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S1 TE B 2018

This survey was conducted to find out how

public awareness about health

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Survey Report

In October 2018, a survey conducted among college student and society. In this survey,
surveyed people about medical check-up. The purpose of this survey is to find out how many
people care about their health. This survey was conducted using an online survey where the
questionnaire answered questions available on the google drive form.
From the data table from the survey of 114 questionnaires, it shows 41.2% of them mostly
rarely do medical check-up, while those that have never been done are 23.7%, 22.8% are very rare
and the rest are routinely doing medical check-up. As for the knowledge of minimum medical
check up standards, the questionnaire did not know 69.3% and only 30.7% knew.
At medical check-up there are three health parameters that must be checked, namely body
mass index, blood glucose levels and cholesterol. The survey results said that 51.8% of them
considered it important to know the body mass index, 6.1% thought it was not important, 28.1%
thought it was not very important and only 14% felt that it was very important. Whereas in glucose
and cholesterol levels check based on the results of the data of 57.9% who considered it important,
34.2% was very important, 5.3% said it was not very important and only 2.6% thought it was not
Most people think they cannot do a medical check up because there is no time, which is
32.5%. While under 29.8% of questionnaires rarely conduct health check, because they consider
their health condition to be good. 13.2% of the questionnaires said they had problems with the cost
of to do a medical check up and the rest do medical check-up only for certain purposes. From the
survey that were given a scale between 1 to 10 about the importance of medical check up, the
questionnaire gave a higher score of 8-10 at 64.1% while giving a moderate value of 6-7 as much
as 24.6% and which gave a low value of less than 5, which was 11 , 5%. This means that on a scale
of 8 to 10 have a high intention to do a medical check-up while those who choose a scale of 6 to 7
have less attention about medical check-up and the scale below 5 is very less attention
The conclusion that can be drawn from the data above is that there is still a lack of public
awareness of medical check up for their health, even though they know that medical check up are
important for health. Almost 50% of respondents rarely do medical check up with certain reason
which means medical check-up is not number 1 priority.
Data Analysis

Age 16 Tahun, 4%, 5

20 - 45 Tahun, 7%, 8 person

19 Tahun, 16%, 18
person 17 Tahun, 19%, 21

18 Tahun, 54%, 62

16 Tahun 17 Tahun 18 Tahun 19 Tahun 20 - 45 Tahun

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