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WEEK 2 June 12-16, 2017 4.

What are ways you can do to improve your

Note: June 12 is a national holiday which commemorates
Philippine independence from American rule. For one moment, let the learners muse over the questions.
Then, have them look for a partner and share with each
DAY 1 other their ideas. When done with the pair-share, invite
Today is set apart for the resumption of the diagnostic volunteers to share their answers to the class.
test, checking and item analysis. After these, if there still
remains enough time, the teacher will orient the learners IV. ASSIGNMENT
as regards CTAS (Come Together and Share), what it is, Learners will collate their insights using a graphic
expectations for every individual member, and how organizer. For a start, show them examples and help them
everyone can benefit from the CTAS system. Learners are make sense that a graphic organizer is used to simplify
then grouped into 4 CTAS. ideas and make the ideas easier to remember or explain.

DAY 2 and 3
I. OBJECTIVES Why study / learn
In today’s lesson, learners are expected to: English
 Establish and make sense of their purpose for
learning English; Its importance
 Transfer / process their ideas using graphic
organizers; and How to improve
 Realize ways and means on how they can learn or my English
improve or develop their use of the English
How it can benefit
II. SUBJECT MATTER me in the future
Why study English? Is it imperative to learn English?
A. Semantic Map 1. WRITING. Using the filled out graphic organizer,
On the board, write in block letters the word learners will write a short essay by providing meat
ENGLISH and flesh (cause-effect, examples, elaboration,
narration, etc.) to the key ideas they supplied in
the graphic organizer.
2. SKIT. Learners perform together with their CTAS a
short act on the significant roles the English
ENGLISH language play in the lives of people and some
problems one may encounter for not being able
to understand and/or communicate in English

NOTE: June 14, Wednesday, is the official start of DLL

Writing across the board. During the discussion on DLL
Provide learners thinking time. Invite them to FAQs, they were familiarized with the format:
write around it what comes to their mind when
they think of the word ENGLISH. This will give the DLL No. ___
teacher pre-assessment on learners’ views of TITLE OF THE DLL ENTRY
English as a subject and language. After this, read Dear ____,
their answers and ask why they have such ________________________________________________
impressions. ________________________________________________
B. Think-Pair-Share. On the board post the following (Maximum of three hashtags, either in Filipino or English or
questions: mixed to give me idea about your DLL content)
1. Why do you study English?
2. Why is English an important language? V. REINFORCEMENT: English Time!
3. How can English help you achieve your goals Every day, one is in charge to do the following: 1) Daily
and aspirations in life? Recap, 2) Daily Sharing, and 3) Daily Synopsis. The
rationale for this routine is to provide avenues for learners
to use and speak the language. Each of the learners will
experience all the tasks on a given schedule to be prepared
by the teacher. Daily tasks No. 1 and 2 are done before
class starts, while #3 is done before the period ends. In the
Whenever I found myself
name of fair game, the schedule will be determined
through a raffle.
in difficulty, nature
comforted me; whenever I
VI. VALUING collapsed in despair, it
It is never too late to be what you might have been. raised me back up.
(George Eliot)
Sun Myung Moon
CAMBLOG: 10 Ways to Improve Your English
In connection to this week’s lesson, each CTAS will be
creating a how-to camblog entitled 10 WAYS TO IMPROVE

All CTAS must take note of the following:

- Plagiarized content is absolutely a major NO-NO!
- Everyone should take part in the video
- Use high-res video, audible voice recording
- Creative and unique video presentations are
encouraged and wonderfully welcome!

Submit your CTAS activity via USB on Tuesday, June 20. Be

sure to create a backup copy of your finalized video. The
following will be the criteria for assessment:

Presentation 4 points
Clear, audible voice.
Video is well-edited.
Information was
communicated well.
Organization 3 points
The type of presentation is
appropriate for the topic
and audience.
Content 3 points
Material included is
relevant to the overall

Checked by:

Mrs. Ma. Rhodora E. Maliao
English Department Head

Dr. Agapito T. Lera
Principal IV

Date: _______________