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Parang High School

Tandang Sora St., Parang Marikina City


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DIRECTION: Fill the missing word/s to make the statement complete. Choose your answer on
the box provided.

Remaining bed pad Wrong Blanket corners

Wall head bed cover first sheet insert

1. Stand at the ____________ head side of the bed.

2. Put the _________________ on top of the mattress evenly.
3. Put the bottom or ______________ on top of the bed mattress enough to cover the head
side of the mattress.
4. Tuck in the sheet at the head side of the bed and miter the two ___________.
5. Put the bed sheet up to the edge of the head side of the bed at the __________ side
6. Put the _____________ on top of the second sheet 8” to 10” distance from the head
toward the foot of the bed.
7. Put the third sheet on top of the blanket enough to cover the entire bed. ____________ or
fold the sheet under the blanket and fold the second sheet on top of the third bed sheet.
8. Tuck in all the linens at the other side and miter all linens at the corners at the foot side of
the bed and insert the ____________ side towards the head.
9. Put the pillow with pillowslip and case on top of the bed facing the ______________.
10. Put the _____________ on top of the bed enough to cover the entire bed.


DIRECTION: Read the statement/questions carefully. Write the letter of the correct answer on
the space provided. Big letter only.

__________ 11. These are the sheet sets or fabric products used in the bedroom.
a. Bed Linens b. Kitchen Linens c. Table Linens d. Bath Linens
__________ 12. This type of linens includes kitchen towels, tea towels, dishcloths or dishrags,
aprons, potholders, and oven mitts.
a. Bed Linens b. Kitchen Linens c. Table Linens d. Bath Linens
__________ 13. Why most of the interior designers often avoid table linens in the same colors
and patterns?
a. Because they want to mix and match table linens to accent a room.
b. Because they are following the order of the owner of the house.
c. Because It’s their protocol.
d. Because they just want to.
__________ 14. It consists of three layers stitched together in decorative patterns.
a. Duvet b. Coverlet c. Throw d. Quilt
__________ 15. The dimensions are not important consideration when buying this sheet.
a. Coverlet b. Fitted bed sheet c. Flat bed sheet d. Throw
__________ 16. It is an essential cloth bags filled with feathers, foam, or plastic fiber that
provides cushioned support for parts of the body.
a. Decorative pillow b. Pillow Sham c. Pillow d. Bolster Pillow
__________ 17. What is the difference of dust ruffles and bed skirt to each other?
a. Dust ruffles has an elastic band.
b. The purpose of the bed skirt is to hide the space under the bed
c. Dust ruffles are pleated or gathered fabric.
d. They have no difference.
__________ 18. A rectangular piece of cloth used to cover a mattress.
a. Blanket b. pillow c. coverlet d. Bed Sheet
__________ 19. Usually thickly stuffed or filled with layers of polyester batting, down feathers,
wool, or silk, and then sewed at all four sides.
a. Duvet b. Comforter c. Bedspread d. Quilt
__________ 20. An elastic running around the edge that helps keep it flat upon the mattress.
a. Blanket b. Fitted Bed Sheet c. bed skirt d. dust ruffles
__________ 21. It is generally lightweight, designed to be tossed casually over sheets and
coverlets, or over the back of a sofa.
a. Throw b. Quilt c. Coverlet d. Pillow
__________ 22. What is the size of king size pillow?
a. 51x66cm b. 51x95 c. 51x91 d. 51x96
__________ 23. The following are the examples of cleaning supplies except one:
a. Disinfectant b. Baking Soda c. Cleansers d. Toilet Brush
__________ 24. A tool that is used to clean the floors. It consists of bundle of yarn or strips of
cloth attached to a long wooden or plastic handle.
a. Plunger b. Mop c. Broom d. Toilet Brush
__________ 25. It has a short stiff bristles for scouring away stubborn dirt and buildup in
a. Toilet brush b. Mop c. Sponges d. Brush
__________ 26. Which of the following is an example of disinfectant?
a. Water b. Baking Soda c. white vinegar d. detergent
__________ 27. What is the use of plunger?
a. To clear stoppages b. to sweep the floor c. To remove scums d. to wipe the wall
__________ 28. This cloth is made in such a way that it traps and retain the dirt and absorb
liquids better than ordinary cotton cloth or rags.
a. Microfiber cloth b. linen c. dishcloth d. dump cloth
__________ 29. Why do we have to use glove while cleaning?
a. It gives aesthetic feeling.
b. It protects our hands from dirt and harsh chemicals.
c. Because we just wanted to.
d. Because we don’t want touch cleaning tools with our bare hands.
__________ 30. These are effective in removing water or any liquid from mirrors or glass.
a. Tissue papers b. cloths c. paper towels d. rags