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Free Paper Contest


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Oral Presentation is presented in front of the audience and the jury using PPT presentation (observational or experimental descriptive
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Organizing ABSTRACT
 Committee
Participants must submit abstracts with the following format:

 Important Dates All abstracts must be submitted in English using Ms. Word Document only.
Abstract should include the following headings: INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE, METHODS, RESULT, CONCLUSION, KEYWORDS.
 Scientific Program  Font: Times New Roman; Font size: 11pt font; Line spacing: single-spaced, and must not exceed 250 words.
The abstract must be received before April 30th, 2019.
 Free Paper Contest Abstract has never been presented or published in any journal. If abstracts previously published, it can still be sent and presented but

cannot be competed.
 General Conditions Abstracts are uploaded via and the soft copy is sent via e-mail:
Participants are required to register online before submitting an abstract.
 Oral Presentation
 Poster Presentation Participants must submit the manuscripts with the following format:

 Photo Contest Manuscripts must be submitted in Indonesian or English using Ms. Word Document only with 2-column page (published format).
Manuscripts must be written in A4 paper size and restricted to 7 (seven) pages, including references.
Hotel Information Manuscripts: Font: Arial; Font size: 11pt font; Line spacing: single-spaced

References: Font: Arial; Font size: 8pt font; Line spacing: single-spaced
Manuscripts begin with an abstract in English and written in one column.
 Tour Information
Title must be accompanied by author's name and institution's origin
Manuscripts must be received before June 30th, 2019.
 Sponsorship
Manuscripts are uploaded with pdf format via and the soft copy is sent via e-mail:
 Congress Venue
Participants are required to register online before submitting manuscripts.


Participants must prepare presentation slides in English and present it in English. The slide must be collected to the committee (at the
speaker room) maximum of 1 (one) day before the presentation schedule.
Presentation duration is 8 (eight) minutes and 2 (two) minutes for discussion.
Participants who are absent in presentation schedule will be disqualified.
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September 26th, 2019

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