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SB/SX Stream

Total Marks: 100

Students can expect questions from their Class XII syllabus.
 The KVPY SB/SX stream will have two parts (Part I & II).
 Part I will have 80 questions (20 each of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and
 Students will have to attempt question from only 3 subjects of their
choice (Questions from only 60 out of 80 questions).
 Part II will have 40 questions (10 each of Physics, Chemistry, Biology
and Math).
 Students will have to attempt questions from only 2 subjects (20
 Every right answer in Part I give students 1 mark.
 Part II will award students with 2 marks for every right answer.
 Students will not be penalized for leaving an answer.
 Total No. of Questions in SB/SX Exam: 80

Medium English and Hindi

Type of Questions Objective

No. of Questions in Part I PCM B - 20 questions each

No. of Questions in Part II PCM B - 10 questions each

1 mark (60 marks)- Correct answer

Marking Scheme for Part I
0.25 mark- Incorrect answer

2 marks (40 marks)- Correct answer

Marking Scheme for Part II
0.50 mark- Incorrect answer

Total weightage 100 marks

Stream SX syllabus:

Physics Chemistry

Thermodynamics States of Matter: Gases and Liquids

Electromagnetic Induction Surface Chemistry

Reflection of Light Periodic Classification of Elements

Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current Carbon compounds

Kinematics Metals and Non-Metals

Sources of Energy Environmental Chemistry

Electrostatics Solid State

Magnetic Effects of Current Electrochemistry

Laws of Motion Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Classification of Elements & Periodicity in
Work, Energy and Power
Current Electricity Thermodynamics

Gravitation Chemical Reactions

Physical World and Measurement Chemical Kinetics

Refraction Isolation of Elements

Mathematics Mathematics

Coordinate Geometry Trigonometric Functions

Quadratic Equations Probability

Surface Areas & Volumes Geometry

Introduction to Trigonometry Statistics and Probability

Polynomials Relations and Functions

Mathematical Reasoning Linear Programming

Vectors and 3-D Geometry

Real Number