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This is a survey related to the MERGER AND ACQUISITION OF BANKS.


1. Email address *

2. Name *

3. Age *
Mark only one oval.

Below 20
Above 30

4. Designation *
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5. Institution *

6. How do you feel about the current environment with regard to bank merger and
acquisition (M&A) activity? *
Mark only one oval.

More favourable for deals

Less favourable for deals
No more or less favourable for deals

7. Why do you think the current climate is MORE favorable for bank M&A? *
Mark only one oval.

Banks have more capital

Strong market penetration through network built
Compliance and risk consistency
8. Why do you think the current climate is LESS favorable for bank M&A? *
Mark only one oval.

Cumbersome procedures to merge

Less choice of banks to customers
The layoffs dilemma

9. Do banks need to merge and grow significantly to compete in this dynamic market? *
Mark only one oval.


10. What minimum asset size do you feel the banks in India needs to attain in order to be
competitive? *
Mark only one oval.

Rs.50,000 billion
RS.10,000 billion

11. What is the primary reason for banks that has not opted to merge or acquire ? *
Mark only one oval.

Too small to acquire other banks in the desired market

Plans to grow organically

12. Which of the following is the most difficult aspect of integration after merger? *
Mark only one oval.

Aligning risk management framework

Customer retention
Identifying and retaining key talents

13. What could be the ideal platform for banks to communicate with it's customers about
merger and acquisition? *
Mark only one oval.

Other media
14. What could be the greatest challenge that a board faces when considering a potential
bank for acquisition or merger ? *
Mark only one oval.

Coming to agreement on right prices

Gaining regulatory approval
Culture fit
Technology integration

15. What could be the primary reason for selling the banking institution ? *
Mark only one oval.

Limited growth opportunities

Regulatory costs
Shareholders desired a liquidity event

16. How good are banks at learning from previous integrations and avoiding similar pitfalls in
future? *
Mark only one oval.

Very poor
Very good

17. Will the bank m&a would act as a stimulant to revive from the ill effects of NPA? *
Mark only one oval.

Surely, yes

18. Could the bank m&a proves to be a successful way to get rid of PCA imposed by RBI? *
Mark only one oval.

Probably, yes

19. Will the bank m&a set Indian banks to enter into the league of international giants? *
Mark only one oval.


20. Do you think that Merger could only give a

temporary relief but not real remedies to
problems like bad loans and bad governance
in public sector banks? If yes, comment your
views below. *
Send me a copy of my responses.

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