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A website that seemed fairly reliable. Information is sophisticated and is well corroborated with other reliable sources. 
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A well-knowledged and reliable webpage, with explanations supported by other websites’. 
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A reliably developed video, written by trusted sources. Information given corroborates with other sources. 
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A video from a lesser known producer, however information provided is very reliable and corroborates with reliable 
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From a very respectable and reliable source, the article is very reliable and corroborates with reliable sources. 
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From a respectable source, the education article backs up its information with citations and its information is accurate and 
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This book is written by a scholar and contains a wealth of information, all of which corroborates with other sources and is 
Rhett Allain. 2009. The development of the atomic model. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2018]. 
From a website that aims to appeal to mainstream culture, this article is written in such an appealing way, but it does not 
lose its reliability in the process. The information corroborates with other reliable sources.