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Countries & Nationalities

a) One syllable
France French
Greece Greek
The Netherlands Dutch

b) Ending in -ish
(Great) Britain British
Denmark Danish
Ireland Irish
Poland Polish
Spain Spanish
Sweden Swedish
Turkey Turkish

c) Ending in -an
Germany German
Mexico Mexican
Morocco Moroccan
USA American

d) Ending in -ian
Argentina Argentinian
Australia Australian
Brazil Brazilian
Canada Canadian
Egypt Egyptian
Italy Italian
Russia Russian

e) Ending in – ese
China Chinese
Japan Japanese
Portugal Portuguese – English 2nd/Foreign Language - José A. R. Buleo

Countries & nationalities

1. Identify the flags and write down the country and nationality below them.

Morocco J... P... T... B...


2. Where are these people from?

a) Obama is the president of __________________. He's __________________.

b) Rafa Nadal is a _______________ tennis player. He is from Majorca, ___________.
c) Cristiano Ronaldo was born in _____________. He's a ________________ footballer.
d) Queen Elisabeth is from __________________. She's __________________.
e) U2 are the most famous ______________ band. They're from Dublin, ______________.

3. Can you place these pictures in the map? Then write the name of the country and
the nationality.

E... I... F... China/Chinese C... – English 2nd/Foreign Language - José A. R. Buleo

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