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Intramural Basketball Rules & Guidelines

Gameplay Regulations:

 Standard collegiate play calling will be the standard.

 Players will be removed from play when receiving 5 personal fouls.
 Game time will be regulated by a running clock until the final 2 minutes of each half. During the
final 2 minutes of the half the clock will stop on the officials whistle.
 All fouls occurring within the final 2 minutes of the game will result in shooting opportunities.
 Players are permitted to fill in for a team with a short roster. No more than once per team, during
season play. Teams who are short players during tournament play will forfeit their game.
 Teams are permitted to pick up a minimum of 2 players if needed.
 Teams must have a minimum of 4 players from their roster to compete. Failure to meet this will
result in forfeiture.
 Each team will have an elected captain to represent the team in the event of disagreement or
need for resolution. Only the Team Captain is permitted to plead their team's case with officials or
Intramural Director.
 All rules and guidelines are subject to change to accommodate needs and situations that may
arise by the Activities Director(s) only.
 Only the Intramural Director reserves the right to make permanent roster changes and all roster
changes must be made prior to warm ups.
 Coaches will have 2 timeouts per half.

Coach's Expectations:

 Coaches must select a Team Captain prior to their first game for team representation.
 Coaches are not permitted to interact with officials during game play.
 Coaches must refrain from any negative comments, taunting, or foul/offensive language
towards any player.
 Coaches will be responsible for fair and equal treatment of all players, including play time and
overall game intensity and morale.
 Coaches must find an assistant, to maintain statistics and fill in for the coach's absence, as well
as general assistance needs.

Official's Expectations:

 Official's are only permitted to interact with Team Captain's during game play.
 Officials must be decisive and consistent with all play call situations, maintaining objectivity at all
 Officials must refrain from any negative comments, taunting, or foul/offensive language
towards any player.
 Failure to meet these expectations will result in removal from officiating.

Player Guidelines:

 Players are expected to maintain a positive and respectful attitude in keeping with good
sportsmanship and competition.
 Players who receive more than 2 warning's for foul/offensive language will be taken out of the
game (player's can receive warning's from their coach, official's, or Director's).
 Violent or aggressive outbursts of any kind will not be tolerated. Any player exhibiting such
behavior will be immediately ejected from the game and will lose future participation privileges.
 All coaching decisions and officiating calls are final. Players are not permitted to argue decisions,
arguing and/or verbal accosting of coaches and officials will not be tolerated.
Actions for Technical Fouls:

 Foul or offensive language.

 Aggressive outbursts.
 Players walking off the court or failing to substitute in and out properly
 Any action by player, coach, or volunteer that interferes with game play (i.e. pranks, excessive
interaction with the crowd, or general disturbance).
 Teams failing to provide someone to keep statistics.
 Excessive chastisement of officials, or excessive communication efforts towards officials by
anyone other than the captain.
 2 Technical's will result in game dismissal.


 A student must be a Full-time student in Labrador National High School.

 A Varsity Athlete may play in the corresponding sport - Basketball players can play Basketball if
they played in a Varsity Game.
 If a player is deemed ineligible by the beginning of the intramural season, their participation must
be approved my Intramural Director and participating Coach.
 Junior Varsity athletes must be approved by their Coach and the Intramural Director.
 A player must play at least 2 full games to be eligible for the tournament.
 Player is banned if dismissed from 2 games.
 The use of an ineligible player will result in a forfeit of the game, and potentially the season
pending the situation.
 The Intramural Director and committee have the final say in eligibility for a student.
 A student can petition their eligibility to the Director.

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