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An Intrinsic Witch’s Personal Energy

Manipulation Method
By Chris Nowell

Foreword and Introduction

So a little about me, I have been practicing the art of being an Intrinsic Witch for about 20 years or so as
of this writing. I started writing this roughly 17-18 years ago around the age of 17. I suddenly had a
strong desire to being writing a book based on my personal methods and practice. I believe what was
originally written was a result of channeling, but for whatever reason I lost the desire to finish. At the
time I only managed to write what went to on to become the first section covering the groundwork that
I feel is required skills to be successful as an Intrinsic Witch. Over the years I would come across my
writings but still had no desire to complete them. Fast forward 17-18 years and I came across my
writings and felt, not an urge but a need to complete this project. I believe the purpose of me no longer
having the drive previously was to allow me to attain a deeper understanding of what I have placed into
the writing. Pretty much everything contained in this writing is based strictly on my own interpretation
and theories of the workings and aspects of energy. The only books I’ve ever read regarding magick
knowledge was 777, maybe the first chapter or so of Magick Theory and Practice, the Book of Thoth, and
Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot. I will admit that the groundwork was done by a most
excellent mentor that would always get me some sort of answer to anything I could possibly ask. Now I
do have to say this, just to be clear, anything that I have put in this writing that I mention as a theory or
in theory simply means I have not attempted doing said action, however based on my understandings of
the nature of energy it should work in theory, but may require practice. If I should mention something
and comment on it being simple or easy please note that I have multiple natural gifts that allow these
things to require potentially less energy or effort on my part in order to be successful. These gifts are my
strong affinity with both the elements of spirit and of fire, I am also an empath, and I also happen to be
bi-polar. Along with these I also spent a majority of my childhood, whenever I possibly could, engaged in
imagining my own world and I still, from time to time, continue this practice. As a result my ability to
visualize and focus on invoking my will comes quite naturally to me. So I ask that if you should read this
and have any problem in accomplishing something that I claim to be easy, please to not be disheartened
or think you will not be able to achieve what you set out to. Remember belief is the primary catalyst in
successfully invoking ones will. Ultimately my message to you the reader is that you should never lose
faith in yourself and what you are capable of. After all if you don’t believe in yourself who will?
Quick Reference Guide

Section 1: Ground work

1-1: Discussion on belief and it’s importance.


1-3:Magick as an asset


Section 2:Focus, Manipulation, and Visualization

2-1: Visualization Exercise 1

2-2: Visualization Exercise 2

2-3: Visualization Exercise 3

2-4: Energy Ball Exercise

2-5: Energy Absorption Exercise

2-6: Wind Exercise

Section 3:Drawing and Further Manipulation

3-1:Energy Drawing

Section 4: Some of my personal Magickal Theory, Exercises,

Suggestions/Tips, as well as Some Sample Spells Of My Own Design

4-1: Basic explanation of how energy manipulation works

4-2: A Magickal Timing Exercise

4-3: Emotion Altering

4-4: Simple Cleansing/Banishing Technique

4-5: Energy Absorption For Pain

4-6: A Energy Storage Method/Personal Battery

4-7: Various Channeling Methods

Section 5: A Few Words for the Reader,

and a Shoutout to the Person That Started it all for me.

5-1: Words to the Reader

5-2: Shoutout

Section 1: Ground work

1-1: Belief and perception: two of the things that are, in my opinion, some of the most important
aspects of magick as well as life. To the individual, belief is of the utmost importance. For all it take to
make something real is simply someone's belief in it. It may not be real to others, but if that one person
believes, then it is indeed real even if only to them. Belief is important to the individual because without
a true belief in what the individual is trying to accomplish, the result will never be what they want. In
some, if not most, cases the individual may not achieve results in any form. As with most things it does
take more than just belief in the goal.

1-2: Now you may be wondering what perception has to do with this, and I will explain this in full.
Perception is important for a number of reasons. The individual must ALWAYS have an open mind in
regards to magick as well as life. The individual must always remember that just because they see
something one way it doesn't mean everyone sees the same thing. In magick, and particularly the
method I use which is strictly energy manipulation as a means to invoke my will, one must be able to
visualize and perceive one's goals clearly. The better one can focus on, and visualize one's desired result,
the better and more accurate the results will be.

1-3: It is important not only in magick but also as an invaluable asset in life because this will allow you to
perceive how other people see things. For example should you wish to alter someone's emotional state
it is certainly possible to do so without any prior knowledge of them. However you will find it will require
more energy, a stronger focus, likely require more time to take effect, and possibly the spell not work at
all depending on how strongly they are feeling their current emotion. I have found that should you have
somewhat of an understanding of the person it gives you a connection, if you will, to them and will make
it easier to get your spell to work. It is not hard to do, one must simply truly want to
understand. That being said if you are an empath such as myself it will come to you naturally. Otherwise
I suggest just reaffirming to oneself that you desire to gain knowledge that you wish for a deeper
connection and wish for greater understanding. If the individual can understand themselves, as well as
others, they will be well upon their way to achieving anything their will desires. Difficulty in
understanding one's self will vary from person to person, anywhere from just slightly on up to extreme
depending upon how well you can understand the workings of your own mind. My primary reasoning for
this is because there are a lot of variables. Anything from how you were raised, events that have
happened to you, your age, any gifts you have such as being an empath, seeing auras naturally, ect,
and/or any mental health issues you may have.

1-3(cont): All of those are pretty obvious but I will touch on mentioning age. It probably goes without
saying but the older you are, the longer you've had to get to know how your own brain works. Simple
exercises in meditation, deep thinking, self study such as looking at how you respond to other people's
emotions, what things cause certain feelings in you such as pictures, music, and ect, and even taking a
look at the subjects that interest you and why. All of these things can facilitate a deeper understanding
of oneself.The more you are able to understand yourself, the more inner workings and theories you will
have in relation to the energies around you within the reality you perceive. With more and more
practice you will begin to perceive more from the reality around you.

1-4: From personal experience I've found you must also possess the willpower to see the task through. If
an individual can learn to master their will, they will have achieved a much easier way of invoking said
will. By this I mean the will to be confident in your ability to force the energies of the universe to listen
and do as you command. Next I will briefly touch on how important to be able to understand the
energies of existence and that in which it contains.

Now that I've laid the basic groundwork that will allow you to better understand and put into action the
concepts of energy manipulation let's get started.

Section 2: Focus, Manipulation, and Visualization

2-1: First I will explain, quite possibly, the most valuable technique for being successful at energy
manipulation. We will start with learning to "see" energy that is within us. This is a very simple exercise
as far as what is required, however actually putting to use may require a lot of practice or it could come
naturally. What I want you to do is place your hands together with your pointer fingers straightened out.
There should be a gap between them. Now hold your hand up to a light or place a light behind them.
The light is not required but it will make this exercise easier. Now I want you to visualize and "see" the
energy inside your arms, flowing into your hands, and once there watch it go into your pointer fingers
and begin to pass between them through the gap.

It may take some practice and focusing for a bit until you are able to see it. See it yet? If so once you get
to where it doesn't take much time to see it, let's add to the exercise.

2-2: Again this also is quite simple but we are working on your visualization skills. All we are going to do
is the exact same exercise except now I want you to see if you can change the color of the energy.
Simply visualize the color you "see" and continue to focus as you did before. Working yet? If so we'll do
one more exercise like this and then move on. Now we can see it and even change its color. Also try not
to do this if you can see people’s auras. You could inadvertently see the color you have chosen to see as
opposed to seeing their actual aura and cause you to be unable to read properly. That being said if
you’ve been doing it long enough and have assigned colors to different types of people then by all
means continue to do so. More than likely you’ll be more accurate that way than with seeing the aura
they portray.

2-3: Think you can change its appearance? We'll keep this simple as well but feel free to try all the
different forms if you like. The more practice the easier the rest will be for you. Ok by different forms I
mean the appearance of the energy. Do you see it as a watery form flowing between your fingers,
maybe flame like, or even like electricity? See if you can change it. This is not required but again it will
help your visualization skills. Got it down? Cool deal, now let's step it up a notch and do something
somewhat bigger.

2-4: What we're going to do now is apparently every visualization guide's go to. Whatever, I have a
different plan for how we finish with it. So same principle we've been using, but now instead of "seeing"
it between your fingers we're going to make a ball of energy between our hands. To start off we want
our hands to be reasonably close together, remember start off small and we'll work our way up. Let's go
with baseball sized to begin with. What you want to do is the same as before, we're visualizing the
energy flowing through our arms into our hands. Now let's "see" it begin to flow into a "visualized"
container the size and shape of a baseball. Now this is important don't rush "seeing" it fill up with
energy, we're going to take our time and just watch it fill up steadily. As it is filling up try to see if you
can sense the power coming off of it. If you can't yet that is perfectly ok, we're going to learn/work on
that coming up so don't get discouraged. Remember you must believe in yourself and what you're trying
to accomplish or all of this will be pointless. So let's keep focusing until we get our orb full. Ok there yet?

2-5: Now let's do something that I would like you to become an expert at as soon as you can. I'm going
to go over this more thoroughly further down but this will be your first big step for this important skill.
Now I want you to start visualizing the opposite. Instead of "seeing" the energy enter the orb, let’s see if
we can "see" the energy flowing back into your hands. Again no need to rush just take your time. Try to
focus on the slight energizing feeling you get from the energy entering your body. Continue visualizing
until all of the energy inside the orb is back inside you. Did you feel it? If you didn't that is perfectly fine.
Please do not get discouraged after all this wasn't all that much energy and if you are just starting off
learning you most likely will not be that in tune to feel it. To be honest the real purpose of this part of
the exercise was to give you an idea of how to and to lesser extent the feeling of absorbing energy. Also,
and possibly the most important part, it was to give you some energy back so as to be sure there is no
over drain situation. I will explain this further down when I walk you through my method of drawing
energy for powering yourself and your spells.

2-6: NOTE: For the final part of this exercise you will need to be outside. Ok for this we're going to do the
exact same thing as before, so go ahead and begin filling up your baseball sized orb again. We good?
Alright now what we are going to do is visualize the orb increasing in size. Start by slowly moving your
hands apart and "see" the orb gradually getting bigger and bigger until it is about the size of a
basketball. Once we get it to that size, time to fill it up with energy. As always don't rush and just focus
on the energy flowing through your arms to your hands and into the orb. Ok are we all filled up? Good
deal now on to the fun part! Now since we are outside (you were paying attention right?) we've got our
orb filled up and ready to go this is what we're going to do: I want you to focus on that orb and the
energy inside. Start to see it swirling around and around as if you have contained the very force of air
within. Continue focusing until it feels as though this air energy feels as though it could burst out at any
moment. Now while you are focusing on that I want you to start envisioning the weather changing and
the wind is wanting to blow, but it's as if it is waiting on something. Now I want you to hold your orb up,
air energy swirling about inside. Now I want you to blow as hard as you can on the orb and at the same
time "see" the energy being released as if with the fury of a cyclone and it causing the wind to blow.
"See" objects around you fluttering in the wind as this energy is being released. Continue this focus of
releasing the energy and, as a result, the wind beginning to blow around you until all of the energy from
the orb is gone. For the best results try to visualize the energy being directed and released towards your
goal of making the wind blow as quickly as possible. Well did it work for you? Did you make the wind
blow? It can take a little bit for it to take effect but generally not much longer than a minute. If it doesn't
work don't get discouraged, this is just a learning and practice step. There are a few things that can
make or break this particular spell. For example if the weather hasn't had much wind that day you aren't
as likely to be successful unless you can muster quite a lot of energy, which that kind of expenditure of
energy for such a simple spell just isn't worth it in my opinion. Also I've found that the timing of
releasing energy while directing the energy to do what you desire is fairly finicky at best so don't fret if it
didn't work. I have a technique that will help you with that though so just bear with me. So let's practice
the filling and then re-absorbing the energy until you feel confident and once you are please proceed to
the next section.
Section 3: Drawing and Further Manipulation

Ok this section is what I feel is probably the most important part of energy manipulation spell casting
and that is energy drawing. I would suggest attempting to master what is contained in this section first.
At the same time I must say you need to be sure you have a firm grasp of the previous section’s
concepts. Otherwise you will have a much harder time achieving the results you desire.

3-1: So let’s start this off with going outside into nature. If you live in a city try to at least find
somewhere with trees, flowers, grass, and/or some sort of natural life/energy source. So first let’s find
our first victim. Find pretty much anything you want that is a plant, or if you want you can focus on the
ground itself. So what we want to do is essentially the same as some of the previous steps but with a
twist. Now if you practiced re-absorbing the orb energy, you will have a head start on learning this.
What we want to do is focus on our natural object and begin to visualize the energy flowing through it. If
you want to get another head start on another step that is beyond this one feel free to practice
visualizing the energy that flows through all of nature, and if you’d like go ahead and see if you can
notice the slight differences in the natural energy that flows through the different things around you.
Get good enough at this and you may begin to notice the energy associated with elementals. Only thing
I’m going to add on elementals is that yes they are mischievous but that’s just their way, I’ve never
encountered one that wasn’t a pain in my ass (that being said I’ve only ever really encountered undines
but they are little bundles of turd with their dripping faucets nonsense) though. Ok back on track, once
you have gotten to where you can visualize and see the energy let’s go ahead and visualize drawing it
into yourself. For example if you are trying to draw from the ground you would simply visualize the
energy flowing upwards into your feet making its way up your legs until you have filled yourself with it. If
it’s something else we’re using the same principle. Just visualize the energy flowing from the object into
your body, except when drawing this method it’s best to picture the energy as a sort of rope or cable
that is tethered to you. Same thing, just draw until you feel you are almost full. Be sure that you do not
“over” draw. Drawing too much energy can result in various problems ranging from severe headaches to
inability to concentrate and pretty much anything in between. I have found the best method of
practicing this is simply drawing energy from your source, and once you have your desired amount,
visualize sending the energy back to where you absorbed it from. This technique is something you have
already practiced just in reverse. Do as you would to draw but instead of visualizing it coming to you,
visualize energy traveling from you to whatever you like. Now in this case the opposite problem presents
itself. Be care not to over drain yourself. I know in the previous section I touched on this, but essentially
if you expend too much energy it will wipe you out physically, spiritually, and mentally. Even if you feel
like you just woke up full of vigor, after using too much energy you will basically feel like you are on your
fifth day straight with no sleep and somewhere along the way a small family of elephants trampled you
right after the bus hit you. I have quite literally over spent energy casting a spell and nearly passed out
from it. Knees buckling nearly falling asleep standing up. Seriously do everything you can to avoid this.
Not only is the feeling from it awful but it is quite dangerous as well. Should you be doing some sort of
spirit work or any spell casting in general actually, aside from the horrible feeling you leave yourself
completely vulnerable to anything and everything. Anytime you are doing spell work and/or
manipulating energy it will draw the attention of nearby entities. So obviously you don’t want to be
completely tapped out and then have something come at you because you are an easy target. I’ve found
it best to draw however much energy you believe the spell will require then a little bit more just in case
you have to spend more than you intended. In my experience I’d say it’s much better to suffer from a
headache from too much energy than to risk being caught in a weakened state. Ok so I believe that you
should understand the risks of overcharging and being drained. The only real exercises I can recommend
is essentially the same as before just practice the visualizations of drawing energy into you and then
channeling it back to the source. Like I said I would consider this to be the most important skill to learn
and master for energy manipulation purposes. I would like to add that you should NOT draw energy
from any living being such as human or any animals. Now moving on…..

Section 4: Some of my personal Magickal Theory, Exercises, Suggestions/Tips, Some Sample Spells Of
My Own Design

4-1:From my understanding of the workings of energy I have come to the conclusion that essentially
anything you wish to accomplish, within reason of course, can be accomplished using my methods
provided you supply adequate energy, have the needed focus, and most importantly the belief that you
can accomplish your goal. I cannot express the importance of this enough, simply put if you don’t
believe it will work, why should the energy you’re directing have any power to it since you don’t have
the power to believe in yourself. Again these are things within reason. An example of that would be say
you wanted to rain fire and brimstone from the sky. Theoretically it would be possible, the problem
would come in the form of lack of being able to supply the required amount of energy. In order to
accomplish said spell let’s say the average witch can contain and channel a cup full of energy. Well to
trigger said spell it may take say two 5 gallon buckets worth of energy. The problem further presents
itself as follows: say you gathered enough fellow witches to combine efforts to achieve said amount of
energy, the problem would be that in order for the spell to work every witch involved would have to
channel and focus on the EXACT same results. Therein lies the problem. I mean exact in every sense of
the word. If the focus was that the fire and brimstone appeared in the Eastern sky approximately 2
inches to the right side of a light pole at a speed of say 50 mph, everyone involved would have to
visualize the exact same details for it to work. Now obviously with enough energy, theoretically, the
spell could work however you have to see it as this: For every variation in the visualization and focus is a
separate “version” of the spell and each one would in turn have energy going towards it. Do you see
what the problem is yet? Simple you’ve got the energy to cover the actual ball of fire, you likely have a

designated target, but what about the “how” of how it actually achieves any of this? Spell can’t work if it
doesn’t have the energy applied to actually accomplishing the task. Again you a few people saying it’s 2
foot to the right, some thinking 2 foot to the left, some say it’s nowhere near the others, some have it
coming from cloud number 34 that looks like a whale. In this method the spell shouldn’t work because
there’s not enough energy going towards how the end goal will be accomplished. Guess what I’m trying
to say is that every aspect of your visualization has to be focused upon, you’ve got to cover the what the
end result will be obviously, how you will manipulate the energy to accomplish your goal, how are you
casting and where are you directing your energy and even how you are directing the energy. I attempted
to explain that spell as a way of, hopefully, allowing you the reader to get a better understanding behind
how the channeling of energy and focus has to be exact. Clearly I got a bit carried away but I’m am
attempting to explain as best and most understandable as possible for beginners and even experts if
they feel so inclined. This form of magick leaves little margin for error which is why you cannot have a
wavering focus.

4-2: As I previously pointed out your focus has to be exact in what you want along with being constant
during the channeling. Another thing that can and likely will present itself as a problem is the timing
required between focusing, channeling, and the release/guiding of the energy to invoke your will. I
recommend using the following exercise to assist you in getting the timing down. Whenever you are
focusing on your desired result and you are drawing/have drawn the energy required I suggest tensing
up all your muscles possible to coincide with the completion of drawing the needed energy. Now once
you are prepared to release and you are just about to do so immediately relax your muscles the instant
you envision the energy going to achieve the desired effect. By practicing spell casting this way you will
instinctively train your brain on the timing because you are attaching a physical response to it. As a
result the brain will learn faster and you will not have to spend as much time attempting to teach
yourself. As a footnote to this do be mindful of how much energy you are exerting doing this. You don’t
want to over drain yourself. Unfortunately that’s the trade off using this method because when you
relax your muscles you will instinctively attempt to push everything you can towards it. So maybe do
practicing of small amounts of energy like this and once you feel comfortable in your control of how
much you release then feel free to step it on up.

4-3: Emotion altering: This is something I have performed, easily, 25+ times with a 100% success rate,
and as of the last time I did it, it only takes me no longer that 2 minutes to draw, focus, channel, and it
taking effect. Now I ask that you do not expect the same results without plenty of practice as I have
previously mentioned my gifts give me a special bond so to speak in regards to emotions. Anyway ON TO
THE NITTY GRITTY! Essentially it is the same as all the other spells I have mentioned, Start with gathering
your energy, focus upon whom emotions you wish to change, I would like to mention that this particular
spell can be “charged” in a way should you know/understand the person being targeted. I’ll explain in a
moment. Once you are focused on the person, begin to visualize them experiencing the emotion you
wish to invoke upon them, now I primarily use this spell to make sad/depressed friends happy. Now I
will explain the charging: Say you want to make them happy and just for example you know that they
just love puppies, when you are focusing and visualizing them experiencing happiness add to your focus
that of, you guessed it, puppies. Same method as before once you’ve got your result clearly in mind
(including puppies!) release the energy while you envision them becoming happy, with the addition of
the puppy image entering their mind. This is a form of thought insertion. This will likely be the most I
mention about thought insertion just due to the potential of abuse. Now if enough people ask about it I
may put it some things about it. But it’ll ultimately just depend on the vibe I get from those requesting.
Back to the subject at hand, as a result not only will they have the energy you have sent to alter their
emotions but they will instinctively have that image of puppies you sent their way. Result is instant

4-4: This is a simple cleansing and banishing technique I developed, that works on most entities that are
lower level. Obviously the stronger the entity the less likely this will work, however I do recommend
getting a list of demons and beings of the like and trying to remember attributes and names, with that
information added to this spell it will, at least the few times I’ve had to use it, banish even the stronger
beings. What you have to do is same old same old, draw your energy (the more the stronger the effect)
be focusing on an all encompassing white pure light filling the area you wish to cleanse/banish entities
from. Once you have acquired the amount of energy you desire release and as the energy spreads, so
should your vision of the pure light spread purifying the area. Some slight tweaking to this spell and you
can instead of purifying an area envision a white pure light shield form around you and it can serve as a
protection spell. And to further tweak that we can even decide what it blocks. Same principle but this
time as you envision the shield picture the image of a filter, doesn’t matter what type even a coffee filter
is fine so long as you can envision things being stopped and things going through it, now that you’ve got
your shield in mind, picture what you want to pass through, passing through and picture what you want
stopped to be blocked by the filter. This is perfect for empaths that wish to block out certain emotions.
You can adjust it however you see fit to filter or allow whatever you like just be aware as with all shields
you have to keep up a constant focus or they will cease. Take note that this is pretty simple as far as
banishments go and you need to know that, in weaker entities it is an actual banishment, but with the
stronger things it’s less banishment and more annoying them with pure light and they leave because
they don’t want to deal with that shit right now. Now if you can provide the energy for it and can focus
hard enough (this is where knowing their name comes in) on banishing the entity you can banish them
that way. You need the name and attributes so as to have a stronger focal point and it also will give you
a better understanding of them, which we learned earlier will increase the effectiveness of the spells.

4-5: Ok this will be my last example of spells for this writing, however I have found so many uses for this.
Say you are at work just walking around and what not and your knees at this point are just killing you,
but you can’t sit down. Do the usual of drawing your energy in, but instead of drawing and collecting you
are going to envision the energy going directly to your knees and while it’s doing that you focus your will
towards the sensation that as the energy is entering the pain is going away. Simple as that. You can also
do the same but instead focus it going to your brain and envision it providing you with, what else,
energy. This is very useful if you have a long drive and are tired and sleepy. It should wake you up and
you’ll be good for a bit.

4-6: Simple tricks, if you like find an object you would like to store energy in, preferably something
natural as things like wood tend to be more receptive to this. Just draw and focus the energy going into
object until it is full, and there you have yourself a psychic battery! Also on another note this is just
slightly different than one method of creating a familiar. However to create a familiar it is preferred,
possibly required I’m not 100% because I’ve never tried it without an effigy, that you create an effigy of
it and focus the energy into it while visualizing your creation coming to life. If your focus is strong
enough and you provide enough energy, you should have created a familiar. They can do little task for
you, one important note is that you must always remember to recharge its effigy with energy. That is
where it will call “home” and recharge. If you don’t keep it charged it will eventually cease to exist.

4-7: ok these technique I will admit may be more difficult to master and it took me quite a while to get
the timing involved down on casting spells this way but it is quite useful and the important thing is that
by doing it this way it is almost impossible to over drain and end up exhausted. Now there are two ways
of doing this, both equally difficult to get down. First there is the one I typically use and that is instead of
drawing the energy into yourself we’re going to use our energy ball again. What you want to do is
visualize the energy flowing directly into the ball in between your hands instead of into yourself. Once
you have how much you need use as wanted. The timing is a little different on releasing because of it
not being inside your body but like I said because you are releasing the energy from the ball instead of
yourself, you practically can’t mess up and over drain. The other method is instead of an energy ball you
envision the energy going directly to whatever you intend to do as opposed to storing it in something.
With this there is no sudden release of stored energy, you have to be focusing constantly on your
objective all while channeling the energy towards the objective as well. Definitely requires practice for
sure, but again you can’t really over drain this way either.

Section 5: One last note and a little shoutout:

5-1: I would like to point out that hopefully I will continue to add this guide with new exercises or spell
ideas, just whatever comes to me. It honestly doesn’t feel done and there’s at least 2 pages left in my
head of just different spells, methods of attaching emotions to smells, obviously thought insertion and I
swear to God, Allah, and three other white dudes with Grateful Dead shirts on, that I will try not to
either abandon it for another 17 years or so, or ever post something that is incomplete. Also after
reading through this guide you may have noticed that I’m not too fond on harmful spells. Make no
mistake I’m a complete asshole, I honestly do not give a fuck about anything aside from about 6-7
people in the whole of this particular plane of existence. Nothing particularly wrong with it I just refrain
is all. The furthest I really step into it is invoking karma to enact justice, and the rare emotion changing
to sad or depressed from whatever they were previously. If you choose and wish to follow down that
path I will provide whatever theories I can come up with any help that you ask for if it is possible for me
to do so. Though rest assured I will also provide you with warning of what happens if it goes certain
ways. Ultimate goal of this guide is for it to become a book at some point filled with as much knowledge
as possible and for it to be easily accessible to anyone regardless of skill level.

5-2: I would like the say that I did have the best mentor anyone could have asked for. Mr. Sundancelok
or Michael Clark whichever you so desire. i I salute you sir! You taught me the way, I feel, is the best and
most proper way of teaching. Despite you being a Wiccan heathen you put it all out there for me to just
soak up the knowledge, while answering any question I had. If it was some crazy off the wall, looking at
you Japanese Heavy metal death opera, you didn’t joke about it being a stupid question you either
explained or you looked it up so you could explain it. I always enjoyed the theology discussions we
would have. I have to admit you have been the only person that could keep up with me on Christian
theology. Then again there goes God and Satan again lmao. Anyway as a result you caused me to
naturally find the practice I was meant to do instead of directly guiding me by suggesting other things
Thanks to all of that I was able to write this simple guide in hopes of enlightening and guiding beginners
where their spirit guides them. If you have anything I should add in mind, wish for something to be
explained, or just have a random question you think I might know the answer to feel free to ask. Ask too
much though and there’s no telling what you’ll be asking because of the whole empath thing. Anyway I
feel I should repay that kindness and share whatever knowledge I have to keep the dream alive.