Anda di halaman 1dari 4


1. __________ the tornado hit, there was very little left standing.

A. Because B. As C. when D. After

2. I'm looking after his affairs __________ he's in hospital.

A. while B. after C. because of D. thanks to

3. Since winter is coming, I think I'll knit a warm sweater __________ I'm always cold.

A. when B. although C. because D. because of

4. Who's taking care __________ the children while you're away?

A. with B. of C. on D. at

5. __________ twenty years, he still had feelings for her.

A. After B. When C. Before D. Where

6. What do you put her success __________?

A. up with B. down on C. up to D. down to

7. It's time we were getting __________.

A. off B. over C. along D. with

8. __________ she was bright and ambitious, she became a manager in no time.

A. As B. though C. despite D. why

9. Your daughter doesn't take after you at all.

A. take off B. take on C. take over D. take after

10. The paintwork will need __________ soon.

A. doing for B. doing over C. doing up D. doing in

11. My mom is __________ person in the world.

A. the greatest B. greatest C. the greater D. greater

12. Can you __________ the opening times on the website?

A. look over B. look into C. look up D. look after

13. Mai is __________ student in my class.

A. most intelligent B. the most intelligent

C. more intelligent D. the more intelligent

14. The blue house is __________ than the green one.

A. far largest B. largest far C. larger far D. far larger

15. Women __________ 56% of the student numbers.

A. make up B. give up C. look up D. take up

16. He is __________ of the three brothers.

A. most intelligent B. more intelligent

C. the most intelligent D. the more intelligent

17. Try the shoes __________ before you buy them.

A. out B. in C. up D. on

18. Don't worry about the letter—I'm sure it'll __________.

A. take up B. make up C. do up D. turn up

19. This dog is not __________ our dog.

A. so pretty B. as pretty C. so pretty as D. pretty as

20. We __________ the house again before we decided we would rent it.

A. make over B. looked over C. give over D. take over

21. The teacher told us not to talk in class.

A. talk not to B. talk to not C. not talk to D. not to talk

22. She can't decide what __________.

A. to do B. do C. doing D. did

23. The traveler asked __________ the nearest inn was.

A. which B. what C. when D. where

24. He shows me where __________ tickets.

A. buy B. to buy C. buys D. buying

25. The teacher asked the girl if she __________ her homework.

A. had done B. have done C. had doing D. have doing

26. The man said that he __________ his bag.

A. has lost B. has been lost C. had lost D. had been lost

27. Tell me how __________ the pronunciation.

A. improve B. to improve C. improving D. improved

28. The player wondered __________ goals they would score that week.

A. how long B. how far C. how many D. how much

29. I can't decide whether __________ her letter.

A. answer B. answers C. answering D. to answer

30. The fireman asked when the fire engine __________ ready.

A. was going to be B. were going to be C. was go to be D. were go to be

31. He __________ a long distance runner when she was younger.

A. use to being B. used to being C. use to be D. used to be

32. I don’t like my work. I wish I __________ a better job.

A. get B. could get C. can get D. could got

33. That’s a dreadful noise. I wish it __________.

A. will stop B. would stop C. stopping D. to stop

34. I used to eat meat but I became a vegetarian 5 years ago.

A. used to eat B. used to eating C. used eat D. used eating

35. I found Slovak food very strange at first but I __________ it now.

A. use to B. used to C. am use to D. am used to

36. These seats are very uncomfortable. I wish we __________ first class.

A. was travelling B. were travelling C. are travelling D. were travelled

37. I’m __________ driving on the right.

A. getting use to B. get use to C. getting used to D. get used to

38. I don’t like this place. I wish I __________ somewhere more interesting.

A. live B. lived C. living D. to live

39. I can’t get __________ up so early. I’m tired all the time.

A. use getting B. use to getting C. used getting D. used to getting

40. I always have to get home early. I wish my parents __________ me stay out later.

A. would let B. letting C. lets D. can let

41. It __________ that English is the most widely spoken language.

A. was believing B. is believing C. was believed D. is believed

42. Her doctor suggested that she __________ her working hours and take more exercise.

A. should reduce B. reduces C. to reduce D. reduced

43. She is known __________ a good swimmer.

A. to have be B. being C. to be D. been

44. I suggest that you __________ here around four o’clock.

A. leave B. left C. leaves D. leaving

45. It __________ that it was Peter who caused the accident.

A. has reported B. have reported C. has been reported D. have been reported

46. Nuclear power stations __________ to be dangerous.

A. is believed B. are believed C. is believing D. are believing

47. She suggested __________ together for safety, since the area was so dangerous.

A. travels B. to travel C. travelled D. travelling

48. Cars are known __________ the environment.

A. to polluting B. to pollute C. pollute D. polluted

49. Could you suggest __________ I might be able to buy a nice sweater for Mark?

A. which B. who C. where D. what

50. He suggested that I __________ for a job in a bank or insurance company.

A. may apply B. applied C. applying D. should apply

51. When George died he and Anne __________ married for nearly fifty years.

A. had been B. have been C. has been D. have to be

52. It was difficult __________ the question.

A. answer B. answering C. to answer D. to answering

53. She didn’t want to move. She __________ in Liverpool all her life.

A. lived B. has lived C. had been lived D. had lived

54. It would seem awkward __________ her again.

A. to call B. calling C. to calling D. to be called

55. My eighteenth birthday was the worst day I __________.

A. had had ever B. had ever had C. ever had had D. have ever had

56. It was stupid of him __________ the emergency button.

A. to press B. pressing C. presses D. pressed

57. A good translator is hard __________.

A. find B. found C. to find D. to be find

58. I couldn’t get into the house. I __________ my keys.

A. have been lost B. had been lost C. have lost D. had lost

59. I would have helped him if he __________.

A. had asked B. has asked C. had been asked D. has been asked

60. It looked impossible for me __________ on time.

A. finish B. to finish

C. to have finish D. to have been finished