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Manor House School Newsletter

IGER TIMES November 2019

Dates to Remember:
November 3rd -7th: Book Week
November 7th: Parents Meeting
November 10th: Prophet’s Birthday
November 11th- 14th: Anti-Bullying
November 19th: Tiger Awards
November 28th: Thanksgiving Holiday

Book Week will take place from 3rd – 7th November. This is a great opportunity for our
students to have a look at some books and get to know the best way to find a book that
will encourage them to read more. Students will have the opportunity to look at all the
books on display and decide which ones they want to buy. Parents can send the money to
class teachers all week.On parents meeting day, parents will also have the opportunity to
choose some books from the book suppliers in the book week.

Parent Teacher Meeting is on Thursday 7th November, 2019. Parents are urged to attend in
order to discuss their child's progress with his/her teacher. Most importantly, it is an excellent
way to have a discussion and have your questions answered which will strengthen
relationships between home and school. You are strongly encouraged to attend this very
important meeting. There will be NO SCHOOL for students on the day of the meeting.

The Anti bullying Week will take place from November 11th- November 14th.
Students will have different activities throughout their normal school day with their
teachers to raise awareness of bullying of children, in schools and elsewhere, and to
. highlight ways of preventing and responding to it.

o Kindly note that any lunch orders must be ordered one day in
advance. Kindly contact Mrs. Raghda 01208820044 for all lunch
o To communicate with your child’s class teacher, kindly use the Class
Dojo Application. Parents are welcome to set up an appointment with
their child’s teacher every Sunday from 2:15pm-2:50pm. To
schedule an appointment please contact the administration 24working
hours ahead to make arrangements to meet with the teacher. Weekly
newsletters from your child’s teacher are available only online.

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