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Return in the Past

(A Summary from the Movie “The Roaring Currents”)

The film revolves around the titular Battle of Myeongnyang about, 1597, Joseon Era.
With outstanding strategy and firm belief, Admiral Yi had the leadership to command and
order Joseon Navy. Admiral Yi had become discharged due to false accusations but
returns to his rightful position to lead the Joseon Navy and save the nation from danger.
After the last turtle ship turned into ashes, Admiral Yi falls into great despair. However,
he carries the last 12 ships remaining into battle forthe sake of Joseon dynasty


A former pirate, Japanese Mercenary Kurushima had naval battle experience. Doyotomi
Hideyoshi hired Kurushima to fight Battle of Myeong-Nyang and defeat Admiral Yi's army.
Kurushima joined to take over Joseon and seek revenge on Admiral Yi, who killed his
brother during the previous naval battle. Kurushima went forward with the attack against
Joseon when the rest of the Japanese Navy feared Admiral Yi.


Japanese General Wakizaka, a feudal lord who fought under many warlords, is known to
have participated in numerous battles around the Korean peninsula. He fought against
Admiral Yi several times and while Wakizaka planned to seek revenge, he still
acknowledged Admiral Yi’s great skills in battle.
The daughter of an artillery craftsman master, Lady Jung lost her entire family to the
Japanese military and became speech impaired. She tried to get herself killed a few times,
but when she was saved from the watcher Im Joon-young, she stayed by his side and
became his wife. When he leaves for battle, she silently awaits the return of her loved


Joseon's loyal soldier that stood beside Admiral Yi during The Battle of Myeong-nyang.
He secretly spied on the Japanese army to find out their attack plans and was the key
watcher for the Joseon army. He worked beside Admiral Yi and displayed his devotion
through action more than words.
Never underestimate fear because when it turns into courage, it will be infectious.
Person vs. Itself: Admiral Yi encounter various circumstances that are stacked against
him and his men. The struggle of Admiral Yi is to overcome with his faith and courage in
contradiction of all odds with death seemed imminent. His last great battle ship, known
as the turtle ship, is devastated by fire by one of his soldier. Even his king attempts to
have him killed due his rejection to leave his post. His men was afflicted by fear that
causes distinct opinions and conflicts. He need to overcome his fear in order to triumph.
He struggle to aid his men grasp bravery to drive past their uncertainties and hopelessness
to battle and thrive. He need to turn the fear of the mean in to courage by sacrificing his
Person vs. Nature: The admiral uses the water with its currents and whirlpools to work on
his favor and to overthrow his opponents. It was a very perilous decision since the water
changes from calm to strong currents beneath the whirlpools. It causes conflicts wherein
his ship was almost taken down by the whirlpools as well, but the townspeople aid them
by rowing hard and pulling the battleship away from the mouth of the whirlpools.
Person vs. Person: Admiral Yi faces another circumstances wherein he need to face the
approaching Japanese invaders with 330 ships. This includes Kurishima, a Japanese
pirate king with a profound personal grudge against Admiral. He only had 12 ships left and
one of his great battleship which is turtle ship was destroyed by fire.
We always thought that things should go as per our plan. If that doesn't happen,
we give up. Based on the movie, the only way for Admiral Yi to defeat the enemy is the
turtle ship. But unfortunately, the hope of winning vanished when it was eaten by the fire
caused by one of his men. The whole village was afraid of what will happen to them for
their only chance of winning was destroyed. Albeit difficult, he thought of alternative ways.
Life is always a test and a trial. Trials make us stronger and better persons. We fear the
unknown and that is okay. We don’t have to be fearless, just don’t let fear stop you from
doing the things you should do. There is always courage from fear. In the movie, Admiral
Yi used the fear of his men and turned it into courage by fighting the enemy without the
turtle ship. In life, we should be like Admiral Yi. We have a lot of fears together with other
people. Don't let fear rule over you. We need to be a model to everyone. Show other
people of your courage and they will find courage, too. We must become leaders that is
firm with our decisions and philosophies. Some people might question us but we must
remember that we cannot have a voice without the risk of criticism and we cannot triumph
without the risk of failure. We must have the qualities of Admiral Yi in order to succeed in
life. No matter how hard it is to get up, we should try and find hope in our surroundings.
Heaven has helped them defeat the enemies and heaven will also help us to overcome
the hurdles we encounter in life. Believe that good will always prevail over evil and always
see the positive in things as Admiral Yi saw courage out of fear.
We have noticed two symbols in the movie: the whirlpool and the ship. Ship
represents superiority and victory. Whereas, the more ships the opponents have, the
more possibility of winning the battle. The more capable and resilient the turtle ship is, the
lesser the percentage of defeat. Just like in life, when we see that we have strength in
numbers such as having more money, more properties, more backups, we become
confident that we are going to succeed in whatever battle we are in; that we will be having
a better life and career in the future too. And if we feel like we are more advance, well-
equipped and superior to the others, we don't think for defeat, for failures. Instead, we are
looking for a victorious lane waiting ahead of us. Knowing we are more than the others
making us celebrate too early not realizing that "unwanted events" and. "unexpected plot"
may happen.

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