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ne$rs , tONOO" I OCTOBER 28,2019

no pay hike for nurses

House allays fears of d:te"i"Ti?:Bfln"A::lrffitl!
TheHouseof Represenlatives has assured govemmentnurces to increase their basic n^v, I ,, ski'ed Filipino even those nurses
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" | ;;t;;u,"" 1
enrollment in nurs-
,,Jr.,y ;;" ;,ir ;;;;;;
Reo. Mike Defensor o[ party-list I as low as P9,000
^.^-r,'.r.,.,,-.- ceid
errlt'ut,r.rern despite ihe hike's II
said rtecnirp ing courses
ing- among monthlv salarv,"
monthly salary" he
exclusion [-rom the DOH budget, the collegta.te schools said, when govem-
national Bovernmenl could still source i:l?.t: _tl-".:"Ylj? ment,nurses have
c-gnti:ru-es to dwin-
i;;;; i"; it f rom the Miscellaneous i dle, Defensor said'-
already been com-
plaining ot
plalnrng of tn€lr
ir"ir.r."f Benefits Fund
Personnel national I
Fund of the nahonal ote'-L'erensor
budset. , "The number of P20,754 entry-level
"-;fi-tttut our nursing gradu- monthly salary'
fund is not enough then (the
Deoirtmentof Budgetand tr4-anagement) | a-tes is now Soing "We wilI -be
;rtii;;;;;;;;ptro$riation for t6at pur- | dor'r'nwards onthe pushing for the
;;;i;b;;;J.',"ild. I 1:^"jiq",-jl:1_:: ll..:.1':,^:tl1:.i
rhelawmakeraddedthatwhiletherewas alsothepossibilitv fi:8JS l:56:tTJ il';1"ifr"';*il:
th"i t]";;;;ia;"thappen with deliberation: t$ll9l99i"F il graduates. But now
lhe Senale, "rye can immed iately increase with the 55L it has gone down to vowed, by elevat-
su"auiaLudo" by
oy the
utE President."
rEDrucrrL d,000 IOr
only Y/UUU the
for tne ing tne
lng the curtent
and Only
Standardizabon LaW, as
aS stated
Srate(] r.
"';i"-^r."1" q-eaier
"';'i"o.r."=t" speaier Alan Peter Cayetano abo,utabout it and nasi t*o
pasi vears." he
two y"ars," he Saiirv crade
Saiiry Grade 11 to
he is aiready coordinating with Sen Bong Go ot the. be-nate iold reporters in a 15 as endorsed by
committee 6n health and the DBM to discuss Possrbrlltles briefing. the Supreme Court
He assured me that the increase will deilnrtely napPen, And as the na- whenitacted favor-
Defensor said.
"';ii"iiSait tional govemment ably on a nurses'
possibly this year or latest is next year with rnorres"to pre rrent groirp's petition.
aoprovalbf the law," he added.
' -Di;
the "ra further the exodus SG 15 is equiv-
aity Rep. Isidro Ungab, chairman of the -House ap- of nurses going alent to P30-,531
orooriatjons committee, can coordinate with the DBM on
ihis abroad for gieenei under the govern-
i"",, tftut frtras canbe released for such purpose. pastures b! sub- menfls Salary Stan-
ln an interview with The Chiefs over 24-hour cignal caDle itantially increasing dardization Law.
Secretary Francisco their pay, Defensoi
, news channel, Heatthwerc Turn to Page 9
Duque III said they to in- hmented that even

*.Ht:1":*,'j$*:lx lmr; ff H:'#;?f'lTl1il Mp-xr PAse: ru -

ruling during the budget
the favorable SC exploitinA
has been
deliberations. well.
nurses as P AeLt - q,
The low pay of Filipino nurses has "They are really
also cut in huf the ttuiirber of nursing pitifut a|a if t tt)
- qraduates in the Past two school years' ""ry
unfortunate that
iccording to government data'
The exploitation and low Pay ot rugh-
HOUSe Frompaee2
the Philippine Nursing AcL of 2002, wfuch
9u.pgq,rp ro Salary Grade 15 (p30,531)
rne mlrumum pay of nurses retained bv
notedthat no less.than the the national government, mostlv in hoi_
acknowledged the dispariry in ihe pay pitals run by the Depa.tment ofHealth.
scare or nurses-employed in govemmlni
bul. was only limited to ruliig in nurses, ,employed by local guvern_
menLs are atsoexpected to benefil hom the
ravor and could not compel govemment rulmg, though their higher entrvievel oav
as ltwould encroach on the independence
would_be less than p-:O,fSt, ina wolti
ot a co-equal branch_ rnstead depend on how big the province,
The Si recently upheld the validity of crty or municipality is. _Delori porcalla

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