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; ‘CONNECTED Within each subject area, course content is connected fopic fo topic, concept tc concept, one year’s work fo the next, and relates idea(s) explicitly. Opera glass—detuils of one discipline; focus on subtleties and interconnections 2 eee NT ne vy sducation is vo prepare the young 12 he y education is 10 u ghout their lives — R bert Maynard ‘Hutchins: similarities © units to see | 66 “Vfour ; whats her Roug) ? intoe What is The Connected Model? ; ws While the major discipline areas remain separate, thi al ee curricular model focuses on making explicit connec. | sons within each subject area, sonnecting one topict ie gg the next; connecting one concept to another; connecting a skill to a related skill; connecting ri one day's work to the next, or even one semester's ideas to the | ee ! next. The key to this model is the effort to delibévately relate We! curricula within the discipline rather than assuming that students EXAMPLE: La will understand the connections automatically, Teacher relatesthe The tea’ i betwee i T What Does It Look Like? pie ef a Within the primarylelementary curriculum, for fodecimals, whic example, a relationship is drawn between the intumn relates to ook unit and the simple machines unit ag « students explicitly connect th neously seeing them as two-distinct science: Science and the other is Physical Science—t of the sciences per se. By labeling for stude money, grades, elt. ese while simulta- areas: one is Earth both considered part ‘ts the broad term; and Physical Science), students can begin to define the ee Case, Earth Science see | these as organizational umbrelits, This becomes a first erie, Step in eS bY using a | and conceprualizaton ofthe scenes a5 a ealm of knowing sir understanding frost Likewise, in a junior high or secondary school Setting, the Bary Sei Geology unit to the Astronomy unit by associating the evolutionary cn 2cher relates the . Y Matwte Of each: Thy soc MODEL 2 CONNECTED arities between the two units become organizers for students as they work through both to see that they can make explicit interrelationships. . 4 What Does It Sound Like? ‘The student sees connections between subject areas that have tradition- 9 9 ally been taught separately. Here is the testimony of one former student, Bric J. Lerner: “1 found there was o big diference between what excited me, trying to understond the universe, ond what went on in our physics classes... was bothered by logical contradictions in some of the things ‘we were tought ... Evenloll, | reached the point where | could ne longer accept the Second Law of Thermodynamics,” Lemer recalled. Roughly, that concept holds that energy levels in a physical system tend to even out. For instonce, introduce a bit of heat into a cold room and peel rab ary ie fickly becoming indistinguishable, “On o larger scale, the Second Law of Thermodynamics seems to reinforce the Big Bong theory,” lemer exploined. “At the moment of creation, cll energy was : concentrated ct one point ond the universe wos highly organized. Ever since, its energy has been dispersing as the universe degenerotes into less and less orgonized states.” goes on to relate the moment when he made the connection. “Then | grasped thot biology contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics,” lamer soid. “Consider evolution: living forms have gone from the less complex, like single-cell creatures, 10 the more complex, like human beings. Why should our planet be on exception® | asked myself. That mode me reolize there is something fundamentally wrong with he Big Bong theory and its conception that the universe is running down."* teacher can facilitate such connections in students” thinking by explicitly making links hween subject areas. What Are The Advantages? Piypegpens arg gated [QUESTIONS THAT STRETCH By connecting ideas within a discipline, |1oeas. : the learner has the advatitage of the big picture as well as a focused study of one aspect. In addition, key concepts are devel- ‘over time for internalization by the learner, Connecting within a discipline permits the learner to review, ‘onceptualize, edit, and assimilate ideas gradually and may ilitate wansfer. Chicago Tabune Company, ail ighs reserved, usea with permission. ii. ———— u How 10 inreceaté THES . 2 j What Are The Disadvantages? jn separated and ad ‘The various disciplines in this model remai sxplicit within i deo in this Unrelated even though connections are ee to work together hated discipline. Teachers are nt encouraged © i ithout ste i Fogel 89 content remains the focus without HEHE TA ting te wi iplines. The concentrated efforts to sine a feo. overlook opportunities to develop more global relationships to ideas across other, When Is This Connected Model Useful? i an integrated ‘The connected mode is useful as a beginning step — within their Curriculum, Teachers feel confident looking for So ew icticoette Wn discipline, As they become adept at relating ideas Riiaipltied’ Alad bine, it becomes easier to scout for connections across disci at a connection-making can he done ollaboratively within department meetings—which meine end ad familia ground that sete see climate for change. Starting teacher teams sing this model within the depan Pump for more complex integration ‘models later on, iment or grade level can be a fruitful strategy to prime the TO GENERA AMERICAN { STUDENTS READ THIS ¢ THEME. TH THRDUEHOU vi ese. 1O-7HE STUDENTS. | LOsICALTO WARODUCE | (OF NEGATIVE NUMBERS WORK WITH THE 1% GRAPHING. 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