be rich growth that causes cultural we cannot give ourselves to
of the parts being involved in the themselves to the knowledge and are falling into temptation identities to wither; God and money at the same
final discussion stage, in general, the conscience of the judge, the and a trap.  They are letting f u t u re l e s s g ro w t h   t h a t time.  The reason for this is
the advocate and the defender of judge can pronounce sentence at themselves be captured by destroys the environment that “no man can serve two
the bond prepare all the discussion once (c.1606). foolish and harmful desires (CBCP,  Exhortation on the masters.  Either he will hate
papers. The defense briefs and which drag men down to Philippine Economy). the one and love the other
The final discussion is observations are to be in writing, ruin and destruction.  The For Christians, the message or be attentive to the one
predominantly in writing, although unless the judge with the consent love of money is the root of is clear: if we, as individuals and despise the other” (Luke
the judge may permit what may of the parties decides that an all evil.  Some men in their and as community, wish to 16:13a).  This being the case,
be called as a n c i l l a r y o r a l oral debate before the tribunal is passion for it have strayed live tranquil lives, we should the right attitude toward wealth
discussions. sufficient (c.1602, §1). However, from the faith, and have come stick to the Good News: God is therefore to make good use
Like all the stages of the process, if the defense briefs together with to grief amid great pain (1 Tim is One, and One also is the of it so as to reap eternal
only those things, which are taken the principal documents are to be 6:9-10). mediator between God and reward or, as Luke would have
down in the acts, shall be considered printed, the prior authorization The 1st Reading (Amos 8:4- men, the man Jesus Christ it, to have a “lasting reception”
in the final deliberation of the of the judge is required, but with 7) provides us some examples (1 Tim 2:5).  At the heart of (Luke 16:9).
tribunal for sentencing. Thus: the obligation of secrecy if it exists of the staggering toll when our lives is thus the One and  The problem today, however,
a) It is absolutely forbidden that (c.1602, §2). one has such an outlook and Only God, and therefore we is that, if the world economy,
information given to the judge by Such defense briefs and makes accumulation of wealth cannot substitute another god, wars and the poverty of the
the parties or the advocated or observations should be the purpose of his existence.  It the money-god.  The proper Third World are any index,
other persons remain outside the communicated to the parties leads to unscrupulousness and attitude to life is to place God those who make a god out of
acts of the case (c.1604, §1). (c.1603, §1). dishonesty: “We will diminish above everything else, and money—and the power that
b) In case a moderate oral debate the ephah, add to the shekel, our chief concern is not how goes with it—seem to be more
has taken place, for it to have bearing c. Presentation of Rebuttals and fix our scales for cheating” to further accumulate wealth, enterprising than us Christians
on the case it must be taken down by (or Rejoinders) (v 5b) (Which reminds us but how to lead a life that is who ought to make Jesus’
a notary (cc.1404, §2 & 1605). After the defense briefs of the trader who keeps his pleasing to God. The pattern life a pattern for others.  Yet
and observations have been thumbs on the scale!)  It brings of that kind of life is given in we can learn from them.  In
b. Presentation of Defense communicated to each one, both about injustice against the the life of Jesus himself—he today’s Gospel (Luke 16:1-
Briefs parties are permitted to present poor: “We will buy the lowly gave himself as a ransom for 7), Jesus told us the parable
After the conclusion of the case, the rejoinders within a short period of man for silver, the poor man all (1 Tim 2:5).  Once we make of the cunning manager who,
judge is to determine an appropriate time set by the judge (c.1603, §1). for a pair of sandals; even the the One and Only God our true to solve the crisis he brought
period of time for the presentation Only the promoter of justice and refuse of the wheat we will God in life, once we make the upon himself, reduced the
of defense briefs or observations the defender of the bond have the sale” (v 6).  It virtually results life of Jesus the pattern for amount his clients owed to his
(animadversions) (c.1601). right to reply again to the rejoinder in the thought that religion is our lives—one that is lived master to the effect that these
These are final comments—a sort of the parties (c.1603, §3). (To be an obstacle to making money: for the sake of others—then accepted him after losing
of recapitulation—of each party, concluded. “When will the new moon salvation and tranquility of life his managerial position.  In
be over and the Sabbath that are possible.  recalling this parable, Luke
Learning / B6 we may display the wheat?”  In such a life, what happens wanted to bring home this
creativity, strength, . . . to take of this world” are more resourceful (v 5a).   Today, the effects of to our wealth?  It ceases to point—if Christians would
care of His creation! They professed in dealing with their own generation such an attitude are even more be an end; on the contrary, it be more enterprising in
that Christ gave his disciples the than are “the children of light,” leads lamentable.  In his Centesimus will be used in a way that is proclaiming and living the
mission to proclaim the Good News to his invitation to his followers to be annus, John Paul II speaks in accord with one who has message about a life patterned
of the Kingdom, and to make this as clever and enterprising in of the radical capitalist made the life of Jesus a pattern after Jesus’ than the sons of
Good News a reality. Too much the pursuit of their wonderful ideology which is unconcerned for his life—that is to say, it darkness in furthering their
of these wonderful assets goal of building up God’s about marginalization and will no longer have a special self-interest, we can certainly
were left dormant, for too Kingdom as the “unbelievers” exploitation of the poor.  And place in our heart. For such a change the world, make it a
long a stretch of centuries! do their best in pursuing the Bishops of the Philippines life is diametrically opposed better place to live in, and
Thank God, things are no longer their worldly objectives. This see these words realized to the one lived for the sake thereby realize some pockets
so, after Vatican II and, here in the invitation is addressed to us, today. in what is happening at of Mammon, wherein one is of the Kingdom of God here
Philippines, after PCP II. It is an urgent appeal, for there is so present:  jobless growth, fraudulent, treads upon the on earth.  And peace, which
Jesus’ lament, expressed in the much to do, so much negligence of without new opportunities for poor and even goes to war for assures tranquility of life, will
form of a proverb, that “the children the past that we need to make up for. employment; ruthless growth, the sake of it.  Deep in our be within our reach.
B8 ENTERTAINMENT September 2 - 15, 2019 Vol. 23 No. 18 CBCP Monitor

Buhay San Miguel Brothers Matias

TERIBOL OG Bladimer Usi

DIRECTOR: Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman

LEAD CAST: Ashley Bratcher, Brooks Ryan, Robia Scott
SCREENWRITER: Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman
PRODUCERS: Chris Jones, Joe Knopp, Daryl Lefever, Cary
Solomon, Chuck Konzelman EDITOR: Parker Adams
MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Stephen Blake Kanicka
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Soli Deo Gloria GENRE: Biopic, Drama
DISTRIBUTOR: Pure Flix LOCATION: United States
LANGUAGE: English RUNNING TIME: 106 minutes

Buhay Parokya
Technical assessment: 4 Moral assessment: 4
At the college’s career day casual or confrontational,
fair, Abby (Ashley Bratcher) moved the story forward in a
signs up as a volunteer for a most natural manner, leaving
Planned Parenthood clinic in no cracks for proselytizing
Texas, having been convinced to seep through. The lyrics
that she would be helping in of the well-picked songs
its mission to help pregnant complemented the visuals,
women who are not yet ready while the flashbacks enhanced
to become mothers. She is the narrative flow. Unplanned
aware, however, that abortion owes much of its technical
is a staple in the clinic. In time excellence to its boldness in
she rises from being volunteer graphically presenting the
to employee to clinic director truth of abortion.
— even earning an “Employee There is neither sex, nudity,
of the Year Award” — doing substance abuse, nor profanity
her job with conviction in in Unplanned, and yet the
spite of opposition from her Motion Picture Association
family, her husband, and of America (MPAA) rated
the daily pro-life protesters it “R” (Restricted), which
outside the clinic’s fence. means “Under 17 requires
One day she is needed accompanying parent or adult
to operate the ultrasound guardian.” The MPAA rating
machine during an actual has reportedly been assigned
abortion being performed. for “some disturbing/bloody
Glancing at the sonogram, she images”, prompting pro-life
sees how the fetus frantically entities to lament the fact
tries to avoid the suction tube that in many states of the US,
(the doctor has introduced to the law requires no parental
the uterus) but is eventually consent or involvement in
dismembered and sucked out abortion:
of the womb anyway. Shaken, “A 14-year-old can walk
she runs to the restroom in into a clinic and get an
tears. In the eight years she abortion without her parents
has worked at the clinic — even knowing,” Co-directors
and even though she herself Konzelman and Solomon said
has had two abortions before that “we consider the MPAA’s
— this is the first time she current standards to be deeply
is witnessing what really flawed, insofar as they allowed
happens during an abortion. scenes of remarkably graphic
The experience becomes a sex, violence, degradation,
life-changing moment for her. murder and mayhem to have
Based on the book of the a PG-13 rating, whereas our
same title, Unplanned is the film, highlighting the grave
true story of Abby Johnson dangers of abortion in a
who was a persuasive pro- straightforward manner, is
choice champion until the considered dangerous for the
truth jolted her to fight for the American people to view.”
unborn from the other side The few critics who bothered
of the fence. Even if it had to review it have also bashed
been fiction, it would still be Unplanned, dismissing it
a credible and powerful story as “pure propaganda”,
of conviction and conversion, “scaremongering”, and
with actors playing their “medically inaccurate.”
roles as though their careers But CINEMA sees that the
depended on it. In spite of film highlights compassion,
the film’s politically divisive familial support, courage to
theme, the screenplay and fight for one’s beliefs, and
cinematography combined the humility to be sorry for
to create a dramatic one’s wrongdoing. Abortion
arc that is emotionally may be a hot political issue,
compelling sans melodrama. but in Unplanned, it becomes
Conversations, whether personal.
Sixteen-year-old Dora her aunt, and to attend high First, the plot may be with fellow humans in order

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Isabela Moner) has lived
since she was a child in
school with her long-missed
cousin and childhood friend
formulaic but is nonetheless
attention-grabbing for adults.
to be challenged and to grow.
Human beings need to belong
DIRECTOR: James Bobin the Peruvian jungle with Diego (Jeff Wahlberg). In LA, Second, the actors did their in a community for support
STARRING: Isabela Moner, her parents, archaeologists Dora finds herself in a jungle job well, especially Moner and companionship in life’s
Eugenio Derbez, Michael Peña,
Eva Longoria, Danny Trejo Elena (Eva Longoria) and of classrooms populated by who is convincing as a naïve journey, and to succeed at this
SCREENPLAY BY: Nicholas Cole (Michael Pena) who wild animals of a different teenager who may be lacking a person is helped by a loving
Stoller, Matthew Robinson homeschooled her for 10 kind: jeering, jealous peers in people skills but is well- and caring family.
STORY BY: Tom Wheeler,
Nicholas Stoller years. Her parents, both who find her weird. During equipped to single-handedly Openness to learning is
BASED ON THE SERIES: Dora professors, agree that the time a field trip to the National conduct a jungle survival another value — the city kids
the Explorer has come for Dora to have Museum, Dora is kidnapped course. Third, the pacing is in high school learn that
CREATED BY: Chris Gifford, human friends, for although along with cousin Diego and fast, and the action, together they’re not superior to others
Valerie Walsh Valdes, Eric
Weiner she is a healthy, happy child, two other classmates. And so with the CGI and dialogue, simply because they think so
PRODUCER: Kristin Burr all she has interacted with begin the (mis)adventures in will keep you awake from as a pack. Also, while one’s
GENRE: Adventure, Drama, are the animals — snakes, Dora’s search for her parents. start to finish, without raising attitude of positivity can be
MUSIC BY: John Debney frogs, et al — she meets from Dora and the Lost City your blood pressure as a irritating to some, in the
EDITED BY: Mark Everson day to day with her talking of Gold is the popular Tomb Raider or an Indiana long run it helps to keep
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Javier monkey friend, Boots (voiced Nickelodeon animation TV Jones movie might. one going against all odds,
Aguirresarobe PRODUCTION by Danny Trejo). Her two series (2000) given flesh What’s the take home as shown by Dora whose
COMPANIES: Paramount
Players, Nickelodeon Movies, other friends are imaginary and blood on film. Even if value of Dora and the Lost cheerfulness and optimism
Walden Media, Media Rights — a talking backpack and you never met the wide-eyed City of Gold? The movie held the group afloat even
Capital, Burr! Productions a talking map. Planning cartoon Dora the explorer, you underscores the importance when they thought the quick
DISTRIBUTED BY: Paramount to pursue their search of will find enough to entertain of balance in one’s life. While sand would swallow them all
Pictures Technical assessment: 4
COUNTRY: United States Moral assessment: 4 Parapata, the lost city of gold, you in the film version, if you going natural and pristine is alive. Clean wholesome fun
LANGUAGE: English RUNNING CINEMA rating: V13 Dora’s parents send her off will but set aside your adult commendable, humans also and adventure for the whole
TIME: 1 hour 42 minutes MTRCB rating: PG 13 to Los Angeles to live with cynicism and prejudices. need to be able to socialize family.
A Supplement Publication of the Order of the Knights of Columbus and KCFAPI
CBCP Monitor Vol. 23, No. 18 September 2 - 15, 2019

The Philippine State Deputies

receive Pinnacle Awards

(L-R) Bro. Rene V. Sarmiento, Luzon North State Deputy; Bro. Jose C. Reyes, Jr., Supreme Director and Immediate Past Luzon North State Deputy, Vice Supreme Master Ruel D. Tecson; Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, DD, State Chaplain – Luzon North; Bro. Ramoncito
A. Ocampo, Immediate Past Luzon South State Deputy; Bro. Anthony P. Nazario, Immediate Past Visayas State Deputy; Bro. Bonifacio B. Martinez, Luzon South State Deputy; Bro. Gerry Eutemio T. Mission, Mindanao State Deputy; Bro. Teofrido B. Lagria, Visayas State
Deputy and the delegates of the K of C Jurisdictions in the Philippines during the 137th Supreme Convention from August 6 to 8, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

THE Pinnacle award is Supreme Convention held Jurisdiction headed by Banate, Iloilo of Visayas; of Visayas; Council 16245: respectively, received the
the highest honor given at Minneapolis, Minnesota. Supreme Director and WSD Council 16698: Panitan Sto. Nino de Baseco, Port Round Table awards. While
to a jurisdiction who 5 Jurisdictions were given Jose C. Reyes, Jr. and Visayas National High School, Capiz Area Manila of Luzon South; the Luzon North Jurisdiction
demonstrated achievements the award. Amongst the Jurisdiction headed by WSD of Visayas; Council 8987: Council 16966: Camp Martin was the recognized as one
across different membership awardees, the Luzon South Anthony P. Nazario. Maria Auxiliadora, Maypajo Teofilo B. Delgado of Visayas of the Jurisdictions with the
categories which include Jurisdiction headed by The Century Club Award Caloocan of Luzon South; and Council 16844: Our Lady most recruiters who belong
intake, net membership Worthy State Deputy (WSD) was given to Council 5617: Council 16029: Queen of the of the Sea, Intramuros Manila to the VIP (Very Important
growth, active councils and Ramoncito A. Ocampo Our Lady of Grace Parish, Holy Rosary, Iloilo of Visayas; of Luzon South. This award Proposers) Club.
recruitment of younger was the highest pointer Caloocan City of Luzon South; Council 9179: Archbishop was given to Councils who had It is indeed a very wonderful
members in the Order. with 175.59%, the highest Council 6155: Our Lady of Cipriano Urgel, Tacloban City additional 100 members over 2018 – 2019 Columbian
For Columbian Year 2018 amongst the entire order. It Nieva, Caloocan City of Luzon of Visayas; Council 16888: suspensions and withdrawals. Year for the Order of the
to 2019, all the 4 jurisdictions was followed by the Mindanao South; Council 6400: Barotac VMA Global College, Bacolod The Visayas, Mindanao and Knights of Columbus in the
in the Philippines received Jurisdiction headed by WSD Nuevo of Visayas; Council City of Visayas; Council Luzon South Jurisdictions Philippines as they continue
the most coveted awards Gerry Eutemio T. Mission 10695: Holy Cross, Valenzuela 1000: Manila of Luzon who were able to establish to be recognized orderwide
given during the 137th with 135.06%; Luzon North of Luzon North; Council 5894: South; Council 15770: Capiz 50, 55 and 70 Round Tables, every year. Vivat Jesus!

Visayas Jurisdiction KC Updates:

welcomes New State Deputy
THE Visayas Jurisdiction welcomes the
Columbian Year 2019 to 2020 with a
new State Deputy in the person of Sir
Knight Teofrido B. Lagria. Bro. Fred,
as he is fondly called in the order,
hails from Borongan City Eastern
Samar. He earned his Bachelor’ Degree
in Civil Engineering at the Divine
Luzon South State Deputy Bonifacio B. Martinez; District P26 Deputy
Word University in Tacloban City and Petronilo P. Magno, Jr.; Luzon South Relief Chairman Luisito Wong and
earned MS Civil Engineering Units Officers of Pagkakaisa Council 8688 during their installation last August
at the University of the Philippines (L-R) Past Supreme Director and Past Luzon Deputy Bro. Alonso L. Tan;
20, 2019 at the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish, Paranaque City.
Diliman, Quezon City. He is a registered Bro. Alejandro V. Alvaira, Luzon North State Ways and Means Chairman;
Civil Engineer and is currently an Supreme Director and Immediate Past Luzon North Deputy Jose C. Reyes,
Account officer of the Land Bank of the Jr.; Dennis C. Dayson of Council 11602, Dingalan, Aurora, grand prize
winner and Luzon North State Deputy Rene V. Sarmiento last August 24,
Philippines – Samar Lending Center. 2019 during the awarding ceremony of “Pondo Para sa Konseho” held at
He also worked as a Diocesan Engineer the KCFAPI Center Intramuros, Manila
of the Diocese of Borongan Research
& Development Office, Field Engineer
Visayas State Deputy Teofrido B. Lagria
at Al’s Enterprises & Construction
and Site Inspector at the Department Deputy from 2010 to 2012 and Regional
of Public Works & Highways Easter Deputy from 2012 to 2015. He served
Samar Roads Project. as Visayas State Executive Secretary
Visayas State Deputy Teofrido B. Lagria and VP – FBG VisMin Bro. Anthony
Prior to his assumption as State from 2017 to 2018 and Visayas State P. Nazario with the attendees of the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary
Deputy, he has been a member of the Secretary in 2015 to 2017 and 2018 to Training for the Diocese of Catarman held last September 1, 2019 at the
Knights of Columbus for the past 29 2019 prior to his election in his current Advance Studies Center of the University of Eastern Philippines.
years and occupied various functions role.
within the order. He was a Trustee Bro. Fred is married to Ethel Aurelia
(1996-1999) and later on became the Lagria, a Physician from the City
Grand Knight (2000-2001) of Sta. Government of Borongan. Their
Maria Council No. 4526. Later on he marriage is blessed with two kids, Visayas State Deputy Teofrido B. Lagria and VP – FBG VisMin Bro. Anthony
P. Nazario with the attendees of the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary
became the District Deputy of District Raymond Freth and Timothy who are Training for the Diocese of Calbayog held last August 31, 2019 at the
V - 82 from 2006 to 2010, Provincial both active members of the Order. Samar State University

KC Foundations Update: Mindanao State Deputy Gerry Eutemio T. Mission, State Officers and
Attendees of the Mindanao Grand Knight and Financial Secretaries Training
AUGUST 26, 2019 - The Knights of in the Diocese of Malaybay last August 31, 2019.
Columbus Fr. George J. Willmann
Charities was filled with joy as one
of its scholars was accepted to the
Rev. Fr. John Harvey D. Bagos of the
Diocese of Novaliches was accepted to
the presbyterate by His Excellency, Most
Rev. Roberto Gaa, DD, bishop of the
diocese, with its Bishop Emeritus Antonio
Tobias at the Cathedral and Shrine of the
Good Shepherd. Also present during the
occasion were priests from the diocese,
religious men and women and the laity.
Fr. Harvey will now take place as the The Knights of Columbus in the Philippines extends its warm felicitations
Diocesan Youth Coordinator. to the newly appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu, Rev. Fr. Midyphil Billones
Let us continue to pray for our priests (now Bishop-elect) from the Archdiocese of Jaro. Fr. Billones was a KC
Priest-Scholar who earned his Doctorate in Sacred Theology degree in the Let us congratulate the newly elected President of KCFAPI, Bro. Bonifacio
that they may be faithful and humble year 2011 at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy through the Fr. B. Martinez. He is also the KC Luzon South State Deputy and Treasurer of
servants in the vineyard of Jesus, the McGivney Fund for Advanced Studies for Priests in the Philippines. (Photo Keys Realty and Development Corp. He is one of the Board of Trustees of
Good Shepherd. (JSServiento) Rev. Fr. John Harvey D. Bagos taken during the FBG Day last November 2018 at Iloilo City) both KCFAPI’s Foundations.
C2 September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 THE CROSS
Bonifacio B. Martinez Jose C. Reyes, Jr.

President’s Chairman’s Message

Ora et Labora

Life is better when we are ready NO matter how busy we are, we should God’s help lessens stress, knowing help us fix our schedule and to give us
find time for God through prayer. In that God is the source of what is best. time for everything that is good.
AS cliché as it sounds, but nothing beats a person who is ready my case, I make sure God is first every I entrust to Him big and small things, On Pope Francis’ reflection on the
for everything and anything. When life knocks as hard in any day. In my experience, early morning and everything falls into place. Having visit of Jesus to Lazarus’ sisters, Martha
circumstance, what do we always say? It could not have turned Liturgy of the Hours followed by Holy experienced God’s generosity in my life, and Mary, we are reminded that Jesus
out this way if I only. . . It always starts in that phrase, “If I Mass in Villa San Miguel is the best time I make sure I express my gratitude in has commended Mary, who chose the
only”, if only I am ready, if only I have prepared financially, if for God – to praise and thank Him, and word and deed as well. I offer praise better part; that is, to listen to Jesus
only I am ready emotionally, physically and spiritually and the offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I feel and thanksgiving and I help others in first. In the meantime, Martha was
list goes on. What if we can do something about this “if only well-equipped to hurdle the challenges in return. troubled and anxious about many things
list that we have”? my work, in my relationships within and I advocate “Ora et Labora” when I to show hospitality – important but
Not so long ago, getting insurance and investment is quite outside the family, my services in various evangelize. I warn those who ask our secondary. This passage reminds us that
a taboo because of our local cultural resistance. Since we organizations that I am affiliated with – community for prayers in getting a job “the wisdom of the heart lies precisely
have this conventional way of thinking that for insurance, first and foremost, with the Knights of - “If God answers our prayers, do not in knowing how to combine these two
for example, is that we are praying for something to happen Columbus. use your job as excuse for not being able elements: contemplation and action.”
while on the other hand for investment is that our money is As I Bedan, I learned about prayer and to attend our prayer meetings.” Take Let us always put our heart in
safer when we can see and touch it every time we wanted to. work, and following our patron saint, note that St. Benedict mentioned “Ora” everything we do and work diligently,
Have you noticed that in banks we are okay with withdrawing St. Benedict, I have been dependent on (Prayer) first before “Labora” (Work). especially for the good of the Order,
through an automated teller machine (ATM) and cannot do God’s help in everything I do. Asking When we pray first, we can ask God to brother Knights. Vivat Jesus!
the same thing when we are depositing? It is the same concept.
While for the former, our concept of crossing the bridge when Juan Karlo S. Serviento
we get there is still dominant.
For quite a period of time, Knights of Columbus Fraternal
Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI) has been Pondering the Words
providing us with this kind of service. Not only that the
company is liquid but also exclusive to all our needs as brother
knights. KCFAPI got it covered, from insurance to investment A missionary to the youth
and most importantly not only for us brother knights but for our
families as well to our wives, children and even grandchildren.
There may have been a lot of options other than our own ON the 14th of September, we death. On the other hand, he a religious, belonging to they are loved, gifted and
insurance and investment policy. However, what I can will be commemorating the also embodied the triumph of the Jesuits, one charism he empowered.
guarantee is that in KCFAPI, all of you, brother knights, and 42nd death anniversary of the the Holy Cross. His life and embodied was his love for On the occasion of his death
your family is our topmost priority. We are innovating based Servant of God Fr. George J. ministry have shown us how the youth. As our national anniversary, let us once more
on each of our brother knight’s needs. Willmann. The Holy Mass will to carry our crosses in our hero said, “The youth is respond to the call of Fr.
In the long run, if not now, we would like you to perceive be presided by the Apostolic lives with faith, hope and love. the hope of the country”, George. It is not merely for
insurance not as an added unnecessary cost rather an Nuncio to the Philippines, The Order of the Knights he also was a firm believer the Order, but for the Church.
investment to accomplish beneficial things for you and your Most Rev. Gabriele Caccia, of Columbus focuses on in the cause of the young. Being living witnesses of his
family because life is better when we are ready. DD at San Agustin Church, those two. Apostleship and For him, there is hope and life, may we be advocates of
Vivat Jesus! Intramuros, Manila, 9:00 in the Cross. Fr. George has there will be hope even on the youth and lead them to
the morning. left an impact to everyone he the darkest nights our youth Christ, the victor upon the
Arsenio Isidro G. Yap Fr. George J. Willmann has met. His life showed us may experience. Holy Cross.
was born on June 29, 1897 , how to become true apostles The Columbian Squires in We also ask you to fervently
A Brother’s Insight the Solemnity of the Apostles
Peter and Paul. He died on
and modern evangelizers.
This 2019, the Year of the
the Philippines, the Catholic
Youth Organization, both
ask the Lord for the grace that
one day, Fr. George be raised
September 14, 1977 which is Youth, we can also bring were initiated by Fr. George. to the honors of the altar that
the Feast of the Exaltation forth the mission he has As he once said, “The Squires we may have our intercessor
of the Holy Cross. Two great started. More than being the of today will be the Knights of to the Divine in all our needs,
feasts of the Roman Catholic Territorial Deputy then, he tomorrow.” He truly has deep aspirations and triumph for
Church coincides on his life. is also a missionary to the affection for the youth. He is our good and the good of the
Mary, Mother of God And yes, as the two apostles youth. Accounts of his life always in the sense of looking Order.
lived, he also lived a life of showed us how he focused forward merely focusing Servant of God, Fr. George
MAMA MARY was about 13 or 14 when she gave birth to love to the church even unto on his youth ministry. As on youth development as J. Willmann, intercede for us.
baby Jesus. If our Lord Jesus Christ was born in year zero as
he died in 33 AD, then Mama Mary would be 2,032 or 2,033
years old by now.
Erwin John B. Mallari
We commemorate her birth anniversary on September 8,
barely a few days as of this writing. Although human, she was
fortunate enough to be chosen to bear in her womb, baby Jesus.
EJ’s Corner
That’s why we call her, Mother of God. She could not have
been just chosen randomly. She must have possessed certain Unang Sigaw ng Nueva Ecija
qualities that endeared her to our Almighty God the Father.
We could only imagine those qualities, pious, immaculate, and
respectful among so many others. PATRIOTISM is one of four cardinal Valley and Mountain Province. they reached the provincial Capital of
On top of those qualities, she could have been very beautiful principles of the Knights of Columbus. By 1896, people became weary of our San Isidro, the men furiously fought the
and very attractive. Someone who would command a second It is defined as devotion and vigorous conquerors and staged a revolt that is now Spaniards, killing the commander of the
look if you caught her by the corner of your eye. Someone support for one’s country. Let us look known as “Unang Sigaw ng Nueva Ecija”. Guardia Civil Joaquin Machorro on the
whose presence demands attention but in a very endearing back 123 years ago, as heroes from On September 2, 1896, a revolution was 1st day and driving out the rest of Spanish
and respectful way. the province of Nueva Ecija ignited a led by led by General Mariano Llanera, troops on the third day.
She could have been so prayerful that one can’t help but revolution who fought for the freedom assisted by General Manuel Tinio and Because of the bravery shown by its
notice her reverence for God. She shows so much respect of our country. Pantaleon Valmonte of Gapan City, people, Nueva Ecija is represented as
towards God our Father and likewise to her parents that there is Nueva Ecija is a province found in Nueva Ecija and Colonel Alipio Tecson of one of the eight rays of the Sun on the
not a single entry that would depict her with a negative attitude. Central Luzon and is known as the “Rice Cabiao, Nueva Ecija together with about Philippine flag. Leaders of the revolution
Her dedication to her daily routine of prayers and respect Granary of the Philippines” because it 3,000 volunteers. Posessing only about were also immortalized by naming after
to her parents and others made her the suitable mother of our produces the largest rice yield in all of 100 rifles, the revolutionaries decided to them several municipalities and streets
Lord Jesus Christ. Her simplistic yet profound ways must have the country. The province was under send 500 men together with the Cabiao all over the province. Finally in 1992,
endeared her to all who have come to know her. They are so the Spanish regime by the 1700’s when Brass Band under the guise as peaceful Republic Act 7596 was enacted, declaring
enamored and captivated by her charm so much so that they the Spaniards conquered Manila and marchers for the freedom of those arrested September 2 as Nueva Ecija Day in honor
have nothing but respect and admiration for her. had their upward trek towards Cagayan by the Spanish government. As soon as of Unang Sigaw ng Nueva Ecija.
She was the role model of the family and the community.
She has a character worth emulating and most probably
had influenced more people rather than be the one to be Atty. Luis Voltaire D. Formilleza
influenced. Her parents, Joachim and Anne were among those
she had influenced as their story came after Mama Mary’s To Sixty More Years and Beyond
popularity became apparent, her virtuous more pronounced,
her dedication and relentless service to her Son, our Lord Jesus
Christ were unceasing and without let up.
Her parents Sts. Anne and Joachim undoubtedly raise her
pretty well, but I personally believe that she had done more
than expected and had influenced them more than they had
influenced her. It has been almost a year since I assumed We are not just an Insurance Business or relationship with each other, benefit
If we could find such a woman today, we could all say that our office as Legal Services Manager The Insurance Code of the Philippines from each other’s acts. What does these
Lord Jesus Christ can be reborn again as such a woman would for Knights of Columbus Fraternal (IC) has a particular chapter (Chapter two things altogether imply? Unlike
be worthy of bearing the Son of God. But could we? There are Association of the Philippines, Inc. VII) which exclusively discusses Mutual commercial insurance business which
about 3.8 billion women today. Surely there should be at least (KCFAPI). And I must say, I am still Benefit Associations. The distinct seek to enter into contracts (insurance
one who could match her virtues? in the institutional learning curve in characteristic of an MBA under Sec. policies) to gain profit out of the product
Brother’s Insight / C3 so far being able to catch up with the 403 of the law states that it exists “[M] line that they offer with the intention
vast number of matters endorsed to ainly for the purpose of paying sick of assumption of risks for a fee, our

me for proper action. From simple benefits to members, or of furnishing Association works differently. It exists to
contract reviews with suppliers and financial support to members while out maintain the beneficent and harmonious
service providers, to actual court cases, of employment, or of paying relatives co-existence of the Order of Knights of
A Supplement Publication of the compliance to regulations and corporate of deceased members of fixed or any Columbus in the Philippines (KC) and
Order of the Knights of Columbus and KCFAPI housekeeping. It is indeed an honor and sum of money, irrespective of whether its members by being the facilitator
a blessing to have been given this kind such aim or purpose is carried out by and enabler of help in times of need
Editorial Board
of trust by the management and I look means of fixed dues or assessments, or of such as unemployment, accident, death
Jose C. Reyes, Jr. Bonifacio B. Martinez forward to more challenges ahead. providing, by the issuance of certificates or other calamities. The term “mutual
Chairman President *** of insurance, payment to it members of benefit” cannot be more obvious. The
Recently, a particular concern came accident or life insurance out of such insurance business is not our end, rather
Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio III across my desk which caught my fixed and regular dues or assessments it is the means of achieving the mutually
Spiritual Director attention. It called me to delve into xxx”. desired benefits between and among the
the essence of our Association not just We note certain things based on the membership of KC.
Mary Magdalene G. Flores
Editor-in-Chief as an insurance business but rather as above. First, all other IC provisions Membership Certificates
a Mutual Benefit Association (MBA). pertinent to insurance business applies Our special peculiarity as MBA is
Jhon Lyndon D. Palafox, Juan Karlo S. Serviento Although all employees and BC Holders to a MBA, except those which are reinforced by our issuance of Benefit
Associate Editors recognize that we are what our franchise exclusive under Chapter VII. Hence, Certificates which binds us with KC
is, a look back at the underpinnings and in interpreting the law, the general members and their families. Such is
Jerome P. De Guzman, Erwin John B. Mallari, Kris Jay Rolex A. Yngco nature of what an MBA is all about, made provisions yield to special ones when not for the sake of novelty, but rather
me realize and appreciate KCFAPI more, dealing with specific peculiarities of intrinsic to our nature. Sec 406 of
not from what I initially thought it was MBAs. Second, the restrictive purpose the Insurance Code provides: “Every
The Cross is published monthly with its business at KCFAPI, General Luna cor. Sta.
Potenciana Sts., Intramuros, Manila with tel. no. (02) 527-22-23 to 27 (trunk line) local (an insurance business) but what it truly by which a MBA exists, reinforces mutual benefit association licensed to do
200, 201. Email Address: Website: is all about. mutuality whereby parties in interaction Beyond / C3
THE CROSS September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 C3

Half measures
We must respond to challenges as Catholics by making a commitment to Christ and the mission of evangelization
SUPPOSE IT’S TIME to change the but things continue to get worse. So Gospel both in our personal lives and ages, especially the young; support of
oil in your car. The owner’s manual what’s the answer? in the wider society. married couples and families; loving
specifies that the engine requires St. Paul VI reminded us that When the sound of the trumpet is assistance to the sick and the dying;
five quarts of oil, but you put in only evangelization is not merely one faint, it’s no wonder so few hear it. generous outreach to the poor and
two and a half. Some days later, the of the things the Church does; Take, for example, a parish that is vulnerable; and more.
engine light comes on and your car the mission to spread the Gospel stagnant and shrinking. Its leadership What about growth in the
stalls in traffic. Listening to a chorus constitutes the very heart of the might be tempted to address Knights of Columbus? Here, too,
of angry horns and epithets, you Church’s identity. The Church exists the problem with half measures, half measures will not do. For
think to yourself: “Maybe I should to proclaim, spread and celebrate the tweaking what’s usually done by example, a business-as-usual
have put in the full five quarts.” Good News by word, sacrament and adding more friendly greeters at membership drive may not bring
Half measures. We’re tempted charity. Woe to us if we do not preach the door of the church or additional the desired results. But when
to use them all the time. You the Gospel! (cf. 1 Cor 9:16). opportunities for socializing after a council prayerfully commits
probably have your own examples of The Gospel, after all, is not merely Sunday Mass. Nothing is wrong itself to implementing the Faith in
halfhearted efforts that made things words. It is the incarnate savior who, with these things; in fact, they are Action model, it can truly make an
worse instead of better. in his boundless mercy, has forgiven very important. But lacking genuine impact. When Knights are seen as
We also can be prone to half our sins and unlocked the gates of missionary conversion, moved by growing in their relationship with
measures when it comes to our heaven. the Holy Spirit, a parish will not Christ and in their life of prayer,
Catholic faith. In many parts of The answer, then, is not to stop experience renewal. banding together to serve actively
the world, including the United talking about evangelization. Rather, Genuine missionary conversion the needs of the wider community,
States, Mass attendance is down. the problem is how we go about this includes an urgent summons to living the vocation of marriage and
Our absent Catholics aren’t merely work. Not unlike the disciples prior prayer and repentance, first and family joyfully and generously, and
out of town; many are gone. For to the coming of the Holy Spirit foremost exemplified by the parish protecting vulnerable human life
a variety of distressing reasons, at Pentecost, we hesitate to “cry clergy and leadership. It also lovingly — others will want to join.
they are disconnected from the out full-throated and unsparingly” requires concentrated attention People are hungry. They are
by Supreme Chaplain Lord, the Church, the Mass and (Isaiah 58:1) in bearing witness on good preaching and reverent searching. They are looking for
Archbishop William the sacraments. Studies reveal the to Jesus. We are likewise prone liturgy; abundant opportunities the real deal. Let’s be done with
sad fact that there are now more to half measures in repenting and for eucharistic adoration and half measures, especially in this
E. Lori disaffiliated former Catholics than believing in his Gospel; in instilling confession; personal outreach season when we celebrate the full
those who are practicing. the teaching of Christ in ourselves to absent parishioners; sound outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon
We talk a lot about evangelization, and our families; and in living the catechesis for parishioners of all his Church.

The Gentle Warrior Sta. Martha Parish (Pasig City)

celebrates its Jubilee Year
By James B. Reuter, SJ
THE WAR YEARS good at self-entertainment, we have a problem. You
asked the Scholastics have two big scenes, back
“On one occasion a squad studying theology to put on to back. We can do it, but
of Kempeitai (Jap Gestapo) a play, especially for the 460 we need time. And the show
raided our Ayala Club. I refugees. Their purpose was should not stop, for that scene
was reading my Breviary in clear: cheer them up! Make change.” Horacio said: “How
a corner, when suddenly, them smile! If possible, make much time do you need?” The
startled out of my quiet, I them laugh! stage manager said: “Three
looked up to face a furious The young Jesuits minutes”.
Kempei threatening me with understood this situation very So Horacio de la Costa went
a drawn revolver. Together well. It was precisely what they back to the cubicle in which
with the others, I was forced did at Woodstock. Horacio de he was billeted, in the Manila
out on the basketball floor. la Costa wrote a play called: Observatory. There were four
There was much questioning, “Fiesta”. It was in the style young Jesuits in a room built
demanding of identification of Kuwentong Kochero — for one. It was night. Everyone awaken an answering echo in
papers, rough jiujitsu in “A Psychopathic Drama was hungry. The Japanese the lutes of Leyte. Somewhere
which Jap soldiers were so Having One Horse, Three were patrolling outside. He in the rugged north, a peasant
adept. I received an unusual Acts, Six Scenes, And Plenty sat down at his desk, and woman croons her child
amount of questioning. Why, Singing… The characters will wrote a three-minute piece, to to sleep; and the Visayan,
they repeated, should a priest be discovered at the back, cover the scene change. listening, remembers the cane Photo taken after the Holy Mass for the opening of the parish Jubilee Year.
be found in such a place? For because nobody knows yet “There is a thought that fields of his childhood, and
what good purpose was I in who are the characters.” comes to me sometimes, his own mother singing the STA. Martha Parish of five in the afternoon with the
a sports club? It must be a It was the story of the as I sit by my window in self- same song. Kalawaan, Pasig City opening of the Jubilee Door
subversive gathering. But we little town of San Belarmino the evening, listening to the “We are again one people celebrated the Opening of wherein the local ordinary
held our ground and finally — because the new Jesuit young men’s guitars, and when we pray. This is our their Jubilee Year last July 28, uses a hammer and knocks
were allowed to continue. theologate was called after watching the shadows deepen other treasure: our Faith. It 2019 with the theme : “Sta. thrice on the door to signify the
“By mid-1942, six months Saint Robert Bellarmine. on the long hills, the hills of gives, somehow, to our little Martha: Huwaran at Modelo presence of the Holy Trinity
after Pearl Harbor, we again Napoleon, the mad genius of my native land. uneventful days, a kind of ng mga Kabataan sa Taon ng during their whole journey
had more than 2000 boys crime, is stealing intelligent “You know, we are a splendor; as though they Hubileyo ng ating Parokya.” as a parish. The Holy Mass
in our clubs in the enemy- animals — including Tarzan, remarkably poor people. had been touched by a King Their parish priest, Rev. followed as the faithful have
occupied city. Also, we the intelligent horse of Mang Poor, not only in material and did you ever notice how Fr. Hernandez P. Mendoza, entered the church.
reopened the Sampaloc Teban, and the intelligent goods, but even in the riches they are always mingling — Jr., a KC Priest Scholar and During the homily, Bishop
School for the poor.” rooster of Badong, the sailor of the spirit. I doubt whether our religion and our music? now one of the newly-elected Vergara emphasized on three
The spirit of George was home from the sea. The local we can claim to possess a All the basic rites of human Trustee of the Knights of things: the door, St. Martha
contagious. The Superiors pulis call in the F.B.I. from truly national literature. No life — the harvest and the Columbus Fr. George J. and the faithful. He said that
of the Society of Jesus also the United States, and these Shakespeare, no Cervantes seed-time, the wedding, birth Willmann Charities, Inc. the Jubilee is not for the
reopened classes for the Irish F.B.I. agents come to San has yet been born among us and death— are among us (KCFGJWCI) initiated the faithful, but for each one’s
young Jesuits who were still Belarmino thinly disguised as to touch with immortality drenched with the fragrance event and was attended by co-faithful. At the end of
in the process of formation. a Coney Island side show. that which in our landscape, of incense and the coolness the KCFGJWCI represented the celebration, the Plenary
Philosophy and theology were Just the preparation of in our customs, in our history, of music. by its Supervisor, Juan Karlo Indulgence granted by the
taught in the Padre Faura this show was a blessing to is most memorable, most “These are the bonds that S. Serviento. Holy Father Francis was
compound, although the place everyone. At every rehearsal intimate, most ourselves. If bind us together; this is the The opening of the Jubilee imparted to the parish and
was crowded with refugees, the young Jesuits laughed we must needs give currency soul that makes us one. And Year was led by the Bishop of its pilgrim by the Bp. Mylo
no one had enough to eat, until they cried. Hernando to our thoughts, we are forced as long as there remains in the Diocese of Pasig, Most Rev. and will take effect during the
there were Japanese guards Maceda, a very quiet to mint them in the coinage these islands one mother to Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, DD, whole year provided that the
at every door, and sandbags young man, and sick with of a foreign tongue; for we sing Nena’s lullaby, one boat with priests and deacons from person is in the state of grace.
across the front gate. tuberculosis, lying flat on do not even have a common to put out to sea with the the diocese. It started at exactly (JSServiento)
By 1943 the refugees, his back on the stage, with language. immemorial rowing song, one
interned at Padre Faura, his arms and legs up, like a But poor as we are, we priest to stand at the altar and Brother’s Insight / C2
were desolate. It looked puppy dog, laughing. When yet have something. This offer God to God, this nation
as if the war would never the cast is enjoying the show, pauper among the nations may be conquered, trampled But do we really need another Mama Mary? Are Mama
end. There was no mail. No the audience enjoys it. The of the earth hides two jewels upon, enslaved, but it cannot Mary’s virtues and character now a passé as she had lived
communication with those refugees loved every minute in her rags. One of them is perish. Like the sun that more than 2,000 years ago? That the standard in her days is
they loved at home. Morale of it. our music. We are sundered dies every evening, it will rise no longer applicable today? Of the 1.2 billion Catholics all over
was low. The people in the During rehearsals, the one from another by eighty- again from the dead.” the world of which only 120 million are practicing Catholics,
compound were miserable. Scholastic who was stage seven dialects; we are one the odds are against Mama Mary. 120 million is only 1.5% of
The Jesuit Superiors, manager came to Horacio de people when we sing. The (to be continued on the the world’s total population of 7.7 billion and finding a Mama
knowing that the Jesuits were la Costa and said: “Skeezix, kundimans of Bulacan next issue) Mary of biblical times is next to impossible.
However, Mama Mary is still relevant today as in the past.
Her piousness, her immaculateness, her respectfulness among
Beyond / C2
others still remains and are worth emulating, worthy of
business as such shall issue membership Counselors Our fraternal counselors counsel. They anybody’s admiration. For as long as the 120 million promoting
certificates to its members specifying The mutuality which exists between provide fraternal guidance and not and believing her cause, trying to touch the passive hearts of
the benefits to which such members our members and the Association is merely sell insurance products. the remaining 1.08 billion Catholics, hoping to reach to the rest
are entitled. Such certificates, together constantly nurtured by our fraternal Indeed, I am thankful to have come of the population of the world, Mama Mary remains as alive
with the articles of incorporation of counselors who we do not merely treat across the inquiry that was endorsed today as she did more than 2,000 years ago.
the association or its constitution and as like ordinary agents in commercial to me for it made me appreciate and For us 1.5% who believes in Her, Mama Mary is very much
bylaws, and all existing laws as may be insurance. Our fraternal counselors do understand the importance of what we relevant not only in the past but even more so today and
pertinent shall constitute the citation and not merely assume the role of knowing do every day- beyond the meetings, tomorrow for thousands of years to come. She will always be
the member. The membership certificate and offering the various products which paper works and hearings. I am indeed the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the
shall in a form previously approved by the Association offers to its membership. privileged to have been welcomed to one and only, Blessed Virgin Mary.
the Commissioner. “ Their roles go beyond that. an institution which is celebrating its We the 1.5% are trying to reach out to the almost four billion
Thus, one who holds a BC does not Our Fraternal Counselors take it upon sixty first anniversary of not just doing women to be at least a tenth of what Mama Mary is all about.
merely have on his hands an ordinary themselves to know their brother knights business but of being of service. And so We do not expect you to be Catholics but we expect you to be
insurance policy. He has with him proof and their families so that he can best shall it be for the next sixty years and a woman worth emulating. A woman who would be dedicated
of membership to our MBA and to his give them that financial advice on what beyond. KCFAPI will stay strong and and understands her role as a woman. A woman who would
assent to the core beliefs and principles investment can work for them so that continue its resolve in protecting the protect and support her children with enough dedication to
on which it stands on- the tenets of KC they can maximize the benefits of being interests of its members and as well as see them through life and be the children that they should be.
anchored on charity, unity, fraternity a member of our fraternity. Thus, I find serving our Mother Church through the If you cannot be a tenth of what Mama Mary is, we at least
and patriotism. it more apt to say that they do not simply cultivation of Christian family life. Vivat expect you to play your role as a woman, a harbinger of life,
Not just Agents but Fraternal offer or accept proposals for business. Jesus! not death.
C4 September 2 - 15, 2019, Vol 23, No. 18 THE CROSS

KCFAPI commemorates the legacy of

Fr. Michael J. McGivney

Bro. Arsenio Isidro G. Yap, Chairman of the Foundations, Msgr. Pepe C. Quitorio III, KCFAPI officers and employees during the wreath laying ceremony for the death anniversary of Fr. Michael McGivney in his mural at the KCFAPI Center Intramuros, Manila last August 13, 2019.

THE KCFAPI community his parish at New Haven, Connecticut catholic fraternal organization with A mass was offered at the Fr. to institutionalize charity ahead of
memorializes the legacy of Fr. with European immigrants more than 2 million members across McGivney Oratory located at the Church. He became the pioneer of
Michael J. McGivney, founder of the as its first members. One of his 17 countries. KCFAPI Center in the morning. his time in caring for the last and the
Order of the Knights of Columbus major objectives for the fraternal In 1996, a Cause for his During his homily, Msgr. Pedro least of our brethren.
last August 13, 2019. This date organization is to provide financial canonization was opened by the Quitorio III said that Fr. McGivney Today, in the modern world, his
coincidentally fell between his 167th aid to its members and immediate Roman Catholic Archdiocese of was ahead of his time. He is the first legacy lives through the charitable
birth on August 12 and 129th death families, a mission that still holds Hartford. Pope Benedict XVI person who founded an organization projects of the Order and the caring
anniversary on August 14. true until present. The order that he declared him “Venerable” on March that is not devotional. Though he for our brother Knights and their
Fr. McGivney founded the Order in founded is now the world’s largest 15, 2008. only live for 38 years, he was able immediate families.

KCFAPI President Bonifacio B. Martinez; Guest Speaker Jonathan L. Ravelas from BDO, KCFAPI Officers and Fraternal Benefit
Managers during the Economic Briefing held last August 29, 2019 at the KCFAPI Center Intramuros, Manila.

Earthquake and Fire Safety Seminar

The KCFAPI Chorale headed by EVP – OIC Ronulfo Antero G. Infante together with Bro. Ewin Dawal and Sis Teresa Dawal, past Hermana
Mayor during the first Novena Mass for St. Augustine and Sta. Monica at the San Agustin Church Intramuros, Manila last August 19,
2019 wherein the Association was one of the sponsors of the Novena.



Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI), the
fraternal benefits arm of the Order of the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines is in
search of the following qualified individuals:

 Corporate Audit Supervisor ( must be a CPA )  Aircon Technician ( HTMC ) Attendees of the Earthquake and Fire Drill Seminar last August 29, 2019 at the KCFAPI Center Intramuros, Manila
 Actuarial Associate  Service Director ( HTMC )
 Accounting Staff  Service Office Staff ( Cabanatuan ) KCFAPI, through the Administrative Services Francisco R. Montevirgen, also conducted
 Marketing Staff – Life
 Marketing Staff – Non life ( Mace )
Department, organized an Earthquake and a lecture on Fire Safety. SFO3 Montevirgen
 Training Manager Fire Safety Seminar last August 29, 2019 at cited the numerous incidentsof fire in
the KCFAPI Center.. Manila, how it happened and how it could
The seminar was conducted by SFO2 have been prevented. After the lecture,
Claudie Monette B. Facundo, Fire Safety the participants were given a hands-on
Officer assigned to KCFAPI. She gave experience in operating fire extinguishers.
a lecture which covered topics related The session is very informative and helpful
Visit us at the KCFAPI Center, Gen. Luna cor. Sta. Potenciana Sts., Intramuros, Manila 1002 or call us at 0906-297-8303 for to Earthquake preparations and Fire in preparing the Association in dealing with
Globe, 0949-135-8105 for Smart and (02) 527-2223 local 201. You may also send your resume to
prevention. Another guest speaker, SFO3 earthquake and fire disasters.(MPCabra)