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MBA Program

#1 Entrepreneurial University
in Germany
Startup Radar 2018 by Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft

#2 in Germany for
New Career Opportunities
The Economist Full-time MBA Ranking 2018

#5 Career Service
Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2018

04 Why HHL

06 Program Structure

08 Leadership

09 Entrepreneurship

10 Campus Life
12 International Experience

14 Career Development

16 Alumni Network

18 Life in Leipzig

20 Application Process

21 Financing Options

22 HHL at a glance

Welcome to HHL

Professor Dr. Stephan Stubner


Since its founding in 1898, HHL stands for successful management education
with a human touch. This long-standing tradition is deeply embedded in our
school’s DNA, spanning everything from our signet to the way our students
are empowered to reach their goals. As an academic community, we address
the many challenges businesses face today and tomorrow. We therefore firmly
believe that it is our purpose to foster the development of world-class business
leaders. That is our tradition, and it’s what we do best.

As a student at HHL, you can expect a rewarding program which is focused on

the practical aspects of professional business management, while maintaining
a holistic perspective that will allow you to navigate an often ambiguous and
always competitive business environment.

At HHL we are dedicated to offering the best in teaching, research and innova­
tion practices. We continually seek to unite theory and practical application for
our students, while maintaining an open-minded entrepreneurial spirit.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to HHL, and to what you will add to
our growing and dynamic community. In return, we offer you more than just a
university degree: You will become a lifelong member of the HHL network.


The future holds many challenges. Get prepared.

General Management Leadership

Learn next-level Succeed in a digital
management skills world

Today’s world is increasingly volatile, uncertain, Ever more jobs and tasks are performed by artificial
complex and ambiguous (VUCA). New technologies intelligence, robots, and machines. The future
and work styles are on the rise. Transformation demands that we strengthen the skills that cannot
happens faster now, challenging us to adapt and be automated. HHL gives you the time and space to
update our skills continuously. develop the personal strengths and self-awareness
HHL’s holistic approach to sustainable management that set you apart from machines.
is driven by effectiveness and efficiency. Our training We’ll help you acquire the soft skills to excel at self-
will equip you with the resilience and lifelong reflection and leadership. You will develop a strong
learning opportunities to master emerging understanding of the organizational structures and
challenges. behaviors that are crucial to succeeding
in tomorrow’s digital, distributed, time-limited and
project-based work environment. Our practice-
oriented learning experiences will enable you to
apply your knowledge in the real world.

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Entrepreneurship Networks and Personal Growth

Put your ideas into Master your future

The speed of transformation in the digital age is As the world becomes more complex and
unprecedented. Economic development demands interconnected, collaboration becomes increasingly
agile methods to adapt to new trends continuously. important. Strong intercultural competencies and a
Adopting the start-up mentality of doing what global network are a must.
works right now will lead businesses to success. We HHL provides countless opportunities for you to
foster the entrepreneurial mindset that allows you build your personal and professional networks and
to recognize the opportunities that drive innovation, teaches you to leverage them for your career
to take the risks necessary to successfully navigate development. From the friendships you develop
a rapidly changing business landscape and to put in your class and our international environment, to
your ideas into practice. You will gain a firm grasp the connections you make through extra-curricular
of the latest technologies and understand the activities and your professional contacts in our
opportunities and risks they embody. That’s how tight-knit alumni network: Your HHL experience will
you will thrive at the intersection of technology and establish networks that will help you reach your full
management. potential.

     read more on page 9      read more on page 10


Learn next-level management skills

The MBA program will equip you with all the tools to become a responsible leader and effective manager.
Our internationally acclaimed faculty empowers you to build, restructure and guide companies through the processes
of transformation. At HHL your personal growth is at the center and you will be challenged on all levels to reach your
true potential – be it through competence and career coaching, German language skills or practical experiences.

General Management
1 Business Administration & Leadership & Entrepreneurship &
Essentials: ­Economics Reflection Disruption

Learn what counts 27 ECTS 24 ECTS 9 ECTS

Finance Business Ethics Entrepreneurship & Agile ­Working

This is where you lay the foundation Methods
for your management career. You’ll
Financial Reporting Leading Yourself & Self-Reflection Coding & Data Literacy
attain a balanced mix of fundamental
and state-of-the-art management Cost Accounting Leading others & Human Resources Disruptive Technologies & ­Business
know-how. Models

Business Strategy Problem Solving & ­Communication

Marketing Negotiation

Logistics Organizational Behavior

Corporate Governance Public Relations & Crisis


International Macroeconomics Cross-cultural Communication &


Managerial Economics

General Management
2 Strategic ­Management Financial Management Marketing Management Innovative Business
Deep Dives:
Specialize in you 6 ECTS 6 ECTS 6 ECTS 6 ECTS

Corporate Strategy Corporate Valuation & Strategic Brand ­ Innovation Management &
The Deep Dives allow you to focus M&A Management Corp. Entrepreneurship

on those topics that will benefit Managing Global Applied Corporate International Marketing Online Marketing & ­Customer
­Corporations Finance Simulation Analytics
your personal and professional
development most. If you opt for the Decision Making Transformation Mgmt. Sustainability Mgmt. Value Creation Mgmt.
Fast Track, you choose 2 of 8 Deep
Dives. In the Advanced Track you 6 ECTS 6 ECTS 6 ECTS 6 ECTS

select at least 4 of 8. Quantitative Management Change Management Competitiveness Customer Value Creation

Managerial Decision Making Growth Management Business, Environment, Value Chain Management
­Society, & ­Leadership

General Management
3 Practical & International
Competencies: gain Experience

practical experience in 12 ECTS 6–18 ECTS

the Advanced Track Choose from: Business Plan Seminar: German Language courses**
Starting up your digital venture
Working on a real-life project, _ Internship
_ Entrepreneur in Residence Student Consulting Project (by application) Open courses
studying abroad or completing an _ Social Impact Project & Project & Process Management course
internship: The practical experience _ Study Abroad
Choose one or two course(s) from Extra course from Study Abroad
you gain, and the connections you not selected deep-dives

build will serve you far beyond International Study Trip*

** T
 rip is offered if sufficient students register, induces extra fees for accommodation and travel
** Available to students in both Fast Track and Advanced Track

The flexible structure of our full-time
MBA Program has been specifically
designed to cater to the unique needs
of a diverse set of students. We offer
an open learning environment that
combines functional subjects, soft skills,
and practical experience to navigate the
challenges of tomorrow.
Professor Dr. Vivek K. Velamuri
Academic Director of the MBA Programs
Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer
MBA Alumnus 2006

Fast Track or Advanced Track? The Fast Track (15 months) is perfect if you wish
to return to your job as soon as possible. The Advanced Track (up to 21 months)
is the right choice for you if you wish to broaden your knowledge with a wider
spectrum of elective courses, or if you wish to use your time at HHL to build and
strengthen your professional network within Germany and beyond.

Year 1: Term 1–4 Year 2: Term 5–7

Fast Track (15 months)         Master Thesis

Advanced Track (up to 21 months)         Your individual structure

Essentials 3 flexible terms for Advanced Track ­students

to schedule:
_ Deep Dives
_ Practical & International Experience
Deep Dives _ Master Thesis

Advanced Track only: Customize options including German course, Student consulting project, business plan seminar

On campus recruiting events, individual career coaching, competence coaching


Succeed in a digital world

Your studies at HHL give you the tools for becoming a responsible and effective
leader and manager – be it in an international company, top-tier consultancy,
or an innovative startup. You’ll deepen your understanding of state-of-the-art
business management concepts and strengthen the skills you need to succeed
in management in a fast-paced digital future. Digital skills, creativity, problem-
solving skills, perseverance, leadership and intercultural management are just
a few of the skills that empower HHL graduates to drive innovation and to
take the risks necessary to manage successfully in a rapidly changing business

Real-world and hands-on

The HHL full-time MBA is a
Your learning experience at HHL goes far beyond discussing theory in the great window of opportunity
classroom. You will have the opportunity to put your skills to the test in practical to increase your knowledge,
field experiences that will challenge your perspective, require you to take risks, interact with new people, learn
dare you to fail and will have you emerge stronger and more confident.
how to behave in a culturally
different environment, push
Student consulting project: You’re in the driver’s seat your limits a little further, and
even change your career focus.
Experience what it’s like to be a consultant. Your challenge is to collaborate in
HHL will provide you with the
a team of four to six students to advise and support a company in solving a
real-life problem. Working closely with both company representatives and HHL tools to take your career to the
faculty, you will learn first-hand what it means to initiate real change. HHL’s next level!
MBA students can interact and work with companies and innovative startups,
Fabio Jara Villarroel
including Bertelsmann, BASF, Kartenmacherei, MAN, Mister Spex, Osram, MBA Alumnus 2018 (Argentina)
Porsche, Vodafone and many more! Project Manager Retail Europe, AUTO1 Group

Business leadership:
More than management

HHL’s unique Leipzig Leadership Model (LLM) teaches you how to Interdisciplinary co-teaching helps
put academic theory into business practice. Always in pursuit of you understand managerial disciplines
the right balance between its core values of purpose, responsibility, in their proper context
entrepreneurial spirit and effectiveness, the LLM guides you toward
evaluating real-world business challenges from multiple perspectives. Focus on self-development cultivates
This unique HHL approach highlights both the tensions and the better decision-making and sharpens
potential in value relationships and unites technical skill building with your critical thinking skills
interpersonal competency development. You will emerge from the
MBA Program ready to take on a leadership role that empowers you Value-oriented teaching supports you
to create individual, organizational and societal value. in the implementation of sustainable
business practices


HHL Unicorns Put your ideas into practice

When it comes to entrepreneurship, HHL takes the lead – among business

schools and across Europe. With Trivago, About You, Delivery Hero and
Auto1Group, HHL alumni started four of Germany’s Unicorns. That’s no
accident – at HHL we live and breathe entrepreneurship. Textbooks can’t teach
you how to think like an entrepreneur, how to sense whether a business idea
has potential, or how to have the courage and strength to take a risk. Our
approach is practical. Entrepreneurship is an integral part of the curriculum. We
regularly invite entrepreneurs, investors and other key players of the startup
world to share their experiences with our students. Our students’ success is the
best measure of our success: HHL alumni have founded over 280 startups and
created more than 10,000 jobs!

HHL SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator:

A startup incubator in Leipzig’s creative center

A modern space in the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig’s creative

core, provides aspiring entrepreneurs with resources, partner access and
Further startups founded infrastructure support to develop their ideas. Successful entrepreneurs,
by HHL Alumni potential investors, motivated coaches and experienced mentors supplement
the know-how you gained in the program with advice, support, and the right
network for your startup dream to take off.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial mindset does not always mean you have to start your own
business. More and more large companies start corporate entrepreneurship
initiatives fostering entrepreneurship within their businesses. HHL supports
established companies in creating successful projects together with students
using formats like hackathons and Design Thinking workshops. Topics include
digitalization, business model innovation, and new work strategies and


A tight-knit and dedicated community

HHL is a small and tight-knit community of students, alumni, professors and staff from around the world. At HHL you can
always approach our highly engaged faculty and staff members. Because the way we see it is that your success is our
success. Team spirit is not an empty phrase to us – we live it every day and expect it from our students and alumni too.
We find that our class communities bond quickly. The lively mix of nationalities and different backgrounds broadens
everyone’s perspectives and enhances class discussion. You’ll build a tight-knit, internationally diverse professional
network in an inspired learning environment.

Current class statistics

Average age

Class size

6.5 years
Average work experience

90 %
International students

~ 20
Nationalities represented


Get involved: Student initiatives

Students at HHL have diverse interests and are committed to them. Besides
their curriculum, they engage in a variety of student initiatives such as:

_ Accelerate (Entrepreneurship) _ Negotiation Challenge

_ Business Students Without Borders _ TEDxHHL
_ Energy Club _ Venture Capital Club
_ European Ivy League (Sports) _ Women@HHL

Besides being a lot of fun, these initiatives enrich the communal spirit of HHL’s
campus life and foster the development of soft skills such as communication
and teamwork. They play an important role in our commitment to educating
effective, responsible and entrepreneurial future business leaders.

HHL is what I expected and more. It
is a melting pot of culture, languages,
experiences, and backgrounds that
nurture conversations and enrich
the entire experience. I got to meet,
interact and build friendships
with people from around the
world, broadening my cultural and
intellectual horizon.
Imane Zouine
MBA Student (Lebanon)
Class of 2018


The world is yours

In an increasingly globalized world, successful managers, consultants, entrepreneurs and executives must feel
competent and confident in an international environment. That’s why HHL prioritizes maintaining global partnerships.
A term abroad at one of our 135 global partner universities in cities like New York, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm,
Singapore, Hong Kong or Sidney will give you an exciting change of perspective. The HHL team will guide and support
you before, during and after your term abroad. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore new countries
and cultures and expand your international network.

An exciting option:
An additional degree
from one of HHL’s partner

Along with your term abroad,

you have the option of receiving
an additional degree from one
of our global network of partner
universities. You can decide during
the course of your studies whether
this is something you want. You
will find a list of partner universities
with double degree options on our


WESTERN EUROPE Netherlands Lithuania India Thailand LATIN AMERICA

Maastricht University ISM, University of Great Lakes Institute Asian Institute
Belgium School of Business Management and of Management, of Technology, Argentina
HEC, Liege and Economics Economics, Kaunas/ Chennai Pathumthani Universidad del
Solvay Brussels University of Vilnius Indian Institute Sasin Graduate CEMA, Buenos Aires
School of Economics Groningen, Faculty of Management, Institute of Business
& Management, of Economics and Poland Ahmedabad Administration, Brazil
Brussels Business Cracow University of Indian Institute Bangkok Ibmec, Rio de Janeiro
Economics of Management, and Minas Gerais
Cyprus Norway Kozminski University, Bangalore Vietnam
Cyprus International BI Norwegian Warsaw Indian Institute of French-Vietnamese Chile
Institute of Business School, Oslo University of Business Management, Calcutta Center of Universidad de Chile,
Management, Nicosia in Wroclaw Indian Institute of Management Santiago
Portugal University of Management, Calicut Universidad de Talca
Denmark ISCTE, Lisbon Economics Poznan Indian Institute of Universidad del
Aarhus School of Warsaw School of Management, Raipur NORTH AMERICA Desarrollo, Santiago
Business and Social Spain Economics Indian Institute of
Sciences Escuela de Alta Management, Udaipur Canada Colombia
Dirección y Romania Institute of Concordia University, Universidad EAFIT,
Finland Administración, Bucharest University Management John Molson School Medellin
Aalto University Barcelona of Economic Studies Technology, of Business, Montreal
Hanken School of Instituto de Empresa, Ghaziabad McMaster University, Costa Rica
Economics, Helsinki Madrid Russia Management DeGroote School of INCAE, Alajuela
University of Vaasa La Salle Ramon Lull Kazan Innovative Development Institute, Business, Hamilton
University, Barcelona University Gurgaon Queens University, Mexico
France Universidad de “V.G.Timiryasov” NMIMS, School Smith School of Instituto Technologico
Audencia Business Navarra (IEML), Kazan of Business Business, Kingston Autonomo de Mexico,
School, Nantes Universidad Pontificia MIRBIS Moscow Management, Mumbai Université du Quèbec Mexico City
Burgundy School of Comillas – ICADE, MGIMO Moscow S.P. Jain Institute of à Montréal Instituto Technologico
Business, Dijon Madrid Plekhanov University Management and University of Victoria, y de Estudios
EDHEC Lille/Nice Universitat of Economics, Research, Bombay Peter B. Gustavson Superiores de
EM Normandie Le Internacional de Moscow School of Business Monterrey, Mexico
Havre + Dublin/Ireland Catalunya, Barcelona Ural Federal Indonesia City
EM Strasbourg University, Universitas Surabaya United States
Business School Sweden Yekaterinburg American Peru
ESC Grenoble Jönköping Japan University, Wash esan, Lima
ESC Montpellier International Business Slovakia Nagoya University Semester Program, Universidad del
ESC Toulouse School University of of Commerce and Washington, DC Pacifico, Lima
ESCI Marne la Vallée Linnaeus University Economics Bratislava Business City University, Baruch Universidad San
ESCP Europe, Paris Stockholm University College, New York Ignacio de Loyola
ESSCA Angers + School of Business Slovenia Korea (South) Emory University,
Budapest/Hungary + University of Ljubljana Ewha School of Roberto C. Goizueta Uruguay
Shanghai/China United Kingdom Business Business School, Universidad Catolica,
Excelia Group, ESC La Aston Business Turkey KDI School of Atlanta Montevideo
Rochelle School, Birmingham Bilkent University, International Policy Hawai’i Pacific Universidad ORT,
ICN Business School, UK – Imperial College Ankara and Management, University, College Montevideo
Nancy London Sabanci University, Sejong of Business
IESEG Lille Istanbul Seoul National Administration
Institut Superieur du University, Graduate Kenan Flagler AFRICA
Commerce, Paris EASTERN EUROPE School of Business Business School,
KEDGE Business ASIA Sogang Business North Carolina Morocco
School, Campus Croatia School, Seoul Kansas State ESCA Ecole de
Marseille Zagreb School of P. R. China University, College Management,
NEOMA Business Economics and City University of Malaysia of Business Casablanca
School – Campus Management Hong Kong Higher Education Administration
Reims Hong Kong University Learning Institute, Kent State University, South Africa
Skema Sophia Czech Republic of Science and Kuala Lumpur Ohio University of
Antipolis + Belo SKODA Auto Technology New York University, Stellenbosch Business
Horizonte/Brazil University, Mladá Lanzhou University Singapore Stern School of School, Bellville
Boleslav Peking University, Nanyang Business Business New York
Greece University of Guanghua School of School The University of
ALBA, Graduate Economics, Prague Management Chicago, Booth OCEANIA
Business School, Peking University, Taiwan School of Business,
Athens Estonia HSBC Business Feng Chia University, Illinois Australia
Tallinn University of School, Shenzhen Taichung The Tuck School at University of Adelaide
Iceland Technology Shanghai International National Chengchi Dartmouth College, Deakin University,
Reykjavik University Studies University University, Taipei New Hampshire Burwood Victoria
Georgia Shanghai Jiaotong National Sun Yat-sen Tulane University, A.B. MGSM, Macquire
Israel Caucasus University University, Antai University, College Freeman School of University, Sydney
Israel – Interdiscipli- School of Business, College of Management, Business, New Orleans
nary Center Herzliya Tbilisi Southwestern Kaohsiung University of New Zealand
University of Finance National Taiwan Louisville, College of University of Waikato
Italy Latvia and Economics, University, College of Business Victoria University of
LIUC, Castellanza Riga International Chengdu Management, Taipei University of North Wellington
School of Economics Sun Yat-Sen Texas, College of
Luxemburg and Business University, Guangzhou Business, Denton
University of Administration Tongji University


German Skills

Increase your chances

of employment with the
German language courses
offered throughout the
program. An intensive
beginners course in the
month prior to the program
start can boost your skills
even further.

New Leipzig Talents:

A unique HHL approach to ­

After seeing Bertels­
mann’s presentation at
In addition to our career development services, some students will get the HHL, I approached the
opportunity to take part in an exclusive competency coaching program
designed to enhance self-awareness and boost personal potential. company representative.
Participants in the program gain access to a wide range of customized self- I landed an internship,
development services and are paired with high-level business executives
from various fields, who serve as coaches throughout the program. Our which turned into a job
coaches include well-known leaders such as Dr. Arend Oetker, Managing offer. My first day of work
Partner of Dr. Arend Oetker Holding, Matthias Reichwald, the CCO of the RB
Leipzig football club, and Xenia Meuser, Vice President of Human Resources was actually coming to
at XING SE. HHL to do a company
The program is focused exclusively on your personal development over a six-
month timeframe. During this time, you will work one-on-one with your coach presentation.
and will have the opportunity to attend workshops (e. g. mindfulness training) Talk about full circle!
as well as other events.
Pamela Taylor
MBA Alumna 2014 (USA)
Director, Employer Branding & Talent
Acquisition, Bertelsmann


A structured approach to success

From personal development to professional career planning: our career Employment statistics
development team will support you with tailored advice, personal coaching,
workshops and on-campus recruiting events with renowned companies. Being a
small school is often a big advantage: we all know each other. All of our services 90 %
carry a personal touch, and we’ll always go the extra mile to support you until employment rate 3 months
you graduate and throughout your career. after graduation

90 %
MBA graduates working in Germany

Focus Thrive
Through systematic in-depth dialog Develop your talents into solid #5
with you, we identify your strengths, competencies with focused, Career Service worldwide
interests, and values to outline a systematic training and become a (FT Masters in Management Ranking)
career plan that fits your needs. self-sufficient professional.

Connect Succeed Most recent full-time MBA

From your first day at HHL, you are Build a rewarding and meaningful placement results by branch
part of the HHL community and career that is characterized by
benefit from our high-performance success, well-being, and personal
network of business and alumni fulfillment.
contacts – we’ll show you exactly how
to make the most of it.

Recruiting Companies

Our extensive network gives you access to the most attractive employers
through company presentations, case study workshops, on-site visits,
networking events and our student consulting projects. HHL alumni work across
all sectors and in a wide range of companies. They’re frequently on campus for
our Alumni Talks and can provide you with insights into the recruiting trends 25 % E-Commerce & Internet
of their organizations. We also maintain close relationships with an extensive 15 % Consulting
network of recruiters who think the world of our graduates. 9 % Manufacturing
8 % Financial Services
8 % Oil & Energy
E.ON 5 % Consumer Products
Allianz Bombardier 5 % Media & Marketing
Volkswagen 5 % Start-up/Family Business
Credit Suisse
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Daimler 3 % Pharma/Healthcare
3 % IT & Services
Amazon Proctor & Gamble 3 % Automotive
Huawai SAP
3 % Postgraduate Studies
Siemens Management Consulting
Capgemini 9 % Others




The HHL alumni network:


Graduating from HHL not only gives you a degree from one of Europe’s best My success story as an
business schools but it also means lifelong access to a first-class network of
leading international managers, successful entrepreneurs and key players entrepreneur started at
in the startup world. Friendships and contacts established at HHL will long HHL, where I met people
outlast your studies.
HHL alumni work in over 70 countries, they are well connected, and they with the same passion for
support each other and future graduates in a multitude of ways. Many of bringing ideas into life.
our over 2,500 alumni frequently return to campus to support the new HHL
generation with their know-how and experience, and often recruit students Rolf Schrömgens
HHL Alumnus 2000
from their alma mater. Co-founder and CEO Trivago


Meet alumni during the

application & admission process

Refer excellent candidates


Learn from the experiences

of alumni


Take part in lifelong
learning opportunities Get support from
The HHL the alumni network
Meet fellow alumni at
Participate in student
the many alumni events
activities & initiatives


Recieve support from Improve your field project or master

alumni as personal references thesis with the help of alumni in
to companies & positions different companies & industries


Welcome to Leipzig: Living and learning

in the heart of Europe
There’s a lot to love about Leipzig. When you need to take a break from a renowned hub for the automobile
Modern and dynamic, the city is very your studies and clear your head, (Porsche, BMW) and logistics (DHL,
much aware of its historical roots as you’ll appreciate the fact that Leipzig Amazon) industries, but also offers
a center of trade at the crossroads is surrounded by beautiful countryside attractive conditions for startups.
of European trade routes and as that’s fast and easy to reach. You Leipzig provides excellent access
the starting point of the Peaceful might also enjoy an evening in one of to the rest of Europe, with an
Revolution of 1989 which paved the the city’s many music clubs that are international airport, fast train
way for the reunification of Germany. never more than a ten-minute bike connections and a well-developed bus
Leipzig is like the Leipzigers: open- ride away. Leipzig is growing fast, network. Get to Berlin within just one
minded, friendly, interested in other adding thousands of new inhabitants hour, reach Munich in three hours or
cultures and open for new ideas. You’ll each year. Jobs are plentiful in visit Prague within four hours.
feel at home here right away. academia and business. The city is

Over More than

400 sports 40,000
clubs, home of students
More than
the RB Leipzig annually
35 theaters,
football club
stages &
Fastest growing
concert halls
city in Germany
with a dynamic
startup scene

More than
More bridges
1,400 bars,
than Venice
cafés and

Home of the
oldest trade
fair in the

Johann von
Birthplace of
More than the Peaceful
1,000 years of Revolution
city history

More than
67 museums,
galleries and


The HHL campus:

All you need, all about you
While our school is centrally located, it is also surrounded by idyllic
parks and rivers that add a sense of peace and natural beauty to our
inspiring multicultural campus flair. You also get to take advantage
of the adjacent athletic department of the University of Leipzig: As
an HHL student, you are eligible to use all of their facilities. And to
accommodate a flexible study schedule, we grant our students access
to HHL’s premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use the library,
the study areas, meeting rooms, the lounge and the student club any
time you want!


Start your management career now!

Every journey starts with a single first step. Your road to

the top-ranked full-time MBA at HHL begins here:

Ready to learn more? Contact us and get to know

YOU HHL during one of our next events

Start your application online at

by submitting the following documents

Personal documents
_ Curriculum vitae
_ Letter of motivation
_ Passport photo

Academic records
_ Final transcript and a degree certificate
of all completed degree programs
_ Proof of very good English skills
(e. g. TOEFL of 96 + or IELTS score of 7.0)
_ GMAT/GRE score

Work experience
_ Proof of a minimum of 3 years
relevant practical work experience
_ 2 letters of recommendation

WE We review your application and supply initial feedback.

Application Deadlines

You will be invited for an interview with one of our

January 31
YOU Early Bird: EUR 3,000 tuition
professors (in-person or Skype).
fee reduction

May 30
We communicate our decision within 3 weeks. International (non-EU)

June 30
You accept our offer by signing the contract and EU applicants and non-EU
YOU ­applicants not requiring a visa
paying the commitment fee within 3 weeks.
to Germany


The best investment

in your future
Investing in your MBA degree at HHL will pay off quickly. Why? Our graduates
obtain managerial positions at prominent companies and enjoy an average
salary increase of 60 percent. An MBA degree from HHL therefore is not only a
fantastic career booster, but also pays off in no time!


The tuition fees for the MBA program total EUR 35,000 for the Fast Track
and EUR 38,000 for the Advanced Track. If you apply before January 31, you
are eligible for a EUR 3,000 early-bird tuition fee reduction. The tuition fee
covers all tuition and examination costs and includes the tuition fees for the
term abroad at one of our partner universities. Our data shows that our MBA
graduates enjoy an exceptionally high return on investment, making it the
investment of a lifetime.

Student Loans

We offer a range of financing options through partners such as Prodigy Finance.

The innovative model offers alumni-funded loans to international students at
the world’s top business schools, including HHL. While banks base their loan
decisions on historical salaries, Prodigy looks at applicants’ future earning
potential. Read more about this and other financing options on our website:


HHL also offers scholarships for exceptional candidates. For more

information, please visit

For international students, we also recommend that you first check out
the DAAD scholarship database at

Note! For German taxpayers, the tuition fees are tax deductible as an
anticipated professional expense. Please consult your tax advisor.

Your contact at HHL

Stefanie Sanches
T +49 341 9851-889


Our Mission
We educate effective, responsible and entrepreneurial business leaders through outstanding teaching, research
and practice. We are driven by excellence in teaching and research to benefit our students, stakeholders and society.
Our academic quality is underscored by our global outlook and a lifelong premier service and support network.

Accreditations Achievements HHL Startups

Master in Management globally

Programs #1
Entrepreneurial University
in Germany, 4 times in a row
Young business bachelor
M.Sc. Program
full-time + part-time #1
Germany’s favorite business school
Young professionals since several years
and many more
MBA Program
full-time + part-time
Academic talents Career Service worldwide
SpinLab –
Doctoral Program
The HHL Accelerator
Executive Education
750 Top 3
students Accelerator in Germany*

Study locations
40 % 26
international students partner companies
_ Leipzig
_ Cologne
_ Munich 65 42.4
nationalities million euros of funding received

Entrepreneurship at HHL 2,500 + over 350

alumni jobs created

280 startups founded

over 10,000 jobs created 135 51
90 % success rate partner universities prizes awarded

mentors supporting startups

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