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Driving a Car or Riding a Motorcycle

In Indonesia, there are several types of transportation such as cars and

motorcycles. The vehicle is very useful because it can deliver someone to their
destination in an effective and efficient time. Since Junior High School I have been
able to ride a motorcyle and starting Senior High School I can drive a car. In my daily
activities, I always use the vehicle but I use a car more often. From the experience that
I’ve experienced since I could drive a car dan ride a motorcycle, there are some basic
similarities and differencies.

Cars and motorcycles have in common, they are one type of transportation that is
always used by someone in everyday life to go to school, work, or travel.
Transportation is a tool used to transport humans, goods and animals to their
destination. Both also need fuel to be used, only the capacity is different. Cars and
motorcycles have functions in several fields one of them is in economics. At present
transportation is one of the activities related to human needs. By moving something
from its origin to the desired destination and get a gift or reward for transportation.
Besides that, it can be used for mobile sales such as selling vegetables, fruits, food,
etc. Cars and motorcyles are also used in the gojek and grab application as a service
provider for food orders and to deliver passengers. In the social field can provide
travel services or tour services, travel information, can facilitate someone's access to
go to other areas or remote areas. All services can be individuals or groups.

Although both are means of transportation but also have many differences. The
basic difference is appearance. What clearly distinguishes a car from a motorcycle is
the type of four-wheeled vehicle that can accommodate 4-7 passengers, has a steering
wheel, larger in size. In addition this car also has a roof that can protect passengers
from rain and the hot sun during the day. While motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles
that can be used by a maximum of two people.

In terms of acceleration and comfort of cars and motorcycles there are differences.
As someone who likes to travel, must have one of these vehicles. As we know,
motorcycles are famous for their agility, especially in cities with busy streets. With its
sleek body the motorcyle can easily overtake the vehicle in front of it. Motorcycles
may also have the advantage of being more fuel efficient, but when traveling long
distances the body will feel tired when riding a motorcycle. While cars are often hit
by traffic jams on the road. With its large body it is very difficult to overtake other
vehicles except when the road is quiet. Cars require a lot of money for fuel, of course
when traveling long distances. When traveling far away by car, it will feel more
comfortable because it is not exposed to direct sunlight, rain, and not exposed to the
wind so it is not tiring.

Apart from appearance, comfort, and acceleration, they also have differences in
price and service costs. In Indonesia, cars are priced from 150 million to 1.5 billion.
Car brands are also diverse such as Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, etc. As for the
cost of servicing the car is much more expensive than a motorcycle. The cost of
servicing itself on average can spend 1.5 - 2 million for normal service and oil change.
Service costs can increase when there is damage to the vehicle. For motorcycles
themselves are generally priced from 15 million - 100 million. Motorcycle brands are
also diverse such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc. Thankful who owns a motorcyle,
because the cost of servicing is relatively cheap, which is an average of 100 thousand
for one service and oil change. But all that goes back to the condition of each person,
especially economic conditions.

So it can be concluded that cars and motorcyles are means of transportation that
have many functions and benefits for someone. despite having a very basic difference
that is from its appearance, price, service costs, agility, and certainly comfort. All of
that goes back to the economic condition, because I'm sure everyone would want to
have both. Especially for those who are married, would want to have a car to go out
with the family. For myself, I can't conclude that I prefer cars or motorcycles.
Because both are very important and each has advantages and disadvantages. Because
I am a student, to find a place to eat more comfortable using a motorcycle because it
is not difficult to find parking. As for traveling far or during the rainy season I am
more comfortable using a car. It will never be finished if you continue to compare
cars with motorcycles, which certainly has both benefits to support everyday human