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Scope & Limitations

1. Handing over of clear access to site is Employer responsibility.
2. Employer will provide all necessary information of underground and over ground
facilities to MAZCORP Engineering Services (Pvt.) Ltd. In case of any damage occurs
due to unavailability of the information then it will be sole responsibility of Employer.
3. MAZCORP Engineering Services (Pvt.) Ltd. will not be responsible to remove any
existing site infrastructure / building, damage of underground utilities or any other
infrastructure, diversion of any naala / stagnant water, dewatering of any type of
subsoil water / oil etc.
4. Any Civil Works or Road works outside periphery is not in MAZCORP Engineering
Services (Pvt.) Ltd. Scope.
5. Any Lighting inside & outside periphery is not in MAZCORP Engineering Services (Pvt.)
Ltd. scope.
6. Excavation of solid rock has not been foreseen in our offer, if rock excavation may
arise; the additional time extension will be subject of mutual adjustment prior to the
rock excavation to commence.
7. MAZCORP Engineering Services (Pvt.) Ltd. will provide borrow fill as per BoQ.
8. Civil Works for 132KV Switchyard and including clearing, grabbing of the area,
Backfilling with borrow fill, foundations of equipment, Trenches, Road Works, Control
House Building with Electromechanical Services, all strictly in accordance with
quantities mentioned in BOQ. If there is any change in design / quantities of material
then Payment will be made on actual quantities of material after final detailed design.
9. Any change in civil works scope including dewatering, back filling, pilling, construction
of retention walls and any other pre-requisite for commencement of civil works will
be charged as per actual additional to the quoted price.

B. Design Works:
1. All civil Works design related to building is not in MAZCORP Scope
C. Commercial Terms and Conditions:
1. Sales tax 8% is included in our offer however GST is not part of price and will be
invoiced additionally if required.
2. Payment through Cross Cheques.
 Payment Terms are 20 % Advance against Insurance Guarantee, Running invoices
for partial erection.
 Payment has to be made with-in 15 days of invoice with verified Site Progress. In
case of delay in payment, inflation/financial compensation will be charged.
D. Offer Validation:
1. Validity of offer is 60 days from submission.
E. Completion Time:
1. Completion time negotiable with respect to Client’s requirement