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2013 Applebasket Contest:
A Record Number of Entries!

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Label) Also in This Issue —
Book Reviews by Dee Berry
Don’t Lose Your Diamonds!
A Dispatch from the Trenches
of Teaching 2 Over 1 game Force
A Call for 2014 Applebasket Entries
Time for Teacher of the Year Nominations

New From Audrey Grant

The latest in
The Bookmark Series

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Baron Barclay
New from Audrey Grant

the first book in

The Bookmark Series
These invaluable instant
classics have bookmark
style flaps that display the
basic ideas
principlescolor PMS
in the book. As usual,
193 Red)
Audrey Grant speaks in a
clear and concise manner,
Page 3
guiding your students to
Baron Barclay
be Better Bridge players.
The First Book in the
Bookmark Series Ad
You will not be disappointed!

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Audrey Grant
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Box President’s Message Hodel 6
nual New Members Rolfe 8
ABTA Online Activities Sparrow 9
Book Reviews Berry 12
A Dispatch from the Trenches of
Teaching 2 Over 1 Game Force Nellissen 16
Call for 2014 Applebasket Entries Montague 17
Don’t Lose Your Diamonds! Hodel 18
No Time Like the Present to Think About
UT the 2014 Teacher of the Year Abbott 19
d 2013 Applebasket Honorable Mentions Montague 22
6 Carolyn Pinto; Debbie Wagner; Sam Marks; Carol T. Griffin;
om Carol Hargrave; John Pain; Gordon Markham; Carol Lee Erbeck;
Pam Farrar; Mimi David; David Glandorf; Breezy Salmon;
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ABTA’s motto is to help those who teach bridge to do it better -

more effectively - more knowledgeably - more professionally.

priced luncheon for first- or second- is

time attendees. The purpose of this yo
event is to help new attendees be-
come aquatinted with Board members
and the program for the week, so they
will receive the maximum benefit the
from the event. Details of these two ing
events will be printed in the winter ro
Quarterly. joi
I have written a short far
President’s Message article for inclusion in on
Chuck Hodel this issue [see page 18]. of
I did this to encourage br
The time has arrived for my sec-
members to submit arti-
ond message to the ABTA member-
cles to editor Charlie Williams. I
ship. My first message centered on
think the subject I have chosen will ba
the preparations made before I took
find members with different points of gu
office. Now I want to report on sev-
view but we should all be encouraged fo
eral things that have transpired in the
to express what we think. After all, na
there are different approaches to cle
I have nearly filled all committees playing bridge and teaching. Send a fo
and they are working short article to Charlie at:
on your behalf. The
main job was to find a
Las Vegas contact that The officers have been investigat-
could help organize ing the subject of a general liability
details for the summer Conference. insurance policy to cover teachers
With the help of President-Elect Patty that are required to have such a pol-
Tucker we have a local Las Vegas icy by the facility in which they
contact that is helping to organize our teach. It has been suggested that
Wednesday evening activity. The ABTA purchase a policy that would
discussions so far promise an inter- cover all teachers. Many feel that it is
esting evening including a moder- the responsibility of the
ately priced dinner. individual teacher to pur-
chase a policy if required, o
Another activity that must be in other words, “the cost l
taken care of soon is the arrangement of doing business.” I e
for our annual New Attendee lunch- don’t know how many p
eon. Patty is in teachers are faced with a requirement o
charge of this such as this. It is hard to justify
activity and will spending dues money if only a few
plan a moderately benefit. Let me know by email if this

nd- is an important topic for you and how

his you feel about it. My email address is Members
ers Email Changes
ey Shortly after the first of the year Eugene Greenberg
fit the Regional Directors will be check- 9712 Pavarotti Terrace, Apt 103
wo ing the membership Boynton Beach, FL 33437
ter roles to be sure everyone
joins for 2014. We have
several new members so Marilyn Groezinger
far this year and we welcome every 2308 Dog Leg Drive
one of you. I know you will get a lot Sebring, FL 33872
of value from joining your fellow
bridge teachers. Keith McMahan
PO Box 456
I It is time for you to send Apple-
Auburn, CA 95604
will basket suggestions to Brenda Monta-
of gue. Please see her article on page 17
ed for details. Teacher of the Year nomi-
nations are also in order. See the arti-
Address Changes
to cle by Chair Nancy Abbot on page 19 Connie Bartlett
a for details. 52 Croasdale Street
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Now is the time to begin making Canada
your plans to attend
at- the July 15-18 sum-
mer Conference in Herbert (Jay) Woods
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hat 4100 Upper Middle Road, #2121
uld ABTA website: Burlington, ON L7N 4W8
is Canada
Stay updated by checking
ur- Upcoming ABTA
ed, our site regularly. If you would
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I email on the members page, Las Vegas NV; July 15-18, 2014
ny please send your permission to Chicago IL; August 5-8, 2015
ent our web master, Luise Lee, at:
ify Washington DC; July 20-23, 2016
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luc ABTA If
Conference sp
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8112 Stanford Place July 15—18, 2014 pa
Montgomery, AL 36117 to

ABTA Online Activities

By Maggie Sparrow, Ontario

Be sure to stay connected practicalities of teaching.

with other teachers through
our online activities. Sunday, February 23rd, 2014. Land
cruises? What are they? Could you do

ABTAhome. Check our website regu-

larly at Are you it? If you have run a land cruise, come
listed on the teacher page, so that pro- and tell us about it. If you haven’t yet,
spective new students may find you? come and chat about the possibility.

ABTAdiscuss. Join our email discus- Sunday, March 23rd, 2014. Photo-
sion list and send in questions and copying...are you allowed to? Using
comments by email. This is a great other material...can you? Suppose you
way to discuss bridge teaching with find a good hand in a book, may you use
others. Sometimes the list is very quiet, it in a lesson? Come and talk to pub-
other times there is a flurry of activity. lisher Ray Lee of Master Point Press
Once you have joined the group you about copyright, and exactly what the
can read all the past messages, and ethical teacher can and can't do.
we’ve had some interesting discus- Sunday, April 27th, 2014. Those begin-
sions. There are also some very useful ners who started with you back in the
things for you to find in the files. fall, what are they doing now? Have you retained them all? Are they still playing?
Come and discuss with others the meth-
ABTAchat. Come to our once-a- ods you use with beginners to keep them
month chat (usually the fourth Sunday interested, learning and playing.
evening) at Bridge Base Online.
Download the windows-based BBO If you are NOT receiving regular
program ahead of time from monthly reminders by email about the Chats it’s probably because Maggie
Topics are pre-set and you will receive Sparrow doesn’t have your correct email
an email reminder a few days in ad- address. Send it to her if you would like
vance. But don’t be fooled, we get to receive reminders.
through a surprising amount in just one
Many of the reminders are bounced
hour, so feel free to jump in if you
back because Maggie’s email is not al-
have a pressing question. Here’s are
lowed by the recipients (mostly AOL
the next few Chat dates and topics:
users). If you believe this applies to you,
Sunday, January 26th, 2014. Are you putting Maggie’s email in your address
lucky enough to teach at a bridge club? book will often solve the problem.
If not, how do you find good teaching
space? Do you have to carry your sup- If you miss a Chat you are particu-
plies around? How much rent do you larly interested in, you can email Maggie
pay and how do you structure your fees for the transcript at:
to cover this? Come and chat about the


Visit or
Call 800-426-3748 for ordering information.

Introduction to Bridge - Play & Learn

with Pat Harrington
(Lessons 1-6) & (Lessons 7-13)
on separate discs
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Special Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Introductory • Software of the Year: 2009-Lessons 1-6; 2010
Price -Lessons 7-13.
Retail: • Teaches both bidding and play and is paced
$34.95 appropriately for beginners.
• Lessons teach the mechanics, trick taking,
ABTA Price: and provide the background for bidding.
$17.50 • Lessons teach opening bids and their responses.

Learn and Practice Bidding Conventions

Based on the
Windows 2000 / XP /Vista / 7 / 8
Not available for the Macintosh
Retail: • Helps your students learn up to seven different
$29.95 conventions.
ABTA Price: • Ideal for students looking to learn a new convention.

To Order
Call Cindy: 1-800-426-3748 or Fax Cindy: 301-765-8004

Learn to Play Bridge

With Audrey Grant
Bridge Basics 1
Available in English only

Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8
Retail: Mac OS X 10.4 or later

ABTA Price:

Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey Grant - Bridge Basics 1

10 has a host of features, including these:
• This program is designed for the absolute beginner. The material is
presented in a clear, well-organized format, moving smoothly from
one topic to the next. It's based on the most up-to-date information
the game has to offer.
• A sound track accompanies the lesson material, allowing you to focus
on the hands and the graphics.

Now Available
Bridge Baron 24
Available in English (Windows/Mac),
François (Windows/Mac), and
Deutsch (Windows/Mac).

Retail: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8

$64.95 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
ABTA Price: • You can install it on up to three computers at home.
$32.45 • Great new table layout!


Book Reviews
By Dee Berry, Washington ab
Diamonds Are the Takes to Precision,
Hog’s Best Friend was published in
A New Collection of Original 2011. Swings and Arrows will be or
Menagerie Stories available in 2014 and the final vol- Do
By Victor Mollo, Collected and ume, Last Call in the Menagerie, will Ca
Edited by Mark Horton, © 2013 appear the following year.
Illustrations by Bill Buttle enliven D
the card games starring the Hog, with
a supporting cast of the
Rueful Rabbit, the Secre-
tary Bird, Walter the
Walrus, Charlie the
Chimp, Papa the Greek, Timothy
Toucan, and Oscar the Owl.
Mollo’s tongue-in-cheek humor
should appeal to teachers and stu-
dents alike. For those who haven’t
been exposed to it, this excerpt is
from a chapter entitled “A Visit from
the Americans.” Oscar the Owl, the
kibitzer, explained, “The Hog is try-
Victor Mollo, who died in 1987, is ing to sell the Americans a patent for
“one of the best loved authors ever to a pocket computer which will tell a
write about bridge,” says the back player, in every situation,
cover piece about the author, and exactly how many points
suggests that “Bridge in the Menag- he should have for his
erie,” among Mollo’s first, is “on any bid, in less than two-fifths
list of the all-time top ten on the of a second after he’s made it. Walter
game.” This collection of Mollo sto- pla
is financing it.” “Are the Americans
ries has never before appeared in interested?” asked someone doubt-
book form and represents consider- lea
able research by Mark Horton as well Bi
“All the Hog expects of them, an- mo
as Ron Tacchi for Master Point Press.
swered O.O. reassuringly, “is a grant-
Diamonds... is one of in-aid to supply computers to under-
four new collections of developed areas. That sort of thing
original Victor Mollo Me- appeals to them, you know—and still
nagerie stories. The first, The Hog more to the Hog, of course.”

This general interest book is avail- time, with more than 100 books pub-
able from Master Point Press for lished.
$19.95US and CDN. Call 1-416-781-
0315, email The authors first cover
the “Basics of Defense”
including “Which Card
be or write to Master Point Press, 331 Should I Play?” and stan-
ol- Douglas Ave., Toronto, Ontario, dard signals and discards,
will Canada M5M 1H2. including suit preference
en Defensive Play at Bridge: Part 2 covers Opening Leads
ith a Quizbook Against Notrump, including what to
By Barbara Seagram lead from four small (2nd highest is
& David Bird, © 2013 recommended from holdings such as
9742 while top of three small, 862 is
suggested). Defending Notrump in
hy 3rd seat is followed by Defending
Notrump in 4th seat.
or Each chapter has sev-
tu- eral hands illustrating
n’t key points, with the
is problem given on one
om page and the solution on the next.
he Killing declarer’s communications
ry- receives a chapter.
or Part 3 encompasses Defending
a Against Suit Contracts, and the au-
on, thors spotlight deal 36 (“One of the
nts most instructive hands you will ever
his see”). On lead against the final con-
This soft-cover 158 page book is
hs tract of 4♥, after the opponent’s 1♥
geared for “Newcomer, Intermediate”
ter bid is limit raised to 3♥, one holds:
players. Barbara Seagram (Toronto,
Canada) is one of North America’s ♠KJxx ♥xx ♦Qxx ♣K10xx
leading bridge teachers and David The authors recommend a trump lead
Bird (Southampton, UK) may be the
(Continued on page 14)
n- most prolific bridge author of all

(Continued from page 13)

Come Join the Fun!
because “leading from a Meet Us in Las Vegas!
suit headed by one honor or
two non-touching honors is ABTA Conference
very risky and will often July 15—18, 2014
give away a trick.” Other
chapters cover defending
suit contracts in 2nd and 4th
seat. A total of 64 hands are included
in this well-presented book.
The authors acknowledge the sup- ABTA members can order a
port of the Govern- magnetic name badge with the
ment of Canada ABTA logo in black and red on a
through the Canada white background by contacting:
Book Fund for their John McGillivary
publishing activities. Marsden’s Trophies
4 Alliance Blvd., Unit 6
The book is published by Master
Barrie, ON L4M 5J1 Canada
Point Press and sells for $15.95US
and CDN. Call 1-416-781-0315, Phone: 705-726-1101
email Fax: 705-726-1103 Price is approximately $15 US, in-
cluding shipping. Pay by credit card
or write to Master Point to avoid currency problems, either
Press, 331 Douglas Ave., by phone or fax. Fax is preferred to
Toronto, Ontario, Canada ensure your name is spelled cor-
M5M 1H2. rectly. Allow at least 7 days for
processing and 10 days for shipping.

Do you need an updated 2013 Membership Roster?

Have you recently moved?
Do you know if it’s time to renew your membership?
Please send questions and updates via email to our
Business Secretary:
Kathy Rolfe
P.O. Box 232
Greenwood, MO 64034-0232
Home: 816-237-0519
3 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 15 Summer 2013

(New Ad—2nd color PMS

a 193 Red)
Page 15
Baron Barclay
V-Blue Ad

A Dispatch from the Trenches of

Teaching 2 Over 1 Game Force we
By Amy Nellissen, New Jersey sp
“But you said if your partner A practical problem with too
opens and you have 13 points, you teaching 2 over 1
have to bid at the ple
The very first lesson of any 2 over
two level to show
1 course talks about which auctions
your strength,” my
are affected. As usual, Audrey's book ha
student explained earnestly.
is crystal clear on this: there are only tha
She had five spades and fourteen six auctions where 2 over 1 applies: sp
points. Her partner had opened 1♣, 1♠-2♣, 1♠-2♦, 1♠-2♥,
and she was absolutely certain I had 1♥-2♣, 1♥-2♦ or 1♦-2♣.
taught her to respond 2♠.
The very first page in
“Never,” I replied. the text and the very first the
lesson in the class cover ate
“Yes you did. We took a this clearly. tio
whole class on that. Two
over One Game Force.” And I covered it clearly too.
“Oh, that.” I cringed, The problem is that from there, we
wondering how many other then go on for the next few weeks
students were walking playing hand after hand based on the
around with the same idea. six 2 over 1 auctions.

I’m sure we can all Never again in the remainder of de

relate to the experience the course do they have an auction tio
of discovering that what that starts 1♣-1♥. No
we taught and what the we
student learned were No wonder they leave with the res
two completely differ- impression that you must respond on ing
ent things. the two level to set up a game force. rei

I had just finished teaching Aud- What to do about it?

rey Grant and Eric if
Rodwell's 2 over 1 My 2 over 1 class is organized in
Game Force. the typical way: the stu-
dents make up the hand,
And here was an- bid and play it. Next we
other student who turn all the cards face-up dummy- [A
knew she must jump style. We discuss the bidding, open- thi
ing lead, play and defense. AC
to show points.

Should I throw in a hand each

week that starts with a one-level re-
sponse? That would All Teachers!!
work, but class time is Our popular Applebasket con-
h too valuable to waste a test will take place again at our
whole hand on such sim- Conference in Las Vegas in July.
ple concept. Please submit the method you use
ver to interest your
ns Then it hit me: I have loads of
students in a par-
ok hands already made up on the table
ticular concept,
nly that will reinforce one-level re-
hand or a dilemma
sponses! I just need to…
that they frequently encounter. An
entry may be a way that you pre-
Ask one more question sent a concept, things you do in
Now, instead of putting class to hold their interest, or any
the cards away immedi- other way that you make their
ately, I ask one more ques- learning experience memorable.
tion: Remember that your successful
techniques may be of great use to
“With your tablemates
other teachers, so please send in
and using your bid boxes,
you best teaching tip. We request
we please bid the hand again, your discretion in not speaking
ks this time with East as
about your submission until the
he dealer.”
voting process is finished. The
Originally when West final day of the Conference, we
of dealt, it was a 2 over 1 auc- would ask the winner and top
on tion. For example, 1♠-2♦. place finishers to showcase their
Now with East as dealer entries. Bring your own props, if
we have an opening bid of 1♦ and a needed, to our annual meeting in
he responder with five spades and open- Las Vegas!
on ing strength. Exactly what we need to Submissions may be made by
. reinforce that responder doesn't jump. regular mail to:
It takes very little class time, and Brenda Montague
if necessary I can do on every hand. 14 Capstan Way
in Swampscott, MA 01907
Let me know if it works for you. or you can email your submission to Brenda at :
y- [Amy was kind enough to share with us
n- this article which also appears in the
ACBL Teacher Newsletter.—Editor]
Deadline for submissions
is July 1, 2014.

Don’t Lose Your Diamonds!

By Chuck Hodel, California

I am a strong advocate of bidding usually to our advan-

four cards suits “up-the-line”. If part- tage. It also allows for other se-
ner opens the bidding 1♣ and I hold quences which I find useful to de- CO
four diamonds and scribe our hands. 20
four of a major I pre- 15
fer to bid my diamond If I hold a five-card major and a
suit. It seems that this four- or five-card minor it
method is no longer is easy to let partner wi
in vogue but it has know this. If he opens 1♣ as
certain advantages that I find useful. I and I bid 1♠ followed by pu
teach my students to use this method. a bid of 2♦, partner pa
knows right away that I hold a longer the
If our partnership has a four-four spade suit than diamond suit. stu
fit in a major we will find it. It also AB
allows the opening Of course the question of oppo-
hand, which is usually nent interference comes up. As long
the stronger one of our as we play negative doubles, either
partnership, to declare partner or I can show the unbid suit inc
the hand. We all know that this is and we again are in the action. an

ABTA Quarterly Submission Requirements

If you would like to submit an article to the Quarterly or send a lar
letter to the Editor, we have some suggestions for you: ne
• Please include your name and telephone number, email and snail
mail address (we solicit from ABTA members only); ac
• Electronic submissions are greatly encouraged (either as files at- aw
tached to an email or in the body of the email); tea
• We are especially looking for articles about how to teach bridge the
(methodology, marketing, advertising, humor, etc.); gr

• If possible, please include a picture of yourself to be included in

the column masthead; loc
• See page 5 of this magazine for where to send your submissions. me
Thank You, &KDUOLH:LOOLDPV, Editor on

No Time Like the Present to Think

About the 2014 Teacher of the Year
By Nancy Abbott, Virginia

se- The deadline for submission of Have your students

de- COMPLETE nomination packets for take a video of you teaching, if you’d
2014 Teacher of the Year is March like. This is good way
15, 2014. to demonstrate your
d a innovative teaching
We are hoping that your students techniques.
will be excited enough to get started
as soon as possible to The chair of the 2014 ABTA/
put their nomination Master Point Press Teacher of the
packets together. All Year Committee is Nancy Abbott.
ger the forms you and your
students need are on the Send the completed nomination
ABTA website: packets to:
po- Nancy Abbott
ng 39434 Snickersville Turnpike
her A complete nomination packet Middleburg, VA 20117
uit includes student nomination forms
or email her at:
and letters and completed teacher
information forms, along
with samples of teaching
materials, newsletters,
website address or regu- Spread the Word!!
a lar column in your unit publication or Recruitment of new mem-
bers should be a priority for
l A full explanation of your bridge everyone in our organization.
activities in the community is neces-
You can download a mem-
sary as well. Most students are not
- aware of the playing status of their bership form for your friends
teacher, but, if you are involved with from our website. There is a
e the local Novice-Intermediate pro- supply of back issues of the
grams, that is very impressive. Quarterly available if you are
planning a teacher’s workshop
n Do you participate in in your area.
local school bridge
teaching? Are you a Make it your goal to
mentor? Do you teach recruit at least one new
r on the internet or hold a member this year!
position in the local unit?
The Ozdil-Katz Bridge School No
The Ozdil-Katz Bridge School “” has prepared practice deals D
for bidding, conventions, competitive bidding, defense and card playing tactics. You can Vu
see the full list of these practice deals, which are prepared as “PDF / Lin File” for BBO,
club lectures and personal training, under “Teachers Corner / Store” on the main menu.
Each set has 32 deals from the same topic. At each deal, dealer changes based on the board ]
number, but the contract is usually played by South, and East-West is in the defense. In a
partnership bidding set prepared for North-South, it is possible that East-West competes
and plays a doubled contract. +
The bidding system is 2/1 with standard competitive bidding techniques. You can find the [
partial notes for the system under “Basic” or “System” on the main menu, or you can buy
the complete “Bidding System” through “Store”. The leads against NT contracts are 4th
best and the leads against suit contracts are 3rd/5th. Journalist Leads, Smith Echo and
Lavinthal discards are also used as Ozdil-Katz Bridge School standards.

Trump Play Competitions

- Trump Management 1 set - Negative Doubles 3 sets

- Entry Management 1 set - Takeout Doubles 4 sets
- Timing 2 sets - Overcalls 2 sets
- Ruffing 2 sets - Balancing 2 sets
- Trump Control 2 sets - Weak 2 1 set
- Discarding Losers 2 sets - Defense Weak 2 2 sets
- Establishing a Side Suit 2 sets - Landy 1 sets
- Hidden Ruff 1 set - Dobi Double 1 set
Trump Defense Conventions yo
- Leads 1 set - 1NT Opening 4 sets pla
- Trump Leads 1 set - 2NT Opening 1 set ret
- Third Hand Play 1 set - 2NT Rebid 1 set dia
- Counterattack 2 sets - Check Back Stayman 1 set clu
- Passive Defense 1 set - Flannery 1 set the
- Ruffing 1 set - Weak 2 1 set
- Trump Promotion 1 set fro
- Suit Preference Signals 2 sets dia
NT Play NT Defense tric
- Timing 2 sets - Leads 2 sets
- Entry Management 2 sets - 3rd Hand Play 2 sets tru
- Card Combinations 2 sets - Counterattack 3 sets mo
- Smith Echo 1 set cas
System - Lavinthal Discards 1 set spa
- Suit Preference Signals 1 set dra
- Major Raises 3 sets - Attitude Signals 1 set
- Fourth Suit Forcing 1 set - Count Signals 1 set

These and many more (a total of 8000) deals are prepared and saved in BBO format. By
purchasing a set, the purchaser guarantees to not give, sell or distribute any hands to any
other source. The PDF document for each set is $8. If you want the LIN file with the PDF
document, they are $20 together.

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No : 19 A9652 Ozdil No : 6 652 Ozdil
als D :S J754 D :E A754
can Vul: EW 863 Vul: EW J863
u. 9 Q7
ard ] J4 KQT8 ] J973 T84
_ T98 N 3 _ 9 N QJT8
tes W E T9542 W E K952
+ K7 + QT4
the [ AJ8532 S KT7 [ T9862 S K3
4th 73 AKQ
and AKQ62 K632
Ruffing 2 AQJ Trump Control 1 A7
1_ ---- 2N
---- 2_ ---- 2N ---- 3[ ---- 3_
---- 4_ ---- ---- ---- 4_ ---- ----
---- ----
Lead : T_ Lead : T[

East plays the Three of hearts. If You play the Queen of clubs from
you win with the Queen of trumps, the dummy and win the King with
play a club, win the likely trump the Ace.
return in hand, ruff a club, play a Since you cannot go down even if
diamond to the Ace, ruff another you lose two trump tricks, you sho-
club, you will then have no entry to uld play a heart to the Ace, a club
the hand and so cannot prevent West back to the Jack, and ruff a club.
from overruffing the third spade or After East overruffs, you can win
diamond. the return, cash the King of trumps
Therefore, you should win the first and then ruff the fourth club.
trick with the Jack of trumps and
play a club. You can win the likely
trump return, ruff a club, play a dia-
mond to the Ace, ruff the last club,
cash the Ace of spades, play a
spade, ruff the third spade high and
draw trumps.


2013 Applebasket Contest

Honorable Mentions tur
By Brenda Montague, Massachusetts mo
Carolyn Pinto “When partner now bids three
Fort Worth, Texas hearts, they are saying, ‘Partner, I
know you have a bad hand. But is it a tha
Give Them Hands BAD-BAD hand or a GOOD-BAD pr
One thing that I have learned hand?’ ” my
when teaching conventions, is always mi
Spoken with appropriate empha- ing
give them hands before you teach the sis, it helps students learn that a nine-
convention. This allows them to get point hand can indeed be good.
excited about learning the conven-
Carol T. Griffin
Walnut Creek, California
Debbie Wagner
Athens, Georgia Marketing
A marketing tip: offer beginner
Visual Aids students a free repetition of the be- ea
When describing a bridge hand, I ginner class or at least a discounted sm
hold up colored carnations (silk-not amount. wa
real) to represent suits. A five-four gr
hand would have 5 red ones for an
hearts and 4 blue ones for spades. Carol Hargrave
This is helpful on the lesson for trans- Weeki Wachee, Florida
fers and/or Stayman. Other colors are Use Cover Stock tea
added for the other two suits.
and Large Type co
This might be helpful to some
Sam Marks teachers who find themselves without
Atlanta, Georgia to
a podium or a place to put their lec-
Teaching Game Tries tures while giving them.
When I teach game tries, it is very I work a lot on cruise ships and I
difficult to get students to appreciate also like to move about the
that the right 8 points is enough to go room. Typically I might not have a
to game. microphone, so I like to move among
the few tables I have (the number
So I try and explain it this way: varies on cruise ships from to 3 to
“When you raised to two hearts, 8). I also might have a small number me
you told partner you had a bad hand. at our bridge club. It

I like to print all my teacher’s lec- for “learning” and I am responsible

tures on cover stock (stiff paper that for “time management.”
most printers can handle nicely). The
stiff paper allows me to see my notes Since the students are in charge of
as I move around. their learning they should ask any and
ee all questions, anytime a question oc-
I I have also found as I get older, curs to them. They needn’t
a that I like to print my lectures in bold worry about whether the
AD print in a larger size—it’s easier on question is appropriate or
my aging eyes. Just a thought that whether it might take too
might help others dedicated to teach- long to answer.
a- ing bridge in their silver years.
ne- They can ask the questions and
since I am in charge of time manage-
John Pain ment, I’ll assess if I will answer the
Aylesbury, England question immediately, defer the ques-
tion to later in the class period, or
Individual answer it after class.
Dry Erase Boards
er I give individual dry erase boards, Carol Lee Erbeck
e- each supplied with a marker and a Pearce, Arizona
ed small eraser, to each student. That
way, when I ask a question to the Offer Index Cards
group, they can quickly write their After I have taught a class on a
answer down on the board. particular subject, I offer a 5x3 index
Then you can say to them “hold card highlighting the key points of
up your boards.” That way the the class.
teacher can see at a glance who gets it Of the classes I have had, I am
correct. It also stops the over-eager almost always asked—at the begin-
student from calling out the answer ning of the class, “Will there be a
before the others have had a chance card available?”
to think about it.
c- I don’t offer the card at the begin-
ning of the class, because
dI Gordon Markham I have found (in the past)
he Sun Lakes, Arizona that attention is drawn
a Be Responsible for more to the card than to
ng the class.
Time Management
This works for me; hope it might
to As part of my introductory com-
help others.
er ments at the start of every new class,
I tell the students they are responsible
(Continued on page 24)

(Continued from page 23) I think, although I am not going to

put it to a public test, that all my stu-
Pam Farrar dents can say the whole chant by
Richmond, Virginia
heart with no coaching. But we do it
A New SUIT by again every so often just to make
an unPASSED . . . sure.

Not one of my students (to my Incidentally, they all like the

knowledge) has ever, ever, ever chant, and I like how it makes subse-
passed her partner’s forcing new suit. quent, more advanced lessons so
I attribute this miracle to the power of much easier to teach.
the following chant. Here it is, with
the accompanying gymnastics.
Mimi David •
Stage one: I twist to the left, rais- Palm Desert, California
ing my hands high above my head,
and chant: “A new SUIT” (clap on
Suggested Play
SUIT ); I twist to the right, raising of the Hands in •
my hands, and chant: “by an un- a Beginner Class
PASSED” (clap on PASSED); twist
Give the students simple in-
left “responDER” (clap); twist right
structions for bidding, such as you
“is forCING” (clap); twist left
must have 12 points to open the
“unless . . . (dramatic pause) someone
bidding, and you must have 6
at the table has said no trump.” Say
points to answer your partner.
this last part as fast as you possibly
We’re not concerned with correct
can so it sounds like a grownup mys-
levels of contracts at this point. In
the first hand the students merely
Stage two: Have your follow suit, and the highest card •
class do the same thing with wins the trick. In the second hand,
you. Repeat ad libitum that we bid and play with a dummy.
day and any other, particu- Suggested play of the hands
larly when a new student in a beginner class:
joins the class.
• Place table mats showing NS/EW
Stage three: You can ease off on and playing cards on each table.
the twisting and clapping. But now, Assign one pair as N/S partners,
when you do the chant give the class and the same for E/W partners. •
only the initial word or syllable so Spread the cards, and the player
they have to fill in the blanks. picking the highest card is as-
signed as dealer. Dealer distrib-
Example: “A new ___, by an
utes the cards clockwise around
un___ respon___ is for___ unless
the table to each player.
someone at the table has said _____.”
• For the first hand, the students do

to not bid. Instruct the left hand op- • The players must bid according
u- ponent of the dealer to lead any to the ranking of the suits.
by card (call this player the left • One partnership will select a
it hand opponent) and have all trump suit or declare a no trump
ke players follow suit by playing contract. Again, we are not con-
cards clockwise around the table. cerned with correct levels of con-
Tell the students they are play- tracts at this point.
ing a “no trump” contract with
se- • Remind the students that the
no trump suit. The player with
so player first naming the suit or no
the highest card in the suit led
trump bid that becomes the con-
wins the trick. We use no
tract is called the declarer and
dummy for this hand.
his partner is called the
• Remind the students to place dummy. Remind the students
winning tricks vertically in that the last suit or no trump bid
front of them, and losing tricks becomes the contract when fol-
horizontally. lowed by three passes.
• We use bidding in the next hand. • After the opening lead, instruct
Ask the students to count the the partner of the declarer to
n- points in their hands. Instruct the place his hand in rows of suits on
ou students they must have at least the table with the trump suit on
he twelve points to open the bidding dummy’s right.
6 for their partnership, and pass
er. without the necessary points. Re- In my experience, I found the
ect mind the student who opens for above exercise to be very good for
In his partnership that he is called new students, and
ely the opening bidder. throws them right into
rd the “pool” (game). I’m
• Instruct the responder of the
nd, always amazed at how
opening bidder that he needs six
quickly students learn the fundamen-
or more points to answer part-
tals of the game by using the above
ner’s opening bid. As responder
he may bid his own suit, no
trump, or agree with partner’s
W suit. I remind this player that he
le. Carol T. Griffin
is called the responder. Walnut Creek, California
• Each player announces their
point count, bids if they have an Bidding Choices
as- opening count, or passes. The In reference to bidding choices:
b- opening bidders bid their best suit “When choosing a bid, don't keep
nd or no trump and the responders secrets from your partner.”
either agree with opener’s suit or
bid their own suit or no trump.
do (Continued on page 26)

(Continued from page 25) Breezy Salmon Al

Nashville, Tennessee De
David Glandorf on
Houston, Texas Bidding Teams
“If You Don’t Know In a bidding class, teachers are cla
Where You’re Going, constantly faced with the problem wh
Don’t be in a Hurry to that students want to play the hand ba
after they bid it. This is not what the
Get There!” lesson is about! I found a way to
This is a comment I often use avoid it. Teachers can make the bid-
when responder makes a jump shift in ding itself into a competitive game.
a new suit as their first response to
partner’s opening bid. What I did in my last class (16
students) is I had 4 teams. I put sev-
It is usually made by an “old eral card tables together—like 9 of
school” player who is in my begin- them—with 4 chairs on each side,
ning bidding class to learn modern and they bid in teams after the lec-
bidding styles. The problem is that ture. Every time a team made it all
they seldom have the strength or suit the way through the auction without
requirements for a strong jump shift. error, they received a poker chip.
They will typically have just an open- Teams were mixed and matched
ing bid and a four-card suit. evenly each week. I kept a tally on
each player.
I point out that they have taken up
valuable bidding space with no idea At the last class there was one per-
of what the final strain or level son who had earned more poker chips
should be. I remind them that the than anyone else, and she received a
simple bid of new suit is forcing for prize.
one round so that they will have a
much better idea of where they are #4
heading after opener’s rebid. Carol T. Griffin de
Walnut Creek, California bid
I actually teach my beginners to
NEVER make a jump shift in a new Helping Students
suit since there is no modern standard with Bidding
for this bid—it might be strong, weak en
#1. We tend to forget how important
or conventional depending on part- pa
and informative the Pass bid is, so I
nership agreement. I suggest that they remind my students with a simple #5
wait until they become more experi- statement/sign of “A Pass is a good the
enced and then decide how they bid too.” be
would like to use it. As a beginner
they will be able to get along quite #2. When the students feel over-
well without it. whelmed by all the rules/guidelines
of bidding I try to remind them that:

All bidding boils down to two things: in one suit it is worth 10 points and 4
Describing the Strength and Shape of tricks. On the other hand, if one has
one’s hand. the Ace in one suit, the King in an-
other, the Queen in yet another and
#3. Sometimes a visual chart helps
are the Jack in the 4th suit, you still have
clarify/simplify the choices we make
em 10 points but only one trick!
when opening the bidding. There are
nd basically 3 choices, in order of prior- ♠A K Q J = 10 HCP and 4 tricks!
he ity: vs.
to ♠A, ♥K, ♦Q, ♣J = 10 HCPs
d- Hierarchy of Opening Bids but only one trick.
(13-21 pts.)

16 Dave Poriss
v- Burlington, Connecticut
de, 1 NT The Reverse
ec- 15-17 pts.
Balanced One of the most difficult concepts
in the labeling and explanation is
the word: “reverse” (also known as
ip. Longest Suit (5+) the “dreaded reverse”). So why that
ed 5/5, bid the particular word, and is there a
on Higher Ranking “better” way to define and explain
er- Longest (3+) Minor If we have an even amount of two
ps If both are equal: suits in our hand, we are taught from
da (4/4, bid ♦)
basic bidding to always bid the
(3/3, bid ♣)
higher-ranking suit first. But we were
never given the entire explanation
#4. I find short phrases help the stu- why.
dents decide where to go with the
bidding choices. For example, Of course (given suits of equal
length), if we have a choice between
“One who knows, goes.” i.e.:
opening in a 5-card major suit or a
1♣, Pass, 1♠, Pass, 4♠ = showing
minor, we are told to always open in
enough points (19-21) for game with
ant the major suit. This is
partner possibly having only 6 points.
oI sound advice, but begs the
ple #5. When I talk about points and issue of the reverse. By
od their range, I mention that one point teaching students with
between friends doesn't matter. It is equal length to bid the major first, the
more about judgment. Good points point of reverses does not normally
versus poor points. For example, if come up (with even length suits.)
one has the Ace, King, Queen, Jack
at: (Continued on page 28)

(Continued from page 27) when you say it specifically that way, •
To repeat for emphasis, this is the the word “reverse” is finally put into
“natural” order of bidding structure correct context and better compre- •
today. We no longer introduce hands hended!
with 4 cards in the majors and 5 in
the minor by opening in the ma-
jor. Note that ”old fashioned” 4-card
Patty Tucker •
Dunwoody, Georgia
majors did not have this prob-
lem. Even die-hard Kantar, now re- BINGO! •
luctantly concedes to 5-card ma-
Everyone likes to be recognized
jors, but with a 4-card major and a 5-
for their accomplishments, no matter
card minor and a minimum hand, he
how old they are. I came up with a
still suggests you “mentally” slip an-
“Bridge with (name)! Bingo” for •
other card into the major suit.
my students.
But because of the structure of I awarded stars for students when
bidding, when we eventually have they “got something.” For some it
MORE cards in the lower-ranking was keeping count of trumps; for
suit, we SHOULD bid the lower- some, remembering how Stayman
ranking suit first. In essence, by bid- went; and for some, finding a
ding the lower suit FIRST, with the squeeze. Stars were awarded based on
intent of bidding the higher-ranking the student’s level. Straight line
suit on the next bid, we have RE- “Bingos” were awarded with a small
VERSED the “natural” order of bid- prize.
ding structure.
What I found, however, was that
And by “reversing the bidding the excitement created just in the
structure,” we eventually force the competition of winning stars was fun
bidding to a higher level than we and exciting for the students and in-
might want to. Ergo, you need a me- creased their desire to study and
dium hand or better to “reverse the learn.
natural bidding structure.”
How to Play
Note the reverse should be ex- Win stars and cash
plained as the first, not the second in your card for prizes!
bid. Heretofore, every explanation
Complete a straight line bingo for a
that we see about the reverse, is
surprise gift. Fill your card with stars
about the second bid. Because the
and win a prize. Open to (teacher’s
second bid in this type of bidding br
name) students. Awarding of stars is
sequence is not the reverse, per se. It of
solely at the discretion of (teacher’s
is simply a follow through of the first lea
name) and level of student class will
bid! tan
be considered. Game ends (enter
Try explaining the word reverse date). Limit one bingo card per stu- af
as the first bid in this sequence. And dent. tin

ay, • Bid – Make the correct bid on a derstand just how important partner-
nto hand. ship communication is can be one of
re- • Inference – Correctly analyze the the toughest jobs a bridge teacher
information available from the will face. I start by using an analogy
bidding. that puts them in a known situation.
• Numbers – Keep an accurate Imagine you and your friend are
count of the number of points going to an auction where you plan to
and cards you’ve seen. bid on an item. You have some of
• Game – Make the right decision your combined assets in your bank-
ed about bidding or not bidding book and your friend has the rest in
ter game. Also win stars for deci- her bankbook. Somehow you have to
h a sions concerning sacrificing. use the “language of bidding” to de-
for • Overcall – Make the right bid as scribe to your friend what
an overcaller and defensive deci- is in your bankbook, and
en sions. you have to be able to
it understand what her bid-
for ding is telling you about what is in
an her bankbook. You and your friend
a converse back and forth in this lan-
on guage until one of you knows the
ne combined assets of both bankbooks,
all and that partner knows how high the
partnership can afford to bid in the
attempt to purchase the item.
he Comparing bidding for a contract
un to bidding to purchase an auction
in- item helps new students understand
nd the purpose of the bridge auction.
Emphasizing the need to communi-
cate with partner and the idea of
shared assets helps them understand
Judi Shulman the concept that your side is working
Delmar, New York
with 26 combined cards, not 13 each.
r a The Bankbook Even when you have a beginning
ars bridge class with some returning
r’s There is no game that compares to
bridge players, it still helps remind
is bridge in its infinite variety, its level
them of the purpose of bidding.
r’s of complexity when it comes to
There is nothing out there that com-
will learning basic rules, and, most impor-
pares to the joy of playing bridge
ter tantly, in the partnership aspect that
with a partner, so get them thinking
tu- affects every part of the game. Get-
that way right from the start.
ting beginning bridge players to un-


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