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Leni given 5 years as

anti-drugs leader
At least she'il lmow the extent of the President's job
and the problems he faced ir dealhg with the drug
,T. ,tDuily problem

appointnent 0n 3l Octobel desrgnating Robredo to the position of a 'drug
Wednesdav. 6 November 2019 -
Daily Tribune
Under the memolardum; pursuant to the l}Iovisions of qais'ting iaws, rules
arid rcgulatiois, the hesident designated Robrcdo to lead the govemment's
effofts agahst i[egal d gs rmtil 30 Jrme 202.
the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Philippine National Police
(PM), Dargercus Dngs Board @DB) and all oiher l4v enJorcement agencies

E-enE gEven 5 htre also been directed to extend full assistarce and co0pention to the vice
hesideni to enswe the success ofthe Govemment's efforts in the war agairst
ilegal dmgf .

\,*&rs &5 BaIl in her court

Biecuth€ Seoetary Sahador Medialde4 in a sepaxaie letter he signed aiso'
m"nti-dnugs on 3l October, has already informed Robredo of her designaiion as c,orhairma:r
of ICAD.
The Pala€e wjshes t0 aImolmce thai the President has officialh siEled ihe
Ecaden paper wldch designaies \tce hesident l€ni Robrcdo as the co{hairp€rson 0f
the Inter-Agency Connitt€e on Anti-llegal Drugs,' Parelo said,
Fanelo confirmeci that "Slith this development, the Palace supposes thai deharto6 ard critics will
finalb see the sincerih ofthe hesident in making such offer tolhe fic€ hesident
the position offered to
aJd undeNtard that the Chief b.efftive's ultimate moti%tion in maldng the
Robredo is a Cabitiet same is the flelfaxe of the Filipino people, with the hope that the gwernrnent
post be successful in combating the ahocity caused by the use and trade of illegal
narcotics, rcgaxdless of who geai,ly eonhibuted to such success," he added.
.Iilx*, these people hare demarded that \P l€ni be gtu€n the pos with drug
Ey in-dErdi tl{ljiaiii;i{f' P.reidi (}3iairag
enlorcement agencies ard ofrc€s, such as the Philippine Drug lhforcemeni Agenq B'rsdfu [ilmer6
the Philippine Naiional hlice ad the Darlgemus Drugs Boai4 uder her ad,horit$
ard the President has dirccted these insfulunentalities to rerder fiil assisance ard
Chief Presidential Legal Colulsei
cooperadon to her thiwh this ofir"ial dqumern, hnelo said.
aud presidential spoliesmal Salvarlor
'Se€on4 ihey ha\€ demarded that she be authorized to b€come the drug czar
Panelo ol1 Tuesday aruout]ced the
rutil the eld of PRRD'S terl,! ard the sane paper desiqnates her Eith the highe$
desiBnt{ion 0f \rite Ptesideilt Malia position possrl:le io bati,ie the Foliferation of dangemirs drugs rutil 30 Jme 2.O2."
Leolior Gerota Itobredo "Leni" , 'FinalS they nave demanded thai the power be $arted thrcugh an ofricial
Robredo as a co-Chailpersoll of conespondence, and notixst thrcugh a ve$al or electronic communication, and
the Inter Agency Cotnmiitee on the Prcsident has acced€d to such demand,n he added
Anii-lllcgrl Dmgs oi (ICAD). Panelo confirmed thai the positlon offered to Robrcdo is a Cabinet pobt. once
Panelo disclosed Plesidettt. she accepts it, she can immediateb attend ihe nad Cabinet meefing on thursda,y.
Rodlig0 Dutelle had sigleti the. 'She may have a betler solutlon. this is ar enticing opportunity to show her
TEFrr t8 PaEe Ag mettle as a public seflant in desao}ing ih€ drug apparatus, as weli as helping
the people be fteed from this fatal thrcat to socieg" Panelo said.
1 The hter-Agency Corunittee on Anti-Illegal Dmgs (ICAD) was formed bt'
+w'ar FAqc'1 vtme of hpi"utivc Ordpr 15.
It is chaired by the PDEA and js composed of 42 member-agencies, each
having a specific role in the fight agairut ilegal dmgs.

ClEllenge offered
Senamr Ch.risopher Lawrence 'Bong- Go also we(qhed in on rhe issuc b]
cha.llenging Robredo to accept Dutefte's appointment.
'She should aacept it," Go said. 'At least she'll lmow the ertent of the
hesideft's job and the problems he fared in dealing with the drug problem."
Senate hesident \ncente Sotto a.lso saidr 'lt's good that she's being offeled
the position. She should now take it so that once ard for all, she could realize
thai therc js a huge problem on illega,l dngs dght now"
Ibrmer Philippine National Police chief ard now Sen. Ronald de la Rosa,
who led the adminishation's dlug war until 2018, al,so claimed he is confident
the vice Fesideft is fit for the job.
Tvtih W Robredo on boaxd, I aln optimistic thai olil wax on drugs will become
more sirccessfit. I hope thal lre can win thjs war as one nation undivided by
politica.l colors.' De la Rosa sajd.
I{ouse Committee on Da,ngercus Dn\qs chaimelson Ace Baxbers, mearwhile,'
said criticisns agairut the govemment's drug war r odd end following Robredo's
r appointnent to the ICAD.