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Philippines’ “Year of Youth” 2019 = is a part of a 9-year preparation for the celebration

of the 5th centenary of the arrival of Christianity in 2021.

The Philippine Catholic Church started its “Year of Youth” 2019 in the end of the world
Synod of Bishops on young people.

Episcopal Commission on Youth (ECY) of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the

Philippines (CBCP)
= heads the Year of the Youth 2019

"Year of Youth 2019" = officially started at the feast of Christ the King on November 25,
2018, but the solemn opening ceremony was held on December 2, 2018 (the first Sunday
of Advent)in Manila.

86 diocesan youth ministry leaders and leaders of national youth organizations took
part in the general organization and gave their contribution, including the creation of the
official logo and theme song.

500 years of evangelization = the Philippine Church will celebrate its 500th anniversary
since the arrival of the Christianity in the Philippines; this anniversary is on March 16,2021.

The Year of the Youth is part of a 9-year preparation for 2021

The preparation started in 2013, with each year dedicated to a specific theme related to
the faith and new evangelization.

Year Dedicated to the Theme

2013 Integral Faith Formation
2014 The Laity
2015 The Poor
2016 The Eucharist and the Family
2017 The Parish as a Communion of Communities
2018 The Clergy and Consecrated Persons
2019 The Youth
2020 The Ecumenism and Inter-religious Dialogue
2021 Missio Ad Gentes or Bringing the Gospel to all People

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Activities in the Year of the Youth are aimed at "youth in formation, youth in communities,
church and society, youth in mission, and youth ministry and youth ministers."

"The Year of the Youth is a journey of encounter with Jesus, accompanied by Mary. In this
journey, we tell the story of the Filipino youth with our Risen Lord ... [and] as we are
blessed and gifted during this journey, we are empowered to witness to and share our

First Mass in the Philippines = was celebrated in Limasawa Island on Easter Sunday on
March 31, 1521

First Filipino Christians = Humabon and Hara Amihan, who were baptized as Carlos and
Juana, respectively

The Spanish missionaries = brought the Christian faith to the Philippines 500 years ago

Philippines = home to Asia’s largest Catholic population. Out of 110 million inhabitants,
80% are Catholics.

“One In Mission” = the Year of the Youth Theme Song, written and composed by Gino
Paulo Buizon of the Archdiocese of Capiz

“Filipino Youth in Mission: Beloved, Gifted, Empowered”

= theme of the Year of the Youth

Year of the Youth Logo

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