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Mr. Billy Z. Earley

Congressional Candidate 44th District
Address: 2144 Wembley Lane
City: Corona, California 92881
Telephone: (714) 615-4956

Uttam Dhillon
Acting Administrator DEA
Office Professional Responsibility


September 30, 2019

Good day Mr. Dhillon, first, I would like to congratulate you on your appointment as
Administrator of the DEA on July 2, 2018. My name is Billy Earley and I am a Physician Assistant
Healthcare Advocate. I am demanding that your office conduct a thorough investigation into the
alleged facts contained within this communication and the supportive documents attached hereto.
These allegations are extremely important because they involve massive breach of the DEA’s Central
Intelligence Investigation Division and violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371 and 18 U.S.C. § 798.

In short, the evidence will show that former DEA Director David Barber and 62 other high-
ranking DEA employees leaked highly sensitive top-secret DEA operations and investigatory
information to Big Pharma, led by CVS Caremark. The evidence that I am providing will show that
CVS Caremark influenced DEA operations, and then, changed their Corporate name to CVS Health
and used the DEA to target hundreds and thousands of Doctors and Patients with an elaborate
scheme to take over the community clinics and ultimately, to take over the healthcare industry.

Former DEA Director, David Barber, and many other DEA former high-ranking employees are
working for Big Pharma right now. Part of this DEA corruption was exposed by the Washington Post
and 60 Minutes joint investigations, coined – The Drug Industry’s Triumph over the DEA. The news
research was based on former disgraced Congressman Tom Marino and David Barber, who co-
authored the “Tom Marino” Bill that Big Pharma pushed through Congress without opposition. The
evidence shows that CVS Health paid for 75-percent of the lobbying. Moreover, CVS used the DEA as
a launch pad to kick-start their Retail Clinic Operations in the United States and in only 5-years, CVS
Health is the largest employer of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners in the United States -
A milestone mainly attributed to CVS compromising top DEA Government Employees (CVS-DEA).

A. Whistleblower Evidence:

1. See Attachment – 1-Sept-2012-Attorney-Letter-To-CVS.pdf

 Attorney Steve Meister sends cease and desist letter to CVS – stop with the DEA BS,
 CVS tells thousands of people - Billy is under DEA investigation and he will be put in jail,
 Meister inquires where is CVS getting DEA enforcement data and they don’t answer,
 CVS has told millions of patients that their doctors are under DEA investigation.
2. See Attachment – 2-Aug-2012-DEA-Home-Invasion.pdf
 Three masked men takes Billy’s family hostage at gun point claiming to be the DEA,
 They tell Billy’s wife that he is under investigation for selling pain pills, a false lie,
 One of the criminals posing as the DEA beats Billy’s 78-year old father with his gun,
 The leader told the guy who beat Billy’s father – You were not supposed to hurt him,
 The DEA FOIA request shows an agent(s) where casing out Billy’s home and his clinic,
 The same day the assault occurred, Billy sent a hand served letter to a Walgreen’s
pharmacist who was diverting pills and harassing Billy’s clinic and patients,
 Billy believes that this person is a DEA informant because police did not investigate.
3. See Attachment – 3-Dec-2013-Lawsuit-CVS-DEA-Slander.pdf
 Billy gets fed-up with CVS/Walgreens harassing him and patients, files law suit,
 CVS were telling patients not to come to our clinic and called Billy a Nigger, see pg.5,
 Billy had hundreds of affidavits testifying CVS said Billy was under DEA investigation,
see Exhibit A, page 16 and 17. CVS is going nationwide using the DEA as leverage,
 Doctor Redouane Goulamine in Virgina sued CVS – they told many of his patients he
was under DEA and FBI investigation1,
 Doctor Anthony Mimms in Indiana sued and won 1 million after CVS told all of his
patients he was under DEA investigation and a murderer2,
4. See Attachment – 4-Jan-2013-CVS-DEA-Invest-Page.pdf
 CVS authorization refill request for asthma “UNDER DEA INVESTIGATION!!!” in caps,
 CVS authorization refill request “FORGERY!!!” 1/20/12,
 Doctors and clinics all over U.S. gets these CVS papers using DEA to run off doctors.
5. See Attachment – Dec-2015-DCA-CVS-DEA-Complaint.pdf
 The Medical Board and DOJ corruption is disgraceful and nobody held accountable,
 Billy points out to the MBC that besides their crimes, CVS has access to DEA files,
 Many California MBC/DOJ employees are criminals and the Billy’s complaint of serious
misconduct was not even investigated and it was ignored. This is Kamala Harris style.

6. See Attachment – 7-March-2017-OPR-Coverup-Complaint.pdf
 Response letter from OPR employee Paul E. Maxwell on March 12, 2017 at 6:23 am,
 Inspector Maxwell writes, “I will coordinate your information with our Diversion
Section to insure they are aware that some pharmacies could be providing law
enforcement information to patient and others,”
 The DEA was corrupted from the top, just like the FBI, DOJ, and the CIA presently,
 60 Minutes showed how DEA covered-up for CVS and Paul Maxwell continued this act.
7. See Attachment – 8-Aug-2017-Gov-Brown-CVS-DEA-Grand-Jury.pdf
 Quebec Daily Examiner published this article by Billy Earley “The Los Angeles Grand
Jury Has Been Requested To Investigate Governor Jerry Brown for Corruption”,
 Article states, “Brown is accused of allowing CVS to utilize the CURES and California
government agencies like the DEA to target and falsely investigate doctors; in order
for CVS to accomplish their hideous and unlawful agenda of taking over the patients.”
8. See Attachment – 9-Oct-2017-60minutes-CBS-DEA-CVS.pdf
 Ex-DEA agent Joe Rannazzisi, “Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress”,
 Research does not show how CVS and the Drug Industry coordinated with the DEA,
 Research does not show how CVS cast shadow on doctors using DEA as leverage,
 Research does not show the millions of patients being scared by CVS pharmacies,
 Research does show Drug Industry buys out DEA top agents and Congress members,
 The Research does not mention Retail Clinics and how they stole doctors’ patients.
9. See Attachment – 10-April-2018-Rico-Suit-Brown-CVS-DEA.pdf
 Billy filed lawsuit against Governor Jerry Brown for RICO and other criminal actions,
 Billy informed Brown that CVS and DEA were working together and he ignored case,
 Brown campaign and 60% State Assembly effectively lobbied by CVS today,
 In Florida, CVS sent out letters with the DEA on their letter-head, this shows control.
10. See Attachment – 12-Sept-2019-EpochTimes-News-China.pdf
 Evidence by recent news show China is using opioid as “Chemical Warfare.”
 90% of opioid deaths not due to doctors prescriptions Rx’d to people in pain,
 The DEA is giving American Doctors 20-years in prison for prescribing a legal pill,
 Meantime, former Vice President Joe Biden family gets 1.2 billion from China.
Additional Whistleblower Evidence:
a). CVS sends 22 Doctors in Florida letters titled CVS-DEA in 2012, showing partnership.
b). Journal of Pain Research, Dr. Michael Schatman, Extensive investigation “Is the Devil in the Data?”
c). Kim Fallon, head of the DOJ Coroner’s office in New Hampshire, but, Dr. Schatman study proved that 90%
of opioid deaths not from doctors in New Hampshire. Why is DOJ/CDC/DEA lying to public? Corruption??

B. Whistleblower Summary:
The factual procedural history is very clear. CVS was criminally charged by the U.S. for
violation of the Controlled Substance Act. CVS then wedged a public announced war against doctors
and patients, calling doctors drug dealers and patients’ drug addicts. CVS changed their name to CVS
Health because they could alter the U.S. Controlled Substance Act by buying out top DEA lawyers,
Congress, and DEA leadership. The Retail Clinics (Minute Clinics) was the end game all along. CVS
pushed the Drug Industry to go along with their accelerated Retail Clinic plans. CVS paid and hired at
least 63 top DEA employees; to write anti-DEA legislation, leak DEA top-secret data, and create a
pathway of false opioid addiction and chaos targeting the pain management community and
permitting special interest groups like CVS to use DEA branding and guide DEA investigations into
community doctors for MASSIVE illegal Business Competitions and political motives.

C. Conclusion:
Clinical research proved that the CDC published fake and false data regarding doctors and
opioid deaths/addictions in the United States. Big Pharma and the Drug Industry benefited greatly
from these false narratives and the DEA is arresting and giving doctors life sentences in jail and
calling them Drug Dealers. The CVS-DEA relationship is extremely disturbing and having special
interest groups controlling U.S. intelligence agencies is High Crimes against the American Republic.
The Drug Industry did not just triumph over the DEA, they also triumphed over the Medical Practice
Act, the Medical Boards, the Pharmacy Boards, and they have triumphed over key U.S. intelligence
agencies by paying-off corrupt U.S. Government Employees and Officials who have been permitted
to sell off U.S. Government trade secrets and vision. The DEA investigated Billy Earley for 4-years at
the behest of CVS Health. Several DEA corrupt agents harmed Billy’s family and they were
responsible for his 78-year-old father’s death and early demise. The evidence of CVS-DEA corruption
is undeniable and Billy Earley is demanding a thorough investigation, including but not limited to;
review and inspection of Emails, Texts, Voice Messaging, Recordings, Witnesses, and Interviews with
all suspected conspirators. There should also be an oversight hearing on this subject.

Billy Earley Healthcare Advocate

National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation
Ambassador/Contributor Doctors of Courage
Physician Assistant Billy Earley for Congress

Billy Earley

P.S. The DEA should start off with firing Paul Maxwell for covering up and not taking the proper steps to assure
Public Safety was sought. 60 Minutes has already identified that the same type of failed response from top DEA
officials and leadership is what lead to the CVS-DEA illegal relationship in the first place.