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District Court ofKansas

Third Judicial District

ShawlIee County, Kansas
Cathy Leollban, Director Donald Troth, Asst. Director
CourE 5er'!!icl!t (Adult Services)
2eo E. 7th St.• 5uite 1;:4 Harry Moore, Assc. Director
Topeka. KS 666C)·3961 {Special Services}
(913) 23)·82!JC Sarah ./Ways, Asst. Director
Ex!. 4004 auvenik Services}


TO: Judge James P. Buchele

FROM: Mary Kelly, Court Services Officer I •..
DATE: March 14, 1995 c:

RE: Bond Supervision Hal G. Richardson

CASE: #95-CR-836

Mr; Richardson was placed on Bond Supervision February 20, 1995. He

was originally arrested on February 18, 1995, and made a $250 cash
bond. He was rearrested February 20 at the Domestic Battery first
appearance docket for violating the no contact order on his bond.
Mr. Richardson reported to me for the first time March 2, 1995, after
I contacted him. He did not return for our scheduled appointment this
week nor did he call to reschedule. Friends 'of the victim report
seeing the victim's car at Mr. Richardson's home. Mr. Richardson's
bond has again been revoked and there is a warrant for his arrest.

In regardtoMr:. Richardson's criminal history, I have attached

updated information taken from a PSI done in 1990. As
Mr. Richardson has been placed on probation five times
15 years. d e 'eve he is a good candidate for
However, in the event he is conV1C e an s ou
bati~n, I recommend the following conditions:

Obtain a drug and alcohol evaluation and follow all

recommendations.for treatment and aftercare.
~ No drug and alcohol consumption/random UA's.
Enter and successfully complete the Alternatives to Battering
~ ( • Program.
4. No violent contact with the victim, Claudine Dombroski.
5. Obtain a psychological evaluation and follow all recommendations
for treatment.
..-f dkt