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Support material / Material de apoyo

Learning activity 1 / Actividad de aprendizaje 1

Presentation / Presentación

A. When we talk about the future, there are many ways to express it,
depending on the context and our intention. One way to express it is with the
structure Going to. / Cuando hablamos sobre el futuro hay muchas formas
de expresarlo, dependiendo del contexto y nuestra intensión. Una forma de
expresarlo es por medio de la estructura Going to.

We use going to to express our future plans and intentions, specially when
we have decided about the plan before speaking. It is usually accompanied
by a time expression. / Usamos Going to para expresar nuestros planes
futuros e intensiones, especialmente cuando ya hemos tomado la decisión
antes de hablar. Generalmente va acompañado de una expresión de

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Here are some examples: / Aquí algunos ejemplos:

 I am going to visit my parents next weekend.

 John and Laura are going to travel to Italy next vacation.
 We are not going to work tomorrow.

Note: the verb always goes in infinitive. / Nota: el verbo siempre va en


I am going to cook dinner tonight.

Is she going to study law?
She is not going to travel to Panama.

B. Structure / Estructura

Subject To be Auxiliar Verb Complement
I am
She is
It going to travel on Friday.
You are

Subject To be Not Auxiliar Verb Complement
I am
She is
not going to buy that car.
You are
To be Subject Auxiliar Complement Mark
Am I
going to travel on Friday
Match the following questions to correct answer: / Una las siguientes preguntas
con la respuesta correcta:
Practice / Práctica
Where are you going to travel?
a. Mary and Paul.

Where are you staying?

b. To France.

What are you going to do?

c. At the Rietzze.

Who are you going with?

d. Visit my family.

B. Now match the questions from the previous exercise to the correct picture: /
Ahora una las oraciones del ejercicio anterior con la imagen correcta:
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C. These people are talking about their plans, expectations and wishes.
Organize the sentences to discover them. One example is done for you. /
Estas personas están hablando de sus planes, expectativas y deseos,
encuéntrelos organizando las oraciones. Un ejemplo ya está hecho.
Example / Ejemplo:

1. is / She / buy / tomorrow / new / car / a / going to

She is going to buy a new car tomorrow

2. wants / He / to have / job / a better / for next / year


3. like / to / They / would / abroad / live


4. having / next / Saturday / dinner / friends / her / She / with / is


5. going / to / We / are / visit / grandma/ Friday / next


D. She is Lilian, she has a lot of plans for the future. Observe the following
chart: / Ella es Lilian, tiene muchos planes para el futuro. Observe el
siguiente cuadro:

Fuente: SENA

Plan Where When

Visit her parents Cartagena Next week
Relax Beach Next week
Move to a new apartment England Next month
Study medicine Oxford Next year
Buy a car England In 2 years
E. Now write sentences describing her plans for the future using “going to”.
One example is done for you. / Ahora escriba oraciones describiendo sus
planes para el futuro usando “going to”. Un ejemplo ya está hecho.
Example / Ejemplo:

1. She is going to visit her parents in Cartagena next week.

2. __________________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________________

4. __________________________________________________________

5. __________________________________________________________

F. Write sentences with the verb and subject given, use “going to”. One
example is done for you. / Escriba oraciones con el verbo y el sujeto dado,
use “going to”. Un ejemplo ya está hecho.

Example / Ejemplo:

1. She - study English (affirmative).

She is going to study english in summer.

2. They - start a business (negative).


3. Sarah and Matt - take driving lessons (affirmative).


4. Heidy - go to the gym (interrogative).


5. Mark - buy a computer (affirmative).

6. Nick - pass final exam (interrogative).


Production / Producción

A. What are your plans for the future? Complete the following chart writing
plans for your future in each category. Use “going to”. / ¿Cuáles son sus
planes para el futuro? Complete la siguiente tabla con sus planes futuros en
cada categoría. Use “going to”.

Category Plan



Next weekend

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B. Next Friday is your best friend’s birthday; you are the person in charge of
organizing a party for him. Write a list of the activities you have to do before
the party. Use “going to”. Use the chart to organize your ideas. / El próximo
viernes es el cumpleaños de su mejor amigo (a); usted es la persona
encargada de organizar una fiesta para él o ella. Escriba una lista de
actividades que debe hacer antes de la fiesta. Use “going to”. Use el cuadro
para organizar sus ideas.
Aspects to take
into account





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