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WALL's Situation Analysis / Environmental analysis

SWOT ANALYSIS Internal Strength:

of Wall's has a strong brand quality and large dealers’ network.
WALL's Wall's promises to provide high quality product with country
wide availability. One of the major strengths of the company
is working under Uniliver Brand. This allows walls to use
latest technology for manufacturing of the ice cream in
unique innovative packing.

One of the negative aspects of the company is that it is made
specially for high class consumers. This aspect is making a
negative impact on the company although it is making ice
cream all class and ages. In some of the products and flavours
the price is also high as compare to their competitors.

External Opportunity:
Walls can increase the range of products specially for the kids
and teenagers who are the large consumers of ice cream.
The brand Uniliver its self is a big opportunity for the
company as it is known worldwide.

Inflation can cause the price of magnum to increase which
can cause a decrease in the sale. In rainy season sale of the
product can also decrease. Other thing is the competitors who
keep an update to their products and flavours and even the
taste. Awareness complain on health can also cause a
decrease in the sale. Last but not the least, changing habit of
the consumers who later prefer fast food over ice cream can
decrease the sale of the product as well.
External Political:
The political condition of Pakistan now a days is very uncertain
and is not stable but from the last couple of years we have seen
Analysis of some consistency in government policies. This change in
WALL's political environment is encouraging the foreign investors to
invest in Pakistan. Walls itself has a strong status because ice
cream brand is manufacturing under brand name of Unilever.
Unilever is one of the biggest multinational company in
Pakistan that is not only paying high amount of taxes but also
contributing in Pakistan economy. So, there is no political
pressure on Walls Company what so ever from the government
of Pakistan.

There is a great deal of manufacturing various varieties of ice
cream and great demand from the people for new flavours to
be introduced. New and different shapes in ice cream style are
attracting large population of Pakistan. For the new style and
shape walls are using computerized system for manufacturing
unique and clinically hygienic products.

A large number of Pakistani populations belongs to middle class
who are potential customers of Walls product. So, the company
has a high scope. On every cultural festival’s walls offer special
deals on ice cream. Lucky draw, coupon scheme is included in
such offers by the company. They also play a part in cultural
promo which reflects the culture of Pakistan.

High machineries are placed in all the main manufacturing units
of walls. With day by day growth in technology manufacturing
of ice cream and publicity of company is getting effected.


Marketing Objectives:

Based on your product write down your marketing objective (SMART)

Smart objectives will be used by Walls’s in order to help set a clear marketing
strategy for the product launch.

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Achievable

R = Relevant
T = Time bound

1. Control (specific things you need to do)

Control Competitor Analysis: ......

techniques Customer Analysis
Testing Research
Customer Feedback
Cost Analysis
Monitoring Research to assess before and after awareness levels with customers and
techniques the media
Media coverage compared to the competition
The number of followers and their levels of influence on social
media sites
Budgetary control
Timescales - ensuring activities are completed on time
Number of enquiries
Increase of visitors to the website and the levels of interaction users have
with the website
Increase in sales