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2019 FALL
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Reduce distractions behind the wheel

Despite the fact that automobiles are your eyes closed.
now designed with more safety features Reducing distractions should be a prior-
than ever before, the rate of traffic acci- ity for all drivers. Here are some sugges-
dents and fatalities continue to rise. tions, courtesy of Geico insurance and
The National Safety Council says safety AAA Exchange.
improvement like crash-avoidance tech- • Store loose gear and other items that
nology hasn’t reduced accidents, and driv- can roll around away from the driver’s
er error is still to blame for many crashes seat so you are not tempted to reach
— with distractions behind the wheel and for them.
impaired driving leading the way. • Adjust mirrors, GPS maps, climate con-
The National Highway Traffic Safety trols, music, and more before you put
Administration says distracted driv- the car in drive.
ing claimed 3,450 lives in 2016 alone. • Use a mobile phone only for emergency
Distracted driving is defined as any activ- purposes and only after pulling over to
ity that diverts drivers’ attention from the side of the road. Avoid social conver-
the road. This can include everything sations on the phone while driving.
from talking to passengers to eating to • Limit the number of passengers you
fiddling with the car radio. However, dis- allow inside your car. The more pas-
tractions from technology have become sengers, the more distractions. This is
especially alarming, particularly texting especially true for young drivers. If you must use your cell phone, do so only after
or reading phones while driving. During • Eat food before getting in the car. pulling over to the shoulder or into a rest stop.
daylight hours, approximately 481,000 Snacking while driving makes you less
drivers typically use cell phones while driv- attentive to the road around you. car. Leave the multitasking to when Driving requires focus and an ability to
ing. The NHTSA says that removing one’s • Secure children and pets accordingly. you’re not behind the wheel. react to a host of potential circumstances.
eyes from the road for a mere 5 seconds Both should wear harnesses and not be Geico indicates that studies have shown Distractions compromise drivers’ ability to
when traveling at 55 miles per hour is like given free reign to roam around the car. people are limited in the amount of infor- focus. Reducing distractions can consid-
driving the length of a football field with • Try to focus only on driving while in the mation they can process at any one time. erably cut down on the number of motor

Safety features that may help you

save money on auto insurance
Vehicles with high safety ratings may ment on vehicles manufactured since running lights may make drivers eli-
not only save drivers’ lives in the event of 2012. gible for small discounts.
collisions, but they also may save them • Air bags: These safety features help • Electronic stability control:
money. As an incentive for buying cars cushion the blow for people during This prevents vehicles from skidding
with various safety features, many insur- a crash and include front and side- out or rolling over during hard turns.
ance companies offer deep discounts to protection. Discounts increase with the • Lane departure warnings: These
drivers. Although insurance companies number of air bags. systems alert drivers if they get too
may vary in what they consider safety • Adaptive cruise control: This close to the edge of a lane.
features, the following are generalized feature monitors traffic conditions and • Blind spot sensors: These sen-
options that may qualify drivers for dis- adjusts speed by controlling the throt- sors light up or make a sound when
counted insurance rates. tle and brakes to maintain distance a vehicle is in drivers’ blind spots,
• Antilock braking system: These from other vehicles. potentially preventing collisions during
systems have been standard equip- • Daytime running lights: Daytime lane changes.



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 Provides traction to help handle snow, DESTINATION A/T ™

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VEHICLES ARE OUR ONLY BUSINESS!  For Passenger Vehicles  Adapts to travel in wet or dry weather
 Tuned for a smooth and quiet ride

See us BEFORE you buy tires for Meets the severe snow service requirements
the best value.
of the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA)
and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC)
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*Certain PRICES
restrictions and limitations apply.
See your authorized retailer for complete details.

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no matter the weather
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• Wheel
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• Coil Springs Alignments Bearings OUT-THE-DOOR PRICES

APPLY FOR A South U.S.-131 • Cadillac • 231-775-7382
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2 VROOM - Fall Car Care  cadillac news | Friday, October 18, 2019

Winterize your Summer Ride

It’s not uncommon for Americans to store
their classic or hobby cars away from the cold
weather. Fall is the perfect time to get it ready for
hibernation before the frigid temperatures return.
However, it’s not as simple as leaving it behind in
a garage if you expect it to perform next year.

Change Oil and Filter

Finding Storage Space Changing the oil and filter provides
Before performing necessary mainte- excellent protection against engine cor-
nance, you should know exactly where rosion. After filling it with the lubri-
you will store your car over the winter. Try cant suggested by the manufacturer and
and find a place with limited access and installing a quality oil filter, make sure to
infrequent guests. An extra spot in your start the vehicle for a few minutes so it
personal garage can be a great space so can circulate throughout the system.
you can keep an eye on it and have easy
access to it when it’s time to rev it up in
the spring.
Stabilize Fuel © adobe stock
Top off your fuel tank with premium
If you do decide to go offsite and rent a
gasoline and purchase a stabilizer meant
storage space, make sure to explain your
for storage to add to it. The purpose of
plans of the location and duration it will
be there to your insurance provider. They
this additive is to prevent gum, varnish Perform Maintenance repairs that you may have forgotten.
Whether you’re a DIY gearhead or feel
and corrosion and eliminates the need If you discover your vehicle is fac-
may not require this information but it’s more confident visiting a repair facility,
to drain the vehicle of gas, which can be ing some performance issues, get them
a good idea to give your agent a heads even your favorite summer driver needs
devastating to an expensive fuel pump. resolved before storing it away.
up that it will be in storage. attention to operate at its peak perfor-
The car will need to be driven so the pro- It’s a good practice to ensure it’s ready
tectants can be distributed throughout mance.
to go when the warmer temperatures
the fuel system. arrive and won’t delay you by making

The importance of routine Edstrom’s

Neighborhood Garage
vehicle maintenance
Owning a car is a big responsibility. Drivers who plan
227 N. Chestnut St.
Reed City
to keep their vehicles for the long haul must emphasize
maintenance if they want to keep adding miles to their 231-832-8283
odometers. In fact, the automotive information site M-F 8am-5pm
CarAdvice says that routine maintenance may be the
most important thing drivers can do for their vehicles.
A vehicle needs consistent care if it is to run efficiently.
Maintenance also reduces the risk of roadside break-
downs and costly repairs. Here’s a look at some of the
benefits of staying on top of maintenance.
• Saves money: Even though maintenance costs money,
Exhaust Fixes
sticking to a consistent maintenance schedule can
save big bucks in the long run. For example, the cost
of rotating and aligning tires is considerably less than • Maintains a maintenance record: When the time
As Low As $40!
repairing a car after a major blowout and paying for a comes to sell the vehicle, having a log of routine main-
tow and tire replacement. tenance indicates to potential buyers that the vehicle
• Improves performance and efficiency: Routine main- was well cared for.
tenance includes oil changes, filter changes and fluid • Keeps compliance: Vehicles covered under manufac- Start at $160 and up
top-offs. Such tasks keep engines running smoothly. turer’s warranties typically need to be maintained
Ignoring this routine maintenance can put engines in in adherence to factory-recommended maintenance
We are your car doctor
jeopardy of breaking down and adversely affect vehicle schedules. This ensures that the vehicle is in compli-
performance, diminishing fuel economy and leading to
a sluggish ride.
ance and will be covered in the event of a warranty
Muffler Man
• Identifies safety issues: Routine inspections and work Routine vehicle maintenance is important for a variety 823 N. Mitchell Street
performed by reputable service stations help drivers of reasons. Drivers can work with a trusted and reliable Cadillac
stay abreast of recalls or issues that can affect the
safety of the vehicle.
mechanic to develop a schedule that keeps their cars 231-775-3403
and trucks on the road.

Handle a breakdown with ease which can serve as all automotive and heavy
No job too big
Drivers expect their vehicles to an additional alert or small
safely transport them from point A to to other drivers. equipment repair
point B. But sometimes drivers find 3. Engage the emer- • on-site repairs
themselves stranded on the side of
the road due to a breakdown. That
can be an especially precarious posi-
gency brake. Turn
the wheel away from
the road and put
• welding • fabrication JackBURKE
tion to be in, but knowing what to do on the emergency
Certified MeChaniC

during a breakdown can help drivers brake to help pre-
and their passengers get through vent the car from
such situations unscathed. rolling. 17094 Mackinaw trail
1. Find a safe spot to pull over. 4. Set up other warn- Leroy Mi 49655
Whenever possible, guide the car ing signals. Prepared
to a shoulder or area out of the drivers keep cones, 6. Call for assistance. Use a mobile 231-768-5375
line of traffic but still visible to
oncoming traffic. If the car is not
reflective triangles or flares in
their cars. AARP suggests placing
phone to dial a roadside assis-
tance service or tow truck. Drivers TRUcK & TRailER
drivable, enlist the help of some- three warning signals. The first also may want to contact the near-
one to push it into a safe zone. should be 50 feet away and direct- est police station to ask for help.
2. Turn on hazard lights. Esurance ly behind the vehicle. The other Roadside assistance programs are
advises to put on hazard lights, two can then be placed nearer to available for a fee from private com-
which will warn other drivers that the vehicle. panies and sometimes through vehi-
something is wrong. Hazard lights 5. Remain in the vehicle. It is safer to cle dealerships or insurance com-

fall tire special

also may alert other motorists who stay in the vehicle and call for help panies. Such services can provide
might offer assistance. Once your than to get out and stand on the peace of mind if and when break-
hazard lights are on, pop the hood, side of a busy roadway. downs occur.

“The Window Guys”
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Auto Glass

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• Brakes (ABS) • Engine Repair any other term of payment.
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Cadillac’s Full Service Glass Shop CLASSIC CHEVROLET
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Offer ends 11/30/19
817 Bell Ave., Cadillac
800-922-GLAS • 231-779-3960
Corner of M-55 & M-66 Just South of Lake City
Mon.-Fri. 7:30am-5:30pm 231-839-7231
Sat. 8:00am-noon 1-800-55-4LESS • 231-839-7231
Located next to Arby’s • Cadillac
truly a one stop shop!
Friday, October 18, 2019 | cadillac news VROOM - Fall Car Care 3

Is your Exhaust System Exhausted?

Out of sight, out of mind. Underneath your
vehicle is a crucial system of pipes that allow your © adobe stock

vehicle to operate optimally. Without them, the

roadways and environment would be completely
different than how we view them today.
Make an exhaust inspection a part of your the important components, from the Car
regular maintenance. Once your vehicle is Care Council.
on the rack for an oil change, a technician Muffler: Deadens the noises and
has a clear view of any defects or foresee- explosions made by a properly functioning
able problems. Cracks, leaks or loose joints engine.
can cause a world of problems and may Catalytic converters: Typically contains
even deem your vehicle inoperable in cer- two catalysts — one to subdue nitrogen-
tain areas. oxide pollution and the other to oxidize it to
turn carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Besides a warning light, many exhaust component to an efficient exhaust system.
Oxygen sensors: Mounted in the
The Role of an exhaust system, they monitor oxygen levels
symptoms can be realized by listening for If they become loose, it’s not uncommon for
unusual sounds. A muffler is loaded with your pipes to cause a thumping sound as
Exhaust System to ensure the engine and converters oper-
ate properly.
baffles, or metallic chambers to cancel out you travel over railroads or potholes.
A key role of your exhaust is to keep the the sound of the engine. More serious issues include an exhaust
people inside the cabin safe. It reroutes Fortunately, most exhaust system prob- When they begin to be compromised, it smell inside the cabin. This commonly
dangerous gases created in the engine to lems will be revealed by a check engine light. often means the linkage inside is degrad- means there is a leak and should be
dispel outside. ing, which may lead to a rattling noise. addressed immediately. You may also
Understanding how your exhaust system
works can encourage you to take its main-
Symptoms of Catalytic converters also show physical notice differences in performance like
signs of wear by the inside materials becom- reduced gas mileage or if a vehicle runs
tenance serious. Here is a breakdown of Degrading Exhaust ing loose. Rubber mounts are another key hotter than normal.

Types of Tire Wear

Many view the wear and tear Traveling on degrading tires can
leave you stranded with a flat or
Center Wear alignment or a steering component
is defective.
When you notice wear down the
on tires as a necessary part of cause a dangerous blowout while
center but not on a tire’s side,
driving. You can perform a quick
driving. While it’s true the tread check on your treads integrity by
it usually indicates your rubber is Flat Spots
overinflated. This instance causes
won’t last forever, the way they using an affordable depth gauge.
them to bulge and leave the middle
Another instance that affects the
middle of a tire is caused by aggres-
This simple tool is pressed between
wear can provide great clues into tire grooves and reveals how much
of a tire as the only section travel-
ing down the road. To avoid this
sive braking or emergency stops.
If you notice this wear but don’t
other problems and prolong their tread is left; the typical replacement
level is when 2/32 of an inch is left
type of wear, inspect your pressure remember making sudden stops,
periodically and ensure it maintains
use once issues are resolved. but certain tire manufacturers may
levels which are recommended by
you should have an expert check the
integrity of your braking system.
suggest it sooner.
the manufacturer.
If you don’t have a gauge, the Car
Care Council says to place an upside Cupping
down penny between your tread. If Side Wear
When you notice visual scoops
any portion of President Lincoln’s Alternatively, uneven wear featured missing in your tire tread, it’s com-
CAR CLEANING MOVING head is visible, the replacement
threshold has been met. Here are a
on your tire’s side often means they
are underinflated. When you are
monly due to faulty shock absorbers
or other suspension components.
11891 E. Boon Rd. • Cadillac
You might need a service.
few ways your tires may prematurely
wear and what it tells you about the
adamant about filling them up to
the correct levels but still notice
Fortunately, you can usually feel
the vehicle bouncing as you drive so
Call us today for a snowplow condition of your vehicle.
COMPLETE AUTO service - 231-775-6261! the sides fading faster, it’s a good you can identify a problem that must
DETAILING! Used SNOW PLOWS indication that your car is out of be resolved quickly.
Includes buffing, waxing, remove New and Used PARTS FOR SALE
Western, Meyers, Boss

Replace your Cabin Air Filter

little rust dots & tar. Interior
includes shampoo carpet, seats, BUYING USED PLOW PARTS
door panels, trunk, Armor-all WE SELL 1000 CCA
all vinyl, power wash floor mats. INTERSTATE BATTERIES

One component that often goes unnoticed in late-model vehicles

is the cabin air filter. This helpful filtration device is used to trap
pair & pollutants and dust traveling through your HVAC system before it
Auto R enters the interior of your car.
Towing, LLC Recommended interval changes from other cars and exhaust from filtration unit is much more inexpen-
231-912-7078 dramatically differ based on your
climate, driving conditions and time
semi tractors. While it doesn’t direct-
ly enhance or diminish your engine’s
sive than resolving issues with heat-
ing and air conditioning. If your filter
24 hour towing of year, but the American Automotive performance like other filters, its looks new upon inspection, have your
Light and Medium Duty
Association says most manufactur- presence is a huge contributor to the system inspected by a professional.
• Lock Outs • Fuel Delivery ers recommend replacing it every cleanliness of your cabin’s air and
• Tire Changes
15,000 to 30,000 miles. integrity of the air conditioner.
Lee Zielinski, owner 4107 E 48th St., Chase The installation and part cost is
Where it’s Located
While the location of a cabin filter
relatively affordable so don’t forgo a
replacement at your repair facility’s
Signs it’s Time for New may differ between automotive man-
The most common signs that it’s ufacturers, most are placed behind
time for a new cabin air filter is a the glove compartment, under the

Gondek’s Body & Frame Is it Really That

musty odor coming from the vents.
This occurs when contaminants and
hood or dashboard in most modern
vehicles. If you plan to change the
• Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair Important? pollutants cause the filter to become unit yourself, it can be a timesaver
• Glass Work & Truck Accessories clogged or overcome with debris. to refer to your owner’s manual to
Most vehicles pre-2000 weren’t
The Car Care Council also suggests quickly discover it. If you are without
We take the dents out of accidents! equipped with cabin air filters.
that a restriction of air flow from your a guide, a professional repair facility
r Instead, cabins were exposed to
incoming particles caused by dust
HVAC system is a key indicator that
there is trouble. Luckily, replacing the
can find it and determine if you are
due for a replacement.

Spray-In LInerS
Your Car
odels Collision
tes CAR PRODUCTS Specialists

4 Miles Nor th• of
Reed220th on • Reed
City Ave. City
Mackina w T ra il • All Makes & Models
231-83 2-3389 • Free Estimates
Locall y O wned for over 30 ye ars

4 Miles North of Reed City

on MackinawTrail
Locally Owned for over 40 years

Service event
• Drain and refill front and rear differentials
Chemically flush & seal the cooling system with
• Drain and refill transfer case up to 2 gallons of coolant. Check belts & hoses.

• Transmission service with shudder guard
and transmission filter
UP tO $200 MAiL-in reBAte:
425 00
PluS TAx

Disclaimer: Does not include sales tax. Applies to GM

vehicles only. Some models may be extra. Expires: 10/31/19
PluS TAx

Disclaimer: Does not include sales tax. Some models may be

extra. Not valid with any other offer. Expires: 10/31/19

luBE, OIl $
$200 Or $100 MAiL-in reBAte (debit card) on a set of four
tires from these select brands: Bridgestone, Continental,
Goodyear, Hankook, and Pirelli.
$140 Or $70 MAiL-in reBAte (debit card) on a set of four tires SpARK pluG & FIlTER PluS TAx

from these select brands: Firestone and Michelin.

$100 Or $50 MAiL-in reBAte (debit card) on a set of four tires REplACEmENT All makes & models. up to 5 qts. regular oil
113 N. Roland St., McBain, MI 49657 from these select brands: Dunlop, BF Goodrich, and General. 6 cylinder engines Must present coupon.

Phone 231-825-2411 • 1-877-251-0727 • Fax 231-825-2228

Diesel & synthetic extra.

$80 Or $40 MAiL-in reBAte (debit card) on a set of four tires
Expires: 10/31/19
from Uniroyal.
PLUS UP tO $100 StAteMent creDit: PluS TAx
Get instantly approved when you apply for a BuyPower Card® at Our Service Department Is Open:
your dealership. You could qualify for a statement credit in the Not valid with any other offer. Disclaimer: Does not include sales tax. 8 cylinders extra.
amount of your first dealership purchase, up to $100. Expires: 10/31/19 Not valid with any other offer. Expires: 10/31/19 Mon.-Fri. 7:30 AM-5:00 PM,
Sat. 8-12 Noon For Your Convenience!

South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac • (231) 775-1222 • 1-800-828-9852 •
4 VROOM - Fall Car Care  cadillac news | Friday, October 18, 2019

With fall around the

Check Your Lights newer vehicles forgo a traditional halogen
bulb and use an HID system. They are
corner, the days are beneficial in terms of longevity and bright-
ness, but rely on an expensive system of
getting shorter. Ensure components like ballasts and an igniter.
your vehicle is safe to
operate for nighttime Interior
Inside your cabin are even more lights
driving by checking your that help keep you safe. In addition to
entire lighting system. analyzing your dome bulbs, it’s likely your
dashboard relies on illumination to high-
Properly working bulbs are important light essential gauges like the speedome-
to signify your intentions to other drivers ter, fuel levels and warning systems. After
and highlight the road in front of you. you determine it’s a bulb issue and not a
It’s important to understand how to blown fuse, replacing dash lights includes
change your vehicle’s lights and the types taking out the instrument cluster and may
of bulbs that are used for illumination. be best left to a professional.
For some newer vehicles, a simple head-
light change isn’t always the case and
requires an expert to dismantle a front
© adobe stock
Stop and Turn
You should also take the time to ensure
end or replace an innovative HID bulb. due to an unaffordable repair. gling to see the oncoming road or being the rear of your vehicle is illuminated.
Some options with LED brake lights may stopped by a law enforcement agent and Make sure the stoplight and turn bulbs
even require a complete replacement receiving a warning or expensive fine. are working properly as well as license
of the rear assemblies. Check with your Headlights With someone else in the vehicle, ask plate lights. Your blinkers will usually
local dealership to get estimates and If you don’t often drive at night, you them to flip on both the low- and high- warn you of a problem inside the cabin
prepare yourself for the costs you should may not realize you have a bulb out until beams. You should also inspect for work- by blinking quickly when the switch is
budget for so you’re not left in the dark it’s too late. You may find yourself strug- ing fog and daytime running lights. Some engaged.

View your Vehicle’s Computer

With cooler temperatures on will cover the expense if you hire them to complete the
repair. Building a relationship with a familiar facility is
the horizon, solving engine an efficient way to maintain your vehicle, affordably.
problems now can keep you from
an uncomfortable situation on History of On-Board Diagnostics II
According to the International Council on Clean
the side of the road. Transportation, the Air Resources Board adopted an
OBD II Regulation in 1989. It replaced the previous OBD
You already understand that a check engine light I system which required adapters to fit different vehicles
should be immediately addressed, but you may have and was limited to what it would reveal.
been tempted to receive a free scan to see what the OBD II was standard beginning in 1994, but not fully
problem may be. Remember that these tools can only implemented until 1996 for passenger cars and light-
give you an idea of a persistent problem while some- duty trucks. The software identifies issues through
times leaving the real issue to become worse. codes given from a vehicle’s computer which is tuned in © adobe stock

The best way to find out what your vehicle is trying to nearly every emission-related component.
to tell you is by visiting a repair shop with high-quality
diagnostic tests. While they may charge a fee, some What It Reveals How Consumers Benefit
When a check engine light is illuminated, it could be The innovative system has changed the way techni-

signifying an issue as simple as a loose gas cap or a cians are able to diagnose and resolve complex prob-
serious problem being transmitted from an important lems. While software won’t pinpoint a problem and
sensor. Of course, this warning light should always be explain in detail the repair, it provides knowledgeable

OIL & AUTO SERVICE, INC. addressed but it can provide clues to its urgency.
For instance, during emergencies, the light will typi-
mechanics a great perspective on where the issue lies,
then, their expertise can take over.
cally flash or beam red rather than amber. If this occurs, This alleviates unnecessary repairs as techs aren’t
“Serving you since 1976” faced with guessing and making erroneous diagnoses.
don’t hesitate to park the vehicle and have it towed for
Automotive & Light Truck, Repair & Service a thorough inspection at your preferred repair facility. Consumers are also given foresight into issues that are
• Trailer Hitches • When the light is constant, the issue is less urgent but on the verge of arising, allowing them to budget and
should still be addressed at your earliest convenience. prepare themselves for potential disaster.
Now Offering Auto

Declutter Your Car

Pass on all servies

(231) 775-3371 Open: Monday-Friday 8 AM-5:30 PM Over time, it’s common for certain compartments to become the
502 S. Mitchell St., Cadillac, MI 49601
junk drawers of our vehicles. Glove compartments and trunks are
placed that are often overlooked for cleanliness.
However, removing the
junk and replacing it with
Glove Proof of insurance: If you
are in an accident or ques-
important documentation Compartment tioned by a law enforce-
and safety gear in these You may find yourself ment agent about insur-
areas can ensure you’re using your vehicle’s glove ance documents, knowing
prepared while traveling. box as temporary storage exactly where they are

Reed City Auto Repair When committing to

declutter your car, give the
box for napkins, wrappers
or quick snacks. While
located is calming during a
sometimes nerve-shatter-
See us for your Fall tune up needs! cabin it’s own attention by
hiring a professional detail
its handy location makes ing experience.
Owner’s manual: If
it enticing to use it for
Honest repairs at a price you can afford. service. They will expertly your own convenience, you discover lights illumi-
• Tires • Brakes • Tune Ups • Alignments
© adobe stock
vacuum your carpet, shine the experts at Nationwide nated on your dashboard,
the interior and use eco- encourage us to take the manual can tell you
Complete Auto Repair just south of Reed City friendly chemicals to pro- advantage of the space what they mean and how a new car or even used, it’s
tect it from the sun. to secure important docu- they should be resolved. crucial to buy your own to
2704 Old US 131, Reed City, Michigan Start your fall with a clean You can also keep track of
ments and items. keep on hand.

car to welcome the crisp Medical information: your maintenance sched- A benefit of this is you will
temperatures and exciting Write down information ule in this guide. have a full-sized tire to use
holiday season. regarding certain medi- if you ever if you ever find
cations you require and
allergies for people who
Trunk Storage yourself with a flat, they
don’t carry speed restric-
Manufacturers of most
frequent the vehicle. This tions like a smaller donut.
modern cars have fore-
1450 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac, MI 231-775-3448 can be a lifesaver in an You can also gain peace
gone including a spare tire
accident that leaves you of mind by keeping extra
and the tools to complete

59.95 $ unable to respond. fluids like oil, pre-mixed

the repair. If you’re buying
* antifreeze and brake fluid
in case you find your vehi-
QUICK LANE OIL CHANGE cle in need while you’re
Retail purchases only. Up to five quarts of synthetic blend oil
kit packed with bandages,
INSPECTION AND CAR wASH and oil filter. Includes tire rotation, taxes, diesel vehicles and
disposal fees extra. Hybrid battery test excluded. See service
gauzes, emergency light
Service Includes: Change oil filter, change advisor for vehicle exclusions. and extra clothes and blan-
engine oil with full synthetic oil (up to 5 NO jOb TOO bIG OR SMall kets should also be readily
qts.) rotate tires, multipoint inspection.
• laTEST COMpuTERIzEd available for you and your
*Passenger cars only. Some models higher. Must present
coupon when order is written. Plus tax & shop supplies. Not
valid with any other offer. Prior sales excluded. Valid only at dIaGNOSTICS

Fox Toyota of Cadillac. Synthetic oil additional

$ • fully lICENSEd & INSuREd Phil’s County

DETAILING Brake InspectIon specIal
Includes 4 Wheel Brake Inspections
Line Service
PACKAGE and tire rotation
STOP ! “Area’s Oldest

Buy four select AY Independent
$ goodyear or Full Line of Parts Repair Facility”
pIrellI® tIres, (EST 1982)
Service Includes: Interior Vacuum,
Clean Interior Glass, Shampoo Carpet
& Seats, Exterior Wash & Wax, Clean
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$100 reBate McBain Auto • Computerized Front & Rear Alignments
• Brakes • Batteries • Shocks

Service, Inc.
• Struts • Air Conditioning
Door Jambs & Trunk
*Valid only at Fox Motors of Cadillac. Not redeemable for By maIl* • Preventive Maintenance • Tires
• Auto & Truck Repair
cash value. Must present this coupon for pricing. Not to GET A $25 REBATE BY MAIL WHEN YOU
be combined with any other offers. Does not include any USE THE FORD SERVICE CREDIT CARD ON A
installation or applicable parts. Includes standard cleaning,
any excessive instances of dirt, grime or trash may be an
additional charge. Offer Expires 11/30/19
9438 Morey Rd., M-66 N, McBain
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5 • Sat. 8-12
Call Us Today! North of light on 66 near softball diamond Mon.-Fri. 8-5:30
Toll-Free at (231) 775-3448 23680 W. US-10, Reed City 49677