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John Foxe, Acts and Monuments – commendations of Edward VI.

1563 edition, Book 4

p. 740 [675], p. 940 [940], p. 941 [941]

John Foxe was a Protestant English clergyman, a Puritan preacher, a historian and author.
His book, The Book of Martyrs, is a graphic and polemic account of those who suffered for
the cause of Protestantism.

Foxe’s Actes and Monuments, popularly known as Foxe's Book of Martyrs is historical
evidence about religious reform. It is a work of Protestant history and martyrdom. Book 4
records the reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI, during which the dispute with Rome led to
the separation of the English Church from papal authority and the imposition of the Book of
Common Prayer in English along with the banning of the mass.

Pages 740 [675], 940 [940] and 941[941] are about Edward’s commitment to evangelicalism
and the reformation.

Foxe, being a Protestant, praised Edward as a virtuous ruler. Rather than an empty vessel of
implanted manipulated ideals from his minders, Edward in his own right, was an intelligent
and valiant ruler who was dearly loved by all his subjects.

John Foxe