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M0NDAY 0ctober21,2019

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AQUIuN0 "Nene" PimentelJr. a freedom lighter and a cham-
pion of demo(Ia(y, htlfian rights and lo(al governan(e died on
Sunday at the age of 85.
Hit son, Sen. Aquilin0 "l(o*o" Pimentel 3rd, annotrnred the
death of his father on Twitter.
"0ur beloved lotdy Nene hasioined his (reator at 5 a.m. t0day
0c1,20,2019. We thank allthose who have been a part of hit life.
we askfor playersf0r the repose of rotdrl Nene! soul' Thankyou t0
allj' tft e younEer Pimentel tweeted.
"Idtdl was si(k with lymphoma, whi(h is a folm of (anel. Ttis
already 5pr€ad throughout hi5 b0dy. Hen(e, many organs were
affeded. ln the end it was the heart whi(h gave up,'he said in a
text message.
The former Senate president autholed the Lo(al Govetnment
Code of t991, whi(h empowered local government units by ai-
Iowing them to seate theilown sour(e of tewnue and enable
them to levy tax€s and f€es, among others' He als0 autholed the
6eneri(s Drugs A(t and the Act Creatinq the Autonomous Region in
Muslim Mindanao.
lle was a deleqate t0 the 1991 Constitutional(onvention, a
former mayor and an assemblYman.
Pimentel Jr. founded the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino
in 1982.Ibe party merged with the I'akas ng Bayan
founded by the late former senator Benigno Aquino Jr. in
986. He was also one 0fthe ploponents of federalism.
Former Senate piesident
News ofhis passing triggered a cascade ofcondo-
Aqulino 'Nene' Pimentel J r,
lences and remembrances.
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gntefulforthe elder Pimentel fo] but undedund€d Jovito Salonga in llembers ofthe llouse of Replesen- ward0r for truth,justice and h0nest
XFIGHTER FROM Ai helped shape the country,
a lso explessed their sympa' govetnan(el
"As one ofthe pillar5 ofPDP-[aban, joining the curent govennent in 1992, taking the prin(ipled Posi- tatives

'Nenet we ale etemallygratetulfor his

wi5dom and support forthis adnin'
his (apa(ity as one ofthe menbets of
the Consultative (ommittee tasked
tion as Senate president during the
fstrada impeachment al"' t
tonner vi(e president letomal
thier tothefa ily ol Pimentel.
llouse Deputy MinolitY Leader
and Eayan Muna Rep. Carlos lsagani
"torthis, he earned th€
and admiration of all
in(luding those who d0 n0t thare his
enate President Vieente Sotto 3ld istlation, espedally during the 2016 by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Binay also expressed radn€sson the Zalate and Bayan Muna Chailman politi(al beliefs. He was statesnan,
aid he learned mu(h from his"idol." and 2019 eledions," Go said, t0 review the 1987 Constitution and
passing of a friend. €li(olmenales tem€mbered him a5 but one who doetn't (ompromise the
"l!ly6 years with hin from 1998 to lleanwhile, Pangilinnn said Pimen' dlaft a new(halterthat would Pave
fola federalform of govern- "We started PDP-[aban togethel, a staunch defendeiofhuman rights. welfale ofhis nation," Nog rales said.
1004 w€re very edu(ntional not only tel inspiled theyouth"at a tim€ of the way
and have fought alongtide ea(h othal "llqloking kowalan sa banso ang Thc Commission on Human nights
n politi(s, butalso in fanilynatters/ abusive, authoritarian datkne55." nent/Panelo added.
thatwillproted ourpeople pagkonstly nl Senatol l{en€ dari, ((Hnlalso mourned the folmer sena-
re said. "Very few openly and lelentlesslY Vi(e President Maria leonol 0n issues -

Senate President Pro TenPore dared the didatonhip the way he Robredo also expless€d gdefand and promote progless/ Binay said. to konyong noloking onbog so tol! passing.

celebrated Pinentel's legary. He added that the latterwas pqglobon so ttiktaduryong Marcos. "As a human rights dampion, trd
lalph Re(to iaid Pinentel"was a did. V€ry few were as stubborn and as
"an exemplary public seruant, who lpinogtunggol n,iya ong ngs kqruPa- l{ene always emphasited the
i€n5ei (tea(her) to many legislatols spirit€d in their unwav€ling (onvic' "The tilipino nation is dimin'
!shed today with the passing of championed the empowement and tong Pantao hMggongsa nga huling of rule oflaw and respedforthe
n that bygone era when tlue gritwas tion to oppos€ one man rule as he
Senator Ne\e Pimentel, oul l€ading dev€lopment of lo(al govelnnent aruw ng konyang buhoy. Ang buhaY Constitution, and le(ognized the
neasured by hard workand not blt was," he added.
ikes, shares and followels." advo(ate for lo(algovenan(e, a units." niyq q dapatnolanon aatundon ng dalprotedion needed fol the Poot,
dlsadvantaged and narginilized
"lhe republi( is dininish€d bythe 'A giant' tireless (hampion of human rights, "Salamot, Nene, sd ilang .lekoda ng hhoL lolu na ng ngo nosd Pana'
leath ofthis qreat patri0q"he added. and a true patliot," Ro bredo said in paninilbihon sa sonboyonang Pilipino. ,raloor (Senator l{ene'5 Pasting is se(tor ofthe society,"(HR spofes-
Mala(aiang said Pimentel's parsing a statement. Salqnat, Nene, to ilong taong Pagko' a gleat loss bpcause of his huge man Ja(qualine Ann de Guia raid in a
Senate Minority Leader tranklin
dayforthe nation." koibi ga n (1 hank y ott I 01 the d€(ades (ontribution in fightlng the lilal(o5' statement.
)rilon said"tro l{ene"would tor' was a "sad "llis long and storied ctreeras a
"0ur people thanlfomel senatot of serui(e to the nation, thank you fot dictatorship. lte defended human "I{r llene will always be remern-
lver be remember€d in the halls of Jtateiman is replete with moments
of molal(ourage as he stood fim the many yean offriendship)i' dghts untilthe erd. His life should bered fol ommitting hi5life'swork
:ongress for fighting "fot our (ountly Pimentelfol his long, fearless and
pfndpled tra(k I€(ord of publi( against the oft€ntimes cruel lealities Ionner senatol Heherson Alvare2 be known and followed by €v€lYone to inproving thelivet ol othels,
vith honor and pride."
serui(e, would folever be etched ot politi(s and hktory,"she added. said Pimentelwould live on in his- espe(iallythose ln the 9ove1n- standing up f01 tiuth and integrity,
Senators Juan [dga]do Angara, He
in our historyas a giantamong his she said Pimentel deserv€sa pla(e tory as the dampion ot good local ment),"Zalate Jaid. and proteding oul demoffaq," de
ilaria Lourdes Nan(y 8inay, Sherwin
iat(halian, Christopher Iawren(e Go, peers, who (hampioned demo(ra(y in the (ountty's histoly fol"stand- gOVeman(e. "Senator Pinentol i5 a tteding Guia added.

aid eledoralr€form and a visionary ing up to the didator [president "He lived long enough to nurturc €xample ofa publi( servant who Pinentels' daughter 6wendolyn
lichard Gordon, Panfilo La(son, l,eila
le Lima, Ana Iheresia Hontiveros, who espoused devolution of powe15 Ferdinandl Marco5 dudng Maitial ou r (ivil libertiet that he fought stood upforwhat i5 rightevcn if it PimentelGana cunently ierves as
:rancis Pangilinan, Mary Gra(e Poe and strong local governan(e," Pala(e for. He witnessed a new generation meant going toiail severaltimes," CHR (ommissioner.
Iaw, asserting Philippine soveleignty
spokesrnan Salvador Panelo said in a duling the debatej torthe renewal of alising on the wings ofa struggl€ Colmenales said. BERNADETTE TAMAYO WITH
rnd Immanuel Joel Villanueva said
ihe elder Pinentel's intelled, integ- statenent.' the US baser tleat, running as [vi(e inrpired by his own dream and sad- PBAparty-list Rep,Jeri(ho DIVINA NOVA JOY DELA CRUZ
'ity and commitment to public service "The Dutert€ Administration iJ presidentl to an eminently qualifi ed fi(e," he said. NogIales des(Iibed Pinentel as"a AND EVA CASALJAl

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