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Change history for MATPOWER


Version: 6.0

maintained by Ray Zimmerman <>

Copyright (c) 1996-2016, Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)
See for more info.

For change history for MOST, see most/docs/CHANGES.

Changes since 6.0b2


- Released 6.0.
- Moved development to GitHub <>.

- Bumped version to 1.2.2.
- Renamed MIPS from MATLAB Interior Point Solver to MATPOWER Interior
Point Solver.

- Remove dependence of t_mpsolve() on presence of have_fcn() to
detect PARDISO installation.
- Remove dependence of mpver() on presence of mostver().

Changes since 6.0b1


- Released 6.0b2.

- Include support for MOSEK 8, some algorithms eliminated, others changed
algorithm code set via 'mosek.lp_alg' option.

- Improved robustness of infeasibility detection when 'pf.enforce_q_lims'
option is used.
- Add tests for power flow with 'pf.enforce_q_lims' option.

- Fixed bugs in AC OPF solver code for fmincon, IPOPT, and Knitro
involving shadow prices on variable bounds, when upper and lower bounds
are equal (such as a voltage magnitude setpoint when 'opf.use_vg' is 1).
In IPOPT the prices are missing, and Knitro and fmincon can both return
negative prices on the wrong constraint.

- Added 'opf.use_vg' option to provide a convenient way to have the
OPF respect the generator voltage setpoints specified in the gen
- Improve backward compatibility of mpoption(), allow it to handle
old-style option vectors from earlier versions of MATPOWER, namely
3.2 and 4.0, and to accept on old style options vector with new-style
name/value pair option overrides.
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Remove 'cpf.user_callback_args' option and
modify 'cpf.user_callback' to allow for structs defining callback
priority and args, in addition to just callback function name.
- Add user options for setting tolerances for target lambda detection
and nose point detection, 'cpf.target_lam_tol' and 'cpf.nose_tol',

- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Changed name of 'cpf.error_tol' option to

- Update tests for compatibility with Optimization Toolbox 7.5 (R2016b),
which removes 'active-set' algorithm for quadprog() and 'active-set'
and 'simplex' for linprog().
- Fix fatal error when using some SDP_PF functions when CPLEX is not

- Fix dimension bug in makeBdc() when last bus is not connected (should
never happen if bus is properly marked as type NONE). Thanks to
Samuel Perkin.

- Fix a harmless bug in @opt_model where variable, constraint and
cost sets indexed by a single variable would allocate a square
matrix of starting and ending indices, rather than a simple vector.
Thanks to Alberto Lamadrid for catching this.

- Extract computation of tangent vector from cpf_predictor() into
cpf_tangent(), and call sequentially as needed.

- Add step size to CPF callback args and results logging.
- Add option 'cpf.adapt_step_damping' to control oscillations in
adaptive step size control for continuation power flow.

- Updated network reduction code to handle cases with radially connected
external buses.

- Fix bug in cpf_default_callback() that sometimes resulted in plotting
voltage at different buses for different parts of the curve when the
bus was not explicitly specified with the 'cpf.plot.bus' option.

- Bad bus numbers no longer cause a fatal error (after reporting the
bad bus numbers) in case_info().
- Updated versions of qcqp_opf() and qcqp_opf() in extras/misc, from
Cedric Josz.
- Fix bug in savecase() where single quotes were not escaped properly
in bus names.
- Generator capability curve parameters that define a zero-reactive
power line no longer cause a fatal error.

Changes since 5.1


- Released 6.0b1.

- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Removed fairmax() from the public interface
by moving it inside uopf(), the only place it was used.

- Add contributed code from Camille Hamon to extras/maxloadlim for
finding the loadability limits in power systems based on an optimal
power flow using dispatchable loads.

- Fix bug in toggle_dclines() that resulted in fatal error when
used with OPF with reactive power costs. Thanks to Irina Boiarchuk.
- Add option to call total_load() with full case struct, instead
of separate bus and gen matrices.

- Add plot_mpc(), contributed by Paul Cuffe, to extras/misc. Plots
an electrically meaningful drawing of a MATPOWER case.
- Add case145.m, IEEE 145 bus, 50 generator dynamic test case from

- Add 9 new case files, 8 cases ranging from 1888 to 6515 buses
representing the French system, and a 13,659-bus case representing
parts of the of the European high voltage transmission network,
stemming from the Pan European Grid Advanced Simulation and State
Estimation (PEGASE) project. Thanks again to Cedric Josz and
colleagues from the French Transmission System Operator.
- Add extras/misc/qcqp_opf.m, by Cedric Josz, et. al.

- Fix fatal bug in update_mupq() affecting cases where QMIN is
greater than or equal to QC1MIN and QC2MIN (or QMAX is less than
or equal to QC1MAX and QC2MAX) for all generators.
Thanks Jose Miguel.

- Add support for quadprog() under GNU Octave.

- Copying a field containing a struct to a non-struct field with
nested_struct_copy() now overwrites rather than causing a fatal

- Added option to call scale_load() with full case struct, with
'cost' field in opt to indicate when to include cost scaling.

- Add major new feature: MATPOWER Optimal Scheduling Tool (MOST).
See docs/MOST-manual.pdf for details.

- Updated code from 9/23/16 to turn off pesky CPLEX warnings to
included CPLEX 12.6.3.

- Added Release History section to Appendix of manual.

- Added option to call makePTDF(), makeB(), and makeBdc() with
mpc struct instead of individual baseMVA, bus, branch args.
Suggested by Alberto Lamadrid.

- Introduced work-around and warning for crashes caused by strange
behavior from Matlab's ver() function when MATPOWER (or any other
3rd party toolbox with a Contents.m) is installed in a directory on
the Matlab path named 'matlab' or 'optim' (both case insensitive).

- Added feval_w_path() function for evaluating functions located at
a specified path, outside of the Matlab path.

- Added tests for loadcase() for m-file cases outside the Matlab path.

- Added apply_changes() and idx_ct() to implement general method for
applying modifications to an existing MATPOWER case.

- Use voltage dependent loads in both base and target injections
to define continuation power flow transfer. Should fix issue with
calculation of final loads.

- Fixed a bug in psse_convert_xfmr() where conversion of data for
transformers with CZ=3 was done incorrectly. Thanks to Jose Marin
and Yujia Zhu.

- Fixed a bug in cpf_default_callback() introduced with the
experimental updates regarding ZIP loads on 4/14/15.

- Modified t_is() to handle matrix inputs of dimension greater
than two.
- Added t_test_fcns() to test t_ok() and t_is() and manually
check output of failed tests.
- Added tests to t_dcline() for an isolated generator bus connected
to the rest of the system via a DC line. This works for AC and DC
power flow and OPF, though you must set the isolated bus to
be of type REF.
- Added code in cplex_options(), insolvablepfsos(),
insolvablepfsos_limitQ() and yalmip_options() to turn off
'MATLAB:lang:badlyScopedReturnValue' warning triggered by
CPLEX when using Matlab R2015b (8.6) and later.

- Added mpopt2qpopt() to provide common interface for creating
options struct for mi/qps_matpower() from a MATPOWER options
- Changed default solver order for LP, QP, MILP, MIQP problems
to move Gurobi before CPLEX and BPMPD after OT and GLPK.

- Modified have_fcn() to return 0 and warn for unrecognized
functionality, instead of producing fatal error.

- Fixed a fatal bug in psse_convert_xfmr() affecting transformers
with CW and/or CZ equal to 1. Thanks to Matthias Resch.

- Fixed a crash in have_fcn() caused by changes in OPTI Toolbox
v2.15 (or possibly v2.12).

- Commented out isolated bus 10287 in case3375wp.m.

- Added some caching to mpoption() and made minor changes to
nested_struct_copy() to greatly decrease the overhead added by
mpoption() when running many small problems.

- Added experimental code to lay foundation for handling ZIP load
model in power flow (Newton, fast-decoupled only), continuation
power flow, and optimal power flow (MIPS, fmincon, Knitro, IPOPT
solvers only). Currently, ZIP loads can only be specified on a
system-wide basis using the experimental options
'' and 'exp.sys_wide_zip_loads.qw'.
Tests in t/t_vdep_load().
- Added 'bus' and 'area' as possible values for 'load_zone' argument
to total_load(), which is now used to compute voltage dependent
load values.

- Fixed issue where default value of 'feastol' option was not being
set correctly in mips() when called directly (or via qps_mips())
with 'feastol' = 0. By default, MATPOWER option 'mips.feastol' is
set to zero but is normally replaced in mipsopf_solver() or
dcopf_solver() with value of 'opf.violation' option before
calling mips(), thereby masking the problem.
- In miqps_glpk() variables of type 'B' (binary) are converted to
'I' (integer) with appropriate bounds, since some versions of
GLPK do not natively handle type 'B'.

- Added code to DC OPF to return success = 0 for cases where the
matrix is singular (e.g. islanded system without slack).
- Fixed problem in have_fcn() where SeDuMi was turning off and
leaving off all warnings.

Changes since 5.0


- Released version 5.1.

- Added support for using PARDISO as linear solver for computing
interior-point update steps in MIPS (v1.2), via new mplinsolver()
function and 'mips.linsolver' option.

- Added four new case files, ranging from 89 up to 9421 buses,
representing parts of the European high voltage transmission
network, stemming from the Pan European Grid Advanced Simulation
and State Estimation (PEGASE) project. Thanks to Cedric Josz and
colleagues from the French Transmission System Operator.
- Added network reduction toolbox to extras/reduction directory
for creating smaller approximate network equivalents from a larger
original case file. Thanks to Yujia Zhu and Daniel Tylavsky.

- Added variable type as an attribute to @opt_model, so you can
now specify variables as 'C', 'I', or 'B' (continuous, integer,
or binary) when adding variables with add_vars() and getv() can
optionally return a variable-type string suitable for passing
to miqps_matpower() and friends.

- Minor speed improvements in various @opt_model functions from
bypassing calls to substruct().

- Switch to more permissive 3-clause BSD license from GPL 3.0.

- Added function mpoption_info_intlinprog(), tag 'intlinprog' to
have_fcn() and optional 'intlinprog' field to MATPOWER options.
- Added miqps_matpower(), a wrapper function for various solvers
of mixed-integer linear and quadratic programs. Functionality
implemented by miqps_cplex(), miqps_glpk(), miqps_gurobi(),
miqps_mosek() and miqps_ot(). Added corresponding
t/t_miqps_matpower() to test suite.

- Changed generator and dispatchable load sections in printpf()
output to include off-line units, after all, it already has a
Status column.

- Added explicit colors to plots in cpf_default_callback() so things
look right in newer Matlab versions (R2014b and later).

- Modified nested_struct_copy() to eliminate cellfun() call that
was not supported in Matlab 7.0.x. Noted that runcpf() also
requires Matlab 7.1 or later due to a call to cellfun().
Included code to skip certain tests that require that cellfun()
functionality when running under Matlab 7.0.x.

- Replaced regexp(... 'split') construct in mpoption() with
regexp(... 'tokens') since it was causing fatal errors on
Matlab versions < 7.3, which did not have that feature.
- Fixed fatal error in when using fast-decoupled power flow
on Matlab versions < 7.3, caused by use of newer
lu(... 'vector') construct.

- Added check to have_fcn() for installation of ipopt_auxdata.m
when Ipopt >= 3.11.x is detected, to warn about incomplete
installation and avoid a fatal error.

- Added online function reference, produced by m2html. Thanks to
Shrirang Abhyankar.

- Fixed bug in hasPQcap() that resulted in ignoring generator
capability curves if Q1MAX < Q2MAX or Q1MIN > Q2MIN (i.e. when
the sloped portions cut off the left corners of the box
constraints, rather than the right corners).
Thanks to Irina Boiarchuk.

- Added mosek_symbcon() to define symbolic constants for setting
MOSEK options. Updated MOSEK solver option values in help text
for mpoption() to correspond to MOSEK v7.

- Added ability to toggle the availability of optional functionality
using have_fcn().

- Fixed minor bug with poly2pwl(), affecting units with Pmax <= 0.
- Major update to have_fcn(), which now determines and caches
version numbers and release dates for optional packages, used
by mpver() and others.
- Fixed error in qps_mosek() in printout of selected optimizer
when using MOSEK 7.

- Cleaned up and improved consistency of output in printpf() for
generation and dispatchable load constraints.
- Modified runcpf() to gracefully handle the case when the base
and target cases are identical (as opposed to getting lost in
an infinite loop).

- Fixed bug in handling of interface flow limits, where multipliers
on binding interface flow limits were off by a factor of the p.u.
MVA base.
- Fixed sign error on multipliers on lower bound on constraints
in qps_clp() and qps_glpk(). Modified a test in t_qps_matpower()
to check for this.

- Added support for LP/QP solver CLP (COIN_OR Linear Programming).
Use 'opf.dc.solver' option 'CLP' or qps_clp().
- Added note to README and home page about OPTI Toolbox by
Jonathan Currie being an easy way to install some good solvers
for Windows users.

- Updated t_opf_dc_ot() to remove the skipping of the checking of
price results for the dual-simplex algorithm for all versions of
Matlab except R2014b, the first version that included the
dual-simplex algorthm. For some reason, in this version it did
not return any Lagrange multipliers!?!.
- Increment MATPOWER options version number to 5 (forgot to do it
previously for 3, 4, and 5) and included code to update older
options structs to current version.

- Improved detection of GLPK version in mpver() and GLPK
availability in have_fcn(), now compatible with GLPK installed
by OPTI Toolbox (

- Fixed fatal bug in toggle_dcline() when pretty-printing results.
Thanks to Deep Kiran for reporting.

- Fixed fatal bug in case_info() for islands with no generation.

Changes since 5.0b1


- Released version 5.0.

- Added unsupported functions check_feasibility.m, checklimits.m,
loss2bus.m, make_opf_feasible.m, and makeBloss.m to extras/misc.
- Added section 9 "Miscellaneous MATPOWER Functions" to User's Manual.

- Added option for case_info() to print to a file. Added case_info()
tests to t_island().

- Added code in psse_read() to work around a bug in Matlab 7.3.
- Added private 'catchme' tag (for internal use only) to have_fcn()
to detect older versions of Matlab and Octave that do not support
the 'catch me' syntax in try/catch constructs.
- Added private 'regexp_split' tag (for internal use only) to
have_fcn() to detect older versions of Octave that do not support
the 'split' argument to regexp().
- Updated to support Ipopt 3.11.x and later, which removed support
for options.auxdata from the MEX file. Added private
'ipopt_auxdata' tag (for internal use only) to have_fcn() to
detect version 3.11.x or later.
- Added new option 'opf.init_from_mpc' to force some solvers to
use the starting point supplied in the MATPOWER case to
initialize the optimization variables for the OPF, instead
of creating its own starting point. Currently only implemented
for Ipopt, Knitro and MIPS.
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Renamed cdf2matp() to cdf2mpc() and modified
the interface to be consistent with psse2mpc().

- Added new option 'out.suppress_detail' to quickly suppress all
pretty-printed output except the system summary. By default,
detailed output is automatically suppressed for systems larger
than 500 buses.
- DC OPF formulation in opf_setup() now uses a single set of
doubly-bounded constraints for flow limits, instead of two
sets of upper bounded constraints.
- Updated to MIPS 1.1, which includes additional user-settable
options: xi, sigma, z0, alpha_min, rho_min, rho_max, mu_threshold
and max_stepsize.
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The name of the option to mips() to specify
the maximum number of step-size reductions when step_control is on
was changed from 'max_red' to 'sc.red_it' for consistency with
other MATPOWER options.

- Updated case300.m with new conversion from original CDF file.
No longer uses 9900 MVA as proxy for unlimited line capacity.

- Added capability for set_reorder() to automatically pad matrix
or cell array before assignment of matrix or cell array with
larger size in some dimensions. Added tests to t_ext2int2ext().

- Loads at isolated buses are no longer included in results from
- Fixed loads and shunts at isolated buses are no longer included
in system and area summaries in printpf(). Line charging
injections set to zero for DC power flow results.
- Added tests for printpf() in t_printpf.m.
- Changes to the internally indexed version of gencost now
get properly copied back to externally indexed version by
- Added tests in t_ext2int2ext() to confirm that e2i_data/field()
and i2e_data/field() work for cell array as well as numerical
array fields. Updated help text to reflect this feature.

- Added get_losses() function to compute losses, line charging
reactive injections and their derivatives, as functions of
bus voltages. Corresponding tests included in t_get_losses(),
including example of loss sensitivity factors.
- Fixed bug in runpf.m that caused a crash for cases with
pf.enforce_q_lims turned on and exactly two Q limit violations,
one Qmax and one Qmin. Thanks to Jose Luis Marin.

- Modified behavior so setting out.all option to 0 is now ignored
for pretty-printed output to files specified as FNAME argument
to runpf(), runopf(), etc.

- Removed idx_area() and all code references to 'areas' field
in MATPOWER cases except those needed to support reading
v1 case files and those required for backward compatibility of
APIs. Removed unused (and formerly deprecated) 'areas' field from
version 2 case files that still included it.

- Fixed a bug in savecase() where a gencost matrix with extra
columns of zeros resulted in a corrupted MATPOWER case file.
- Modified total_load() to return actual rather than nominal
value for dispatchable loads by default, unless using the
old-style string input for the 4th input arg. See
'help total_load' for details.

- Reactive power output of multiple generators at a PQ bus
no longer get re-allocated when running a power flow.

- Added 'fmincon_ip', 'linprog_ds' and 'optimoptions' to
have_fcn() to test for availability of fmincon's interior
point method (Optimization Toolbox 4.x +), linprog's
dual simplex method (Optimization Toolbox 7.1 +), and
optimoptions function for setting Optimization Toolbox
options (Optimization Toolbox 6.3 +), respectively.
- Added handling of NaN values to t_is().
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Removed use of 'ot_opts' field and
replaced with 'linprog_opts' and 'quadprog_opts' fields
in the OPT argument to qps_matpower() and qps_ot().
- Added optional 'linprog' and 'quadprog' fields to MATPOWER
options struct, to allow setting of their options directly
from mpoption(). Incremented MATPOWER options struct version
to 2.
- Added tests for multiple linprog() algorithms to t_opf_dc_ot().

- Added 'sqp' algorithm option for fmincon.alg, not suitable
for large problems.

- Added toggle_softlims(), an extension to implement DC OPF
branch flow soft limits. This should be useful in identifying
the cause of infeasibility in some infeasible DC OPF problems.
See 'help toggle_softlims' for details.

- Fixed issue with failed tests in t_psse() on Windoze.

- Modified savecase() to save fields bus_name and genfuel
(both cell arrays of strings) if present. This is an
experimental feature and the design may change in future
- Optionally return success flag from t_ok() and t_is().
- Additional improvements to correctly handling PSS/E RAW
files for revisions 24-28.

- Fixed a bug in psse_convert() that resulted in incorrect
bus voltage angles when importing from v29 or v30 files.
- Enhanced PSS/E import code to handle additional versions
prior to v29, improve reporting of version being used
for parsing. Default version when not explicit is now v23.

- Added line to cplex_options() to prevent default creation
of clone1.log files when using parallel CPLEX routines
(only effective for CPLEX or later).
- Fixed fatal error when uopf() shuts down all gens
attempting to satisfy Pmin limits.

- Fixed error in User's Manual description of LODF and
further clarified text.

Changes since 4.1


- Released version 5.0b1.

- Added support for LP solver GLPK which is built-in to
Octave. Use 'opf.dc.solver' option 'GLPK' or qps_glpk().
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Removed optional 'max_it' field from
opt argument to qps_matpower() and qps_*() family of
functions (except qps_mips()).

- Added ability for loadcase() to load MATPOWER case M-files
that are not in the Matlab path by specifying an explicit
path in the input filename.

- Fixed memory issue resulting from nested om fields when
repeatedly running an OPF using the results of a previous
OPF as input. Thanks to Carlos Murillo-Sanchez.

- Added case5.m, a 5-bus, 5-generator example case from Rui Bo.
- Removed extras/psse2matpower.
- Fixes to printpf() to suppress printing of dispatchable load
constraint section when there are no dispatchable loads and
to never print line constraints for unconstrained lines.
- Fixed crash when using Knitro to solve cases with all
lines unconstrained.
- Switched to [L,U,p,q] = lu(B,'vector') form for factorization
in fast-decoupled power flow in fdpf(), resulting in ~5x
speedup on some large systems. Thanks to Carlos Murillo-Sanchez.
- Modified savecase() to automatically add a comment line
with the function name, and make sure the name is converted
to a legal function name before saving.
- Further additions to PSS/E import code to handle repeated
delimiters, accumulation of warnings to save in comments
of converted file, improved consistency of verbose option,
and some automated tests.

- Major revision of PSS/E import code to further improve
robustness and include Octave support. Updated psse2mpc() to
include direct saving of result to MATPOWER case file.
Added functions:
Removed functions:

- Significant updates to PSS/E import code to improve robustness
and (mostly) handle versions 29 to 33. Renamed the 4 functions
ending in '_33' by removing the '_33'.

- Added experimental feature, via function psse2mpc(), to
import PSS/E RAW data (version 33) into a MATPOWER case file.
Supporting functions include:

- Enhanced extract_islands() to handle DC lines, custom fields
and extraction of multiple islands into a single case struct.

- Fixed bugs in runpf() related to enforcing generator reactive
power limits when all generators violate limits or when
the slack bus is converted to PQ.

- Fixed bug in qps_gurobi() where return status values for
NUMERIC and SUBOPTIMAL were swapped. Added INPROGRESS status.
Thanks to Alberto Lamadrid for catching this.

- Fixed bug in case_info() that incorrectly included dispatchable
loads in amount reported for min/max capacity for Generation.

- Updated toggle_dcline.m to work correctly for OPF cases with
user supplied constraints and costs.

- Fixed bug in savecase() where the function name mistakenly
included the path when the FNAME input included a path.

- Small tweak in connected_components() results in ~30x
speedup for 62k bus network. (Reminder: Never access
indexed rows of a large sparse matrix, always transpose
and index the columns).

- Added check in qps_cplex() for undocumented 'exitstatus'
values returned by cplexlp() or cplexqp().

- Added Dan Molzahn's SDP_PF package, a set of applications of
a semidefinite programming relaxation of the power flow
equations, to the directory 'extras/sdp_pf'.

- Added 'status' option for 2nd argument to toggle_reserves()
toggle_dcline() and toggle_iflims() as a convenient way to
check the enabled/ disabled status of these sets of callback
- Removed extras/cpf since CPF is now part of the core.
- Added support for Dan Molzahn's SDP_PF package (coming soon).

- Modified handling of options for optional packages, added:

- Updates to qps_cplex() and cplex_options() to fix verbose
display issues with CPLEX 12.6.

- Added persistent variable to improve performance of have_fcn().
- Added support for Knitro v9.0.0, including new 'knitromatlab'
and 'ktrlink' options to have_fcn(), to determine which Knitro
interfaces are available.

- New MATPOWER options implementation based on options struct
instead of options vector.
INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: In results struct returned by an OPF, the
value of results.raw.output.alg is now a string, not an old-style
numeric alg code.
- Gurobi now takes precendence over MOSEK when default solver
is selected for DC OPFs or qps_matpower().

- Corrected error in Figure 6-5 "Total Cost Function for Negative
Injection" in Dispatchable Loads section of User's Manual
(slopes were labeled incorrectly).

- Added case_info().
- Modified connected_components() to sort returned groups by
decreasing cardinality.

- Fixed a bug in MIPS where a near-singular matrix could produce
an extremely large Newton step, resulting in incorrectly satisfying
the relative feasibility criterion for successful termination.
- Improved the starting point created for Ipopt, Knitro and MIPS by
dcopf_solver(), ipoptopf_solver(), ktropf_solver and mipsopf_solver()
for variables that are only bounded on one side.

- Removed support for Matlab 6.x. Removed 'anon_fcns' option from
have_fcn(). Files removed:
- Removed support for constr and successive LP-based OPF solvers.
Removed 'constr', 'lp', 'qp' options from have_fcn(). Files removed:

- Added continuation power flow, runcpf(), with tangent
predictor and Newton method corrector, based on code
contributed by Shrirang Abhyankar and Alex Flueck.

- Fix in smartmkt() to avoid crash following non-convergent
uopf when mkt.lim.P.max_offer is not defined.

- Fixed bug (typo) in auction() that could affect cases with
a lower limit on the cleared bid price.

- Extended modcost() to optionally accept a vector of shift/scale
factors, instead of just a scalar.

- Made non-convergent results more obvious by not printing
the standard output tables (can be overridden with new
OUT_FORCE option) and making the "did not converge"
more prominent.

- Changed behavior of branch angle difference limits so that
0 is interpreted as unbounded only if both ANGMIN and ANGMAX
are zero. Added note about this to docs in various places.

- DC OPF now correctly sets voltage magnitudes to 1 p.u.
in results.

- Performance optimizations in @opt_model for cases with
large numbers of variable sets and linear constraints
or costs specified as entire rows (all columns as
opposed to specific var sets).

- Added to scale_load() the option to scale the gencost
(specifically the quantity axis of the marginal cost function)
corresponding to any modified dispatchable load. Simply add
gencost as additional input and output args.
- Empty 'got' and 'expected' arguments to t_is() now
count as a passing test instead of an error, as long as
the dimensions match.

- Fixed bug causing value of opt.verbose to be ignored in

- Removed code in fmincopf() that attempts to find an interior
starting point when using the interior point solver. It did
not seem to help and caused errors for certain cases with
DC lines (and probably other extensions).

- Updates to have_fcn() and mpver() to better handle case where
Optimization Toolbox is installed, but with no valid license.

- Major speed-up in @opt_model/linear_constraints() by building
transpose of A (assigning to full columns) then transposing
back as opposed to building A directly (assigning full rows).

- Added function margcost() for computing the marginal cost of

- Added utility function @opt_model/describe_idx() to identify
variable, constraint or cost row indices to aid in debugging.

- Made N optional field (default is identity matrix) in
- Added missing optional 2nd arg to @opt_model/build_cost_params().

- Fixed a bug in the new @opt_model/add_vars when adding a var
set of dimension zero.

- Updated Gurobi interface for compatibility with native Matlab
support introduced in Gurobi 5.
INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: No longer works with older Gurobi 4.x/
gurobi_mex() interface.

- Reimplementated @opf_model class as sub-class of the new
@opt_model class, which supports indexed named sets of
variables, constraints and costs.

- In opf_setup(), take magnitude of initial voltages at generator
buses from bus matrix (VM), not gen matrix (VG).

- Fixed a bug in int2ext() where converting a case to internal
ordering before calling runpf() or runopf() could result in
a fatal error due to mismatched number of columns in internal
and external versions of data matrices. Thanks to Nasiruzzaman
and Shiyang Li for reporting and detailing the issue.
- Fixed fatal bug in MIPS for unconstrained, scalar problems.
Thanks to Han Na Gwon. Bumped MIPS version to 1.0.1.

- Fixed a bug in runpf() where it was using the wrong initial
voltage magnitude for generator buses marked as PQ buses. Power
flow of solved case was not converging in zero iterations as

- Added a tolerance for detecting violated Q limits in runpf()
when ENFORCE_Q_LIMS is true. Suggested by Hongxing Ye.

- Added utilities to help in working with networks with islands,
find_islands(), extract_islands() and connected_components()
and corresponding test file t/t_islands().

- Added option to makeJac() to return full Jacobian instead of
reduced version used in Newton power flow updates.

- Added new function gurobiver() for retreiving/printing Gurobi
and Gurobi_MEX version information, since it is used multiple

- Moved the building of Ybus outside the reactive limit
enforcement loop in runpf(). Suggested by Shiyang Li.

- Running a power flow for a case with DC lines but no gencost
no longer causes an error.

- Modified t/t_opf_fmincon.m to use active-set method for testing
fmincopf for Matlab versions 7.6-7.9, since fmincon's interior
point solver (now default) was not accurate enough in these

Changes since 4.0


- Released version 4.1.
- Fixed bug in check for ENFORCE_Q_LIMS with multiple slacks
in runpf().
- Moved printing of power flow solver name into runpf() so it
doesn't get repeated when ENFORCE_Q_LIMS is on.

- Fixed problem with qps_cplex() when H matrix is not
perfectly numerically symmetric.

- Added basic DC line modeling capability. See help for
toggle_dcline() for details.

- Removed deprecated functions in @opf_model, gen_lin_N(),
get_nln_N(), get_var_N(), use getN() instead.
- Removed all references to deprecated option OUT_RAW.

- Fixed a crashing bug in computation of quadratic user-defined
costs. Thanks to Stefanos Delikaraoglou.

- Changed default DC OPF/LP/QP solver precedence in
dcopf_solver() and qps_matpower() to the following:
- Minor enhancements to cdf2matp(), including saving of bus
names. Thanks to Alvaro Jaramillo Duque.

- Refactored ext2int() and int2ext() into additional functions
e2i_field(), e2i_data(), i2e_field() and i2e_data() to
clean things up and prepare for the ability to automatically
re-order data in cell arrays.

- Added three case files, all more recent variations of the
Polish system: case3012wp.m, case3120sp.m and case3375wp.m.

- Increased threshold value used to filter constraint shadow
prices in printpf().
- In savecase() increased precision of values saved in M-file
case files
- Fixed that qps_cplex() would not print progress even with
VERBOSE > 0 with CPLEX 12.3.

- Fix in qps_cplex() for changed sign on multipliers with
CPLEX 12.3 vs CPLEX 12.2.

- Fixed bug in compare_case() that would cause some column
names for the branch matrix to be incorrectly reported.

- In scale_load(), when no load_zone is specified, it no longer
incorrectly misses Q-only load buses.

- Added support for the Gurobi optimizer for large-scale linear
and quadratic programming. To use Gurobi for the DC OPF, set
OPF_ALG_DC = 700. Gurobi's various solvers can be selected via
MATPOWER's GRB_METHOD option. Requires the Gurobi libraries
available from and the Gurobi MEX
interface available from
- Added function qps_gurobi() for solving QP and LP problems using
the common QP solver interface used in MATPOWER. The qps_matpower()
function also includes the option to use Gurobi.
- Changed order of precendence of installed DC OPF solvers
(i.e. LP/QP solvers) to Gurobi, MOSEK, CPLEX, BPMPD, then MIPS.

- Updated t_is() to properly print when result includes NaNs.

- Changed FMC_ALG option default to 4, fmincon defaults to
using an interior-point method with user-supplied Hessians
instead of an active set method.
- Added support for the KNITRO optimization solver for large
scale non-linear problems. Use OPF_ALG = 600 for AC OPF.
Requires the Optimization Toolbox from The MathWorks and
the KNITRO libraries, available from

- Complete rewrite of update_mupq.m. Should fix problems
caused by non-zero multipliers on non-binding generator

- Updated runpf() and pfsoln() to properly handle slack for
power flow cases with islands and multiple reference buses.
(Note: This does not include the case where ENFORCE_Q_LIMS
results in temporarily converting a reference bus to a
PQ bus and automatically finding a new suitable slack bus.)

- Pretty printed output from printpf() now includes a '*' after
the voltage angle in the bus section for reference buses.
- Default value for ramp rates for dispatchable loads now
set to Inf in load2disp.m.

- Fixed bug in toggle_reserves.m that computed the prices in
results.reserves.prc incorrectly.

Changes since 4.0b5


- Oops! Neglected to include Carlos as co-author on User's Manual.
Updated 4.0 distribution and web-site with corrected manual.pdf.
Sorry about that Carlos!

- Released version 4.0.

- Added 'quadprog_ls' option to have_fcn() to check for availability
of version of quadprog() with large scale solver.
- Modified qps_ot() to set default options based on capabilities
of version of Optimization Toolbox.

- Fixed bug in qps_cplex() where an infeasible problem resulted
in a fatal error.
- Fixed bug in qps_mosek() where exit flag was indicating success
for infeasible solutions.
- Fixed bug in dcopf_solver() where an infeasible problem found
by CPLEX would result in a fatal error.

Changes since 4.0b4


- Released version 4.0b5.

- Added to opf_setup() a better check on when specified generalized
cost parameters are compatible with DC OPF.
- Improved output of t_is(). Includes only elements violating

- Fixed bug in opf_execute() related to automatic conversion of
single-block piecewise linear costs to linear polynomial costs.
Affected indexing of the Va, Vm, Pg and Qg portions of
results.x and raw.xr.

- Added support for the MOSEK optimizer for large-scale linear and
quadratic programming. To use MOSEK for the DC OPF, set
OPF_ALG_DC = 600. Specific LP algorithms can be selected by
the MOSEK_LP_ALG option. Requires the Matlab interface for MOSEK,
available from
- Added function qps_mosek() for solving QP and LP problems using
the common QP solver interface used in MATPOWER. The qps_matpower()
function also includes the option to use MOSEK.

- Fixed bug in opf_setup() where indexing data for branch angle
difference limits was not being saved in the case of DC OPF.
- Added support for the IBM ILOG CPLEX optimizer for
large scale linear and quadratic programming. To use CPLEX
for the DC OPF, set OPF_ALG_DC = 500 and choose the specific
Requires the Matlab interface for CPLEX, available from
- Added function qps_cplex() for using CPLEX to solve QP and LP
problems using the common QP solver interface used in MATPOWER. The
qps_matpower() function also includes the option to use CPLEX.

- Fixed an indexing bug in dcopf_solver() affecting cases with a mix
of piecewise linear and polynomial costs (unless the polynomial
costs came after all of the pwl costs).

- Performance optimization in opf_consfcn(). Assign sparse cols
then transpose instead of assigning sparse rows. Results in >2x
speed up for this function on case2935, ~10x on case42k.

- Made some updates to extras/psse2matpower. Added/fixed some comments,
text output, switched to Parse::Text::parse_line for bus data to fix
problem caused by certain characters (e.g. / ,) in bus names. Fixed
error in switched shunt data (using data from wrong column). Modified
to no longer comment out isolated buses, since it doesn't remove
corresponding gens/branches.

- Fixed bug in uopf(). Was not calling printpf() when called with no
output arguments. Thanks to V. Ravikumar Pandi.

- Added makeJac(), a utility function to form the power flow Jacobian.
- Modified makeYbus() to allow for single MATPOWER case struct as input.
- Added load2disp() to convert fixed loads to dispatchable loads.

- Added modcost() and tests for modcost() and totcost().

Changes since 4.0b3


- Released version 4.0b4.

- Added support for the IPOPT interior point optimizer for
large scale non-linear optimization. Use OPF_ALG = 580
and OPF_ALG_DC = 400 for AC and DC OPF, respectively. Requires
the Matlab MEX interface for IPOPT, available from

- Modified input args for Hessian evaluation function for MIPS.
Requires cost_mult as 3rd argument.
- Added check for invalid gencost MODEL in opf_setup().

- Added RETURN_RAW_DER option to control when OPF solver returns
constraint, Jacobian and objective function gradient and Hessian

- Refactored portions of opf() into opf_setup() and opf_execute().

Changes since 4.0b2


- Released version 4.0b3.
- Changed licensing to GNU General Public license. See LICENSE and
COPYING files for details.
- Added in extras sub-directory psse2matpower Perl script for
converting PSS/E data files to MATPOWER case files.

- Added 'anon_fcns' to have_fcn() to check for anonymous function
capability to avoid direct MATLAB version checks in code.
- GNU Octave compatibility! (tested with Octave 3.2.3)
Added 'octave' to have_fcn() to check when code is running under
Octave instead of MATLAB.

- Fixed bug in smart market code that caused it to die for cases with
non-consecutive bus numbers.
- Removed consecutive-bus number requirement for scale_load() and
total_load() functions.

Changes since 4.0b1


- Released version 4.0b2.

- Incorporated significant updates to User's Manual (docs/manual.pdf).

- Added optional input arg to mpver() and other *ver() functions to
trigger return of entire version struct with Name, Version,
Release and Date (similar to MATLAB's ver() function).
- Massive help text update to more closely match MathWorks conventions;
function names in ALL CAPS, See also ..., Examples, etc.
- Added printing of MATPOWER and MIPS version lines to verbose output.

- For @opf_model, deprecated get_var_N(), get_lin_N() and get_nln_N()
methods, replaced with single getN() method. Added compute_cost().
- Fixed per unit bug with reserve costs and prices in toggle_reserves().
- Added cost field to OPF results struct with final values of user-defined
costs, by named set.
- Added totalcost field to results.reserves for OPF with reserves case,
see toggle_reserves() and runopf_w_res().

- Deprecated unused options SPARSE_QP and OUT_RAW.

- Renamed functions used to compute AC OPF cost, constraints and
hessian, since they are used by more than fmincon:
costfmin --> opf_costfcn
consfmin --> opf_consfcn
hessfmin --> opf_hessfcn

- Added OPF algorithm code to output of OPF in

- Switched to using qps_matpower() instead of mp_qp()/mp_lp()
for solving the DC OPF.
- Added new top-level wrapper function for MATPOWER's QP solver,
called qps_matpower(), with calling syntax similar to
quadprog() from the Optimization Toolbox, to replace mp_qp() and
mp_lp(). The main difference from the quadprog() API is that the
constraints are specified as l <= A*x <= u, instead of
A*x <= b and Aeq*x == beq. This new function allows for
algorithm specific input options, return of the final objective
function value and more detailed output reporting, such as the
history for the trajectory returned by MIPS. The old functions,
mp_qp() and mp_lp() are now simply wrappers around qps_matpower()
and have been deprecated.
- Added qps_bpmpd(), qps_mips() and qps_ot(), with interface that
matches qps_matpower() to handle implementation for BPMPD_MEX,
MIPS and Optimization Toolbox solvers, respectively.
- Fixed a bug that could result in incorrect multipliers on
variable bounds from the DC OPF with user-supplied linear

- Renamed the pure-MATLAB interior point solver from PDIPM to
MIPS (MATLAB Interior Point Solver).

- Changed order of input args to pdipm(), added option for single
input struct (like fmincon), more documentation, all constraints
are now optional, returns exitflag = -1 for 'numerically failed',
output includes 'message' field, lambda only includes relevant
fields. Added tests for pdipm as standalone solver.

- Added saving history of trajectory of obj, feascond, gradcond,
compcond, costcond, etc. for pdipm solver.
See results.raw.output.hist.
Changes since 3.2

- Released version 4.0b1.

- Make OPF_ALG default to 540 then 560 (no 500 MINOPF) and
OPF_ALG_DC default to 200 (no 100 BPMPD_MEX).

- Fixed a bug, where calling opf() directly with individual
input data matrices in version 2 format resulted in the matrices
being inadvertently run through a version 1 to version 2 format
conversion, stripping out generator capability curves, ramp
limits and branch angle difference limits before setting up and
running the OPF. The fix for this subtle bug involved changing
loadcase to not assume that an input struct without a 'version'
field is in version 1 format. It now checks the size of the gen
matrix to make the determination.

- Misc cleanup based on mlint suggestions, including:
- Replaced | with || and & with && where appropriate.
- Removed unnecessary sprintf (and fprintf!?) calls from args
to error().
- Replaced j (=sqrt(-1)) with 1j for speed and robustness.
- Replaced unecessary brackets [] with parentheses.
- Made sure all calls to exist() have 2 args.
- more

- Fixed bug in savecase for cases where A or N matrix is a single

- Removed unnecessary 'return' statement at end of all M-files. If
anything it should be an 'end' statement, but even that is
optional, so we just let functions get terminated by the
end-of-file or another function declaration.

- Removed genform.m, runcomp.m and t/t_opf.m.
- Renamed compare.m to compare_case.m and updated it to work with
unsolved cases, solved PF cases and solved OPF cases.

- Added ability to specify interface flow limits (based on
DC model flows).

- Removed 'sparse_qp' and 'sparse_lp' from have_fcn().
- Major speed-up in @opf_model/linear_constraints.m for
large problems (esp. DC OPF) and various other optimizations
from profiling code.

- Fixed bug in opf.m introduced by automatic conversion of
single-block piecewise linear costs to linear polynomial costs.
- Added total_load.m to provide convenient way to retreive the total
load for the entire system, a specific zone or bus with options to
include just fixed load, just dispatchable load, or both.

- The results struct returned by power flow or optimal power flow
is now a strict superset of a MATPOWER case struct.
- Extended ext2int.m and int2ext.m to handle converting entire case
struct in a single call, storing the re-indexing info in the
struct, using it to reorder other data structures/fields,
execute callbacks to convert additional user data.
- Split userfcn callbacks into multiple stages. Currently there are
five: ext2int, formulation, int2ext, printpf, savecase.

- Deprecated use of 'areas' data matrix. Removed it everywhere
possible without breaking backward compatibility with version 1
case files, which required it.
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Calling loadcase() with 5 output arguments
is now interpreted as ...
[baseMVA, bus, gen, branch, gencost] = loadcase(casefile)
... instead of ...
[baseMVA, bus, gen, branch, info] = loadcase(casefile)

- Added add_userfcn.m as to make it easy to add a new
userfcn to a case struct, whether or not it already
has any. Modified the fixed reserve example to use this.

- Added step-controlled PDIPM variant (OPF_ALG = 565) of
AC OPF solver.

- Added pdipm_qp() as a new QP/LP solver based on the
pure MATLAB PDIPM solver used for AC OPFs.
- Added option 'OPF_ALG_DC' and refactored some code to allow
the user to select the desired solver for DC OPF.
- Added code to opf.m to automatically convert single-block
piecewise linear costs to linear polynomial costs to reduce
the number of variables and constraints in the problem.

- Numerous code optimizations based on profiling code, e.g.
changed all calls to spdiags() to equivalent call to sparse().

- Added a pure MATLAB implementation of the PDIPM (primal-dual
interior point method) solver for the AC OPF. Now the default
solver (OPF_ALG = 560) if there are no optional MEX solvers
- Modified fmincopf, copf, lpopf and dcopf to allow branch
RATE_A = 0 or RATE_A > 1e10 to mean the branch is unconstrained
(not included at all in inequality constraints). TSPOPF solvers
already did this. Included in tests.

- Allow userfcn to be an array, with elements processed in order.

- New version of case39.m with some additional versions, created
from documented sources.

- Added a top level program, runopf_w_res(), to solve an OPF with
fixed reserve requirements. This is a good example of how to use
the new userfcn mechanism to add vars, costs, constraints to an
OPF (see also toggle_reserves.m and t_case30_userfcns.m).
- Added option to return solution as a results struct to runpf,
runopf, runuopf, rundcpf, rundcopf, runduopf.
- Updated uopf.m so input/output args match opf.m.
- Added option ENFORCE_Q_LIMS = 2 for runpf to allow one-at-a-time
conversion of buses from PV to PQ for generator reactive power
limit violations.
- Fixed a (new) bug which caused the DC OPF solver to crash on
problems with only polynomial costs.
- Added userdata to opf_model object.

- Added new way to specify user vars, constraints, costs via
userfcn for OPF.
- Added option to return OPF results in a struct.
- Added defaults for user cost params in fparm and H, making them
optional even when N and Cw are given.

- Major refactorization of OPF implementation with shared code
for a generalized formulation that includes the DC opf as
well as the legacy solvers based on constr and LPconstr.
- Deprecated OPF_ALG values 100, 120, 140, 160, 200, 220, 240,
and 260 in favor of the new generalized formulation
equivalents 300, 320, 340 and 360.
- Removed options OPF_ALG_POLY, OPF_ALG_PWL and

- Move OPF input argument processing into opf_args.m, now
shared by opf.m, dcopf.m, fmincopf.m, mopf.m and tspopf.m.
- Rewrote the DC OPF to include generalized user constraints,
costs and extra vars (like AC formulation). Note, that if
A or N have enough columns for the AC formulation, opf.m
assumes they are for the AC OPF and strips out the extra
columns before passing to dcopf.m.
- Added the ability to read and save generalized OPF user
constraints, costs and var limits in case struct.
- Modified savecase.m to include saving of MU_ANGMIN, MU_ANGMAX
columns of branch matrix.

- Added a function makeLODF.m to compute line outage distribution
- Added a function scale_load.m to scale load by zones.

- Updated fmincopf and mpoption to work with version 4 of
Optimization Toolbox. Added option FMC_ALG for select between
fmincon's active set method and variations of the new
interior-point algorithm.
- Added functions to compute second derivatives of constraints
and cost (explicit Hessian evaluation) for use with
interior-point solvers, etc.
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: dAbr_dV now gives partial derivatives
of the *squared* magnitudes of flows w.r.t. V, as opposed
to the magnitudes.
- Modified the implementation of all flow constraints for fmincon
(and constr) to use squared flow limits instead of absolute
value to correctly avoid div-by-zero errors in computing
gradients, and to prepare for implementing Hessian code.
Shadow prices still correspond to absolute value limits.
- Fixed bug in fmincon (and constr and LP) based OPF which
allowed an active power flow limit to be violated when using
OPF_FLOW_LIM = 1 (missing absolute value).

- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Changed input argument order for uopf
and added general linear constraints and generalized costs.

- Significant speed improvements in makeYbus.m and makeBdc.m.

Changes since 3.1b2


- Released version 3.2.

- Added option to cdf2matp.m to specify output case file version.

- Fixed bug in pfsoln.m which caused incorrect value for Qg when
Qmin == Qmax for all generators at a bus in power flow solution.
- Added 5 larger scale (> 2000 bus) cases for Polish system.
Thanks to Roman Korab <>.
- Modified default OPF algorithm selection to use PDIPMOPF
if available and MINOPF is not. Order of precedence is now
500, 540, 520, 100/200.

- Added ability in opf.m and fmincopf.m to specify initial value
and bounds on user variables via new input arguments z0, zl, zh.

- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Name of option 24 in mpoption change from
- Added option to use current magnitude instead of apparent power
for line flow limits. Set OPF_FLOW_LIM to 2.

- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Changed the sign convention used for
phase shifters to be consistent with PTI, PowerWorld, PSAT, etc.
E.g. A phase shift of 10 deg now means the voltage at the "to"
end is delayed by 10 degrees.
- Added t_auction_pdipm.m and renamed t_auction.m to

- Updated have_fcn.m to check for appropriate minimum versions of

- Modified printpf.m to correctly detect binding line limits when
a limit of 0 is taken to mean unconstrained.
- Fixed bugs in handling of multipliers for general PQ capability
curves in fmincopf.m (also in mopf.m and tspopf.m).
- Refactored t_opf.m into separate files for each solver.
- Modified opf.m, mpoption.m, mpver.m, have_fcn.m to include
support for TSPOPF, a new optional package of OPF solvers.

- Added check to runpf.m for case where all gens hit Q limits when
ENFORCE_Q_LIMS is enabled.

Changes since 3.1b1


- Released version 3.1b2.

- Added makePDFT.m which builds the DC PTDF matrix for a specified
slack distribution.

- Added optional outputs xr, pimul to fmincopf and opf.m to make them
fully interchangeable with mopf.m.

- Added branch angle difference constraints to general OPF formulation
in fmincopf.m (and mopf.m). These limits are specified by non-zero
values in the ANGMIN and/or ANGMAX columns of the branch matrix.
If limits are provided in the data, they are enforced by default.
This can be overridden by setting the 'OPF_IGNORE_ANG_LIM' option
to 1 using mpoption.
- Fixed (invisible) bug with multipliers of lower bounded linear
constraints in fmincopf.m.

Changes since 3.0.0


- Released version 3.1b1.

- Fixed mpver.m so it will properly handle case where the Optimization
Toolbox is not installed.

- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Updated opf.m, fmincopf.m, costfmin.m, consfmin.m to
be able to be compatible with latest MINOPF. User supplied A matrix for
general linear constraints no longer includes columns for y variables
(helper vars for piecewise linear gen costs), and now requires columns
for all x (OPF) variables. Added generalized cost model and generator PQ
capability curves.
- Modified savecase.m to always save MAT files with -V6 under newer MATLAB
- Added a number of tests to t_opf.m for MINOPF and fmincopf for generalized
costs and additional linear constraints. Added test for fmincopf for
generator PQ capability curves.

- Added baseKV data to case118.m from PSAP file

- Renamed col 5 of gencost from N to NCOST everywhere.

- Updated version 2 case file format to modify generator PQ capability
curve specifications.
- Added hasPQcap.m and test for gen PQ capability curve in OPF.

- Added OPF_IGNORE_ANG_LIM option to mpoption.m.

- Modified identification of binding constraints in printpf.m. A
constraint is now considered to be binding if the tolerance is less
than or equal to OPF_VIOLATION tolerance -OR- if the corresponding
Kuhn-Tucker multiplier is non-zero. This allows binding generator
capability curves to be reported via multipliers on Pg and Qg limits.

- Updated loadcase.m, savecase.m, idx_bus.m, idx_gen.m, caseformat.m
and tests for version 2 case file format, which includes piece-wise
linear generator capability curves, generator ramp rates and branch
angle difference limits.

Changes since 3.0b4


- Released version 3.0.0.

- In mp_lp.m and mp_qp.m, on Windows it now makes sure BPMPD_MEX is not
called in verbose mode which causes a MATLAB crash.

Changes since 3.0b3


- Released version 3.0b4.

- Added case6ww.m and case4gs.m.
- Minor modifications to printpf.m to handle larger bus numbers.

- Minor changes to uopf.m to make sure it plays nicely with dispatchable

- Major updates to user manual.

- Switched to using the new isload() to check for dispatchable load.
- For dispatchable loads, switched from using PG and QG to PMIN and either
QMIN (for inductive loads) or QMAX (for capacitive loads) to define the
constant power factor constraint. This prevents the power factor
information from being lost when it is dispatched to zero. If the initial
values of PG and QG are not consistent with the ratio defined by PMIN
and the appropriate Q limit it gives an error. This is to prevent a user
from unknowingly using a case file which would have defined a different
power factor constraint under previous versions of MATPOWER.
If both QMIN and QMAX are zero, it no longer includes the redundant
unity power factor constraint.

- Updated printpf.m to display dispatchable loads and generators
separately. Reorganized the area summary section and corrected the net
exports value (subtracted half of tie-line loss) to make the numbers
add up correctly.

- Added to runpf.m the ability to enforce generator reactive power limits
by allowing the voltage to deviate from the set-point. This option is
controlled by the new ENFORCE_Q_LIMS option, which is off by default.
(Thanks to Mu Lin of Lincoln University, New Zealand
whose contributions inspired this feature).
- Modified pfsoln.m to divide reactive power dispatch between multiple
generators at a bus in proportion to each gen's reactive power range,
as opposed to equally. This means that all generators at a bus will
reach their upper (or lower) limits simultaneously.
- Added generator status column to generator section of printpf.m output.
Fixed bugs where non-zero output of decommitted generators was displayed
and included in generation totals in generator and bus sections.

- Moved some setting of MNS_* default options from opf.m to mopf.m.
- Eliminated unused output args in dcopf.m.
- Modified printpf.m to zero out reactive generator output for DC cases
and to use OPF_VIOLATION tolerance to detect binding constraints, as
opposed to non-zero Kuhn-Tucker multipliers.

- Modified bpmpd portion of mp_qp.m and mp_lp.m to use default value for
TFEAS2 and eliminate variable limits which appear to be artificial
large values used to indicate free variables.

- Fixed potential bug in dimensions of Yf and Yt created in makeYbus.m.

- Added feasibility check to mp_lp.m and mp_qp.m to work around a
recently discovered bug in BPMPD_MEX 2.21 where it sometimes returns an
incorrect (infeasible) solution for a DC OPF problem. This bug has yet
to be encountered in any other context.

- Added mpver.m to print version information.

- Fixed bugs in cdf2matp.m which prevented it from working at all
when not specifying both input parameters and caused it to
sometimes not add the warnings at the end of the file.
- Fixed typo in name of lower bound input argument in opf.m. Only
affected those calling opf directly with extra linear constraints.

Changes since 3.0b2


- Released version 3.0b3.
- Generated clean versions of all included case files using latest
cdf2matp and savecase. Added documentation for source of data
for case files.
- More enhancements to cdf2matp.m. Adds comments at beginning, appends
conversion warnings as comments at end of file. Uses savecase.m to
save the data.
- Updated savecase.m to use %g instead of %f many places, correctly
handle multi-line comments, include headers for extra columns for
solved cases. Optionally returns filename with extension.

- Fixed bug in grad_std.m, introduced in 3.0b2, which prevented constr
and LP-based OPF solvers from working for polynomial cost functions.

- In cdf2matp.m, added input args, updated docs, switched to named
indexing of data matrices, new method for creating gen costs.
- Documentation fixes and additions from Pan Wei.

Changes since 3.0b1


- Released version 3.0b2.
- Added OPF_P_LINE_LIM option to mpoptions to use active power
instead of apparent power for line limits (thanks to Pan Wei
for the suggestion and some code).

- Fixed bug in savecase.m introduced when making areas and gencost
- Updated opf_slvr.m with options for MINOS and fmincon.
- Removed option 15 OPF_NEQ from docs (not a user option). Removed option
52 VAR_LOAD_PF (unused, always behaves as if this option were 1).
Changed semantics and default value for option 51 SPARSE_QP. By default
(value = 1) it will use sparse matrices if a sparse QP/LP solver is
available and full matrices otherwise. Setting the value to 0
will force it to use full matrices even with a sparse-capable solver.
- Cleaned up checking for optional functionality, and fixed a bug
that would miss MEX files if there was an identically named directory
by adding have_fcn.m.

Changes since 2.0


- Released version 3.0b1.

- Made mpoption() throw an error if passed an invalid option name.

- Added an fmincon based OPF solver for the generalized formulation
previously used by mopf (Carlos).
- Restructured opf.m so all OPF solvers have a similar API based
on the one from mopf.m (Carlos).
- Added some quick tests for runpf and runopf for each algorithm.

- Renamed 'area' variable to 'areas' to avoid masking the built-in
function of the same name.
- Made OPF data matrices 'areas' and 'gencost' optional for running
simple power flow.

- The loadcase function (and therefore all of the run* functions
now optionally accept a struct with the data matrices as fields
in place of the case file name.
- Added t subdirectory with various tests and testing tools.

- Updated mp_lp.m and mp_qp.m to try linprog() and quadprog()
after trying bp, since lp() and qp() are no longer included
in the Optimization Toolbox as of version 3.

- Removed case.m, added caseformat.m, made case9.m the default
case and fixed function names in other case files to avoid
use of reserved word 'case'.
- Fixed bugs in runcomp.m.

- Fixed bug in newtonpf.m which caused algorithm to diverge when
the Newton step resulted in a negative voltage magnitude.

- Changed uopf.m to use a dynamic programming approach. More
computationally expensive, but should find significanly better
results when there are many gens to shut down.
- Added mp_lp.m and mp_qp.m, equivalents to lp.m and qp.m,
respectively that call bpmpd if available. Modified LPrelax.m,
LPsetup.m and dcopf.m to call these new functions.

- Fixed a bug in pfsoln.m which for cases with a single generator.
- Fixed bus numbering bug in System Summary section of printpf.m.

- Fixed a bug in printpf.m in the generator section, where
the generator was assumed to be off if it's real power
output was zero, even if the reactive output was non-zero.
- Modified printpf.m to print out lambdas in generation section
for generators that are shut down.

- Modified cdf2matp.m so that Pd also includes any generation at
buses specified as PQ buses. Also modified identification of
generator buses to include only PV or reference buses. (Thanks
to Venkat)
- Modified cdf2matp.m so that it always treats the input values
for Gs and Bs as per unit values and converts them to actual
values expected by MATPOWER (Thanks to D. Devaraj)

version 2.5b3

- Modified grad_*.m to return sparse matrices, unless using
constr.m or an LP/QP solver that doesn't handle sparse
matrices. Cleaned up sparse<->full conversions in LPconstr.m,
LPrelax.m, and LPsetup.m.

- Undid a "bug fix" from 3/6/98 in makeYbus.m which zeros out
charging capacitance for transformers. Apparently some
transformer models actually have a non-zero charging parameter
when using the model used by MATPOWER (ideal transformer in
series with a PI model).
- Added loadcase.m which loads a MATPOWER case from an M-file
or from a MAT-file. Changed all of the run*.m files to use this
as the default way to load case files.
- Renamed print2mp.m to savecase.m and added the ability to
save a case as a MAT-file as well as an M-file.

- Fixed opf.m so that it correctly uses the termination
tolerances in the MATPOWER options vector for constr.m.
- In previous versions, Pmin/Pmax constraints are relaxed by
10 * OPF_VIOLATION in opf.m to avoid falsely reporting a
binding Pmin/Pmax constraint in a case where a piece-wise linear
cost function has a corner point exactly at the limit. This
code was moved out of opf.m (and the standard MATPOWER
distribution) to smartmkt.m and the value was changed to
- Modified opf.m so the MINOS-based solver uses OPF_VIOLATION
to set the value of MNS_FEASTOL and MNS_ROWTOL if they are
set to zero.

- Included MINOS-based OPF with all of its options as
algorithm 500. (involved including 'area' in calls to opf.m
and uopf.m)
- Removed some unused lines from fun_ccv.m and grad_ccv.m.
- Fixed a bug in the pfsoln.m in the distribution of Q among
generators at the same bus. Initially attempted to distribute
Q to generators proportional to each generators' Q "capacity".
To do this correctly requires special cases for generators
with QMIN equal to QMAX. For the sake of simplicity, we now
distribute Q equally among all generators at the bus.
Note: As before, the simple power flow does NO feasibility

- Modified runuopf.m and uopf.m to handle DC opf. Added the
function runduopf.m which calls runuopf.m with the PF_DC flag
set to 1.
- Fixed size of 2nd order (all zero) coefficient of objective
for piecewise linear cost case in dcopf.m.

- Added the flag QP_SPARSE to mpoption.m to indicate whether the
QP solver being used can accept sparse matrices. Also modified
dcopf.m to use this flag.
- Fixed handling of VERBOSE option in dcopf.m
- Added the flag PF_DC to mpoption.m to indicate whether the
power flow formulation to be used for power flow and optimal
power flow is a DC approximation or full AC representation.
Merged rundcpf.m with runpf.m and rundcopf.m with runopf.m
so that the appropriate solver will be used based on the
value of the PF_DC flag in the options. The functions rundcpf.m
and rundcopf.m were modified to simply call runpf.m and
runopf.m, respectively, with the PF_DC flag set to 1.

- Changed the sign of the phase shifters in printpf.m to be
consistent with the bug fix to makeYbus.m made on 3/6/98.

- Included four new m-files (makeBdc.m, dcopf.m, rundcpf.m,
and rundcopf.m) which implement a DC power flow and DC
optimal power flow algorithms.

- Cleaned up variable names in makeYbus to avoid confusion.

- Changed UOFP to UOPF in print statements uopf.m.

- Modified print2mp.m overwrite instead of append to an
existing file.
- Fixed bug in cdf2matp.m to make it always correctly write
a text file output.

version 2.5b2
- Modified print2mp.m to include line flows and Lagrange
and Kuhn-Tucker multipliers in output if available.

- Included a Gauss-Seidel power flow solver gausspf.m, and
made corresponding changes to runpf.m and mpoption.m.
Code contributed by Alberto Borghetti.

- Modified newtonpf.m to handle cases with no PQ buses or no
PV buses under newer versions of MATLAB.

- Fixed a bug in uopf.m which occurs when two (or more)
generators have positive decommitment indices but shutting
them down one at a time always results in increased system
cost. In this scenario, it would go into an infinite loop
of attempting to shut them down one by one.

- Modified uopf.m to be able to handle the case where the
sum of the Pmin's is greater than the load. It shuts down
generators in order of decreasing average cost at Pmin
(breaking ties randomly) until this infeasibility is gone.

- Fixed bug in pfsoln.m which caused crashes in MATLAB 5
for systems with no capacitors.
- Added print2mp.m, which can print out a MATPOWER case file
from the data matrices.
- Added to run*pf.m ability to save solved case.

- Modified ext2int.m to allow for area matrix to be empty.

- Changed pfsoln.m so that there is only one slack generator.
Instead of dividing the P between multiple gens at the
slack bus in proportion to capacity (this caused problems
for the LPconstr versions of the OPF), it now treats the
first generator at the slack bus as the only slack generator,
leaving the dispatch of the other gens at the bus unchanged.
- Added generator number to generation constraint printout and
branch number to branch data and branch flow limit printouts.

- Changed printpf.m to print elapsed time and objective fcn
value even when OUT_SYS_SUM is turned off.
- Added code to LPconstr.m to explicitly zero out lambdas for
non-binding constraints.

- Made modifications to ...
... to allow for multiple generators at each bus. For simple
power flow, the Q dispatch is divided between multiple gens
at a bus in proportion to each gen's Q capacity. Likewise
with P for multiple gens at the slack bus.

- Fixed bug in uopf.m which caused it to crash when attempting
to restart a generator after more than 2 had been shut down.

- Generalized definition of GEN_STATUS column of gen matrix
to allow for distinctions in the status of out-of-service
generators. The default values of 0 => out-of-service and
1 => in-service still work, but the logic has been changed
so that GEN_STATUS > 0 is now in-service and
GEN_STATUS <= 0 is now out-of-service, as opposed to
GEN_STATUS ~= 0 and GEN_STATUS == 0, respectively, which
was used previously. This allows for a GEN_STATUS of -1,
for example, to indicate a generator which is off-line
but could be brought on in case of an emergency.

- Fixed bug in printpf.m which caused area exports to be
off slightly.

- Fixed bug in printpf.m. Total intertie flow was double the
correct value.

- Fixed bug which included line flow limits for out-of-service
lines in OPF.
- Modified pfsoln.m, opfsoln.m, printpf.m to zero out flow on
lines which are out-of-service (found by Ramazan Caglar).

- Changed VAR and MVAR to VAr and MVAr everywhere in output.

- Decreased the default value of LPC_TOL_X option to increase
solution quality.
- Modified fix of 2/10/98 to use a value based on the value of
the OPF_VIOLATION option.

- Fixed 2 bugs in makeYbus.m. Phase shifters now shift the phase the
right direction, the line charging susceptance parameter is now
correctly ignored for transformer and phase shifters.

- Fixed a bug fun_std.m which caused it to always compute 2nd order
derivatives. Now it only computes them when requested.

- In previous versions, Pmin/Pmax constraints are relaxed by 1.0e-6
in opf.m to avoid falsely reporting a binding Pmin/Pmax constraint
in a case where a piece-wise linear cost function has a corner
point exactly at the limit. Changed the amount of relaxation to
1.0e-4 since the problem still occurred at times.

- Changed the value of LPC_MAX_IT from 1000 to 400 to allow for
earlier detection of infeasible OPF.

Changes since 1.0.1


- Released version 2.0.

- Fixed ambiguity in case file data and comments regarding lines
vs. transformers. Now a tap ratio of zero means that it's a line
and a non-zero tap ratio means that it's a transformer.
- Optimized formation of Ybus (and hence B matrices).

- Implemented fast decoupled load flow.

- Optimized formation of Jacobian matrix in newtonpf.m (significant
improvement for large systems under MATLAB 5).

- Fixed another bug in calculation of losses. Previous versions
did not take into account off-nominal taps for transformers.
- Fixed a bug in calculation of losses. Previous versions
included line charging injection in reactive line losses.
- Added ability to optionally return solution data from
run*.m functions.
- Added ability to optionally print results to a file.
- Added system and area summaries to printpf and modified to
handle the new printing options.

- Consolidated printing into printpf.m, eliminated printopf.m.
- Removed QCCV method (standard formulation solves same problem,
but more efficiently).
- Removed OPF algorithms which use fixed generator voltages
(this can still be done by changing voltage limits in the
case file), renumbered OPF algorithms, removed CCV.m and

- Added 2 more levels of control of verbose output.
- Put all MATPOWER options into an options vector defined in

- Incorporated new LP-based OPF routines and updated alg codes.
- Fixed a bug in the documentation in the case files regarding
the 4th column of gencost. For piece-wise linear cost functions
this value is the number of data points, not the number of
parameters (x and y for each point).
- Removed some m-files that are not used (usesOT.m, usesLP.m).
- Renamed some m-files (OTfungra.m to fg_names.m, OTSfun.m to
fun_std.m, OTgra.m to grad_std.m, OTCCVfun.m to fun_ccv.m,
OTCCVgra.m to grad_ccv.m).

- Rewrote uopf.m to use a smarter decommitment strategy (see the
docs for the details of the new method). Removed ref, pv, pq
from the list of parameters passed in, since they were not used.

- Fixed a bug in previous versions of uopf.m which returned
incorrect values for Pmin.

- Increased maximum number of iterations for constr-based OPF.

- Fixed a bug in previous versions which may result in incorrectly
reporting Pmin or Pmax limits to be binding, possibly with large
multipliers, if the piece-wise linear cost function has a corner
point exactly at Pmin or Pmax.

- Added to OTSgra.m (renamed to grad_std.m in 2.0) the ability
to return the second derivatives of the objective function.

- Fixed a bug in previous versions of runuopf.m which prevented it
from printing out the raw data needed for our Perl DB interface.

- Fixed a bug in 1.1b1 in OTCCVgra.m (renamed to grad_ccv.m in 2.0)
which caused printing of warning message "Concatenation involves
an incommensurate empty array" under MATLAB 5.

- Fixed a bug in 1.1b1 which prevented runuopf.m from running at all.
Wrong number of parameters to call opf.m.

- Released version 1.1b1.

- Modified the formulation of the OT-based OPF. The objective
function may now include costs for reactive power as well as
active power. In previous versions the reactive power variables
and reactive power balance equations for generator buses were
not included explicitly in the optimization as variables and
equality constraints. Generator reactive powers were computed
directly. Now they are included explicitly in the optimization.
Costs for Qg are specified in extra rows int gencost.

Changes since 1.0


- Released version 1.0.1.

- Fixed a bug in 1.0 OTSgra.m and OTCCVgra.m (renamed to
grad_std and grad_ccv.m, respectively, in 2.0).m which used
incorrect coefficients to compute cost if specified as
polynomials of different degrees.

- Fixed a bug in 1.0 in OTopf.m which caused the last equality
constraint (Q mismatch for last pq bus) to be treated as an
inequality constraint. It appears that this constraint was
normally binding (unless Qd was negative) in which case the
solution was still correct.
- Fixed a bug in 1.0 in runpf.m, initial voltage for generators
which were shut down were taken from gen(:, VG) rather
than bus(:, VM).
- Fixed a bug in 1.0 in varVg.m which caused Kuhn-Tucker
multipliers to print out in the wrong place for LP-based OPF.

Changes since 6/25/97 Version


- Released version 1.0 (first widely publicized release).
- added placeholders for LP-solvers that we can't re-distribute
- updated documentation

- added ability to do pretty & ugly printing at the same time
also documented that ugly printing is for talking to our
our Perl database interface code
- included Deqiang (David) Gan's LP IEEE -> matpower data
conversion code
- included Deqiang (David) Gan's LP based opf code
- fixed LAM_Q bug, now computes correctly for generator buses
- fixed some bugs in totcost.m

- removed PRICE from idx_gen

- added code to convert from (possibly non-consecutive) external
bus numbering to consecutive internal bus numbering before
solving, and back to external before printing results
- replaced test*pf with run*pf which are now functions
taking the casefile name as a parameter (among other params)
- made changes necessary to handle new format of case file
(generator costs moved to gencost variable)

Changes since I started keeping track


- made first public release (not widely publicized)
- documentation updates
- changed names of m-files to fit DOS 8.3 limitation
buildsbus.m => makeSbus.m
buildybus.m => makeYbus.m
idx_branch.m => idx_brch.m
dSbranch_dV.m => dSbr_dV.m
dAbranch_dV.m => dAbr_dV.m
ucopfsoln.m => uopfsoln.m
testucopf.m => testuopf.m
ucopf.m => uopf.m (for naming consistency)
- changed copyright notice

- modified ucopf.m to allow a generator to be turned back on if
shutting it off results in an infeasible (or at least
non-convergent) OPF, also changed the order of shutting down
generators which are dispatched at zero, now chooses one with
largest mu_Pmin

- fixed bug in printpf.m so it doesn't print PG & QG for gens that
have been shut down
- fixed bug in pfsoln.m to correctly compute the reference bus power
injection when generators have been shut down

- fixed Vg initialization bug in testpf.m (not just testopf, etc)

- fixed bug in PLCCV versions which set the initial values of the
cost variables wrong (used p.u. Pg instead of actual)
- made opfsoln.m copy generator voltages back to gen(:, VG)
- fixed bug in code which initializes generator voltages, it was
always setting the angle to zero, now it uses the value from the
case file

- included opf variations which use cost variables constrained
by a piece-wise linear cost function (PLCCV = piece-wise linearly
constrained cost variables)

- included opf variations which use cost variables constrained
by a quadratic cost function (QCCV = quadratically constrained
cost variables)
- included opf variation which allows generator voltage
magnitudes to vary
- fixed line in test*pf.m scripts which initializes V0 (I'd missed
the sqrt(-1) before

- changed line 59 of ucopf.m from "return" to "break" to ensure
return values are correct

- added some print statements to ucopf.m

- reduced max iterations to 100 for constr in opf.m

- modified opf.m, ucopf.m, testopf.m, testucopf.m to include
"success", a variable which indicates whether opf was solved
successfully or not
- fixed bug in ucopf.m, assumed all generators are initially