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General Test for Carbohydrates

Theoretical Actual Indication
A deep Formed a dark violet (+) The unknown
violet coloration is layer. Upon shaking, sample yield a
produced the entire positive result for
at the solution carbohydrates.
junction of turns
two layers. dark
(Amrita, violet.
Molisch Test 2011)

Tests for Aldoses and Ketoses

Theoretical Actual Indication
Ketoses produce a The unknown produces (-) The unknown
cherry red color. a clear colorless sample is yields a
Aldoses produces solution. negative result.
yellow to faint pink
color under appropriate

Seliwanoff’s Test
Pentoses produces a The unknown sample (+) The unknown
blue green colored produces a blue green sample yields a
solution. Muddy brown color positive result for
colored solution. pentose.
precipitate distinguish a

Bial’s Test

Pentoses produces a red The unknown sample (+) The uknown

color produces sample yields a
solution. a yellow positive result for
clear pentose.
Tollen’s Phloroglucinol Test heating, it
turns to a
a red

Tests for Reducing Sugars

Theoretical Actual Indication
The unknown sample (+) The unknown
A green solution with a produced a sample has a trace
precipitate prove that brick red of reducing sugar.
there is a precipitate
trace of in a green
reducing solution
Benedict’s Test sugar. after heating
(HiMedia in a water
Lab, bath.
Reducing sugar will The unknown sample (+) The unknown
formed a brick produced sample yields a
precipitate. a brick red positive result for
precipitate Fehling’s test in
in a determining
orange reducing sugar.
Fehling’s Test solution
after heat
for 3
The unknown (+) The unknown
Upon heating, aldoses sample sample yields a
produce a yellow produced a positive result for
colored solution. yellow aldoses.
Ketoses produces soluton upon
Ferricyanide Test orange solution heating for 10
mins and

Reducing sugars The unknown sample (+) The unknown

produce a orange or produces an sample yields a
yellow-orange orange positive result for
condensation product, precipitate reducing sugar as
or precipitate upon upon heating determined by
heating. for 3mins. phenylhydrazine
Phenylhydrazine Test test.

Table 1. Result of the following test performed for the unknown sample.

Table 2. Summary of the results