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Megan Grable

September 24th, 2019

Brandman University
Department of Early Childhood Education
Lesson Plan Template

Overview of the Theme and Strategy It looked Like Spilt Milk: Read the book It Looked like Spilt Milk to the kids, take
Name of theme and strategy, why it was chosen, how it them for a walk on a partially cloudy day and ask them to notice the shapes of the
is relevant to children and a description of the activities clouds. Later the children will make their own cloud pictures in class, recreating
or projects for the week. what they saw.
Target Age Range and Group Size 3-5 year olds
the age range of the children
Learning Foundations – 1.
● List one or two (not more) Foundations or Domain: Language and Literacy
Standards you are planning to address during the Strand: Reading
lesson. (One Language and Literacy, and one Substrand: 4.0 Comprehension and Analysis of age Appropriate Text
Foundation: 4.1 (48 months) Children demonstrate understanding of age appropriate text
from another domain.)
read aloud. (CDE, 2008, p. 68)
● List the domain, strand, sub-strand and
foundation from the California Preschool Learning
Foundations, Vol 1, Vol 2, or Vol 3, (CDE, 2008, 2.
2010, 2012) or from the California Infant/Toddler Domain: English Language Development
Learning and Development Foundations (CDE, 2009) Strand: Speaking
Substrand: 3.0 Children use language to create oral narratives about their personal
● For K and above, use the Common Core
experiences.* Focus: Narrative development
Standards Foundation: 3.1 Begin to use English to talk about personal experiences; may complete
narrative in the home language while using some English (i.e. Code-switching) (CDE, 2008,
p. 122)

Objectives– Objective 1. Children will understand the story about a cloud and make connections to the
State two objectives in terms of what the children will story while looking at real clouds outside as well as creating their own clouds similar to the
learn in measurable terms. Objectives should be aligned ones in the story.
and connected to chosen foundations or standards
For example:
The children will identify the characters in the story.
The child will retell the story in sequence. Objective 2. Communicate what they are seeing in a narrative form using as complete
sentences as possible, using both English and their home language

Assessment – How will you know whether the children Assessment of Objective 1: The children will be able to describe what they see in the
have learned the objectives you set out to achieve and clouds, and to create their own cloud using dark paper and white paint.
whether they are moving toward the foundations or
standards? Assessment of Objective 2: They will use as many words in a sentence as they are able,
communicating what they see in the sky.
Describe in specific detail, how you will assess the
children’s progression towards your stated objectives for
the week. For example, while retelling the story with
puppets, the child will use the character names and retell
the story in sequence.

Also describe how you will make further plans based on

the outcomes of these assessments.

Strategies and Interactions – The California Preschool Domain: Language and Literacy Development
Curriculum Frameworks Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 (CDE, 2010, Strand: Reading
2011, 2013) and the California Infant/Toddler Curriculum Substrand: 4.0 Comprehension and Analysis of Age Appropriate Text
Frameworks (CDE, 2012) list teaching strategies and Strategy: Discuss a story after reading it
interactions within each Sub Strand section. Include at
least two strategies from the appropriate age range and Implementation: After sharing the story during circle time, the teacher will continue
appropriate domains. (They should align with your to discuss it with the class as they move on to the next part of the activity, keeping
chosen foundations, above.) the focus on clouds.

Domain: Language and Literacy Development

Strand: Listening and Speaking
VPK Section: Encourage Peer-to-Peer Conversations
Substrand: Language Use and Conventions
Strategy: Build on Preschool children’s own experiences.
Implementation: Using what the children already know of common items, they can
look at clouds and try and find additional representation in their shapes.

Materials Needed – a list of all materials needed to do Materials List
the activity, (and where to obtain them if they are 1. It Looked Like Spilt Milk by
unusual.) Write this in a numbered list format. 2. Dark color paper
3. White paint

Preparation/Set-up: Briefly describe what materials will Preparation/Set Up paint will already be filled in containers, with paintbrushes. A
need to be ready, where and how they will be set up. clean area for the art to dry. Clean table for the art do be conducted.

Lesson Procedures Anticipatory Set

1. Anticipatory Set – how you will introduce and During scheduled circle time, introduce the book. After reading the book, explain
engage the children in the activity. that the class will go on a walk looking for different shapes in the clouds outside and
when they return to the class they will have the chance to create their own cloud
2. Step-by-step description of how to execute all the
procedures that are part of your activity, how to interact
with the children during the activity, and any
instructions for ending the activity. Be sure to include Step by Step Description
what the teacher does and what the teacher does. Write
1. Have the children sit down at circle and read the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk to
this in a numbered format.

2.Take the children on a walk and ask them what they see in the clouds, allow for the
children to make their own observations of what they see

3. In small group time, provide the dark paper and white an paint and ask the
children to paint the clouds that they saw on their walk.


Literature – 1. In library-Carle, E. (2001). Little Cloud by Eric Carle. London: Puffin Books.
In order to practice integrating literature into all areas of
the room, choose at least two children’s books to include 2. In the dramatic play/kitchen area- Barrett, J., & Barrett, R. (2018). Cloudy with a chance
in one interest area. Explain where the books will be. of meatballs. Fairfax, VA: Library Ideas, LLC.
Write the book references in APA format.

Strategies for working with Dual Language Learners 1. Have a list of words from the story that you can say in both English and Spanish. Cloud-La
Refer to the Preschool English Learners (CDE, 2009) Nube, ice cream-el helado, etc.
Choose 2 different stages (e.g., home language, and
telegraphic/formulaic) and one strategy for each. 2.

Accommodations For the child with cerebral palsy who needs support using fine motor materials, using a chunky
Include at least one accommodation for a child with handled paintbrush that is easier for her grip as she paints her cloud. Taping down the edges of the
exceptional needs. Include the child’s identified need and the paper so it does not move around.
accommodation. Remember that the accommodation should
make a given lesson or activity accessible to the child.

Family Engagement/Cultural Integration – 1. Ask parents to take their children on a nature walk, and have a conversation about
Give two suggestions on how you would extend your cloud and shapes at home.
theme to the home and integrate the families’
backgrounds and cultures. (Tip: Family engagement 2. Send home copies of the book in the family’s home language to extend the learning.
strategies are listed in each subsection of the sub-strand
section of California Preschool Curriculum Frameworks,
Volumes 1, 2, and 3)

Be very specific, thoughtful and detailed. Try to truly

engage the families in your work for the week.